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Understanding Why Laser Hair Removal Is One Of Your Best Options

Laser hair removal is a technique that took a long time to develop, once it was ready for trials however, it took the market by storm. It was surprising to see just how much people wanted to get rid of their body hair. It became an instant hit in the fashion industry as models decided to go hairless for their photo shoots. It was more efficient than shaving all the time, which left the skin, irritated. In the domestic front, it helped the woman remove all the hair she did not want on her body and this look lasted for a long time sometimes up to eighteen months.

It is done by professionals and is available in any dermatologist’s office or clinics that deal with skin care. It is also found in cosmetic surgery departments in many clinics. These doctors are qualified to do the laser removal but they first start by determining your skin and hair type to help them determine the wavelength they need and to see if there will be any damage depending on the amount of melanin you have on your skin. Too much melanin means that the laser can do a lot of damage to your skin.

However, with the advent of the domestic laser hair removers, this caution seems to have been thrown out to the wind. It is important to note that when you buy these domestic lasers you need to read the instructions as you use them and ensure that you use them correctly to avoid incidents of damaged skin.

However, laser surgery comes with many benefits both physical and psychological. Many people have been teased as they were growing up because of their hair or lack of it. Laser hair removal has come as a relief because of the ability to remove these hairs for long periods. This reduces the puns and jokes and people start to appreciate you the way you are and to accept you as you are. Apart from this, you get to look better by removing unwanted hair on your body. This is a summary of the benefits of laser hair removal:

6391681225 12690a7cbd Understanding Why Laser Hair Removal Is One Of Your Best Options

1.       It saves you time

Imagine all the time you spend in front of your mirror to shave and remove excess hair and get it all. Most people are only able to remove the hair they can see but some can go unnoticed until someone points it out. This means that you need a better way of hair removal, one that is permanent and pain free. You could opt for measures such as waxing, electrolysis and cream but all of them come with painful side effects and are not as effective as laser hair removal. You can buy a home kit or see a dermatologists and this will guarantee you eighteen months of hair free skin.

2.       You can remove hair permanently

Remember those day you wished nothing more than to remove the body hair that dented your self-esteem and giving you a poor body image. Laser hair removal grants you the opportunity to make that wish come true. It will take several treatments to remove completely the hairs from your body as many as five and then you will be out of the woods. The dermatologist will tell you how frequent you need to come in and see him as he observes your skin reaction to the light applied on it. With time, you will notice that your once hairy body is as hairless as a baby is.

3.       It is painless and more effective

2244047116 8f39a98ddf Understanding Why Laser Hair Removal Is One Of Your Best Options

If hair removal were a car, laser removal would be a Bugatti compared to lesser effective methods of hair removal. Compared to waxing, which is the embodiment of the phrase of pain is beauty or vice versa, or electrolysis, which gives no guarantees or hair removal creams that can harm your skin, laser removal is the best option. It does not irritate your skin and it does not cause any harm if a trained physician or beautician applies it.

It does not leave stubs of hair on your skin unlike other methods it leaves your skin smooth and tender. It can also be done on areas where the shaving and other methods cannot be applied making it convenient and saving you blushes from embarrassing hairs.

Jayne is a blogger who has interest in beauty and fashion. She has written for blogs on laser hair removal in New Jersey and the effects of hair removal.

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Giving Traditional Irish Caps as Gifts

Celts weren’t known for putting their history in writing, preferring instead to share their historic achievements and traditions orally. Early Celts settled into various parts of Europe, but mainly France and Germany. Regarding European connections, it’s from Celtics that the word “Britain” derives. In addition to sharing their history and traditions orally, people of Celtic descent also shared their rich traditions through the clothes they wore, even giving fashions away as gifts.

Irish caps a3213287959875343738 Giving Traditional Irish Caps as Gifts

In fact, other than Scottish people (can’t you see those red and white Scottish kilts flapping in the wind as men and women dance at traditional celebrations), there may be fewer cultural fashions that distinguish peoples than Irish fashions, clothes and headgear like Irish hats, jerseys and sweaters. However, Irish caps, hats, sweaters, jerseys and other fashions are not worn only by people of Irish descent. It’s a reason that the fashions make suitable birthday, graduation, anniversary and baby shower gifts.

