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5 Fashion Don’ts You Keep Committing

Audrey Hepburn screentest in Roman Holiday trailer 5 Fashion Don’ts You Keep Committing No matter how stylish you are or how much of a diva you are, there are days when you just don’t get it right fashion wise. All women make fashion mistakes – the celebs included. Some of them are forgivable, others not so much.

Unfortunately, fashion critic Joan Rivers is no longer around to call them out on their fashion faux pas. However, you do not have to wait to be called out, mocked or looked at askance before avoiding the following fashion don’ts:

Obvious Panty Lines

This is the number one fashion no-no.  There are so many underwear choices that you can choose from these days. In the past, women did not have as much choice so they just wore what was available.

Nowadays, there’s no reason to allow your panty lines show through your jeans, pants trousers or skirt.

If you’ll be wearing tight jeans or skirts, wear a thong underneath. If you’ll be wearing low waist pants or jeans, put on low waist underwear, and avoid wearing panties with prominent colors showing through your dress or pant.

Oversized and Undersized Clothing

We know you have put on a few pounds and want to hide some of that flab. We get it: you are not a model or someone who lives in dream world. However, wearing an oversized gown or dress just to hide your hips or slightly bigger tummy is not okay.

It makes you look dowdy, unstylish and older. The same goes for trying to fit into a dress that accentuates your flaws. We are not saying don’t wear a lovely dress. What we are saying is wear something that complements your stature and size.

Wearing a tight fitting dress when you have a big tummy and bottom is not only unsightly, it makes it seem like you are trying too hard.

Instead, settle for what compliments you well. If you have a flat tummy and great ass, by all means wear a dress or gown that flaunts both. If you have a big belly, wear a dress with some room that enhances your curves without making your stomach look big.

Too Little or Excessive Makeup

We know that sometimes, you are not just in the mood for any makeup. However, remember that you would be meeting people outside. So, do them a favor and at least make yourself look pleasant. A little lip gloss, some eyeliner, and foundation can transform you from ordinary looking to classy.

The same goes for excessive makeup: it will draw some attention to you, but you can be sure that it’ll be the wrong kind of attention. Excessive makeup makes you look cheap and unstylish. Avoid it. If you are in doubt, always go for less.

Excess Cleavage

Unless you are a stripper or a nudist, flashing excess cleavage is not a good idea. We get that you should flash some cleavage; just not too much.

Some cleavage can help you improve your looks and make a fashion statement. However, if you’ve got cellulite or stretch marks on your cleavage, please don’t flash any part. It’ll appear gross to others.

Wearing Baggy Looking Jeans

This is particularly common among women who have put on a little bit of weight. Sure, it may feel comfortable and easy on the body, but it is never easy on the eyes. Baggy jeans do nothing for you. If anything, they make you look old and careless. Instead, go for some stretch denim that’s perfect for you.

Too Many Accessories

Okay, because you are wearing red shoes, you think wearing red bracelets, beads, necklaces, earrings… okay you know where this is going. Accessorizing is a good thing. What isn’t appealing is excessive accessorizing. It does not have to be over the top to match. However, you also don’t want too few, and if you find yourself in need of additional accessories a good resource for that would be Morana.

The writer, Oscar King, always strives to keep himself up to date on the latest in fashion trends to make sure nobody has to suffer with a fashion faux-pas. As a result of this, he is always the one in his circle of friends people turn to for fashion advice. You can learn more about Oscar on Google+.

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10 movie-inspired costumes for women

It can be hard to decide what to wear for Halloween with the huge range of costumes available to us. If you’re a film buff, make your favourite movies your inspiration when thinking about what to wear this Halloween.:

movie inspired costumes for women 10 movie inspired costumes for women


Undeniably the best part of the Batman story, so much so they made her her own film, Catwoman would make a great Halloween costume for women! Her look is iconic: dressed as the feline fatale in all black leather you’ll be stealing hearts. Make your getaway to the Halloween party dressed in a catwoman catsuit and it’ll be all people can talk about.


