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8 Cool Ways To Make Your Legs Look Slimmer Without Surgery Or Exercise

Summer is here and some of us are fretting about how to get our bodies beach-ready in an impossibly short window of time. While nothing save good old exercise can sculpt and tone that body, there are a few tricks that we can still resort to, to look slimmer fully-clothed and away from the beach.

A-line skirts

The hem of a-line skirts helps to disguise where the leg starts, and its flared bottom helps to balance out chunky thighs, giving them a slimmer appearance. These versatile skirts also help to slim down a chubby rear end, as well as the dreaded thunder thighs. The flare in a-line skirts makes them extremely comfortable to walk in – there is no need to mince your steps or avoid big strides. Match your a-line skirts with tunic tops or shirts and a belt to emphasize the waist and lengthen the legs.

A high waist is key

Wearing clothes with a high waist makes your legs look longer by increasing the torso:leg ratio as the human eye naturally assumes that the legs start where the waist ends. Try tucking your shirt in at your waistband, or wearing high-waisted jeans. Opt for a retro look by choosing clothes with a cinched waist, or wear a thick belt to accent the waist. Dresses are particularly good for this purpose.

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Dark coloured tights

Dark colors are slimming in general. Wearing dark colored tights such as black or brown automatically slims the calves and thighs, creating a well-defined silhouette . Pair them with shoes of a similar color to create the illusion of endless legs. If the summer heat is too much for you, a pair of dark colored sheer stockings will do the trick as well. These are a perfect combination with high heels, and will lengthen your legs by miles. They also have the added effect of contouring your legs, giving them a more sculpted appearance.

High heels

High heels are an instant calf slimmer. They add oodles of length to the legs, and keep you on your toes such that your calves are stretched, which then creates a more toned appearance. Stay away from thick chunky heels though, these make your legs look thick and heavy. If you have thick ankles, avoid heels with an ankle strap.

Nude shoes

Choose shoes in a shade that matches your skin color. Nude shoes make it hard to see exactly where the leg ends and the shoe begins, giving the illusion that the leg continues even beyond the ankle. Open toed shoes go well with this look, and complete the illusion of legs that go on till infinity.

Vertical striped pants

Vertical stripes have a lengthening effect. Choose pants with pinstripes to make your legs look longer and therefore slimmer. If you have a heavy-set bottom, make sure to get pants with thinner stripes, as thicker stripes tend to stretch the wearer horizontally. It is important that these pants are in a material that is not stretchy, like lycra or spandex as the stretch can warp the stripes and therefore negate the slimming effect.

Short skirts/shorts

This one is a no-brainer; the more leg you show, the longer your legs look and therefore slimmer. While this may not be possible on formal occasions, it is nevertheless a cooling way to beat the summer heat. If you are bottom heavy, go easy on the accessories and pockets; bell bottoms and cargo shorts tend to make an already heavy bum look even bigger.

Moisturise and exfoliate your legs

When all else fails, nothing works like a good scrub and oiling. Exfoliating rids your legs of dead skin cells that can cause the skin to appear dull, and moisturizing gives skin that plump, shiny glow. All these help to make your legs look more toned as the dewy skin reflects light, contouring your legs and giving an illusion of shapelier pins. If you are particularly set on baring your legs, using a mixture of skin highlighter and self-tanner to contour your legs works exceptionally well too.

Jodie is a university student who loves to read up on fashion. She enjoys shopping at online stores and she knows she can always find a nice pair of leg-slimming socks at Foottraffic!


From Chav to Chic: 3 Brands That Have Transformed Their Image

Several years ago it was not uncommon to see certain fashion brands associated with ‘dodgy’ street corners, with a select group of fashion labels infamously labelled as ‘chavvy’. It therefore seems strange, several years on, that said brands are regarded as some of the most fashionable in the industry having completely transformed their image.

The labels in question happen to be Burberry, Lacoste and Hackett. Admittedly, they weren’t exclusively worn by the market in question, but this was undoubtedly what they were associated with. However, nowadays they have transformed their image and all three are regarded as premium labels that can only be purchased in specialist designer shops. Bearing this in mind, we’ll now take an in-depth look at all three brands to show how their markets have changed.

Chav to Chic From Chav to Chic: 3 Brands That Have Transformed Their Image


It wasn’t too many years ago that Burberry used to be the ultimate fashion icon of the standard ‘chav’. Many sources believe that it was simply a case of the company targeting the whole fashion market – with their large advertising campaigns heavily focussing on their famous check. This meant that they were appealing to absolutely everyone and it wasn’t too long before the ‘chav’ generation of the 90s was starting to wear the company’s goods as a fashion statement.

