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Lex Hit Major New Milestones as Up-and-Coming R&B Artist

Lex was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Despite her modest upbringing, she has proven her talent as a singer. Her music is a harmonious combination of addicting grooves, brilliant melodies and spectacular beats. Her music has a reputation for catching on with all kinds of audiences, even people that are not traditionally interested in hip-hop. The audience that is showing an interest in her songs is going to keep expanding as she gains greater recognition.

 Lex Hit Major New Milestones as Up and Coming R&B Artist

A lot of different factors have culminated to make Lex one of the most popular new artists of 2019. She has both African American and Pacific Islander roots, which have influenced her cultural views. She merges her cultural perspectives seamlessly into her music. R&B musical influences, rhythmic pop and other types of music have been woven into her melodies.

Lex got her start as a singer the church that her grandfather used to attend. She was known for moving the parishioners with her delightful voice. Lex was given a lot of positive feedback, which helped encourage her to take her music to a broader audience. She was winning competitions in Anchorage at the age of 10, shortly before she began sharing her music at other R&B events shortly thereafter.

Lex went on to sing at Soul! and R&B performances. The audiences at those events were just as receptive to a charismatic personality, lovely voice and catchy beats. She won a number of covers and competitions, which helped spark her big break.

Lex produced her first single, the song “Dedicated” shortly after moving to LA. She worked closely with Drew “Druski” Scott, the two-time Grammy nominated songwriter and producer to make this song a reality. Lex decided to ride the momentum on this song and produced “Friends” shortly afterwards. She was inspired to make the song “Friends” after listening to the 90’s TLC hit.

As popular as the single “Dedicated” was, many people attribute her big break to “Friends”. This song was heard by tens of thousands of fans all over the country. They started calling her the next major artist to make waves around the country.

Lex has produced a number of releases since “Dedicated” first reached listeners all over the country. Her most recent release is titled “Just Getting Started.” This song shows that she is making tremendous progress in her growing career.

Anybody that listens to her songs will see that Lex’s music has evolved since the dawn of her career. Her music originally had a major historical and cultural feel to it. More recent songs have become much more personal, which is one of the reasons her brand is becoming so hot.

A lot of up-and-coming artists have gotten attention over the last couple of years, but are as hot as Lex. She is getting compared to many major singers like Chyenne and iLLaKriss. She is going to continue to make momentum as an artist over the next year.


Natalie Friedman Takes Her Comedic Talent to Broadway

  • Born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Studied Acting at William Esper Studio in NYC

Natalie Friedman is an American Actress, voice actor, and comedian. She ventured into comedy in 2010 when she moved New York City and started out doing Improv and Sketch comedy at UCB Theatre (Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre). After spending some time in the theater scene in New York, she decided to get into the stand-up scene. Friedman is an upcoming stand-up comedian.

Since 2016, many of her celebrity impressions have gone viral on social media and gained recognition from Cardi B, Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Entertainment Tonight, and more. Her most famous impersonation was of Cardi B back in 2018. Many fans were very impressed with the impersonation. Cardi B was happy to take the joke. She shared Friedman’s post with her followers on Twitter, who found it equally hilarious. A year later, Friedman reached out and met her impersonator in person. The two actually made a short video together, which got a lot of traction on social media.

Cardi B isn’t the only celebrity that has connected with Friedman outside of social media. Her Instagram page is full of pictures of her posting with other celebrities, such as Jamie Foxx and Serena Williams.

Friedman went on to make impersonations of plenty of other well-known celebrities, including Melanie Trump. Her Instagram humor should help her get noticed in the world of standup comedy. She has made a name for herself on the Comedy Joy Ride-improv standup tour.

One of Friedman’s biggest performances was at Talia’s Steakhouse on Broadway on September 22, 2019. Friedman shared all kinds of interesting stories and jokes in her one-hour schtick. Some takeaways from her performance at Talia’s include:

  • A breakdown on what her data thinks about her Instagram posts (her fans might be surprised to hear what her old man thinks)
  • The crazy dating experiences that she has shared over time
  • Stories about her transition to American culture being a first-generation immigrant
  • And of course, plenty of celebrity impersonations

Many people that attended thought that the show went great, which is a good kickoff for her career in comedy. Friedman is likely to have a very promising future in comedy ahead of her. She is excited to finally take it beyond her Instagram page.