The 1920s is best recognised for the revolution and rebellion of women from their typical gendered roles. Women began bobbing their hair, wearing short skirts, exhibiting liberal beliefs to do with sex, drinking and smoking and becoming a social re-shaping of what it was to be a woman. Not to mention the fashion was to die for – flouncy fringe and glam glitter. Dance all night in a Great Gatsby themed costume!

Harry Potter

If you think dressing as Hermione is a little tired, take the evil route this Halloween when you dress as a Death Eater. Led by Lord Voldemort and on a mission to purify the wizarding world of “half-bloods”, there’ll be no one messing with you this Halloween.

Breakfast at Tiffanys

A classic, Breakfast at Tiffanys was based on Truman Capote’s novella of the same name and chronicles the life of an eccentric socialite, Holly Golightly. The opening scene of her standing at the window of Tiffany and Co. in her glasses, gloves and pearls eating a croissant has become iconic in film. Emulate that same look with these key components.

Pretty Woman

Yet another classic. It’s almost impossible to compile a list of iconic films and exclude this one. Pretty Woman is the original rags to riches story, where the down on her luck girl meets the rich man and they live happily ever after as he “rescues” her. Who can forget the scene with the necklace? The red dress and long black gloves can be recognised instantly!


She first appeared in Sleeping Beauty, the original film was released in 1959, and in 2014 the “Mistress of All Evil” was portrayed once more by the inimitable Angelina Jolie. One of Walt Disney’s official villains, she is also one of the most popular right now. Just how evil can you get in this gorgeous villainous costume?


Another more modern entry to our list, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen is a character taking not only children and adolescents but adults by storm too. Everyone seems to be wound up in a flurry about this film, and in this stunning white and blue costume, they will be about you too!


Tear up the dancefloor in a Flashdance inspired Halloween costume. Throwback to the 80s in this off the shoulder sweater – don’t forget your headband and legwarmers. What a feeling!

Hunger Games

This book to film series adaptation is becoming more and more popular as the movies are released. The Hunger Games has grossed over $1b and is set to be even more of a success as the next film is out. Channel your inner Katniss this Halloween and unleash your inner badass.

Black Swan

Its the critically acclaimed film that creeped us all out beyond belief! Float gracefully in and out of Halloween parties left, right and centre and scare everyone with that creepy edge we saw in the film.

Want more imspiration for movie halloween costumes for women? Check out Vogue’s favourite movie-inspired costumes – And for everything you need for Halloween costumes for women make sure you check out section – particularly these great movie ones!

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Trim Clothing Budgets

Clothing straddles a number of consumer markets, which makes it one of the most visible and regular consumer spending categories.  Everyone requires clothes, so there is a highly practical aspect to purchasing garments, but clothing purchases are also subject to fashion considerations, making them highly discretionary as well.  As a result, individual clothing budgets are as unique as the people who create them.  Whether you are a fan of fashion, seeking to reflect the latest trends within your wardrobe, or a pragmatic clothing shopper, only interested in meeting the need to cover your body, simple approaches help keep clothing costs in line with your budget.

Trim Clothing Budgets Trim Clothing Budgets

Be Realistic about What You can Afford

One of the most common reasons shoppers spend too much on clothes is their desire to stay current with the latest designer fashions.  While name-brand designer clothes may have the unique features and cutting-edge fashion appointments you find attractive, they also come with some of the highest clothing price-tags you’ll find.  If money is no object, and your budget allows for extravagant spending, designer clothes may be an option.  On the other hand, saving money on clothing purchases might mean adjusting your personal standards away from exclusive designer options.

Rather than resigning yourself to the high cost of unique high-fashion garments, ground your purchases in decent quality copies bearing some of the same distinct fashion features found on brand-name labels.

