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Starting Your Own Clothing Line

ID 100139646 300x199 Starting Your Own Clothing Line

You have a passion for fashion, and you envision spending the rest of your days making clothes for your own line. People need clothes and love clothes, and there are so many different types of fashions, so successfully launching this venture is quite feasible. But, like any entrepreneurial venture, passion is only one part of the ingredient and it will take work to build the business. Here are some tips for starting your own clothing line.

Learn About the Whole Business

You love making clothes—that is all you need to worry about right? Wrong. If you want to make it a business, there is so many more things you need to concern yourself with on the business end of things from negotiating with suppliers to making a killer sales pitch. You might consider majoring in fashion design and taking related classes that have to do with business and marketing. If you have already been in business and are savvy on that end of things, it probably still could not hurt to take some classes that would directly contribute to your knowledge of the fashion industry.

Make a Plan

You need to make a plan for your business. What types of clothing do you want to sell exactly? What is your target market? How do you plan to market your business? Will you be selling your clothes offline and online or just one or the other? You need a strong promotion strategy—what will it consist of ?


You need to do some serious number crunching if you want to start your own clothing line. Whether you are looking to purchase custom metal buttons or a particular piece of fabric, you must shop around to find the best distributors for the products you need for your line. If you will be using print screens on t-shirts, get quotes from several printers. While you want to minimize expenses, be wary of simply picking the cheapest option—this could cost you more in the long run. Remember that it takes money to make money, and spending a bit more is sometimes the best way to go.

Differentiate Yourself

There is no shortage of clothing out there available to purchase, and to succeed with your own line, you must find a way to differentiate yourself. What can you do with your line that will compel people to buy your clothes over someone else’s? It is that you use organic fabrics or that you will donate a portion of your sales to a charity that helps women in third world countries get loans to start their own business?

Do Your Homework

Research the industry and learn all you can about it. More importantly, read up on successful clothing lines to see what they did to become what they are today. While you may have your own unique ideas of what it takes to succeed in this business, do not be so quick to dismiss what others have done before you because obviously it worked.

Check out the Competition

Check out your competitors and see what they are up to. How are they pricing their items? How are they marketing? What can you learn from them? What can you do better than they are doing? What are they doing better than you, and how can you improve? You can learn a lot about your business by sizing up your competitors.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper, writing for, enjoys blogging about all things fashion. Learn more about us by visiting the link.

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Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

If you’re blonde, or planning to be a blonde this year, you’re in for a good time! There are so many fabulous hair trends for blonde girls that you’ll be left gasping for choice. We’ve put together the top 10 hair trends for blonde girls here. Try them!

1. Country Cutie

Country Cutie a3214321 Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Try long layers with brow-grazing bangs of wispy hair. It’s a very ‘countryish’ style, quite wholesome. Let the ends be shorter in front and longer at the sides and back. Use dark eye makeup and keep lips nude.

2. Reverse Ombre Trend

reverse ombre 93433 Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Reverse the ombre trend – keep the top part of your hair a lighter blonde and use a darker blonde for the bottom part. This trend looks great on curly, wavy hair. Try combining light blonde with honey blonde shades, or even reddish tones.

3. Medium Length Waves

Keep your hair of shoulder length. Do a side or central parting and scrunch up your hair into waves. If you have straight hair, use rollers to create tight curls. Smooth out the curls by hand to create soft waves around your face.

4. Faux Bob

Here’s a way to sport a short-but-not-so-short bob. Try the faux bob, with less than shoulder length hair. Use lighter blonde highlights on the sides and darker ones on top. Finger your hair into scrunchy waves to soften your features.

5. Short Curly Fringe

Try this unique short hairstyle by slicking back the sides. From the sides, you look like you have a shaved head, but the wavy slick fringe on top makes your head appear fuller. It’s an intriguing crop that’s feminine while being almost manly.

6. Accessorize

Grab up your blonde hair, highlights and all, into sparkling sequined headbands, flower clips, vintage headscarves and over-the-top hair accessories. Keep the makeup natural and tune down your outfit, getting all attention for your hair.

7. Pixie Side-cut

No matter what shade of blonde you have or are planning to have, this cut will flatter you if you have an oval face. It’s a short pixie cut which sweeps longer on one side. It’s cute, fun, funky, low maintenance and yet very sexy.

8. Darker Blonde Undertones

Try dark blonde, almost black undertones with light blonde hair. If you have platinum blonde hair, try a darker golden blonde for the undertones. Use voluminizer to give a sexy boost of volume at the crown, and tease your hair into soft waves.