However, over recent years they have completely turned their image around. They first started to reinvent the label in 2001 and while it took several years to achieve, they appear to have now been successful. Instead of targeting the masses, the company are now quite specific with their marketing material and attempt to model it on a classical English theme. Clearly, such a style is only appropriate to a smaller portion of the UK market, yet the fact that Burberry is now classed as one of the top five designers in the world suggests that it has been a hugely successful rebranding process.


Some would argue that it was unfair to place Lacoste as a typical ‘chav’ brand – as the company has always been appealing to upper class sportsmen. Nevertheless, recall walking down the street several years or go and the brand was associated with ‘chav’ culture. It was mainly the company’s traditional polo shirts and tracksuits that created such an image, although just like Burberry, this has completely changed over recent times.

For example, take a look at the Lacoste clothing at Cockney Rebel. It’s clear to see that the company are edging to that formal style and with Lacoste also the sponsor of various tennis players, they are once again known as a premium designer that mainly resides in boutique establishments.


Hackett’s days as a ‘chav’ brand started in the late 90s and actually arose through no fault of their own. Various football hooligans were photographed during the Euro 98 tournament and unfortunately for the label, all of these people happened to be wearing Hackett clothing. A lot of people speculated that the main reason why such a large group of individuals, who were later deemed as ‘chavs’, targeted the brand was because of the emphasis on the St George’s Flag on a lot of Hackett clothing. Therefore, the company decided to remove all St George’s references from their products and suffice to say, they are also seen as one of the premium designers in the country.


Understanding Jewelry Terminology

Searching for and purchasing jewelry can be a daunting and even intimidating task if you’re not familiar with certain terminology. From carats, to facets, to living jewelry, this industry is filled with specific and often confusing jargon. So if you’re headed out to find the perfect piece of jewelry for you or a loved one, look over this list to help you know what you’re getting and find exactly what you’re looking for.

costume jewerly Understanding Jewelry Terminology


This is simply a measure of weight used for stones, with one carat equivalent to 200 milligrams. While most commonly heard in reference to diamond, carats are used as a measurement for all gemstones. Because each family of stones is different in weight and size, one carat will not look the same in each.

Be careful not to confuse this with the term ‘karat’, which is only used when discussing the purity of gold.


A facet is a face or side of a gemstone. These faces catch the light and give a stone its characteristic sparkle and glitter. A stone that has many facets is considered ‘faceted’.

Living Jewelry

This type of jewelry is created from previously living organisms. This includes pearls (in any form), coral, or other materials that were once alive.


This term, pronounced puh-rur, refers to a set of matching jewelry that contains two or more pieces. These sets often include a necklace, earrings, and a third piece of some sort, usually a bracelet or a brooch. This term comes from an old Victorian term that described a set of a matching necklace, brooch, earrings and two bracelets.


This is an extremely important term to watch out for when shopping for jewelry. Often times sellers will refer to their wares by specific stone names (for example, ruby, emerald, garnet, sapphire). This does not mean that these are real stones, but instead refers to the color of the item. The same goes for metals, with gold-colored or silver-colored objects being referred to as gold or silver.

To know if a stone is truly authentic, look for the word ‘genuine’. A genuine ruby means that the stone is not simply red, but is a true ruby. Metals, such as gold or silver, follow the same general rule.


These stones find their origins in astrological meanings. While there have been many birthstone lists in existence, one was adopted by the jewelry industry in the 1950s and is used today and widely accepted. Birthstones are said to correspond to different months of the year, and wearing one’s birthstone is said to bring the wearer a variety of different benefits ranging from good luck to a healthy romance.


This term refers only to a stone that possesses a rounded surface, and is free of facets or other divots. This style is commonly seen in opaque or translucent stones such as opal, jade, or turquoise. Occasionally it is possible to see less expensive precious gemstones to be fashioned this way, although a faceted appearance is used for more expensive jewelry.

Find What’s Right For You

The world of jewelry and precious gemstones can be a maze of confusing terms, and it’s important to understand them before making a purchase. The next time you go out looking for something to wear, refer to this list to in order to keep everything about important jewelry terminology crystal clear.

This article was written by Kelly Lindeen, an aspiring fashion designer who looks forward to working in the fashion industry after college. She writes this on behalf of Dickinson by Design, your number one choice when looking for jewelry repair in Houston. Check out their website today and see what they can do for you!


