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How to Dress For Casual Indian Occasions

indian casual dress for men

India is a country rich in tradition and has value based culture. As you would be aware, in India there are dress codes for various occasions. The dress code for Casual Indian Occasion depends on the function you are planning to attend. For example, the dress code for religious function would be different as against marriage engagement function. If it ... Read More »

Tips For Buying a Designer Saree

blouse designer for saree

Sarees are particularly popular in South India as well as in some parts of Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, and Myanmar and in some of the other Asian countries. The tradition of wearing saree has been in vogue since several centuries in these regions. Impressed with its elegance, many popular Indian fabric designers have designed sarees with fabrics like silk, ... Read More »

The Evolution of Designer Salwar Kameez

designer salwar kameez

The Mughal Period: The Salwar meaning pants and Kameez meaning shirts is a traditional dress which is believed to have had its origin in Afghanistan. It is believed to have made its way to India centuries ago. It was largely worn in Punjab and later it became a popular dress in India. Now its popularity has spread to other parts ... Read More »

Benefits Of Buying A High Quality Ski Jacket

As someone who once found himself perched on top of a mountain wearing a ski jacket owned by my Dad in the 70s, with ominous clouds rolling in and a two-mile run back to the hotel, I can attest to the benefits in choosing a good quality ski jacket. Since that experience (my first ski trip, with some equally underprepared ... Read More »

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