This could be due, in part, to the fact that some of the fashions are made of materials that keep people warm in the harshest weather. For example, tweed Irish caps like checkered flap caps keep a wearer’s

head warm during cold winters. It’s these tweed or twill caps that are also worn by men competing in horse obstacle course championships.

Some of the best tweed hats are made in Donegal, the county the tailor who designed the first Irish Hanna hats worked in. These hats are generally made of 100 percent wool, a material that offers benefits and challenges. Benefits associated with wool hats and caps are, again, that the material offers insulation, helping to keep a person warm. Other benefits of wearing hats and caps include gaining protection from the sun, having a hat that doesn’t get damaged when it gets wet and having a stylish accessory that you can grab quickly and wear with a suit, jeans or a nice pair of corduroy pants. Gifting someone with the caps is a way to give someone personal items they can enjoy for years.

More Features of Irish Caps and Hats

Colors traditional Irish caps are made in include solid black, blue, green, beige and brown. The caps are also designed in stylish checkered or mixed colors. Depending on the online or offline retailer, they can be purchased for less than $15 to nearly $50. For example, plaid Irish Gatsby caps are available for $14.99 at some retail shops. These caps are fuller than the more traditional flap caps or Irish twill hats.

Made with eight panels, plaid Irish Gatsby caps are lined. They are also built with added padding, making them comfortable, especially while being worn at sporting events. In fact, over the years, the caps have been associated with golfing, many golfers preferring the caps over other hats. Plaid Newsboy caps can be embroidered with a Shamrock, making it easy for children and adults to display their cultural pride.

Vintage patchwork caps are worn by men and women, the shape and style of the caps being similar. Although vintage patchwork caps are made with the same Irish tradition and pride the original tailor created hats with decades ago, the caps don’t generally come with Irish embroidery. However, tailors or storeowners are generally open to adding embroidery to the headwear upon request.

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This article was written by Sean MacMahon.


The Comprehensive Guide On The Fashion Shoes

It is quite essential to wear the shoes, which are in vogue. The footwear plays a high-flying role in person’s life. Along with the clothing, the shoes also contribute to the fashion statement of an individual. Many times it has been noticed that fashion shoes are capable of transforming the personality of an individual.

There are a number of designs, styles and patterns available and some shoes cover your whole foot while others only cover it marginally. Liz Rehnke is the recognized name in the fashion industry and has a deep understanding of what actually fashion is and how to practice it. Below are mentioned all the features of the fashion shoes. Going through these features will give you a detailed account of them.

footware a3123 The Comprehensive Guide On The Fashion Shoes

So what makes the fashion shoes so special?

  • The shoes can be bought in countless styles, stitches and patterns. They come with the accents stitched on both sides of the shoes to give it the style statement or make it voguish. The accents provide comfort; make it stylish as well as durable so that they can run longer. Many times there can heal strike pain and to reduce it there is dual-density mid soles. The outer soles provide the wearer with the stability as well as prevent him from slipping.
  • The two types of soles the outer as well as the mid soles both are made up of the polyurethane, which is a soft, leather having single density. They are flexible and bend easily in the direction of the foot. There is no problem of the stress if you wear it for a long time also.
  • There are various design accents available and the dot pattern is best for having the breezy look to your footwear. There is smooth leather on both the sides and the elastic panel lining in the inner portions of the shoes.

How these Fashion Shoes are manufactured?

Fashion shoes are basically a complex combination of the leather, rubber and etc. It all depends upon the weather, the comfort level and the raw material available. Three main manufacturing components of the shoes are:-

  • The leather is the major component and it is available in different types as well as strengths. The requirement depends upon the type of fashion shoe to be prepared as well the purpose of the shoe. It is not always about the fashion but the personality of the person wearing the fashion shoes.
  • The second most important material used in the manufacturing of the shoes is the synthetic rubber as the outer soles, which need to be durable and hard wearing, are made up of this material. The synthetic rubber has the superb feature of being waterproof.
  • Many times plastics are used also in the upper portion of the shoes.