Seasonal Savings Stretch Clothing Dollars

Perhaps the most significant cyclical savings opportunity is found buying off-season clothes at discounted prices.  Retailers are limited by the amount of storage and display space available for showcases clothes, as a result, they cannot afford to allow past-season merchandise to linger on sales floors.  Even wholesalers abound by the retail cycle, which features well-defined selling seasons and ever-changing merchandise.  The end result for consumers is an easy to follow discounting calendar that accounts for revolving seasonal merchandise.

To consistently save money on clothes, it makes the most sense to buy off-season.  The worst time of year to buy a heavy winter coat is during cold-weather months when coats are at a premium.  Supply and demand dictates that when need is high, prices will be at peak levels.  On the other hand, during summer months, when heavy garments are not required the price of boots, coats and sweaters declines.  Monitoring sale prices helps zero-in your search for bargain off-season clothes, but you can count on summer clothes going on-sale during July and August, and winter fashions to begin showing deep discounts in February and March.

Stick to the Basics

Fashion evolves at a brisk pace, quickly leaving flash-in-the-pan clothing trends by the wayside.  And though it is nice to freshen up your look every once in a while, changing-out your wardrobe to keep pace with fashion trends leads to serious spending on clothing.  When your clothes budget is a concern, it makes more sense to lean on staples and enduring designs that never go out of fashion.  By building a foundation of acceptable basic clothes, you’re ready for any occasion, without the need for excessive spending.

Basic clothes can be embellished with trending accessories, in order to make them more diverse and flexible.  Earth tone foundations, for example, benefit form splashes of color and patterned accompaniments. And classic black designs can be worn independently for a sleek modern look, or remade entirely with colorful accessories and add-ons.  Managing a sustainable wardrobe of staples enables you to coast during challenging economic times, leaning on the clothes that are already in your closet, rather than seeking expensive replacements. Once prospects are better, small, calculated clothing purchases keep your wardrobe moving forward, without breaking the bank.

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Wedges Vs Heels: Which is Best For You?

The wedge and heel have always been so close in style and yet so far in function. Suitable footwear for a night out asks the question: comfort of wedges versus the sexiness of heels. The lines between such contrasts are blurring as the wedge gets higher, bolder and more integrated into heel based styles while the heel now presents itself in a variety of different heights and more comfortable styles. Let’s take a look at the dilemma – heels vs. wedges.

Wedges Vs Heels1 1024x790 Wedges Vs Heels: Which is Best For You?

  1. Comfort

The heel has become more comfortable with lower, wider options now available and the chunky heel has presented the level of comfort every girl seeks on a night out, and still gives that powerful, sexy finish. However, one thing wedges will always win over on is the fact that they are ergonomically designed to hold weight across the greatest surface area, making them a clear winner for comfort.

Winner: The Wedge

  1. Height

Wedges range from the casual 1-2” to the stunning 4” and beyond, but nothing says height like a 7” heel. The higher the shoe, the more blocky effect the wedge can give which isn’t always flattering, yet the height of the heel from 2” to 7” always suits its function, from discretionary short to skyline high and slim.

Winner: The Heel

  1. Style

The wedge has extra room to present two-tone effects, prints and textures. The heel however has acquired an aspect of this advantage with the dawn of extra chunky heels coming onto the scene as of 2014. As per the case of height, the chunk in the wedge can add too much weight to any outfit, giving it an unflattering appearance. Chunky is definitely in this year, but not in the all-over sense of the wedge, which is why the chunky heel has been introduced.

Winner: The Heel

  1. Practicality

It’s winter; you’ve opted to wear a warm bodycon and need shoes to match. It’s a warm summer’s day and you’re hitting the streets in your favourite maxi-dress. You’re off for coffee in casual jeans and a top. While the heel dresses up any outfit, the wedge is the king of practicality for situations throughout the year that aren’t necessarily geared towards a night out.