9. Pure Platinum

The all-out platinum look is a hot trend for blondes. So if you’re a golden blonde or if you have brown hair, bleach to a pure platinum shade. Try a blunt bob, or a shoulder length hairstyle with or without a fringe.

10. Little Boy Crop

This little boy crop with the wet look and a few teased-out bangs fringing the forehead is an enchanting look. It’s a look that makes even older women achieve a cute, young ingénue look. Try a few darker undertones under the front part of your hair.

This article is written by Katherine, a freelance fashion writer working for world’s leading Hair trading Marketplace serving buyers and sellers of human hair worldwide.

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Trendy Girls School Trousers

Parents and guardians are ensuring that their children, especially the girls, are the best and most appropriately dressed in their classrooms. They can accomplish this with the wide variety of schoolwear that is available including girls school trousers at Uniforms for school come in all sizes and shapes and can serve as motivation for the children to attend school. Which child will not want to go to school to show off his or her fashionable back to school clothes to friends?

school girls trousers 716x1024 Trendy Girls School Trousers

Smart school trousers for girls are found in the regular stretch, pleated and belted designs which are mostly seen in the section of physical and online stores that sell back to school uniform supplies. Also, there are girl’s casual trousers that are of the most recent trend which can be worn anywhere and everywhere. As girls are the softer sex, their clothes should make them feel beautiful while giving them the protection they need.

Because the school trousers face the hardest part of each day they might fade fast. However, with the competitive prices that these trousers are going for, parents will find that it is affordable to update the wardrobes of their children as frequently as required. While girl’s school trousers will remain in fashion, the designs and cuts vary, and the clothing in stores is updated accordingly.

School trousers also come in a wide selection of colours and styles. The trousers for girls are specifically designed to be in line with what is required for appropriate school clothes. They are made with materials such as natural cotton to provide comfort along with elegance.

Making a fashion statement does not have to cost an arm and a leg. School trousers are available in several designs to make the children look as well as feel great.

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What Are The Importance of Consuming Healthy Diet?

People have to maintain their healthy and lean body in order to survive and live long in this world. There are different things that can make you maintain the body that you have now. If you are one of those people who are serious about your goal to be in good shape, you need to consider eating healthy foods. A diet program is one of the greatest factors that affect your weight loss. In this article, you will find the different reasons that will justify the importance of healthy diet food delivery in maintaining your good shape.

Healthy YOU1 1024x679 What Are The Importance of Consuming Healthy Diet?

Reduces the tendency of catching diseases

One of the reasons why a lot of people are getting diseases that are connected to the systems such as the heart is the food that they are eating. If you really want to be free from heart diseases and high blood pressure, you need to choose what you eat. Eating more fruits and vegetables is better than including meat in your everyday meal. Different conditions including diabetes and heart diseases can be triggered by your diet. Too much intake of sugar can worsen your genetically transferred condition. Many people were able to get away from the negative effects of their conditions just by choosing the right food.

Neutralizes your weight

If you are thinking about maintaining your weight, you need to make sure that you are eating the right food. Processed foods contain great amount of calories that can make you fat and overweight. If you can just turn to natural foods such as fruits, seafood and vegetables, it would be easier for you to maintain a healthy weight. If you would compare a person who is just in a strict healthy diet to a person who does not have any control when it comes to what he is eating, you will realize the discrepancy in their weight and structure. You do not really have to starve yourself and exercise everyday just to make sure that you are maintaining a great shape. Most of the time, a healthy diet is more important than thirty minutes of daily exercise.

Strengthens the immune system

Having a healthy body means having an immune system that can fight any types of complications. Healthy diet can help maintain a sound body. The vitamins and minerals that are found in healthy foods can help strengthen your defenses against sicknesses. Instead of spending your money on medicines for nutritional deficiencies, you can just eat healthy foods and be saved from any unwanted conditions. Always remember that the immune system is dependent on what you take and what you do. Aside from regular exercise, you should consider picking what you eat. You should also check the calorie content of what you are including in your meal.

If you are thinking about the best diet that works fast, a healthy one is your best option. If you are eating enough amount of healthy food that will not give negative effects to your body, you will be sure that you are going to stay in great shape. If you would ask your doctor or dietitian, you will surely hear the same thing. Even if you exercise regularly, you will never stay in great shape if you are not eating the right food.

Author Bio:

Dannie Gilbertson is a former collegiate athlete as well as a health & fitness enthusiast who writes on topics such as diets that work fast, exercise, general health, and nutrition for Diet Brand Reviews.

