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Getting Ready For Parma High School Prom

From the time you are a freshman in high school; senior prom is something you are probably already thinking about. If you are a senior, well now is as good a time as any to begin preparing for one of the most special nights of your life. Senior prom isn’t reserved for only the seniors but if you are a senior in high school this night is more special to you because it is the last high school dance you will ever attend.

It’s best to begin preparations for the prom at least two to three months in advance. More than that if you are a super planner but two to three months should be enough time to save up enough money for everything you will need for your Parma High prom. Making reservations in advance for restaurants, limos and even the tux rental is wise because waiting to the last minute will almost guarantee those things will be snatched up.

high school prom 2354 Getting Ready For Parma High School Prom

For the girls, there seems to be so much more to do than the guys have to worry about, but that’s not necessarily true. They too have preparations to make. Like reserving a limo, selecting a restaurant for dinner, ordering a corsage and renting a tux. At least renting a tux in Parma, Ohio is one of the easier tasks to tackle on the list. But ladies first; since you do have a few more things to worry about, starting with the dress.

Once you have secured the perfect dress, everything else will fall into place. After all, everything about prom night revolves around your dress right? From the color of the corsage you get to your date’s tuxedo; everything should color coordinate. So, as soon as you have that dress picked out, be sure to get a color swatch to your date. This will make his life easier when he’s picking out a tux rental, flowers and even the cummerbund.

The great news is your date won’t be left to his own devices if he chooses a tux rental in Parma, Ohio. The tux rental location will have an in-store consultant that will help to ensure he is getting the right tux and matching it perfectly to your dress. They will even be able to assist him in picking out the accessories he’ll need, like cuff links, a boutonniere, a tie and anything else he’ll need.

Another benefit to renting a tux in Parma is that they are able to work with short notices but to ensure the fit is right and the style is what you want, it is advisable to reserve the tux, attend a fitting and have it ready to go by prom night. Going in the same week as the prom will almost surely create problems that you don’t need.

Now that you have the dress selected, his tux rental is chosen, flowers are ordered and reservations are made, you are ready to enjoy the night of your high school life! Have fun, be safe and make memories of the night you’ll never forget because you were both prepared and you look great!

Author: Sydney Spence is a writer, marketer and freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas. Sydney writes for local magazines, a variety of online publications.

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VelaSmooth – The Answer to Combating Cellulite

There have been countless new devices on the market over recent years which claim to be able to reduce cellulite. This is because demand for cellulite treatments is so high, with a high percentage of women believing this to be a problem – in fact an estimated 80% of women over 20 may have cellulite.  However the majority of new cellulite products have not been able to produce proven and maintainable results.

VelaSmooth 343 VelaSmooth – The Answer to Combating Cellulite First FDA Approved Non Invasive Method of Cellulite Reduction

VelaSmooth is a revolutionary treatment from Elos, which has been found to be highly effective in treating cellulite, and reducing fat deposits. The system is one of a new generation of products featuring a high level of technology, which has been shown to have measurable and reproducible results in the clinic – and was the first FDA-cleared non-invasive medical solution for cellulite reduction.

How does it Work?

The combination of infra-red and Bi-polar radio frequency energies, along with tissue mobilization and suction have resulted in a safe and effective method of re-contouring the skin’s surface and shrinking fat cells. The VelaSmooth penetrates deeply into the fat tissue, the light energy heats the treatment area, while a gentle suction and massage aids the effect of the radio-frequency energy. The metabolism of the fat and connective tissue are redistributed – re-contouring the skin’s surface, and also improving overall circulation – benefiting overall health. The Elos technology used throughout the treatment requires less energy than other devices, while offering better results.

What Does Treatment Comprise of?

Sessions are short, lasting around 30 minutes only, and results can be observed as the treatment progresses – a process which in general takes from 6 to 8 weeks.  Maintenance treatments will need to be performed in order to keep the effect. Few people experience any side effects, although there may be a slight reddening of the skin for a short time afterwards and treatments simply feel like having a deep massage – so no sedation will be required.