Winner: The Wedge

  1. Health

As mentioned before, the wedge is designed with a greater surface area hence giving your body more surface area. But there’s much more than just bad posture and altered foot shape with heels. Studies have found that wearing heels can cause more serious issues, from permanent knee dislocation to shortened calf muscles to an injured Achilles tendon and even a bone enlargement in the heel called Haglund’s deformity – ouch!

Winner: The Wedge

While you may find yourself pining for the latest set of heels, it’s important to remember the staple additions to your wardrobe for comfort, practicality, health, style and height and while the heel is a sure winner for the night out, the wedge is a clear winner for all other occasions. So if you want your pennies to last longer, your health to remain intact and your choice be broadened, the wedge has got to be the first port of call!

Carlo Cretaro is a dedicated fashion blogger and social media expert writing on behalf of Fitzpatricks Shoes in Dublin, Ireland.

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Supima Cotton Yarn That is Supreme and Very Versatile

Supima cotton yarn is widely acknowledged as the one of the finest cottons in the world. This trademarked cotton is strictly controlled by its growers and is guaranteed to be made from the very best quality American Pima cotton. Pima is extra-long staple (ELS) cotton from the gossypiumbarbadense species, which has been grown in the southwest United States for over a century now.

Long growing season

It is descended from the Sea Island cottons that were first grown in the USA in the eighteenth century. These were bred with Egyptian cottons, to create what was originally called American-Egyptian cotton. It was renamed Pima in the early twentieth century, after the tribe of Native-American Indians who first took part in a growing program in Arizona, under the instruction of the US government. Supima cotton is still grown in Arizona today, as well as in California, New Mexico and Texas. These states have a hot, dry climate that provides a long growing season, and the cotton is raised in furrowed rows with closely regulated irrigation.

 cotton  Supima Cotton Yarn That is Supreme and Very Versatile

Supima is a shortened name for Superior Pima, and it is a trademark which guarantees that a textile product is made from 100 per cent ELS Pima cotton with a staple length of at least one and 3/8 inches. Only three per cent of American cotton qualifies for the Supima label. Another, inferior type of Pima cotton is grown in the USA and in other countries such as Peru, Australia and Israel. This is often called upland cotton and comes from the gossypiumhirsutum; a different species to ELS Pima. It is shorter, weaker and thicker than ELS Pima and is processed using saw-gins, unlike Supima, which is produced with more expensive roller-gins.

Brilliant colour

The long staple length and fineness of Supima cotton yarn produces luxurious fabrics that are soft and easy to drape, and which give extremely high performance. In tests, garments made from Supima cotton yarn proved the most resistant to piling, shrinking and twisting. Supima cotton fibres absorb dye better than other cottons, giving a brilliance of colour that lasts for much longer. The fineness of Supima cotton means that more fibres can be spun into a yarn, making it stronger and increasing the lifespan of products that are made from it.

The research undertaken by the United States Department of Agriculture continues with the Prima Improvement Project, which has led to many new variations in the past fifty years. A variation of Supima called Supima SUPERWASH is spun using unique machines and techniques to produce a highly water-resistant yarn, and new varieties called S-5, S-6 and S-7 have further improved the cotton.

Latest machinery

The company has improved its in-house technology and has on offer for its customers the best yarn in the market today. In fact Emilcotoni is capable of turning around raw material into cotton yarn in the shortest possible time today and it has the latest machinery to keep the quality at a premium. So for those customers looking at high end and premium cotton fabric, then this is the place to look at. They create, produce and sell cotton yarn keeping in mind the best quality for its customers.

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Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes

Buying new clothes is something many people like to do (especially women), but realistically we can’t always afford to spend as much as we want. That is one of the reasons that looking after your clothes is so important. Of course, we all feel a lot better in well looked after clothes, so there are many benefits.

How do you really care for your clothes though? Don’t you just wear them, wash them and put them back in the drawers till next time?

