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Giving Traditional Irish Caps as Gifts



Celts weren’t known for putting their history in writing, preferring instead to share their historic achievements and traditions orally. Early Celts settled into various parts of Europe, but mainly France and Germany. Regarding European connections, it’s from Celtics that the word “Britain” derives. In addition to sharing their history and traditions orally, people of Celtic descent also shared their rich traditions through the clothes they wore, even giving fashions away as gifts.

Irish caps

In fact, other than Scottish people (can’t you see those red and white Scottish kilts flapping in the wind as men and women dance at traditional celebrations), there may be fewer cultural fashions that distinguish peoples than Irish fashions, clothes and headgear like Irish hats, jerseys and sweaters. However, Irish caps, hats, sweaters, jerseys and other fashions are not worn only by people of Irish descent. It’s a reason that the fashions make suitable birthday, graduation, anniversary and baby shower gifts.

This could be due, in part, to the fact that some of the fashions are made of materials that keep people warm in the harshest weather. For example, tweed Irish caps like checkered flap caps keep a wearer’s

head warm during cold winters. It’s these tweed or twill caps that are also worn by men competing in horse obstacle course championships.

Some of the best tweed hats are made in Donegal, the county the tailor who designed the first Irish Hanna hats worked in. These hats are generally made of 100 percent wool, a material that offers benefits and challenges. Benefits associated with wool hats and caps are, again, that the material offers insulation, helping to keep a person warm. Other benefits of wearing hats and caps include gaining protection from the sun, having a hat that doesn’t get damaged when it gets wet and having a stylish accessory that you can grab quickly and wear with a suit, jeans or a nice pair of corduroy pants. Gifting someone with the caps is a way to give someone personal items they can enjoy for years.

More Features of Irish Caps and Hats

Colors traditional Irish caps are made in include solid black, blue, green, beige and brown. The caps are also designed in stylish checkered or mixed colors. Depending on the online or offline retailer, they can be purchased for less than $15 to nearly $50. For example, plaid Irish Gatsby caps are available for $14.99 at some retail shops. These caps are fuller than the more traditional flap caps or Irish twill hats.

Made with eight panels, plaid Irish Gatsby caps are lined. They are also built with added padding, making them comfortable, especially while being worn at sporting events. In fact, over the years, the caps have been associated with golfing, many golfers preferring the caps over other hats. Plaid Newsboy caps can be embroidered with a Shamrock, making it easy for children and adults to display their cultural pride.

Vintage patchwork caps are worn by men and women, the shape and style of the caps being similar. Although vintage patchwork caps are made with the same Irish tradition and pride the original tailor created hats with decades ago, the caps don’t generally come with Irish embroidery. However, tailors or storeowners are generally open to adding embroidery to the headwear upon request.

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This article was written by Sean MacMahon.

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