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Georgia’s Rich History Could Make It a Top Wedding Spot

Georgia is the birthplace of accomplished civil rights leaders, athletes, entertainers, economists, educators and politicians. Two of the most famous people born in the Peach State are former President Jimmy Carter and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Attorney, Nancy Grace, singer, Gladys Knight and economist, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve are other Georgians who have achieved broad success.

wedding spot Georgias Rich History Could Make It a Top Wedding Spot

The Southern state, largest of all states each of the Mississippi River, is also home to historic events like William Sherman’s 285-mile Civil War march from Atlanta to Savannah and the 1996 Olympics. Because it is steeped with rich Southern history, Georgia is understandably the place of choice for many brides and grooms when it comes to selecting a location to exchange vows.

In fact, some all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia are located in houses that were built as early as 1829. Owners of some of these all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia have left these historic homes in their original design, making it easy for brides and grooms to enjoy authentic period weddings. However, even if homes have maintained their original stately design, it’s important for couples to review services, menus and prices offered by the venues.

For example, brides and grooms should ask whether all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia have services or offerings like an on-site chef, an experienced certified wedding planner, experience baking and decorating multi-tiered wedding cakes, relationships with area photographers, videographers, travel agents and florists. As a tip, by getting married at all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia that are decorated with rows of plants and blooming flowers, couples could save hundreds of dollars on floral expenses.

Additionally, some of these venues design floral arrangements for their clients on-site, which might also help lower a couple’s overall floral costs. Another important thing for couples to remember when working with venue staff members is their budget. If brides and grooms don’t regularly review and stick to their budget, they could find themselves spending thousands of dollars they don’t have. Couples who want to have a reception may want to consider that organizing and hosting a reception could cost several thousand dollars, by itself.

After couples are married, they and their wedding guests could partner with venues and area travel agents to tour historic Georgia sites like Needwood Baptist Church, the Carmel Historic District, the Alice Harrell Strickland Home, Rhode’s Hall or the Thomas E. Watson Home. It’s these historic sites and natural landscapes that make Georgia, America’s top peanut, peaches and pecan producer, truly a remarkable place to exchange vows in, embarking on a new, rewarding journey with a loved one.

As a caution, if all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia aren’t built in historic structures, like those making up 18th century mansions, it could be challenging for venue owners to design weddings that transport brides, grooms and their wedding attendees back in time, closer to the birth of the Southern state. This could be a reason why engaged couples from a diverse range of ages, cultures and backgrounds search for older homes, like the ones listed with the Georgia Historical Society, to get married in.

Author: Rhonda Campbell is a professional writer and guest wrote this fashion article about wedding locations.

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Tips for Finding Prom Dresses on Sale

Prom night should be the night that you enjoy your years as a teenager and that transition from being a child to being an adult. This is that time of the school year when girls and boys have every right to flaunt their gorgeous dresses and fashion sense. That’s why most teenagers eagerly anticipate prom night. Nevertheless, if your budget is tight, it definitely is difficult to focus your mind on the joys of your prom night even more so if you’re trying to think of ways to save on your prom dress.

prom dresses 3214 Tips for Finding Prom Dresses on Sale

Obviously, your parents would mostly be affected by your predicament especially since they would be giving you the money to buy the dress. The seemingly constant skyrocketing of prices, be it food, clothes, and others, doesn’t help the situation. Nevertheless, you can tell them to relax since it is possible to find stores where prom dresses are usually on sale. Actually, there are stores that rent out gowns and tuxedos. Hence, if you’re prom date tight on the finances, too, you could tell him to just opt for prom tux rental instead of buying a new one.

Anyway, if you are looking for ways to save money while still getting your hands on a gorgeous prom dress, there are things you need to do.

  • Start early.

