Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

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Wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in your life. It is not just about being surrounded with your dearest ones, dancing and having finest food and drinks at your fingertips. It’s much more than that. If you want your wedding to be flawless, you need to plan it carefully, which sounds simpler than it is. Here ... Read More »

Should you wear jewellery at the beach?


Some people think it is unwise to wear jewellery at the beach, whereas some other, like fashionistas and us who feel almost naked without a ring or a bracelet, think that jewellery and accessories are a must, even at the seaside. So read on to find some useful tips and tricks for wearing jewellery to the beach. No rings in ... Read More »

5 Fashion Don’ts You Keep Committing

No matter how stylish you are or how much of a diva you are, there are days when you just don’t get it right fashion wise. All women make fashion mistakes – the celebs included. Some of them are forgivable, others not so much. Unfortunately, fashion critic Joan Rivers is no longer around to call them out on their fashion ... Read More »

5 Scenarios Where a Head Chain is Appropriate

The head chain is an unusual but an increasingly popular accessory amongst women these days, with its simplistic yet highly dazzling design suggesting elegance and sophistication in the wearer. It probably also makes the inner princess in a fair few squeal with delight too. However as with all new fashion items the question arises as to where a head chain ... Read More »

History of Women’s Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular


Nowadays, when we think about bikini, we actually think about a two-piece swimsuit that entails panties-style bottoms and a bra-style top. Being made of the finest fabrics and covering usually only women’s crotch and breasts, bikini has certainly become a synonym for the summertime. It lets our body breathe so we can swim not thinking about anything. No wonder why ... Read More »

10 movie-inspired costumes for women

movie-inspired costumes for women

It can be hard to decide what to wear for Halloween with the huge range of costumes available to us. If you’re a film buff, make your favourite movies your inspiration when thinking about what to wear this Halloween.: Catwoman Undeniably the best part of the Batman story, so much so they made her her own film, Catwoman would make ... Read More »

Trim Clothing Budgets

Trim Clothing Budgets

Clothing straddles a number of consumer markets, which makes it one of the most visible and regular consumer spending categories.  Everyone requires clothes, so there is a highly practical aspect to purchasing garments, but clothing purchases are also subject to fashion considerations, making them highly discretionary as well.  As a result, individual clothing budgets are as unique as the people ... Read More »

3 Tips for How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Every girl dreams about how she’ll look on her wedding day. She imagines every last detail in her mind’s eye. She sees the fabric of the dress, the hairstyle she’ll have and the height of the high heels she’ll wear. So, if you’re in the process of planning a wedding, then how can you ensure that your dream becomes a ... Read More »

Wedges Vs Heels: Which is Best For You?

Wedges Vs Heels

The wedge and heel have always been so close in style and yet so far in function. Suitable footwear for a night out asks the question: comfort of wedges versus the sexiness of heels. The lines between such contrasts are blurring as the wedge gets higher, bolder and more integrated into heel based styles while the heel now presents itself ... Read More »

7 Fashion Items to Gift Your Husband


We all want our other halves to be fashion conscious. Why can’t they wear what the men in fashion mags wear? Some of them are very stubborn indeed. However, when a special occasion that calls for a gift comes up, it’s your chance to buy him something fashionable! Take advantage of this and buy him one of the following 7 ... Read More »

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