The above account will make the readers clear about the fashion shoes and what they are made up of and the various features of them. Indeed selecting the right shoes as   per fashion can a high lift to your personality.

Author Bio

Lucy has written a number of articles on the topic Fashion and the author tries to make the users about the role played by the Liz Rehnke in the development of the Fashion shoes and how to select the best one for your wardrobe.


Fashionable Apparel For Ladies

Fashion, women and beauty have always been in sync since time immemorial. There are all kinds of dresses and trendy apparel available for the ladies at various department and online stores. Be it gowns, skirts and the works you have all kinds of stylish outfits for the womenfolk. If you feel like buying a maxi dress and need to know the relevant details log onto the internet fashion website to avail of discounts on maxi dresses.

apparels Fashionable Apparel For Ladies

A stylish maxi gown is not going to boast of an elaborate train consisting of several layers of frills, ruffles and fabrics. You can choose these kinds of maxi outfits according to your complexion, height and body stature. The fashion of the season also plays a massive role in the maxi dress selection as do the price and budget factor. The modern Fashionista should definitely have a maxi dress in her wardrobe to complete her ensemble collection.

Choice Of The Maxi Dresses

If you think maxi gowns are for enhancing your glamor element, that is not the only criterion at all because you can wear a maxi outfit with a stylish sweater or shrug. If you are attending an evening party then of course a slight trendy dress in the maxi pattern is needed. A halter neck maxi dress will flatter your lavish figure and set off your skin tone nicely as you make your grand entrance at the party.  A useful tip is to select maxi dresses in a smaller size so that they don’t drape themselves round you and look inconvenient.

More On Maxi Dresses

If you find an A-lined maxi dress it will create ripples in your immediate circle. Do your hair up in a bun with a few wisps hanging loose on either side of your face and get the appropriate shoes and you would be surprised as to how the compliments would keep pouring in. Be careful of your hairstyle as that is very important to go with the dress. You can brush your locks and leave it in loose waves with the maxi dress you have chosen. It is vitally important not to leave much of ruffles and frills under your bust. What you can do is choose a maxi dress which is a little extra long and does not need these extra requirements. These long dresses may be a little unsuitable for tall ladies so you can  alter them at the tailors by making them slightly shorter.

Fashion Wins The Day

There are many kinds of discounts on dresses which are good to wear and quite pocket friendly too. The royal blue maxi dress looks very attractive, can be strapped from the back and is available for nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents. The same price is needed for the black halter neck dress except that the color is different. So you can definitely try out these maxi dresses if you are interested in enhancing your fashion collection.

But you need to be aware of what looks good on you and what does not. If you have a fair complexion, have long hair, attractive skin and a good height any kind of maxi dress is going to look simply great on you. But with a petite figure, you will need to choose the maxi dress in the right color and length. If you are not very tall, choose a pair of cool and matching high heels to go with the color of the gown. So now that you know about the maxi dresses, find a gown according to your needs and finances and wear it to the next social event .

Author’s Bio: Francine Gomez is an expert fashion author and has written many articles , specially some on discount maxi dresses at Mary Jane.


How Top Designers Made Their Mark on the Olympics

Most people who tuned into the Olympics last year mainly did so for its sporting spectacles. However, if you look deeper into the Games, fashion was one of the key issues and top designers were vying for years to attempt to get their name and design for each country’s clothing. Unsurprisingly, it was mainly the worldwide designers that came up trumps and you would be hard pushed to find any local or specialist designers who made their mark on the competition.

designer olympics a19873 How Top Designers Made Their Mark on the Olympics

With most of these designers targeting standard sizes with their closing, there was some debate if they would struggle to accommodate teams such as North Korea who were deemed one of the shortest teams in the games with an average height of 1.62m. In the end, specialist size designers such as Jeetly Petite were not required and the major brands well and truly took over. Here, we take a look at some of the top teams and their kit designers.