It’s not quite that straightforward if you want to look after your clothes properly. The answer is that there are many tried and tested tips and techniques to looking after your clothes… 

Lint Roller

A lint roller is a piece of adhesive material that is placed on a cylinder with a handle (the roller). It is designed to be rolled on your clothes, upholstery or linen and removes any lint or small fibres that always find their way onto your clothes… particularly black ones!

58987235 97b6877fa9 Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes

Looking after your clothes is important

These work brilliantly on all clothes, but especially suits and coats. Nobody ever knows how, but certain materials always end up with hairs and bits of fluff attached to them. Lint rollers quickly get rid of those unwanted extras, leaving you looking smart and ready for the day.

The roll itself can be replaced easily after it has been expended; the amount of time they last depends on how much use they get. These little tools are very reasonably priced, and a great way to look after your clothes. 

Hanging Them Up

If you can, hanging your clothes up is always better than folding them in drawers. Clothes that are hung up are aired more freely and thus stay crease-free after ironing. Even if you haven’t ironed your garments, allowing them to hang often lets creases fall out naturally. This makes for an overall better appearance when you wear them. If you are looking for some innovative coat hanger designs rather than just the usual coat hangers, click here.

Scented Hanging Sachet

Another fantastic tried and tested way to look after your clothes is by popping a scented hanging sachet into your wardrobe with your clothes. If you have lots of clothes, or items that you don’t wear very often, then this is a great way to keep them smelling fresh and new.

These sachets hang out from a hook similar to that of a coat hanger, and are simply placed in amongst your clothes. You can purchase them in a variety of different scents, but lavender is one of the most popular.

Moth Repellent

Have you ever got your clothes out and discovered small holes that weren’t there when you put them away? Moths are well-known for eating through your clothes, but there is an easy way to protect against this.

4464694909 8c1b11a398 Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes

There are different ways of keeping your clothes in top shape

You can purchase moth repellent small blocks that go in the bottom of your wardrobe, or moth repellent hangers similar to the scented ones. These deter moths and ensure that your clothes are protected from unwanted visitors! 

Wear Them More Than Once

Finally, this might seem like an obvious solution, but wearing your clothes more than once can also help look after them better. Washing clothes too often also makes the colours fade and can alter the sizing as well.

If you have only worn a top for half a day, or weren’t particularly sweaty, then don’t throw your clothes to into the washing pile automatically. Trousers can certainly be worn for more than one day. Studies show that many people recycle a pair of jeans for up to 7 days in a row. Don’t let throwing your clothes into the machine be a default response.


In conclusion, there are many ways to look after your clothes. If you follow some of these great tips you’re sure to have well cared for clothes that look great!




Image credits: Diego3336 and Capt’ Gorgeous

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Budget Wardrobe: How to Look Fabulous on a Shoestring

ID 10046776 300x203 Budget Wardrobe: How to Look Fabulous on a Shoestring

When we look good, we feel good. Nothing wrong with wanting to have a nice wardrobe. Perception is everything, and how we look can affect our lives profoundly, fair or not. If your closet is in sore need of an upgrade, but your wallet is a bit light, have no fear. There are plenty of strategies for updating your look on limited funds. Here are just a few to get you started.

Focus on Classic Looks Over Trends

Fashion is forever changing—one season, something is in, the next it is out. But, amidst the constantly changing fashion scene, there are looks that endure through time. When it comes to building a wardrobe on a budget, avoid pouring all your money into the ‘’it’’ looks of the season because chances are, they will be on the outs by the next. If you want to spice up your look and make it look more trendy, focus on accessories.

Do an Inventory of Current Clothing

Do not just give your closet a sweeping glance and dismiss the entire contents with disgust. Chances are you still have some gems in there that are still fashionable and wearable. When shopping on a budget, it is important to establish a base to work with; this will help you find clothes to help build on what you already have and get the maximum use out of your wardrobe.

