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10 Hair Colors To Try This Fall



As fall arrives at your doorstep you will want to change your look. And, what better way to do is then dying your hair. Undoubtedly fall is the most beautiful season of the year and it comes with a variety of both, bold and pastel colors.

It’s time for you to switch from your old black, or bright blonde hair to the new fall shade. Here are some trendy hair colors that you must give a try for this fall:


Silver or grey hair is not for fun only but they give more intense vibe when you are out in a fall day or night party. It will suit women of all age groups from teenagers to more adult ones.


There is no better inspiration for hair color than the food we eat. You can go for mushroom brown hair this fall. It will purely give an aesthetic vibe with a medium brown base and lighter mushroom-Esque brown highlights. Or you can simply view the hairdresser app to get a deeper look into what color you should try.


You can never go wrong with dark shades. Bold colors will always make you look pretty. As the season starts to switch and the temperature rises to chill, it brings an excellent opportunity for you to go for a dark burgundy color. It is perfect for late fall parties and formal events too.


Wish to get a cool and chic look for this fall? Well, the wait is over. You can lighten you by coloring them to platinum blonde hair so that it reflects your style and personality. This shade has more usage than you know. For instance, if you get bored with being all blonde-haired then simply use another shade over it. You can go for snowy platinum blonde or some darker shade for this fall or winter season to standout your looks at any event.


Chocolate brown hair is never out of fashion. You can carry different type of looks with dark brown hair. This bold shade features yellow undertones that perfectly pairs with warmer skin tones.


You must have heard about the blonde color but you might be wondering what bronde is. It is a mixture of blonde and brown shade that gives you a perfect matte bold shade. Bronde is little blond and bit of brown. It suits all type of skin tones and will look great for bold fall events.


Red and pink are already very popular colors to dye for a funky and casual look. However, strawberry blonde is more like a rose gold color from Apple iPhone’s lineup. The color shows a more intense shade of pink color and dense look of bright blonde color.


You are never too late to dye your hair all blonde. Melted brunette is not a blonde shade but it’s more like an upgraded version of ombré which includes bright blonde or dull brown shade.