Team GB – Stella McCartney

Some describe Stella McCartney as the epiphany of British fashion, so there weren’t too many raised eyebrows when she was handed the contract to design the kit for Team GB. Away from her designer roots, McCartney is an individual who splits opinion in the UK anyway so it again wasn’t a surprise to see that her design had caused the same effect. Some absolutely hated it and criticised the way she had dismantled the Union Jack flag, while others complimented her in the way she had taken the flag and made it more neutral and arguably, more stylish.

USA – Ralph Lauren

The USA team’s kit also received plenty of attention and again, a lot of it was mixed. We’ll concentrate on the uniform worn for the opening and closing ceremonies, which was described as “preppy” by some sources while others wondered just why the athletes were forced to don a beret. The answer appears to revolve around the berets that the U.S. Special Forces wear and this has made many believe that Ralph Lauren was responsible for one of the most elegant kits in the Games.

Spain – Bosco

While Bosco isn’t exactly one of the most reputable and established designers in the industry (they’re actually Russian, for those that don’t know), we just had to mention Spain’s kit as it became such a big talking point through the Games. To say it was vibrant is something, while others will probably just deem it ugly. It focussed on the reds and yellows that are so prevalent in the Spanish flag, but pulled this off in such a way that has surely damaged the Bosco brand for many years to come!

Italy – Giorgio Armani

Back onto the elite designers, and there were plenty of excited faces when Italy announced that Giorgio Armani would be their designer. However, again there was disappointment associated with these designs, with Armani opting for a simplistic look that really didn’t embrace the culture of Italy. Black and white were the main colours used and while there were some night touches, such as a line from the national anthem in the inside of jackets, many were expecting more from arguably the biggest designer that was associated with the Games.

Brazil – Nike

Out of all of the top designers, Nike are probably one of the least innovative in terms of design, but most practical for sport. They have been responsible for countless kits over the years and while their clothing for the Brazil team was hardly anything new, everybody recognised exactly which team the athletes were part of and this was the part that many others missed. Nike utilised the traditional yellows, greens and blues to create kits that painted Brazil in the traditional sporting sense that everybody knows and for this reason, they probably received the most positive feedback.


Pros and Cons of Baby Nursery Collections

There was once a time where the fashion industry was quite limited and only focused around adult clothing. Nowadays, the business is incredibly wide and not only stretches down to child’s garments, but also furniture. Parents are desperate to get their hands on the most fashionable pieces of nursery furniture and in a lot of cases, this arrives in collections from established designers.

While it is possible to head to the local furniture store and pluck out wardrobes, drawers, changing units and cots from different manufacturers, the “fashionable” way to do things is to look through a designer baby catalogue and pick out one of their collections.

Baby Girls Nursery a32132 Pros and Cons of Baby Nursery Collections

However, while this might be the stylish thing to do, the approach also has its drawbacks. We’ll therefore take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with baby furniture collections to see which tactic could work best for you.

The Pros

Unquestionably, the main advantage with collections is the degree of consistency that arrives with each item. Take the woodwork Josh range by Saffron and Lewis for example; each element of the collection is made in exactly the same way, right from the cot, to the wardrobe. This ticks all of the boxes for a designer baby nursery and this consistent approach undoubtedly creates the “premium image”.

This quality can lead onto another benefit. The lifespan of a lot of basic children’s furniture is quite short and the chances of it lasting beyond a couple of years are slim. With collections generally using hardwearing materials, this lifespan is increased considerably and means that collections don’t just have to be used for one child, but can be used for many. This actually leads onto another advantage; with parents able to sell collections on due to their lack of wear and at least recoup some of their nursery cost.