Budget Does Not Always Mean the Cheapest Option

If you fill up your closet with less expensive, lower-quality items, you will really not be saving money in the long-run because these things will fall apart and you will be back to square one. You will end up spending more money than if you shelled out an extra few bucks in the first place for some higher quality items. This can be difficult to do sometimes because we tend to look at money matters in the immediate term and what will save us the most money now, but it is important to look at what you may be spending over a longer period as well. For example, it is worth it to invest in two quality pairs of jeans and have them altered so one pair goes perfect with your flats and the other goes perfect with your heels.

Only Buy It if You Love It

There is no room for half-hearted purchases when building a wardrobe on a budget. If you are not 100 percent sure that an item is your style, or if you can wear it with anything else you own, put it down and move onto the next item. The name of the game is finding things that are versatile and that you absolutely love. On a somewhat related note, do not buy something just because it is on sale. Getting something cheaper is not necessarily a bargain if you would not have bought it in the first place.

Get on Email and SMS Lists of Favorite Stores

You do not have to build the perfect wardrobe in one trip to the mall. It is a process where you will buy things here and there. To maximize your savings, make sure you get on the email or SMS lists of your favorite stores. This way you will always be in the loop when they are having a sale. Also, many stores tend to give out special discounts and other offers to people who subscribe to updates through these mediums, which mean extra savings for you.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things fashion and shopping.If you are looking for great deals on clothing, shoes and accessories, she recommends visiting, which offers Tory Burch coupons and a host of others for all your fashion needs.

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Starting Your Own Clothing Line

ID 100139646 300x199 Starting Your Own Clothing Line

You have a passion for fashion, and you envision spending the rest of your days making clothes for your own line. People need clothes and love clothes, and there are so many different types of fashions, so successfully launching this venture is quite feasible. But, like any entrepreneurial venture, passion is only one part of the ingredient and it will take work to build the business. Here are some tips for starting your own clothing line.

Learn About the Whole Business

You love making clothes—that is all you need to worry about right? Wrong. If you want to make it a business, there is so many more things you need to concern yourself with on the business end of things from negotiating with suppliers to making a killer sales pitch. You might consider majoring in fashion design and taking related classes that have to do with business and marketing. If you have already been in business and are savvy on that end of things, it probably still could not hurt to take some classes that would directly contribute to your knowledge of the fashion industry.

Make a Plan

You need to make a plan for your business. What types of clothing do you want to sell exactly? What is your target market? How do you plan to market your business? Will you be selling your clothes offline and online or just one or the other? You need a strong promotion strategy—what will it consist of ?


You need to do some serious number crunching if you want to start your own clothing line. Whether you are looking to purchase custom metal buttons or a particular piece of fabric, you must shop around to find the best distributors for the products you need for your line. If you will be using print screens on t-shirts, get quotes from several printers. While you want to minimize expenses, be wary of simply picking the cheapest option—this could cost you more in the long run. Remember that it takes money to make money, and spending a bit more is sometimes the best way to go.

Differentiate Yourself

There is no shortage of clothing out there available to purchase, and to succeed with your own line, you must find a way to differentiate yourself. What can you do with your line that will compel people to buy your clothes over someone else’s? It is that you use organic fabrics or that you will donate a portion of your sales to a charity that helps women in third world countries get loans to start their own business?

Do Your Homework

Research the industry and learn all you can about it. More importantly, read up on successful clothing lines to see what they did to become what they are today. While you may have your own unique ideas of what it takes to succeed in this business, do not be so quick to dismiss what others have done before you because obviously it worked.

Check out the Competition

Check out your competitors and see what they are up to. How are they pricing their items? How are they marketing? What can you learn from them? What can you do better than they are doing? What are they doing better than you, and how can you improve? You can learn a lot about your business by sizing up your competitors.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper, writing for, enjoys blogging about all things fashion. Learn more about us by visiting the link.

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Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

If you’re blonde, or planning to be a blonde this year, you’re in for a good time! There are so many fabulous hair trends for blonde girls that you’ll be left gasping for choice. We’ve put together the top 10 hair trends for blonde girls here. Try them!

