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Fashion Bags Know No Bounds

Every woman has a closet full of bags in every color, size, and style. Why are they endlessly exciting as accessory purchases? What could possibly be new? Every day when she rises, a woman has the joy of selecting her outfit and shoes – and best of all, her accompanying handbag. With a glint in her eye, she surveys the shelves laden with the latest in clutches, satchels, doctor bags, cross body bags, totes, and more. If she is lucky (and prosperous), she has a Prada or two, maybe a Gucci, a Chloe, and a coveted Chanel.

new messenger cross body bags Fashion Bags Know No Bounds

Ordinary people shop in department stores or on line and content themselves with nice middle-of-the road or even discount brands. A true fashionista worth her salt doesn’t just buy a bag; however, she “invests” in one. This is the era of $2,000 bags for the average working girl up to a $25,000 or more for a Hermes for the budding socialite. Fashion bags know no bounds. They are pricey to be sure, on a level with buying a new car! What is the mystique causing such excess? Savvy women know the power of the handbag of the right ilk. Having a Valentino or a Balenciaga is instant status and immediate envy. The sale of luxury bags is soaring and no one is immune.

How do you get one? For the rich, a trip to Rodeo Drive or Rue St. Honore is simple. This is the stomping ground of fashion-forward women around the world. For the rest of us, the internet brings the process into your living room with an ample selection of new and used offerings at hand. Now you can compare prices at a glance and watch for the latest collections to arrive. Yes, there are waiting lists for some of these, but that is part of the cachet of luxury designer bags. Scoring a great one ups your stature in a flash. Clever women know that pre-owned bags are a short cut to the top of the fashion heap if they are in excellent condition. Even bags a few years old are desired if in a classic but popular style. Rarity counts in the world of couture and instantly marks the owner as shrewd and discerning. All things considered, only a woman who is in the know and on top of the trends can outsmart her rivals with the best selections.

When is a fad a fiasco? Buying the wrong designer at the wrong price can be a disaster not only for your budget but for your ego. Few women can make a key purchase a year, if that. Irreparable mistakes can be death. Sure, you can sell the ill-fated bag on eBay, but at what loss? Fortunately there are great blogs and websites out there to guide you as to what the celebrities are wearing (this counts for a lot!) and where trends are heading. Expense is no object for the stars and women who want to emulate them will jump in pocket book first to join the “I have to have it” panic. We live in an affluent world for sure if the sale of luxurious designer handbags is any indication!

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The Versatility of the Tie – Bring it Out for Many Occasions

An item which never goes out of fashion, the tie has been used in an array of ways over the centuries and even today is finding new and exciting ways to be worn. From deciding how to knot the tie to choosing between the sleek slim option or the quirky bow version, there are many decisions to make when it comes to ties.

Here are some of the many uses of this great piece of neckwear and just a few of the occasions it can be worn to.

The Smart, Stylish and Sophisticated Tie

Perhaps its most popular purpose, the tie usually tends to make an appearance at formal occasions. Worn traditionally with a smart, black suit, this sophisticated item of neckwear adds that touch of formality to an outfit. Perfect for any event where looking respectful and refined is essential, the tie can be used at a variety of events. From weddings to christenings, men will find this smart and sharp piece of clothing presents them in a dignified light.

144940053 c32a625137 The Versatility of the Tie   Bring it Out for Many Occasions

The tie is a very versatile piece of clothing

Dating as far back as the Romans, neckwear has been worn as a symbol of unity for centuries. This simple piece of clothing carried much meaning showing the pride and integrity of soldiers. Today it is commonly used in schools and work-places, grouping together students and workers and displaying them as a team and unit.

Smart, stylish and sophisticated, the humble tie represents much, much more than it may seem.

The Quirky, Statement Tie

The quirky, statement tie first appeared in the booming 1920s when hand-painted ties became a popular craze in America. Flamboyant, fun and fabulous these cool and quirky ties sold increasingly well and quickly became the ‘must-have’ fashion item.

The popularity of these extravagant, fun items of neckwear remains even now. A great statement piece, wild patterns and unusual materials make for unmissable and unforgettable ties. From displaying a striking Union Jack image to showcasing an array of wacky and wonderful Angry Birds, there are a wide variety of quirky, statement ties to claim. A superb way to get people laughing, smiling and having fun, this fab neckwear item is a purchase worth making.

The Cool and Casual Tie

Whilst ties are traditionally used formally, they are quickly becoming an every-day fashion essential too. Worn with a light shirt or even a cotton polo-shirt, ties can be fastened loosely to create that cool and casual look. With the top buttons of shirts unfastened and jeans worn in replacement of suit trousers, the tie can be worn for an array of occasions. Whether going out to the pub or dining with friends, this laid-back look will be sure to catch attention and get ladies looking.

4671385396 e96893ba4d The Versatility of the Tie   Bring it Out for Many Occasions

Ties come in many styles

The Funky, Party Tie

Loud, colourful and bright, the party tie will add energy and excitement to any outfit. From sporting a swirly, pink tie to a polka dot, silver pattern, this type of neckwear aims to radiate a vibrant and exhilarating vibe. A fantastic way to stand out from the crowd, the funky, colourful tie is bound to get the party started. With an array of celebs such as Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt using the tie to set new fashion trends, there is truly no better way for males to showcase their wild side.


An extremely versatile piece of neckwear, the tie has dozens of uses. From making an appearance at formal, smart events to being worn casually from day to day, there are a variety of great ways for this item to be used. Those looking for a tie fashion piece that will never grow old will find the tie retains its sleek appeal year after year.





Image credits: Looking Glass and Zimpenfish