Enrich Your Idea About The Best Quality Anti-Aging Cream

The use of anti aging cream can reduce the effects of the increasing age of human skin. However, the users must know about the features of these creams before using them personally.

Looking young forever is a very strong desire for both men and women. Though the desire is stronger among the women, men are also showing an enhanced readiness to make use of various types of cosmetic products that are available in the market at the moment. A number of manufacturers are coming to the surface almost every day with their wide range of beauty products. Though every company claims to have the best range of beauty products, the users are required to find out which product is best for them and which is not. They must remember that these beauty products can make them look beautiful if they are of high quality. However, things may not improve with poor quality products.

Anti Aging Cream Enrich Your Idea About The Best Quality Anti Aging Cream

Effects of anti aging cream:

The companies that deal in herbal beauty products can be reliable to some extent as they make use of all types of herbs that are more or less safe for use. If you are also worried about your increasing age and its effects on your face, then you can rely upon all natural beauty products that make use of herbs of all kinds. These companies have a good range of anti aging creams. As the name itself tells, this cream is meant for treating the increasing age on the human body, especially the face and skin.

Currently, the manufacturers of these anti aging creams are introducing their products under different names such as anti wrinkle cream, face-lift cream, and many more. Though, these creams perform more or less the same tasks, they vary in some features. As a buyer and consumer, one needs to be very careful about the various characteristics of these creams so that they get the best products with no side effects at all.

What are these products made up of? 

Most of the anti aging creams are made with antioxidants in the form of Vitamins C and E. The manufacturers select the best products that are rich in Vitamins C and E. As far as antioxidants are concerned, green tea is the most common product sold by these manufacturers of anti aging and anti wrinkle creams. However, they also recommend taking green tea naturally as that can have a direct impact upon the body and the skin. However, the manufacturers have noticed significant results with Vitamin A in these anti aging beauty creams. Some companies have also added a few more ingredients to these creams and the effect has been positive as well. These products include elastin and Collagen. These ingredients make the cream softer and the skin can absorb it smoothly as well.

How do these cosmetic items work?

As far as the process of saving the skin from all harms, including age-related factors, the anti aging cream moisturizes the skin in a very effective manner and that saves the skin cells from getting damaged. Moreover, they repair the dead cells and thus, they reduce the damage of the skin in a very meaningful way.

Author Bio: Bradford Richards has been a qualified beauty expert with specialization in the uses of anti aging cream. In this article, he tells about the safety measures while selecting these creams.

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Become The Fashion Envy Of Your Friends With Pre-Owned Designer Clothing

Fashions change every year. In fact, they change two to three times a year as top fashion designers regularly debut new creations for their spring/summer and winter/fall collections. This means that fashionistas all over the world clear their wardrobes of last year’s collection, then go out and buy new clothes again. That is fine for them, but you and I may not be able to afford the latest Burberry metallic bags even though they are utterly delicious. Does that mean that all you can do is salivate over pictures of lovely bags, wonderful shoes and technically perfect dresses?

Designer clothing Become The Fashion Envy Of Your Friends With Pre Owned Designer Clothing

No. You can buy or rent these latest fashions and you can wear them as well. This is where gently used designer clothing from special stores is a godsend for people like you and me. No need to get confused with the terminology and the concept as we’ve created a short guide just for this reason. Take ten minutes to read through our guide and sit back to become the fashion envy of your friends.

Start by finding a good gently owned fashion clothing store, consignment store or thrift store. There is a slight difference in these three types of stores and it’s important that you understand this clearly. Pre-owned designer clothing stores are shops that actively buy last year’s high-end clothing from owners. They may buy from large stores, second’s sales or even from private owners who want to update their wardrobe. Once they have purchased the item, it is mended and then tagged with a purchase price or a rental price. You can choose to purchase or rent the piece from the store. Consignment stores usually accept items from owners and then resell them to customers. The owner usually gets about 30% to about 40% of the sale price and the store keeps the rest. Thrift stores are completely different as owners just give away what they have to charity and the store keeps the money. There is no personal guarantee on the clothing at thrift stores but other stores do guarantee their goods.