The Cons

The last advantage could actually be viewed as a drawback by some, though. While there is no question that nursery collections will last longer than standard pieces of children’s furniture, they also arrive at a higher cost. It will usually cost several thousand pounds to kit a baby’s room full of collection items and this doesn’t only mean that the approach is unaffordable for a lot of parents, but it can also mean that the furniture is still not affordable for those looking to purchase it second-hand.

Additionally, most collections do not cater for a baby’s development. For example, if you were to buy a cot from the local furniture store, on most occasions it will provide you with the facility to adjust its sleeping height for when the baby gets older. This is generally not the case with collection items and you instead have to purchase different items as your baby develops.

The Conclusion

Baby collections are ideal for those fashion hungry parents and they are unquestionably more aesthetically appealing. They are constructed out of much more durable components and they generally give that premium vibe in any room they are placed in. However, they do have significantly higher price tags and if you are not awash with cash, it might be advisable to purchase standard furniture that arrives at a fraction of the price and in reality, serves exactly the same purpose.


Top 5 International Fancy Dress Theme Ideas

Whatever your age, fancy dress is something that will never die out. As a child, there were probably countless parties requiring a fancy dress outfit and as an adult, the fun doesn’t end.

It could be said that fancy dress themes have become more and more creative over the years and while parties or nights on the town were once designated for quite basic purposes such as Halloween or Christmas, these days they can focus around absolutely everything. Perhaps one of the most creative themes is the international theme, which allows attendees to dress in any theme from any given country. Some parties will stipulate that the theme is only based on one country, but on the whole the international fancy dress theme is regarded as being fairly flexible and one that can make for plenty of creative costumes.

Fancy dress a3139 802x1024 Top 5 International Fancy Dress Theme Ideas

In fact, the creativity in relation to this theme is pretty much endless and for that reason, here are our top five ideas if you are about to attend an international fancy dress themed party.


Considering all of the history that is embedded in Egypt, it’s no surprise to see the country a prime choice on the international theme front. Egyptian headpieces are very easy to get hold of for both males and females, with pharaohs and Cleopatra being easy to mimic based on this attire. For those who wish to push boundaries on their night out, it is possible to get hold of mummy costumes although this might be an outfit you regret as the night starts to take shape!


Greece is another country which is a favourite for this theme and it also appeals to both sexes. Roman costumes are the clear winner in popularity, while Greek gods and goddesses are always common as well. Funnily enough, some people will also base a Cleopatra outfit on the Greek theme, with her Egyptian and Greek roots allowing the outfit to be used under both countries as part of the traditional fancy dress rules (if there is such a thing).


In comparison to some of the other countries we have mentioned, Scotland probably seems like a surprise addition. However, while the country is of a slightly different culture to both Egypt and Greece, it has fantastic potential for an international fancy dress theme. There is of course the traditional Highland costume, while those looking for just a basic outfit could just get their hands on a Tartan hat and a ginger wig. Morph suits coated in the Scotland flag have also become very popular over recent times, while the ladies also have multiple options such as a Sassy Lassie outfit.


However, while Scotland may have options, the scope for a Japanese theme is even wider. Ninjas are probably the obvious choice and with this outfit generally consisting of just a black top, trousers and a sword, there is the potential to adopt a DIY approach. Other Japanese outfits include ones based on the famous Karate Kid film or Pagoda costumes for ladies. An interesting choice can revolve around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show and if you are looking to take on a Japanese appearance for your party, this is probably one of the most inventive costumes to attempt.


Finally, if you want to keep things as close to home as possible, the British theme still has plenty of options. Unsurprisingly, many people opt for outfits that focus on the Royals, with mere cardboard cut-outs of the queen or any of the princes being common favorites. Away from that, union jack attire is a common option, with Ginger Spice’s dress being a favorite amongst the ladies. Retro clothing is also a common theme amongst those looking to pull off the British look with the 70s and 80s being popular eras and for those looking for such ranges; it could be advisable to check out 70s fancy dress costumes at Elliotts. Alternatively, if you are seeking to add a bit of humour to your costume choice, many fancy dress retailers have added a chav costume to their collection and this is something that always gets plenty of laughs on a night out.


