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The Versatility of the Tie – Bring it Out for Many Occasions

An item which never goes out of fashion, the tie has been used in an array of ways over the centuries and even today is finding new and exciting ways to be worn. From deciding how to knot the tie to choosing between the sleek slim option or the quirky bow version, there are many decisions to make when it comes to ties.

Here are some of the many uses of this great piece of neckwear and just a few of the occasions it can be worn to.

The Smart, Stylish and Sophisticated Tie

Perhaps its most popular purpose, the tie usually tends to make an appearance at formal occasions. Worn traditionally with a smart, black suit, this sophisticated item of neckwear adds that touch of formality to an outfit. Perfect for any event where looking respectful and refined is essential, the tie can be used at a variety of events. From weddings to christenings, men will find this smart and sharp piece of clothing presents them in a dignified light.

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The tie is a very versatile piece of clothing

Dating as far back as the Romans, neckwear has been worn as a symbol of unity for centuries. This simple piece of clothing carried much meaning showing the pride and integrity of soldiers. Today it is commonly used in schools and work-places, grouping together students and workers and displaying them as a team and unit.

Smart, stylish and sophisticated, the humble tie represents much, much more than it may seem.

The Quirky, Statement Tie

The quirky, statement tie first appeared in the booming 1920s when hand-painted ties became a popular craze in America. Flamboyant, fun and fabulous these cool and quirky ties sold increasingly well and quickly became the ‘must-have’ fashion item.

The popularity of these extravagant, fun items of neckwear remains even now. A great statement piece, wild patterns and unusual materials make for unmissable and unforgettable ties. From displaying a striking Union Jack image to showcasing an array of wacky and wonderful Angry Birds, there are a wide variety of quirky, statement ties to claim. A superb way to get people laughing, smiling and having fun, this fab neckwear item is a purchase worth making.

The Cool and Casual Tie

Whilst ties are traditionally used formally, they are quickly becoming an every-day fashion essential too. Worn with a light shirt or even a cotton polo-shirt, ties can be fastened loosely to create that cool and casual look. With the top buttons of shirts unfastened and jeans worn in replacement of suit trousers, the tie can be worn for an array of occasions. Whether going out to the pub or dining with friends, this laid-back look will be sure to catch attention and get ladies looking.

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Ties come in many styles

The Funky, Party Tie

Loud, colourful and bright, the party tie will add energy and excitement to any outfit. From sporting a swirly, pink tie to a polka dot, silver pattern, this type of neckwear aims to radiate a vibrant and exhilarating vibe. A fantastic way to stand out from the crowd, the funky, colourful tie is bound to get the party started. With an array of celebs such as Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt using the tie to set new fashion trends, there is truly no better way for males to showcase their wild side.


An extremely versatile piece of neckwear, the tie has dozens of uses. From making an appearance at formal, smart events to being worn casually from day to day, there are a variety of great ways for this item to be used. Those looking for a tie fashion piece that will never grow old will find the tie retains its sleek appeal year after year.





Image credits: Looking Glass and Zimpenfish


The Versatility of the Tankini

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The Tankini

Created in the 1990’s by swimwear fashion designer Anne Cole, the tankini is an innovative creation designed to make women look great but feel comfortable at the same time. After much research into discovering what women love and hate about the traditional one-piece bathing suit and the sexy bikini, designer Anne Cole combined the advantages of both to create the fabulous tankini. Fashion labels, ranging from Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein were quick to adopt the stylish bathing suit, and consequently it fast became a popular swimwear choice for women.

Here are just a few of its great and versatile uses. 

Stylish but Secure

The two pieces, top and bottom, tankini (available in the Zoggs swimwear range) is the perfect choice for women who find the bikini a little too revealing and the one-piece bathing suit a bit too boring. Covering most of the torso, the tankini allows ladies to feel sexy but secure whilst relaxing at the beach. Described as the ideal option for women with smaller breasts and ‘less than toned abdomens’ by famous fashion writer April Masini, the tankini is the ultimate option for those who feel insecure about certain aspects of their body. A swimwear design that will keep ladies mostly covered but still allow them to catch a tan, the tankini is a superb, sexy and splendid choice.

Thanks to its variety of designs, from halter-neck to strapless, the tankini is great for women of all body shapes. Especially popular amongst those with longer torsos and ladies who have had a mastectomy and other operations, the tankini allows women to feel confident whilst sunbathing and swimming. Available with boyish short bottoms and push up or padded tops, tankini’s are designed to make women feel gorgeous no matter what their insecurities may be.

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The tankini is great for all body types.

Convenient and Comfortable

Convenient and comfortable, tankini’s are fantastic for women consequently on the go. Ladies with little ones to look after will find the tankini an ideal swimwear choice. When building sandcastles or swimming in the sea, ladies won’t have to worry about watching their bathing suit and can simply enjoy their time at the beach. Unlike the awkward one-piece swimming costume, the tankini is great for toilet breaks, and will allow mothers to be in and out as quickly as possible.

Ladies who love beach games and watersports will also find the tankini perfectly versatile. The tankini’s secure fit means women need not worry about tops revealing all when playing beach volleyball or a game of cricket. A swim suit which will allow women to preserve their modesty when in the water, the tankini will enable women to face the waves head on without having to hold on to their tops. From surfing to jet-skiing, the tankini is designed for all uses, and will allow women to take part in adventure without feeling anxious.

For Both Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters alike will love the tankini. A popular swimwear choice amongst children as well as adults, the tankini allows daughters to mimic their stylish mothers, but remain covered and comfortable. From classic polka dot tankini’s to cute butterfly tankini’s, there are a variety of stunning styles available to suit every individual. An invention which makes toilet breaks and getting changed after swimming hassle-free, the tankini is superb for both young and old alike.

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The tankini is ideal for young and old alike.


Stylish, comfortable and convenient, the tankini is a highly popular creation. Whether it’s nipping to the toilet or surfing the waves, the tankini makes everything stress-free. Those looking for a swimwear option which combines the best of the one-piece bathing costume and the classic bikini, will find the trendy tankini ideal for them.


By Maria Hubbard


Image Credits: Alaskan Dude and Forgottendaizee