Instead of thinking that the prom is still six months away, tell yourself that the prom is only six months away; thus, you need to get started right away. This ensures that you’ll get the best deals since you won’t be competing with too many people yet. Some mothers go as far as one year when looking for prom dresses and they do get the best deals off past season styles that never grow old. Some are luckier than others are and they may even find dresses priced less than $50 per piece.

  • Watch out for prom season sale.

Let’s say for instance that your prom isn’t for another year. That would give you ample time to take advantage of store sales after the current year’s prom season. Prom dresses seldom go out of style. Hence, it’s possible to find a fabulous dress. What’s more, you’d have enough time to prepare yourself – lose a few pounds or add a few on – so that when you finally wear it, you would look ravishing. Of course, always remember to go for a size that’s a tad bigger than what you wear. That way, if you put on some weight over the course of the year, the dress would still fit you. At any rate, you can always alter a dress that’s too big for you than the other way around.

  • Go vintage.

Not too many people know it, but vintage clothing stores have timeless classic dresses that you can alter if necessary. You should take note, though, that some of the styles are too mature to wear on prom night. Nevertheless, with a little creativity, some needle, and thread, you’ll be able to make these dresses work for a teenager.

These are just some tips you could keep in mind when looking for prom dresses on sale.

Author: Erin Bentley is an accountant who considers writing for fashion blogs therapeutic. When she’s not busy with numbers, she scours the Internet for ideas about the latest fashion trends.


Use A Gift Bag When Buying Sunglasses For Somebody

Summer season is associated with vacations, fishing trips, bbq’s, beaches, swimming and general outdoor activities. It is usually the end of school term and the beginning of a fun-filled summer time; for being out in the sun and enjoying the radiance of the weather. Summer is the time of the year that everybody loves and cherishes to be together with family and friends. It is also a good time for the marketers and like minded companies to take advantage and make their place in the minds of their existing and prospective customers. There is a wealth of promo product ideas by way of which promoters can satisfy and thank their customers during the hot season.

gift bags Use A Gift Bag When Buying Sunglasses For Somebody

Sunglasses are a useful promo product which your customer will appreciate during the summer weather; however, there is a compromise on the imprint space you get to advertise your logo or message. You can achieve your promotional objective by complimenting sunglasses with a gift bag with your companies logo, services even contact details such as telephone numbers and email addresses.

Gift bags – You could choose to make gift bags specifically designed to go with your gift of sunglasses. An example would be one for the beach including room for a beach blanket, beach mat, sun protection and of course the sunglasses. Ensure that the sports or beach bag and all the items inside it come with your logo and carry your business message and contact details. Another idea is to offer alongside is a health gift bag which could comprises of first aid items, facial tissues, anti-bacterial moist wipes, plasters and sun screen; to carry for the outdoor activities for your recipient and their families.

Of course you want to make the gift bag personal to your recipient and there are a number of ways you can do this such as personalising their name and a particular motif on their gift bag as well as ensuring that your company logo is also on the gift/gift bag. A well received gift is as almost as important as the gift inside itself . Be proactive and think outside of the box to come with some unique ideas to appeal to your customers and stand out from your competition. The summer season is full of unique opportunities which you can exploit to your best advantage. All you need is to be creative and spend time to think what are your customers needs, and would appreciate most.

You could spend time money and effort going to various shops looking for the all elusive right gift bag for your recipient, however why not search the internet, as most internet companies now can personalise your gift bags for you with your message and your companies details, for a fraction of the cost of more traditional companies at the click of a button as there are no overhead costs to them. By using this method you could also buy in bulk again saving costs to yourself.

Patricia has her own sunglasses store in sunny Spain and knows the importance of protecting your eyes from the sunny rays. is a great place to pick up the perfect sunglasses holder so you can carry your shades in style.

