Convey Your Sincerity and Gratitude to The Recipients

A well written plaque shows your sincere acknowledgement towards the contribution of the person to whom it is presented. Presenting a plaque is a very thoughtful gesture to show appreciation. Rather it also serves as like a tangible impression that the receiver will treasure all throughout the life as a lovely experience.

While presenting a plaque, the first thing that needs to be considered is the wordings and thoughts like

  • Who is the recipient of the plaque
  • The reason why it is awarded
  • The date when it will be awarded
  • The person who is awarding the plaque
  • The commemoration, if it is justified.

gratitude to recipent Convey Your Sincerity and Gratitude to The Recipients

Reason for awarding the plaque

Consider the reason of the plaque being awarded, which means if it is a regular award that is handed every year or a special one. If it is given regularly then you can have a look on the previous awards and think if you want to continue with the traditional way of writing. For fresh occasions, you can think of the accomplishment and then use the wordings that fit for the occasion.

Focus on the words which you wish to convey to the recipient. Make it apparent on the plaque whether you are:

  • Honoring the receiver’s volunteered work
  • Years of service
  • Simply making it as a joyful disposition

It is also important to make it obvious on the plaque:

  • What you are thankful for
  • Address the recipient of the plaque by name
  • Make it clear the reason for showing this appreciation
  • Who is giving the award with a note that it is on behalf of the company or individual

Personalizing your message

There are many minute details which need to be checked before handing over the plaque. These are like:

  • Checking the receiver’s name and its spelling with title for accurate verification
  • Other details like location, date, merit, and service years.

If there is a mistake in any of these details then it becomes not only embarrassing, but you will also have to get a fresh plaque and get it engraved accurately.

Personalizing the message written on the recognition plaques shows your gratitude towards the receiver. You can use some true phrases that will add an emotional touch to the plaque. You can use phrases like “For you unique performance”, “your accomplishments are an inspiration for all of us”, “It would have been impossible to achieve it, without you”. Feel free to put your words on your plaque and give a personal touch to it.

Draft the message

Prepare a draft of your words and proofread it properly before getting it engraved on the plaque. Think about the order in which you want to put:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The award’s name
  • The date when the award is to be given
  • Other words that you wish to put on the plaque.

Once the message is decided, make a check for the spellings, grammar, and punctuation marks using any of the word processor software.

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