Five Accessories to Transform Your Child’s Nursery

One of the main issues that few people would dispute in the infant industry is that it is very difficult to obtain inexpensive furniture for nurseries. Even the ‘basic’ products seem to arrive with hefty price tags and unfortunately, for a lot of parents, this means that several compromises have to be made with their child’s room.

However, while there are few methods in which to acquire brand new, fashionable furniture, there are at least tips which can transform the room from a characterless space to one that suddenly springs to life. Taking a look at the children’s bedroom furniture at can certainly help, with this company also manufacturing several accessories which can aid with the transformation of your nursery. Here, we take a look at all five types of accessories which can really make a difference to the room, without costing a fortune:

Childs Nursery a319 Five Accessories to Transform Your Childs Nursery


This is an accessory that many nurseries will already have, with cushions known to inject style as well as general comfort into a room. It’s now possible to purchase large cushions which can merely be thrown in a pile on the floor and while this may sound like quite an untidy form of ‘decoration’, it provides a comfortable but fashionable sitting area for children and parents alike. Additionally, it also makes the need for specialist seating or sofas redundant, with the cushions providing more than sufficient comfort.

Soft Toys

It goes without saying that soft toys are another item that will be found in girls’ and boys’ rooms up and down the country. However, the storage of such items can make or break a room and many parents are now turning to shelves rather than the traditional method of throwing them in a box out of sight. This is a small alteration that again gives the nursery a bit of character and acts as a small reminder that it is a child’s room and not a completely sterile environment.


Perhaps less obvious accessories are mirrors. Any individual with an ounce of interest in interior design will tell you that a room is made bigger through the use of mirrors and this theory should again be adopted for a nursery. Of course, mirrors also bring their own source of stimulation and a baby will like nothing more than to admire him or herself at any opportunity.


Another more inventive way of bringing character to a room is a doorstop. Gone are the days where doorstops used to be basic bricks, but instead companies have adopted creative designs that make the items look like a simple toy or cushion lying around the room. For example, some are shaped like fruits, while others are cubes with various art sketched on.


The final accessory our contribution is going to suggest is rugs. Again, they can be found in any room and are generally used to fill up floor space or to provide some form of welcome. In the case of a nursery, they should act as a crucial part of the room’s design – not least because a baby will spend most of his or her first year on the floor. Therefore, as well as attempting to co-ordinate your rug with the design of the rest of your nursery, also pay a lot of regard to the softness.


How to Wear the Skinny Cuff Look

Women can look amazing in skinnies, you just have to look at the likes of Kate Moss who can really bring a cuff look to life. When it comes to trends, this is one that’s continued to feature on the runways and catwalks around the world. But it’s not just the girls who have taken to the look, because men too have made this trend very much their own. Some guys have got it right and a few have got it wrong but when it comes to which men’s shoes to wear with cuffed skinnies – it takes careful thought or you could ruin an otherwise neat look!

skinny cuff lock a139 How to Wear the Skinny Cuff Look

Transform Your Look in a Blink of a Roll

The best part is you can transform a look by a simple roll up which turns what was a pretty ordinary look into one that’s eye catching. Naturally what you put on your feet makes all the difference because get it wrong and the look is ruined, get it right and it’s the look can have a real ‘wow’ factor.

The Relaxed Layered Spring Look

Skinnies turned up worn with deck shoes and loose tea shirt with a jacket thrown over makes for a great relaxed layered look that oozes style. Instead of deck shoes think lace up sneakers that sit high on your ankles – they’re smart looking and go brilliantly with a cuffed skinny jean look. Layering is a great way to create a versatile look because it makes it easier to mix and match footwear which makes it a lot easier when it comes to what men’s shoes to wear so you keep a great look.

Bomber Jackets, Skinnies & Snazzy Footwear

Another great weekend look has to be skinnies rolled up and worn with a loose fitting shirt and baseball jacket – for shoes think deck shoes or snazzy trainers but make sure you don’t choose any footwear that outshines your outfit – definitely not a good move!