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Indian Bridal Wear – A Celebration of Life

The Importance of Marriage According to Indian Philosophy:

As some people say, Indian wedding functions are the best example of reflection of Indian culture and tradition. The Indian wedding function is an elaborate ritual, consisting of pre marriage, the marriage proper and post marriage rituals. The Indian Bridal Wear plays a significant role in the marriage function. Indian Bridal Wear is certainly a celebration of life because marriage, according to Indian tradition is an everlasting relationship between the couple. The bride walks into her new life with all pomp and gaiety amid chanting of religious verses and the blessing of all the elders present in the function and therefore the marriage is a celebration of life according to Indian philosophy.

indian wedding dresses Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

Elaborate Bridal Dress:

indian bridal dress Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

The Indian Bridal wear requires elaborate arrangements naturally it is made by the bride’s parents and relatives. These include saree, appropriate blouse, hairstyle, facial, jewelry and what not. The bride with her flawless appearance gently walks to aisle like an angle; it would be a pleasant event to watch. The Bridal wear starts with Silk sarees. In fact according some of the Indian customs, the bride is expected to wear white silk saree for the marriage proper. However, some of the customs prescribe red color. Except for the marriage proper, normally the color of the saree would not be an issue. Interestingly, according to some of the Indian customs, the bride changes her bridal dress with each ritual. Naturally, the jewelry also would change, with the change in the saree. According to Indian tradition, even the relatives of the bride and the groom would wear silk saree for the marriage. Particularly in South India, in most of the marriage functions even young girls prefer silk sarees as against Salwar Kameez. However according to traditional Indian families, in marriages black saree or even black blouse is not worn by anyone including the relatives of the bride or the groom.

Bridal Dress For The Marriage Reception:

bridal dress for marriage reception Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

In so far reception for the marriage is concerned, the bridal dress takes special significance. Some of the brides prefer designer Salwar Kameez, specially made for the marriage reception. But, by and large most of the brides prefer sarees for the reception as well. Generally, reception saree would be as expensive and in some cases much expensive than the saree for the marriage proper. It is needless to mention that facial and the hairstyle for the reception would be different and it goes along with the saree the bride has chosen.

Role of Henna:

henna designs 2013 Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

Since the recent past Henna has become a part of every marriage even in South India. In North India women wear Henna on their palm and it is a part of the marriage ritual but in South India wearing Henna is not a part of the marriage ritual; but it has now become a part of women decorating themselves for the marriage. Women adorning the jewelry are a common sight in Indian marriages.

By and large, the Bridal dress for the Indian marriage is region based. As said earlier, the color of the saree, the jewelry and hairstyle are based on the custom and tradition. Marriage in India is a spectacular event. This is a true reflection of Indian tradition and the rich Indian culture and heritage.

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How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

India is a country rich in tradition and has value based culture. As you would be aware, in India there are dress codes for various occasions. The dress code for Casual Indian Occasion depends on the function you are planning to attend. For example, the dress code for religious function would be different as against marriage engagement function. If it is a birthday party, you would have different dress preferences. Before you decide on which casual dress you should wear for the function, you must also know who could be the invitees. Your casual dress would be different for a family function as compared to an engagement function. Similarly, your dress for birthday party would be different as compared to the party being celebrated to honor some people. Perhaps, the concept of casual dress for Indian occasion could be summarized as follows:

Dress For Women For Casual Indian Occasion:

 How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

If it is a family function, then cotton Salwar Kameez with Choli should be the most appropriate dress. If it is a birthday party, then designer Salwar Kameez or designer cotton saree is considered to be the most apt preference. Designers are of the opinion that instead of Gagra Choli, Salwar Kameez is most ideal for family religious function. But, remember in some parts of India wearing a saree is a necessity for religious functions. In such cases, you can prefer designer cotton or Georgette or even crepe saree. This is particularly true if the religious function is held in some temples. However, for marriage engagement the most preferred attire would be designer saree with appropriate designer blouse. If it is not a traditional family, the Kurta with Jeans could also be considered for birthday and other similar parties. Of course, your facial including the hairstyle should be appropriate to the dress you wear. In fact, some of the designers suggest high heels for birth day and other function.