1. Country Cutie

Country Cutie a3214321 Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Try long layers with brow-grazing bangs of wispy hair. It’s a very ‘countryish’ style, quite wholesome. Let the ends be shorter in front and longer at the sides and back. Use dark eye makeup and keep lips nude.

2. Reverse Ombre Trend

reverse ombre 93433 Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Reverse the ombre trend – keep the top part of your hair a lighter blonde and use a darker blonde for the bottom part. This trend looks great on curly, wavy hair. Try combining light blonde with honey blonde shades, or even reddish tones.

3. Medium Length Waves

Keep your hair of shoulder length. Do a side or central parting and scrunch up your hair into waves. If you have straight hair, use rollers to create tight curls. Smooth out the curls by hand to create soft waves around your face.

4. Faux Bob

Here’s a way to sport a short-but-not-so-short bob. Try the faux bob, with less than shoulder length hair. Use lighter blonde highlights on the sides and darker ones on top. Finger your hair into scrunchy waves to soften your features.

5. Short Curly Fringe

Try this unique short hairstyle by slicking back the sides. From the sides, you look like you have a shaved head, but the wavy slick fringe on top makes your head appear fuller. It’s an intriguing crop that’s feminine while being almost manly.

6. Accessorize

Grab up your blonde hair, highlights and all, into sparkling sequined headbands, flower clips, vintage headscarves and over-the-top hair accessories. Keep the makeup natural and tune down your outfit, getting all attention for your hair.

7. Pixie Side-cut

No matter what shade of blonde you have or are planning to have, this cut will flatter you if you have an oval face. It’s a short pixie cut which sweeps longer on one side. It’s cute, fun, funky, low maintenance and yet very sexy.

8. Darker Blonde Undertones

Try dark blonde, almost black undertones with light blonde hair. If you have platinum blonde hair, try a darker golden blonde for the undertones. Use voluminizer to give a sexy boost of volume at the crown, and tease your hair into soft waves.

9. Pure Platinum

The all-out platinum look is a hot trend for blondes. So if you’re a golden blonde or if you have brown hair, bleach to a pure platinum shade. Try a blunt bob, or a shoulder length hairstyle with or without a fringe.

10. Little Boy Crop

This little boy crop with the wet look and a few teased-out bangs fringing the forehead is an enchanting look. It’s a look that makes even older women achieve a cute, young ingénue look. Try a few darker undertones under the front part of your hair.

This article is written by Katherine, a freelance fashion writer working for world’s leading Hair trading Marketplace serving buyers and sellers of human hair worldwide.

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Trendy Girls School Trousers

Parents and guardians are ensuring that their children, especially the girls, are the best and most appropriately dressed in their classrooms. They can accomplish this with the wide variety of schoolwear that is available including girls school trousers at Uniforms for school come in all sizes and shapes and can serve as motivation for the children to attend school. Which child will not want to go to school to show off his or her fashionable back to school clothes to friends?

school girls trousers 716x1024 Trendy Girls School Trousers

Smart school trousers for girls are found in the regular stretch, pleated and belted designs which are mostly seen in the section of physical and online stores that sell back to school uniform supplies. Also, there are girl’s casual trousers that are of the most recent trend which can be worn anywhere and everywhere. As girls are the softer sex, their clothes should make them feel beautiful while giving them the protection they need.

Because the school trousers face the hardest part of each day they might fade fast. However, with the competitive prices that these trousers are going for, parents will find that it is affordable to update the wardrobes of their children as frequently as required. While girl’s school trousers will remain in fashion, the designs and cuts vary, and the clothing in stores is updated accordingly.

School trousers also come in a wide selection of colours and styles. The trousers for girls are specifically designed to be in line with what is required for appropriate school clothes. They are made with materials such as natural cotton to provide comfort along with elegance.

Making a fashion statement does not have to cost an arm and a leg. School trousers are available in several designs to make the children look as well as feel great.