Less is More

When it comes to the size of the cuff, less is definitely more. Large rolls are so uncool looking, which means the tighter the cuff the better the look. The key to getting it right is to make it look natural and not forced at all. Roll-ups should not look to perfect either because if they do, then you end up looking like you’ve just walked out of a style manual!

Forget Formal Footwear

Cuffed jeans and formal footwear are a definite no-no – the only men’s shoes to wear which have a touch of formal about them and which look good with cuff jeans are perforated brogues and they have to be suede ones. Women can get away with wearing a pair of stylish ankle boots with cuffed skinnies both flat and higher heeled but when it comes to men – forget it because it won’t work!

The Right Length Cuffed Skinny

The cuff needs to fall around 4 centimetres above the ankle if you want to achieve a great look – remember the cuff itself needs to be small, if too big it doesn’t work at all. Casual, neat and comfy footwear are the only shoes to wear with cuffed skinnies. When it comes to what style of men’s shoes to wear with cuffed jeans opt for that easy to wear look and you won’t go far wrong!


Selection and Rejection Are Opportunities

Disgruntled? Feeling very low after getting rejected in an audition? At times you might contemplate that an artiste’s talent and abilities cannot be ascertained by a sample performance which might not last more than a few minutes. On the contrary, though, think what if you were selected? What if you were the chosen one? Brings a smile on your face –    doesn’t it? It’s a fact that auditions are the most common platform for an aspiring artiste to get recognized with industry professional assessing your every move. You might have prepared for one and waited for the opportunity for a very long time but the results might not be satisfying. You would ask where did I go wrong? Why not I? Frankly, it depends on a host of parameters. But before you go for an audition you must know what it is? Why is it in practice and what are dimensions associated? Interested to know? Keep scrolling then.

auditions for girls a1329  Selection and Rejection Are Opportunities

·         Auditions have many forms:  The fundamental that needs to be cleared is the different types of auditions and who are conducting them. For example, an audition for a reality show and a casting call are different. Let’s just broadly classify the audition types:

1)      Open/Public audition:  These are primarily very large scale auditions with a huge requirement. Generally, these are in effect for talent hunts shows for televisions or live performances. The terms and eligibility criteria are relatively relaxed and tend to vary pertaining to the type of performer.

2)      Private auditions:  The criterions and conditions in this case are far more specific and times are analogous to job interviews. A specific time, venue and purpose will be mentioned in the form of an invitation.

3)      Recall: Let’s presume you are selected for a certain performance through an open audition.  The representatives of the concerned production house would like to conduct a personal interview and discussion session and then finalize your participation for the main production or live show. This is what a recall is all about.

4)      Screen test: Primarily done for television or film performances. This is where you are provided with an excerpt and told to perform with it in front of the camera. Well, you need to look presentable in the role they are recruiting for.

·         Auditions for whom: You might be a singer or a musician or an actor for that matter but auditions can happen for any type of artiste/artist. Even for art galleries and exhibitions collection and evaluation of art samples and work of various artists are necessary. So, that is also another type of audition nevertheless. Dance and modeling are also included in the scope of this concept.

·         What to expect: When it comes to an audition or any assessment for that matter we want to pass with flying colors. Not the case every time right? But remember there are no substitutes to hard work and talent. Give all you got but know what exactly the organizers or recruiters are looking for. For example, you are quite proficient with stage plays and acting is your passion. But you fail to clear a screen test for a role on television. This means you might not look pretty on screen but that does not take away any of your acting prowess.

Whatever type and form or art the audition might demand one thing is for sure that they are always highly competitive.  However, a rejection does-not necessarily mean end of the road for your career or aspirations but an opportunity to improve and work harder for the future. So, don’t be devastated if you are not get the breakthrough in Chicago auditions but New York or California might bring you luck.

Author’s Bio – Anny Smith is known for writing fashion industry blogs. From Chicago auditions to modeling in Florida – she writes on all fashion related topics.