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Getting The Best Deals On Your Favorite Brands

There are many times when you know what you want an item, but your budget won’t allow you to purchase the item. Have you ever had a favorite brand of clothing that you wanted so badly? That type of feeling is not so great when you don’t have the funds to purchase the item. Now there are many ways of getting the best deals on your favorite brands without breaking your budget. No matter what product you are trying to buy, there is an affordable way to fit any budget.

favorite brands Getting The Best Deals On Your Favorite BrandsJordan Craig jeans are both affordable and stylish. These jeans can make everyone stop and notice what you are wearing.Shopping around can give you some options and some great deals. Before you purchase anything, always take your time to make sure you are getting the best deals for favorite brands. Shopping online will help put ease to your worry, because you never have to leave home. You can compare prices right from the comfort of your own couch.

Jordan Craig is a fashion name that sounds expensive, but don’t let names fool you. You can find some of your favorite name brand clothing or products at greater deals than the generic brands. Jordan Craig jeans are sold everyday online all around the globe. The number one way of getting the best deals on your favorite brands is to really compare prices side by side. Online shopping can make this very easy, because you can check prices from many online stores at a time to see which one has the best deals.Once you have done that part of your research, you now know where to go from there. You can find Jordan Craig products online as well as at local shopping centers. No matter what you are looking for, there are steps that need to be taken if you want the best deal. Getting the best deals on your favorite brands doesn’t have to be complicated, nor do you have to live without your item.

Shopping online gives you a greater advantage over going to the store, because there are deals online that are not found at the retail store. If you are reading this article, then you are just a few clicks away from getting the best deals on your favorite brands. When shopping online for products you want or need, you can save time and money. There are many more deals offered online than anywhere else. Get your favorite brands for a great deal by looking online! Check out for great deals on all of your favorite fashion brands.

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The Little Black Dress: A Girl’s Best Friend

That great bastion of a nation, the rock upon which our geo-political landscape has been built – the British party. Hordes of nervous people, crammed together inside a room. Only with scant quantities of white wine and nibbles can you fend off the barrage of questions which will be indirectly fired your way. Be prepared to talk in positive terms about where you work, what you do, what schools you went to, whether you are married, whether you have kids, if so, how many…. the list is never ending. By the end of the night, you are a nervous wreck, with both an inability to speak and a pathological fear of further social gatherings of any type.

little black dress c893 The Little Black Dress: A Girl’s Best Friend

Last year, I reckon I went to a party or big social event once every other week, with a few more thrown in at Christmas. So let’s say about thirty parties. Forgive me for looking at the darker side of the moon, but in my mind that’s thirty sleepless nights worrying about make-up, hair, shoes, accessories, bags and coats to match whatever dress I had purchased. Enough to give a person a fashion break-down, to be frank!

Tired of having to decide what to wear to every party, I found a new fashion staple in the form of the little black dress (LBD). The LBD was born in the roaring ‘20s and has been popular with women all over the world ever since. Seared forever into contemporary culture by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, LBDs are simple and chic.

If you are a busy working girl, then you probably don’t have time to shop around and find a new dress for every occasion. Black dresses work wonders, as they can be dressed up or down to suit.

The LBD flatters all figures and comes in a range of styles. Choose from long or short sleeves and lacy, chiffon or silk materials. Whatever your preference, there’s a black dress to suit your tastes.

By investing in a few quality LBDs, you will save money on new clothes and recycle accessories. Likewise, you only need one pair of signature shoes to match your black dress and you are sorted for a multitude of occasions.

LBDs don’t even need accessories. If you’re keeping the outfit simple, then you can add glamour by styling your hair differently or by wearing a bright lipstick and matching nails.

This season, LBDs work well with the ethnic prints and monochrome looks seen on the catwalk. Team your black dress with a patterned scarf to create a dynamic effect. Or, wear a LBD with lacy white blouse and white court shoes to rock the monochrome style. Perfect!

Author Bio:

Pia Redman is a blogger who (normally) enjoys socialising. As such she has found it useful to have a Little Black Dress in the wardrobe ready for any occasion, be it formal, informal, or somewhere in between.

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The Story of the Led Zeppelin Band

Rock bands are really popular when it comes to getting top notch fashion items. If you want to ensure that you get yourself the latest rock fashion, you should visit If there is a website that is dedicated to ensuring that you can get the latest band tshirts at an affordable price it has to be Here you can get all those rare band t-shirts you have been searching for in vain. The best thing about it is that you do not have to travel long distances to get the t-shirts. It is the home of thousands of outfits just waiting for you. With almost 400 bands to choose from, you have a wide range of excellent quality products just waiting for you to order for them.

