How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One

Turning 18 and finishing high school is a huge milestone in every teenager’s life. Sure, high school was fun and you had no major responsibilities, but now, in the 12th year you can slowly feel how everything changes. In a few months you are going to college, leaving your parents’ house and you are embracing all the responsibilities and getting close to the adulthood. However, before crossing this road, you have to make sure that your last year of being careless should be memorable and worthwhile.

087 How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One

Go out Every Night in One Week

If this isn’t already a part of routine, it should make it on the top of your senior bucket list. Stop burying yourself in homework and responsibilities, loosen up a bit and make memories. Senior year should be all about having fun, going wild before you become an adult. Make a plan for each day, go to as many parties as possible during this wild week and have the time of your life. You will not regret having one week off without any books and papers, and it will make a great memory of your senior year.

Go to Prom

No matter how you feel about prom, it should be part of your last year in high school. Don’t think of it as a gathering of popular people who only want to show off their dresses, think of it as another great party, where you get to wear something you will never put on again, and have endless fun with your best friends. This is probably the last time you will go to a school dance, and the last time when your entire class will be together, so don’t miss out on prom. Proms can be lame, but when you get older you will probably regret a bit for not going to it.

Tell your High-School Crush How You Feel

Everybody has a crush in high school. If you ever wondered if anything could happen between the two of you, now is your chance to find out. Gather up all the strength and guts you have, approach your crush and just spill it out. Tell them how you felt about them all these years and see what happens. If you get rejected, it is not the end of the world because it is the end of the high school and you may never see each other again. However, if the feelings are mutual your 12th year will become even more fun and you can always remember that victorious moment of kissing your crush.

Change Your Wardrobe a bit

During high school you have probably grown out of most of your clothes, so think about getting rid of them and changing your style a bit. Childish shirts and jackets should be thrown out and you should slowly start to build your own, more serious style. However, some things, such as year 12 jerseys that every senior must have should stay. Getting such jerseys and other promotional clothing of your high school make your senior year more special, since this is the symbol of being the oldest and the most powerful among the students.

088 How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One088 How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One

Start Being More Responsible

This may not look fun, but trust me, it is useful and practical. Before graduating you should slowly start learning how to take care of yourself and be independent. Teach yourself how to do your own laundry, learn how to cook some basic meals, freshen up your driving skills and even try learning about paying taxes and bills. Most of these skills will prove themselves useful at college, and especially throughout your future life. Also, you can get a part-time job during the summer, gain some experience and start working on your resume.

If you haven’t figured out already, the 12th year should be all about having fun, and as graduation gets closer, you should start being more responsible since you need all the preparing for college and adulthood. Make this senior year a memorable one, because this is your last chance to feel like a child with no responsibilities.


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