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Urban Clothing Stores

The urban clothing style is a mix of styles, essentially, to create a unique look. Most that prefer this style mix high-end and low-end brands together in a variety of patterns and colors to stand out. Those that do not understand this clothing style often consider it to be sloppy or a poor representation of a person’s style. The fact is, this is a style and mixing patterns/textures is a good thing. Retro or vintage looking items are ideal to satisfy an urban clothing wearer this Christmas.

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How to Mix Patterns to Perfect the Urban Clothing Style

When trying to perfect the urban clothing style, consider the patterns you mix together. An example would be pairing a pair of corduroy pants with an argyle sweater with similar color tones. If you are using an argyle sweater vest, consider a solid colored button down shirt with long sleeves underneath it. Another idea is a pair of semi-worn looking jeans with wool or other textile striped top with a solid colored tie. Either of these options pair well with a shiny, puffy coat that looks like vinyl.

The Beginning of the Urban Clothing Style

This clothing style began in New York City in the late 1970s. It is also often referred to as street clothing or hip-hop clothing. The urban style spread quickly among inner cities as most of the items were purchased in thrift stores or were given as donations to the less fortunate. After the 1990s, the style expanded in popularity and then included Black Nationalism to the mix to incorporate the baggy or oversized clothing to the style. This brought on a following by several recording artists including MC Hammer and Queen Latifah.

Jimmy Jazz

Jimmy Jazz has a variety of styles and designs available including relaxed fit clothing, retro styles, hip-hop styles and urban options. A complete outfit, including shoes, can be found with this retailer at an affordable price. There are options for men, children and women. Consider mixing a couple of designer brands to make a great urban outfit to give as a gift this Christmas. There is a handy gift guide tool to use where you select the gender of the receiver and the budget you’d like to work with. The options available in that category will be returned for you to browse. Complete the gift with the perfect accessories as well.

If you are having trouble finding the right urban clothing option to give as a gift this Christmas, consider a gift card instead. You could also opt to include a gift receipt so that the receiver can return to the store to pick something out that fits their style a little better. The urban style is hard to perfect if you are shopping for someone else. Pay close attention to the type of patterns they wear regularly for a bit of assistance. It will help you to see what exactly defines their style and what types of items they would wear often. Don’t forget to complete the outfit with funky accessories as well.

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Slip Resistant Shoes – Safe but Fashionable

You may have thought that slip resistant shoes have an old fashioned look and feel to them, but you couldn’t be more wrong because things have definitely changed over recent years. From trendy little ballerinas to smart gent’s shoes perfect to wear around the office, there are some great designs out there to suit every occasion. Whether it’s casual wear or smart, there’s a pair of slip resistant shoes that are both fashionable and safe to wear, especially when the weather turns wet, icy and nasty during the colder winter months.

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Lovely ballerina shoes with slip resistant soles a perfect choice of girls of all ages

Lovely Designs to Suit All Ages

If you like comfort and style from a shoe that you can wear when the winter months arrive; slip resistant shoes are the perfect solution. Gone are the days when this type of sole was only found on boring, mundane looking footwear. Today, shoe designers have done themselves proud by combining great looking shoes with safe to wear soles no matter what the weather may decide to do during the colder winter months.

Great Casual Designs Including Trainers

If you love wearing trainers, there are some brilliant designs which boast slip resistant soles that are perfect to wear when pavements and roads are icy or muddy, and the best part is you don’t have to forget about being fashionable when you wear them. Wearing these trainers gives the kind of image youngsters of all ages want to achieve when they’re out and about with their friends.

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Smart men’s shoes perfect for the office or casual wear that offer comfort and style

Smart Office Shoes for Both Men & Women

If you spend a lot of time on your feet when you’re at work, it’s really important to wear comfy shoes otherwise you end up with sore feet and that’s enough to make anyone miserable. The great news is there’s a choice of smart office shoes for both men and women and they have safe slip resistant soles. Whether you’re looking for a court shoe or a canvas shoe, there’s a style to suit that boast comfort and style for women and for men there are designs to suit a man’s style perfectly.

A Perfect Choice for a Night out on the Town

If you’re planning a night out on the town, then choosing to take a comfy pair of slip resistant shoes with you is a must. You can wear them to get to where you’re going without compromising your style and keeping your feet nice and toasty without painful blisters. Once you get to the club, bar or restaurant of your choice, you can put on your high heels ready to party, and when you need to make your way home, whether you need to walk a short distance, jump on a bus or a train you can change back into your safe slip resistant shoes – saving your feet from any aches and pains of having to walk in high heels on the way home!


If you want to look good and stay safe this winter, then choosing a pair of shoes that boast slip resistant soles is the perfect solution. You don’t have to sacrifice style to stay safe on wet or icy pavements anymore, because there’s a great selection of men’s and women’s shoes that fit the bill perfectly. Whether you’re going out on the town for the night or to get to work, there’s a wonderful choice of men and women’s slip resistant shoes to choose from which means you don’t have to sacrifice fashion and style to stay safe this winter.


Image credits: ROYAL BALLERINAS and begemot_dn