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Getting Ready For Parma High School Prom

From the time you are a freshman in high school; senior prom is something you are probably already thinking about. If you are a senior, well now is as good a time as any to begin preparing for one of the most special nights of your life. Senior prom isn’t reserved for only the seniors but if you are a senior in high school this night is more special to you because it is the last high school dance you will ever attend.

It’s best to begin preparations for the prom at least two to three months in advance. More than that if you are a super planner but two to three months should be enough time to save up enough money for everything you will need for your Parma High prom. Making reservations in advance for restaurants, limos and even the tux rental is wise because waiting to the last minute will almost guarantee those things will be snatched up.

high school prom 2354 Getting Ready For Parma High School Prom

For the girls, there seems to be so much more to do than the guys have to worry about, but that’s not necessarily true. They too have preparations to make. Like reserving a limo, selecting a restaurant for dinner, ordering a corsage and renting a tux. At least renting a tux in Parma, Ohio is one of the easier tasks to tackle on the list. But ladies first; since you do have a few more things to worry about, starting with the dress.

Once you have secured the perfect dress, everything else will fall into place. After all, everything about prom night revolves around your dress right? From the color of the corsage you get to your date’s tuxedo; everything should color coordinate. So, as soon as you have that dress picked out, be sure to get a color swatch to your date. This will make his life easier when he’s picking out a tux rental, flowers and even the cummerbund.

The great news is your date won’t be left to his own devices if he chooses a tux rental in Parma, Ohio. The tux rental location will have an in-store consultant that will help to ensure he is getting the right tux and matching it perfectly to your dress. They will even be able to assist him in picking out the accessories he’ll need, like cuff links, a boutonniere, a tie and anything else he’ll need.

Another benefit to renting a tux in Parma is that they are able to work with short notices but to ensure the fit is right and the style is what you want, it is advisable to reserve the tux, attend a fitting and have it ready to go by prom night. Going in the same week as the prom will almost surely create problems that you don’t need.

Now that you have the dress selected, his tux rental is chosen, flowers are ordered and reservations are made, you are ready to enjoy the night of your high school life! Have fun, be safe and make memories of the night you’ll never forget because you were both prepared and you look great!

Author: Sydney Spence is a writer, marketer and freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas. Sydney writes for local magazines, a variety of online publications.

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Tips for Finding Prom Dresses on Sale

Prom night should be the night that you enjoy your years as a teenager and that transition from being a child to being an adult. This is that time of the school year when girls and boys have every right to flaunt their gorgeous dresses and fashion sense. That’s why most teenagers eagerly anticipate prom night. Nevertheless, if your budget is tight, it definitely is difficult to focus your mind on the joys of your prom night even more so if you’re trying to think of ways to save on your prom dress.

prom dresses 3214 Tips for Finding Prom Dresses on Sale

Obviously, your parents would mostly be affected by your predicament especially since they would be giving you the money to buy the dress. The seemingly constant skyrocketing of prices, be it food, clothes, and others, doesn’t help the situation. Nevertheless, you can tell them to relax since it is possible to find stores where prom dresses are usually on sale. Actually, there are stores that rent out gowns and tuxedos. Hence, if you’re prom date tight on the finances, too, you could tell him to just opt for prom tux rental instead of buying a new one.

Anyway, if you are looking for ways to save money while still getting your hands on a gorgeous prom dress, there are things you need to do.

  • Start early.

Instead of thinking that the prom is still six months away, tell yourself that the prom is only six months away; thus, you need to get started right away. This ensures that you’ll get the best deals since you won’t be competing with too many people yet. Some mothers go as far as one year when looking for prom dresses and they do get the best deals off past season styles that never grow old. Some are luckier than others are and they may even find dresses priced less than $50 per piece.

  • Watch out for prom season sale.

Let’s say for instance that your prom isn’t for another year. That would give you ample time to take advantage of store sales after the current year’s prom season. Prom dresses seldom go out of style. Hence, it’s possible to find a fabulous dress. What’s more, you’d have enough time to prepare yourself – lose a few pounds or add a few on – so that when you finally wear it, you would look ravishing. Of course, always remember to go for a size that’s a tad bigger than what you wear. That way, if you put on some weight over the course of the year, the dress would still fit you. At any rate, you can always alter a dress that’s too big for you than the other way around.

  • Go vintage.

Not too many people know it, but vintage clothing stores have timeless classic dresses that you can alter if necessary. You should take note, though, that some of the styles are too mature to wear on prom night. Nevertheless, with a little creativity, some needle, and thread, you’ll be able to make these dresses work for a teenager.

These are just some tips you could keep in mind when looking for prom dresses on sale.

Author: Erin Bentley is an accountant who considers writing for fashion blogs therapeutic. When she’s not busy with numbers, she scours the Internet for ideas about the latest fashion trends.