Check the online catalog. Almost all of these stores will have an online catalog that you can go through. We recommend you look at the items and then decide whether you want to rent/purchase the pieces. Once you have made a decision, you have to click on the picture and the website will direct you towards the purchase page or the rental agreement. For example, websites like do not offer rental options. However, they do offer purchase options and sale options. That means you can list your couture clothing for sale on the website and buy items from the website as well. Upscale websites also offer concierge services where your sale items are picked up, valued, repaired and listed for sale by the website. The concierge service will also individually pack and then ship your purchased items to your home directly at no extra cost.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is find the best website, trawl the catalog, pick out pieces and you are done.


Keeping Your Hair Rich

Keeping your hair rich serves a more important function than leaving a visual impression; the right nutrients and minerals are also quite healthy for your scalp. A glowing head of hair is indicative of overall good health, and inspires confidence. Good hair care should be treated with the same respect as care for the rest of your body, and there are many steps you can take to ensure this.

Friends Keeping Your Hair Rich

Important Daily Functions to Maintain Healthy Hair

The appearance of your hair has a direct correlation with your diet. It turns out that the same things you would eat to maintain good physical health are generally instrumental to keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Omeg-3 fatty acids—which are found in seafood, vegetables, beans and oils like flaxseed, linseed, canola, soybean and any others possessing alpha-linoleic acid—protect you from heart disease and add a glowing, youthful quality to your skin and hair. The latter is no surprise, given that the roots of your hair follicles secrete oil. The vitamins provided by these healthy fats and oils also serve as antioxidants that break down and eliminate free radicals in your body, which would otherwise mutate DNA and spur the onset of serious diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

The running theme here of preserving your hair revolves around chemicals; the better the elements you put into your body, the better the results. Damage to your hair doesn’t only come from internal processes, however. Applying high levels of heat will degrade the hair and destroy it over time, such as with excessive use of hair-dryers and curling combs. Just like you employ high-SPF sunscreen protection for your skin when outdoors, you should take steps to protect your hair from long periods of exposure to direct sunlight. A cap or scarf for an extended stay at the beach goes a long way in keeping hair from being damaged.

Hair Care with Powerful Ingredients

There are a plethora of hair products on shelves today—so much so that it can be hard to distinguish which ones are actually beneficial. The key is to discern the composition of any hair care product you by, irrespective of the name brand. Check the labels online or in the store, and do further searches to ascertain what those ingredients do. Vitamins are always good, as are minerals and nutrients. Stay away from products with alcohol or sulfates, which can make your strands dull and dry.

Natural Methods for Glowing Skin and Hair

Any hair enhancer you use, such as shampoo, conditioner and the assortment of other available hair products, employs natural ingredients to some extent. If you dye your hair, for example, you can replace chemical dyes with honey for nourishment and sheen, henna for color, and other options.  Household ingredients like mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and Omega-3-containing oils help moisturize your hair. Massaging the cider into your scalp can work wonders for hair color, bringing out the natural sheen, and lending a marked level of softness to it.

Adding oils like sandalwood and olive to your hair helps with highlights and provides protection from split ends. The ingredients usually need to sit on your scalp, after you’ve massaged them in, for about half-an-hour before you rinse them out. It gives the nutrients a chance to penetrate deep into your skin for that full, healthy look and feel.

This article was written by Shelly Nielsen, a fashion student who hopes to soon have a career in the fashion industry. She writes this on behalf of the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, your number one choice when looking to get an eyebrow transplant in Texas. Check out their website today and see what they can do for you!


5 Must Have Outfits For a Girls’ Getaway Vacation to New York

Getting away with the girls is a great way to kick back, have some fun, and recharge from the monotony and challenges of everyday life. New York offers a little of everything so you can shop or visit museums during the day and hit a Broadway show or famous bar in the evening. But you’ll need the right outfit for every event in this fashion-forward city to make sure you don’t stand out as too touristy on your visit. Here are 5 must-have outfits for your NYC getaway.

Comfortable Sightseeing Wear

6602002339 06d2e88234 5 Must Have Outfits For a Girls Getaway Vacation to New York

Image via Flickr by leasqueaky

Any well-rounded girls’ getaway in New York will include shopping and sightseeing. Pack an outfit that’s comfortable but not too low-key. Opt for pants or capris but don’t wear shorts, which are the classic sign of a New York tourist. Pair fitted pants and a loose tank or tunic. Wear shoes that are fashionable but comfortable, like low-heeled boots in fall and winter, or a flat sandal in summer and spring. A small cross-body bag holds your essentials without dragging you down.