Led Zeppelin Band 23434 The Story of the Led Zeppelin Band

For example you can get some of the finest Led Zeppelin t-shirts waiting for you to buy them as soon as possible. You might not know of Led Zeppelin but in clip notes version it is one of the best and oldest rock bands and when you wear t-shirts branded in their name you can be sure that you will be rocking a look no one around you has seen ever seen. Led Zeppelin is an American band that was founded in the late 60’s and was active throughout the 70’s. The band originally went by the name New Yardbirds but that was in 1968 when it was formed by singer Robert Plant, Jimmy Page drummer John Bonham and John Paul Jones who played the bass and keyboard. Led Zeppelin is considered to be one of the most innovative as well as successful bands in the history of music.

It took the band around two years to start working really hard and to become recognized. It was in early January that they released their first studio album that was titled Led Zeppelin which peaked at number 6 in the UK and reached a high of 10 in the billboard charts. As you might have guessed there were other albums releases afterwards with the same name, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III were released in 1969 and 1970 respectively. The second album has been cited as the turning point of heavy metal. There was their fourth self-titled album Led Zeppelin IV (1971) which is also known as Untitled IV that has been ranked among the top selling albums. It is because of its immense popularity that Led Zeppelin was able to become legends.

Although the separated in 2007, the band continues to remain a major influence in heavy metal and rock music as a whole. They have received numerous accolades and have on occasions been recognized as the best acts. The band broke up in 1980 not because they were in band terms as most bands do, but it was more of a mutual agreement. However in 1982 Coda was released. They usually get back together once in a while and do some performances the most recent being in 2007.

Signature: Find quality Led Zeppelin merchandise for really cheap at, we offer great choice of band apparel of all color and sizes. We are the best and the biggest online store in the United States.

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VelaSmooth – The Answer to Combating Cellulite

There have been countless new devices on the market over recent years which claim to be able to reduce cellulite. This is because demand for cellulite treatments is so high, with a high percentage of women believing this to be a problem – in fact an estimated 80% of women over 20 may have cellulite.  However the majority of new cellulite products have not been able to produce proven and maintainable results.

VelaSmooth 343 VelaSmooth – The Answer to Combating CelluliteFirst FDA Approved Non Invasive Method of Cellulite Reduction

VelaSmooth is a revolutionary treatment from Elos, which has been found to be highly effective in treating cellulite, and reducing fat deposits. The system is one of a new generation of products featuring a high level of technology, which has been shown to have measurable and reproducible results in the clinic – and was the first FDA-cleared non-invasive medical solution for cellulite reduction.

How does it Work?

The combination of infra-red and Bi-polar radio frequency energies, along with tissue mobilization and suction have resulted in a safe and effective method of re-contouring the skin’s surface and shrinking fat cells. The VelaSmooth penetrates deeply into the fat tissue, the light energy heats the treatment area, while a gentle suction and massage aids the effect of the radio-frequency energy. The metabolism of the fat and connective tissue are redistributed – re-contouring the skin’s surface, and also improving overall circulation – benefiting overall health. The Elos technology used throughout the treatment requires less energy than other devices, while offering better results.

What Does Treatment Comprise of?

Sessions are short, lasting around 30 minutes only, and results can be observed as the treatment progresses – a process which in general takes from 6 to 8 weeks.  Maintenance treatments will need to be performed in order to keep the effect. Few people experience any side effects, although there may be a slight reddening of the skin for a short time afterwards and treatments simply feel like having a deep massage – so no sedation will be required.

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Iconic Hollywood Hairstyles – Which Would Suit You Best?

Admiring a Hollywood hairstyle is one thing, carrying it off is something completely different! We’ve all looked at a star’s style and thought “I’d love hair like that!” at some time in our lives but the reality of actually pulling it off is quite often no more than a fantasy.

Many Hollywood hairstyles require a lot of maintenance and this is something which you will need to consider before taking the plunge and getting your hair re-styled.

Consider the shape of your face and of course think about what type of hair you have. It’s no use thinking that you’d love hair like Marilyn’s if you have tight, ringlet curls because the maintenance and styling would be prohibitive.

Look at the style which you admire and work out if the star has a similar hair-type and face shape to you. If you see some similarities then there is every chance the hairstyle will look good on you.

8388018456 4e4950ee4b Iconic Hollywood Hairstyles   Which Would Suit You Best?

Brigitte Bardot’s heavy fringe accentuates her eyes.