Dress For Men For Casual Indian Occasion:

 How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

To some extent, dress for causal Indian Occasion for men is region based as well. In South India particularly, traditional family prefers Dhothi for religious functions. Otherwise, you can prefer Salwar Kameez or pant with appropriate shirt. Some people even suggest Sharwani Jacket but as designers say this type of jacked is more appropriate for wedding functions rather than being considered as a casual dress. In fact, some would even prefer T shirt. This dress is normally worn even in birthday and other types of functions including marriage engagement. In so far as pant is concerned, casual pant is considered most appropriate rather than jeans pants.

Traditional Indian families believe that the dress you wear for the function should always be relevant to the occasion. Some of the traditional temples in India expect women to wear Saree and men to wear Dhothi if they want to visit the temple. Such temples do not allow people even with Salwar Kameez to visit the temple. In such cases, if you want to visit the particular temple, you will have no option but to comply with the religious sentiments of the people.

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Tips For Buying a Designer Saree

Sarees are particularly popular in South India as well as in some parts of Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, and Myanmar and in some of the other Asian countries. The tradition of wearing saree has been in vogue since several centuries in these regions. Impressed with its elegance, many popular Indian fabric designers have designed sarees with fabrics like silk, cotton, Georgette, Crepe and several other synthetic materials. They have brought out extraordinary designer sarees. In fact, there are so many varieties of designer sarees that one would find it difficult to make the best choice. Perhaps the following tips should be of help to choose the saree that is most appropriate for you:

The Occasion For Which You Are Wearing The Saree

designer sarees Tips For Buying a Designer Saree

For your convenience, designers have brought out sarees suitable for various occasions. For example there are designer sarees for parties, casual wear, bridal sarees and so on. Remember, the jewelry you wear also has its say on the elegance of the saree. Normally, sarees in green or red or maroon or orange are considered to be most appropriate for wedding parties. For office wear, subtle colors with uniform folded pallu are considered to be the apt selection. For parties, designers suggest that the saree should be pinned at the shoulder and allow the rest to fall over your hand.

Your Personality Counts:

The thumb rule would be, if you are slim then cotton or tissue or organza designer sarees should be your choice. On the other hand if you not slim Chiffon or Georgette or crepe should be the better option. As designers say, such selection would give the body the ‘fuller effect’. If you are short, then choose a saree that does not have border. In fact, designers say almost all types of sarees would suit women who are slim. In so far as choosing the colors of your designer saree is concerned, here again the thumb rule is darker the color of the skin, darker should be your choice of designer sarees. Remember, if your wear saree that has contrast color to your skin, then the entire appearance gets spoiled.

Choosing The Blouse:

 Tips For Buying a Designer Saree

Normally, designer sarees will have a blouse piece attached to it. Designers suggest that for every saree you must have one pair of blouse. One blouse should be stitched in the traditional fashion and the other blouse should be stitched appropriately to suit the occasion like sleeveless or blouse with short sleeves. However, you can make the blouse look attractive with stylish necklines, sleeves like puffed sleeves and so on. You can also look for sleeves with suitable zari or bead work.

Look For Your Budget:

shop in budget Tips For Buying a Designer Saree

 It is needless to highlight the importance of your budget while choosing the designer sarees. In fact, you would find most attractive designer sarees in different price range. You can certainly get the best saree for your budget. In fact, some of the designers suggest that if you buy online, then you would certainly be able to locate the saree according to your budget.

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The Evolution of Designer Salwar Kameez

The Mughal Period:

The Salwar meaning pants and Kameez meaning shirts is a traditional dress which is believed to have had its origin in Afghanistan. It is believed to have made its way to India centuries ago. It was largely worn in Punjab and later it became a popular dress in India. Now its popularity has spread to other parts of the world. In fact, Salwar Kameez is worn both by men and women irrespective of age. Considering its popularity and wide acceptance by both men and women, many fabric designers started giving new designs to this traditional dress. In fact, history says that the credit for designer Salwar Kameez should go to the Mughal royal family. It is said that women of this royal family were wearing these dresses which were exclusively designed for them. With the passage of time, these designs have undergone transformations at the hands of the popular designers of the modern era.