Semi-Formal Broadway Attire

If you’re planning to see a show, semi-formal attire is your best bet. Choose a dress that’s easy to walk in and comfortable when you’re seated. This is not the time for the rib-crushing sheath that’s only comfortable when you’re standing. Since you don’t have to do a lot of walking, a dressy heel is a manageable choice. Take a small chic clutch and accessorize freely.

A Cozy Cultured Museum Look

New York is famous for its museums. If your agenda includes a cultured afternoon browsing one of these, you’ll need the right outfit to stay comfortable. Most museums are kept at a chilly temperature, so you should plan an outfit with a cardigan or wrap, even in sweltering summer weather. Pants or capris and a button-down top look fashionable with just the right touch of intellectual charm.

Casual Sporting Attire

If you have New York Yankees Tickets for your getaway, you’ll need to pack a special outfit just for the sporting event. Your best option is always to dress for the home team, unless you have fierce loyalties on the opposing side. Pair cute fitted jeans and comfortable shoes with a team jersey or tee. A baseball cap is perfectly acceptable for any sporting event. Don’t forget fashionable sunglasses if you’re outside.

A Chic Nightlife Outfit

Hitting New York in the evenings with the girls requires something sleek and sexy, right out of Sex and the City. Choose a great cocktail dress and small handbag. A few well-placed accessories like a necklace or stacked bracelets will finish the look. Don’t go overboard, though. A flattering dress and one or two accents are all you need. If you’re ever going to splurge for a cab, this is the time to do it so you can rock those killer shoes as you bar hop.

Plan your agenda well ahead of time and pack the right outfits for every day of your trip using these guidelines to get you started. With the proper attire, you can look great, feel comfortable, and have a great time with your girls in New York City.

Author Bio:

Mandi Rogier writes regularly on travel and fashion topics. Many blogs and websites feature her work including USA Today’s Travel Tips and


Smart Shoe Shopping Tips You Should Know About

Buying shoes can be a wonderfully, soothing experience. The beautiful colors, trendy styles of brands like Weitzman shoes and the wonderful smell of leather footwear store can literally soothe away all of your headaches. Retail therapy aside, most women do need more than five pairs of shoes to match their formal, casual and office outfits. As a result, shoe shopping can be fun experience but it is necessary as well. If you already have several shoes but still find the need to go shopping, we’ve created a short guide that will help you on your next shoe-shopping jaunt.

Smart Shoe 343 Smart Shoe Shopping Tips You Should Know About

Visit many stores — Take the time to window shop as much as possible before you purchase a new pair. As the fashion season changes, there is a very good chance that you will find several great new designs at different stores according to different designers. Window-shopping will not only show you what is available but it also shows the different price ranges available in different stores.

Measure your feet — Feet tend to change over time and with a full day of walking, your feet tend to swell up and increase in size. As a result, we recommend you measure your feet at every store before you buy a shoe. It’s also a good idea to go shopping in the evening when your feet are the most swollen.

Don’t follow trends — We recommend you look at the latest runway styles but you do not follow them. This is because trendy shoes may not fit everyone and suit every foot style. For example, flat shoes are not good for people who have poor foot support and heels are not good for people with weak knees. Look for flats that have contoured soles and footbeds that provide the right support. If you want heels, make sure you buy them from a good company to ensure proper foot support. Keep the heel within 3- 5 inches. If you do have to go more than that, make sure you limit the time you wear this heel to ensure foot health.

Purchase multiples — If you like a particular shoe from a brand, make sure you buy multiples of the size and color. This ensures that you will have several pairs ready for use in case one breaks. Further, if your shoes are really comfortable, you may wear them every day and you will have a replacement pair ready in case one pair breaks.

Buy good quality — No matter what type of shoe you like always buy branded high quality shoes that will last for a long time. If possible rotate them as you use them to prevent the leather from breaking down. Use the best storage materials to polish and store your shoes and put in a shoe support to shape the leather when you aren’t wearing the shoe.

With our guide, you should find it easy to pick classic yet trendy styles from the new shoes at any store. Remember, shoes have to be trendy but comfortable as well. Don’t follow trends blindly but take the time to evaluate review the style and fit before you buy a new pair.


Get Plus Sized Bracelets For Your Business

Getting plus sized bracelets for your business is a great way to be able to cater to everyone. You do not want a customer walking out of your store because they were disappointed that you did not have jewelry that fit them. Plus size bracelets are a great investment to make, and you will sell out of them fast.