Marilyn Monroe

Although she varied the length and cut of her hair over her career, the main frame was always the same…mid length, wavy and of course, platinum blonde.

Of all the Hollywood hairstyles Marilyn’s is possibly the most iconic and also one of the most difficult to pull off!

Lots of us think “would I suit hair like Marilyn’s?” at some point, perhaps having admired one of her publicity shots or seen her in a movie.

One of the main issues with hair like Marilyn’s is that you need a narrow face in order for it to flatter you.

Curls or waves which frame your face can also make if appear wider so if you’re already concerned about having a wider face, avoid the Monroe look.

6840631913 2cbf3f09f6 Iconic Hollywood Hairstyles   Which Would Suit You Best?

It takes confidence to carry off a strong look like Marilyn’s.

Brigitte Bardot

The stunning French sex symbol was well known for her beautiful features and her long blonde hair with its heavy fringe.

Sometimes worn up, often down, Brigitte’s honey blonde hair throughout her 1960s heyday was long and flowing.

She had a heavy fringe which was cut back far from her hairline. This look is fabulous for those with thick hair with a slight natural wave.

If your forehead is short, this is a particularly good look; equally, if you are square jawed it can look fabulous as the heavy fringe will draw attention away from the lower portion of your face and put the focus on your eyes instead.

Mia Farrow 

Mia Farrow sported a wonderfully gamine look in Rosemary’s Baby and it’s been a much imitated hairstyle ever since.

An extremely short pixie crop, this look is not for the faint hearted and is hard to pull off unless your face is a perfect oval or heart shape.

Heart shaped faces are great for this cut as it accentuates a delicate jaw line and throws feminine features into the spotlight.

It’s also good for fine or thick hair alike, the only hair which won’t carry it so well is very curly hair. But even the curly amongst us can have a version of the Mia Farrow simply by using some product to relax the waves slightly.


Before imitating your favourite Hollywood hairstyle, think about your hair type and your facial features. Are they vastly different to those of the person that you seek to imitate, use products like the Evo Hair Care range to aid in your quest?

Look out for stars to whom you bear a resemblance…even if it is only slight, the chances are that they’ve had consultations with very expensive style experts and you can benefit from that from afar!


Image Credits: erjkprunczyk  and sasha065

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How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

India is a country rich in tradition and has value based culture. As you would be aware, in India there are dress codes for various occasions. The dress code for Casual Indian Occasion depends on the function you are planning to attend. For example, the dress code for religious function would be different as against marriage engagement function. If it is a birthday party, you would have different dress preferences. Before you decide on which casual dress you should wear for the function, you must also know who could be the invitees. Your casual dress would be different for a family function as compared to an engagement function. Similarly, your dress for birthday party would be different as compared to the party being celebrated to honor some people. Perhaps, the concept of casual dress for Indian occasion could be summarized as follows:

Dress For Women For Casual Indian Occasion:

 How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

If it is a family function, then cotton Salwar Kameez with Choli should be the most appropriate dress. If it is a birthday party, then designer Salwar Kameez or designer cotton saree is considered to be the most apt preference. Designers are of the opinion that instead of Gagra Choli, Salwar Kameez is most ideal for family religious function. But, remember in some parts of India wearing a saree is a necessity for religious functions. In such cases, you can prefer designer cotton or Georgette or even crepe saree. This is particularly true if the religious function is held in some temples. However, for marriage engagement the most preferred attire would be designer saree with appropriate designer blouse. If it is not a traditional family, the Kurta with Jeans could also be considered for birthday and other similar parties. Of course, your facial including the hairstyle should be appropriate to the dress you wear. In fact, some of the designers suggest high heels for birth day and other function.

Dress For Men For Casual Indian Occasion:

 How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

To some extent, dress for causal Indian Occasion for men is region based as well. In South India particularly, traditional family prefers Dhothi for religious functions. Otherwise, you can prefer Salwar Kameez or pant with appropriate shirt. Some people even suggest Sharwani Jacket but as designers say this type of jacked is more appropriate for wedding functions rather than being considered as a casual dress. In fact, some would even prefer T shirt. This dress is normally worn even in birthday and other types of functions including marriage engagement. In so far as pant is concerned, casual pant is considered most appropriate rather than jeans pants.

Traditional Indian families believe that the dress you wear for the function should always be relevant to the occasion. Some of the traditional temples in India expect women to wear Saree and men to wear Dhothi if they want to visit the temple. Such temples do not allow people even with Salwar Kameez to visit the temple. In such cases, if you want to visit the particular temple, you will have no option but to comply with the religious sentiments of the people.