Contribution of Indian Fabric Designers:

designer salwar kameez 682x1024 The Evolution of Designer Salwar Kameez

In course of time, some of the popular Fabric designers from India like the Anarkali  came out with several eye catching designs in different fabrics like cotton, satin, silk, crepe, georgette and so on. The intricate artworks of Kundan and Jardosi added glamour to the design. These designs depict the true Indian tradition and culture. Some of the designers also gave true contemporary designs without losing the true Indian tradition and culture. Such designs became largely accepted by the people not only from India but even from the West. Designers came out with specially designed Salwar Kameez ideal for casual wear, bridal wear, party wear and the like. The draperies called Chunni or Duppata normally worn by women on the top adds glamour to this traditional dress. Such designer Salwar Kameez certainly looks more attractive than ever before.

Designer Salwar Kameez: The First Preference:

The designers’ painstaking effort to make the Salwar Kameez look more gorgeous and comfortable has paid a rich dividend. Such designs have received spontaneous acceptance by everyone throughout India. In fact, it is slowly making inroads in to the West as well. In fact, you would have noticed that Bridal and Grooms Salwar Kameez is becoming more popular since the recent past. The Groom’s Salwar Kameez is slowly replacing the Western Suit culture. This is because, ultimately comfort and the look is all that matters. Thanks to the celebrities of Bollywood and from other regional film world; they have contributed their bit to popularize the designer Salwar Kameez. Some of them get these dresses specially designed for them for parities and for purposes of the movies in which they are working. It is natural that such designs receive wider acceptance by the people. Some of the designers are of the opinion in spite of the competition from the western attire culture, Salwar Kameez continues to be accepted as a most preferred dress among the people of not only Asia but even in the West. That should be sufficient to evaluate the influence of designer Salwar Kameez on the people. Some of the fabric manufacturers have brought out these designers Salwar Kameez in different price ranges so that every section of the population could afford them.  As a result, more and more people have started opting for these comfortable and stylish dresses.

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Benefits Of Buying A High Quality Ski Jacket

As someone who once found himself perched on top of a mountain wearing a ski jacket owned by my Dad in the 70s, with ominous clouds rolling in and a two-mile run back to the hotel, I can attest to the benefits in choosing a good quality ski jacket. Since that experience (my first ski trip, with some equally underprepared friends) I have made a point of replacing my jacket every couple of seasons, handing the old ones down to my brother. That’s not just because they had fallen out of style, or because they had become damaged – in fact the worst damage any of my jackets has ever seen was a broken zip despite some heavy use. It’s simply because the market for mens ski jackets is constantly evolving and innovating, and every year it seems there is an interesting new feature that makes it irresistible to try. So here is why you should buy a high-quality ski jacket.

red ski jacket Benefits Of Buying A High Quality Ski Jacket


Nothing, at all, is more important than being safe on the slopes – witness the proliferation of helmet technology over the last decade. A good ski jacket does more than keep you warm and dry, it keeps you safe. If you’re heading off-piste in particular, it’s worth purchasing a jacket that is high-visibility, just in case you need to be found in a hurry. The more expensive jackets also come equipped with transponders so ski rescue can locate you in an avalanche. Other features might include a built in flashlight or whistle – hopefully never needed, but good to know are there. High-quality jackets with good inner lining will also help you if the temperature drops rapidly.


One of the least pleasant aspect of skiing is if the weather is unpredictable. You can be in bright sun one minute, and a downpour the next. The best ski jackets have a high degree of waterproofing to keep you nice and dry, but are also very breathable so you don’t get sweaty either. If you’re likely to be seeing good weather then it’s often best to take just a shell jacket combined with some other layers that you can remove depending on the heat.


Style comes into it, no doubt. You want to at least match your jacket with your trousers. The best ski jackets look as good as they feel, but despite this style ought to always be secondary to comfort and safety.