Plus Sized Bracelets 3243 Get Plus Sized Bracelets For Your Business

When you are selling jewelry in your store you do not want to just cater to one type of person. You want to be able to help everyone find the items that they need. When you are buying jewelry take into consideration buying bigger sizes so that plus sized men and women will feel beautiful after walking out of your store as well.

If you are worried about placing these items with all your jewelry consider making a separate display in the plus sized section. This is a great way to get customers to try on the jewelry with out getting discouraged that they do not fit. Thousands of stores are making the decision to get bigger sized jewelry so that they fit every persons needs.

Making the decision to sell multiple styles of bracelets in all sizes should be easy. Do not worry about selling the items because they will sell themselves. If you are the only store around that sells plus sized jewelry people will flock to your store. Finding plus sized bracelets at the right price can be difficult sometimes and this is why many people will buy items from you.

You will be able to make a profit from the jewelry that you sell and fast. Make sure that you make the jewelry easy to spot by the people that come to your store, and even put up signs. This is a great way for people to know that you are now selling plus sized jewelry. When you are buying jewelry think of items that you think will sell in your store. You could match them to some of the clothes that you sell, or just buy items that you like.

Bracelets go great with any outfit, and this is why many people like to wear them. Make sure that you buy a few styles for your customers so that they have a variety to choose from. You will be surprised how many people will buy a simple piece of jewelry that they can wear for many years. If you find that a certain piece of jewelry does not sell well in your store then you know not to buy it. Look around at what other stores are selling so that you can match them, or even sell the bracelets at a lower price.

When a person buys a piece of jewelry they want to have it for many years. It is alright to buy expensive pieces of jewelry for the customers to have in your store. When you see how happy your customers are you will know that you have made the right decision to buy bigger sized jewelry.

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Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

If you’re blonde, or planning to be a blonde this year, you’re in for a good time! There are so many fabulous hair trends for blonde girls that you’ll be left gasping for choice. We’ve put together the top 10 hair trends for blonde girls here. Try them!

1. Country Cutie

Country Cutie a3214321 Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Try long layers with brow-grazing bangs of wispy hair. It’s a very ‘countryish’ style, quite wholesome. Let the ends be shorter in front and longer at the sides and back. Use dark eye makeup and keep lips nude.

2. Reverse Ombre Trend

reverse ombre 93433 Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Reverse the ombre trend – keep the top part of your hair a lighter blonde and use a darker blonde for the bottom part. This trend looks great on curly, wavy hair. Try combining light blonde with honey blonde shades, or even reddish tones.

3. Medium Length Waves

Keep your hair of shoulder length. Do a side or central parting and scrunch up your hair into waves. If you have straight hair, use rollers to create tight curls. Smooth out the curls by hand to create soft waves around your face.

4. Faux Bob

Here’s a way to sport a short-but-not-so-short bob. Try the faux bob, with less than shoulder length hair. Use lighter blonde highlights on the sides and darker ones on top. Finger your hair into scrunchy waves to soften your features.

5. Short Curly Fringe

Try this unique short hairstyle by slicking back the sides. From the sides, you look like you have a shaved head, but the wavy slick fringe on top makes your head appear fuller. It’s an intriguing crop that’s feminine while being almost manly.

6. Accessorize

Grab up your blonde hair, highlights and all, into sparkling sequined headbands, flower clips, vintage headscarves and over-the-top hair accessories. Keep the makeup natural and tune down your outfit, getting all attention for your hair.

7. Pixie Side-cut

No matter what shade of blonde you have or are planning to have, this cut will flatter you if you have an oval face. It’s a short pixie cut which sweeps longer on one side. It’s cute, fun, funky, low maintenance and yet very sexy.

8. Darker Blonde Undertones

Try dark blonde, almost black undertones with light blonde hair. If you have platinum blonde hair, try a darker golden blonde for the undertones. Use voluminizer to give a sexy boost of volume at the crown, and tease your hair into soft waves.

9. Pure Platinum

The all-out platinum look is a hot trend for blondes. So if you’re a golden blonde or if you have brown hair, bleach to a pure platinum shade. Try a blunt bob, or a shoulder length hairstyle with or without a fringe.

10. Little Boy Crop

This little boy crop with the wet look and a few teased-out bangs fringing the forehead is an enchanting look. It’s a look that makes even older women achieve a cute, young ingénue look. Try a few darker undertones under the front part of your hair.

This article is written by Katherine, a freelance fashion writer working for world’s leading Hair trading Marketplace serving buyers and sellers of human hair worldwide.