Other general notes:

  • Natalie has dabbled in the rap scene and had viral rap videos on Instagram
  • Had a role on Netflix series “King of Paper Chasin'”
  • Was scene on MTV’s Epic Fails
  • Has made radio appearances on Sirius XM, Y100 Miami, Z100 New York
  • headlining at Caroline’s on Broadway on Sept 22, in NYC

When I was young, I started doing dance at 5 years old: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, and from being on Dance teams i fell in love with performing. Was on a competitive dance team for years through my early 20s.

This was Featured on Fox on their Page Six Segment: This is the one minute clip I took from it on TV:




Story of Kearia Schroeder Leaving the World of Dancing for the Hills of Hollywood

Kearia Schroeder is one of the newest faces of Hollywood. However, she is renowned dancer, so she knows how to work the spotlight. She is already making a name for herself in the hit movies Dear Frank and Running Out of Time.

 Story of Kearia Schroeder Leaving the World of Dancing for the Hills of Hollywood

Kearia Schroeder is a passionate actress with a knack for stealing the show. Although she is new to Hollywood, a vast experience as an accomplished dancer makes her no stranger to the entertainment industry. Born to a military family, Kearia’s early life was characterized by exotic travels. It wasn’t until she moved to Atlanta that she polished her dancing and acting skills. When her career as a dancer was at its infancy, she booked her first professional dancing job with Beyonce for the 2009 VMA Awards, after which she did the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and starred as the leading lady in Drake’s Fancy/Miss Me and Usher’s Lemme See music videos. She also toured with Keith Sweat as a background dancer, after which she went back to dance for Beyonce for Billboard awards and Oprah’s last taping. After building a solid reputation and resume with the big guns of the music industry, she called it quits and ventured into Hollywood. Making her debut in 2010, she booked a supporting role as a dancer in the movie, Bolden. In her role, she visualized herself as the lead character she was dancing behind. Four years later, her dream became reality when she landed a chance to become that lead character in the movie. Kearia is now not only known for her role in Bolden. She co-stars in a Netflix film called Running Out of time and also has a new film called Dear Frank set to release November of 2019. Passionate about inspiring young women around the world with her success story, she runs mentoring programs and partners with a non-profit institution, Star Education, to teach the arts to kids in LA county school district. Kearia is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University where she majored in dance and choreography and minored in psychology.

Quote –

I stop stressing myself over not booking the roles I thought were for me. After I started to understand the true meaning behind the phrase “Whatever is meant for you, will be.”


Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black Net Worth hit the goal in a big way throughout the summer of 2016. “There He Go,””SKRT,” and “Could I” all rose the Billboard charts to deliver him rapid fame. But that fame did not come easy. The last of these three was published while he was in prison.

Just as his career was at the spotlight, Kodak Black’s criminal charges have already been overly. As a youth, he had been put in a detention centre three times. Luckily, he had been constructing his rap match all while he had been tumbling through his tumultuous youth in the Florida heat.

Kodak Black was in his very first set rapping for Brutal Young if he was just 12 years old?! The guy was practicing. Shortly after that spectacle, he also joined the band Kolyons.

Do not confuse his celebrity to get an overnight success story. He is a seasoned actor, and yet one whose flair you do not wish to overlook. Check out the best way to locate his closest concert and receive tickets via LEA.

It is hard to talk about Kodak Black without mentioning his lawful history. For every single notch he has climbed from the ladder of popularity, he has also fallen to the depths of this legal system.

He has had 11 court cases and continues to be incarcerated multiple occasions. A Few of the charges comprise:

With a list like it would be simple to suppose that Kodak Black’s fiscal prowess was not legally gained. However, while he was racking up fees, he was gaining adventures and turning the dark annoyance to poetic lyrics.

His personality is as rough around the edges because of his character, but it cuts into the heart of everything he is trying to convey and exactly what the listener’s desire to hear. With no torrid past would he have these incredible lyrics?

And these lyrics are what have brought him fame and fortune. Even though there’s no one besides his accountant that can affirm where his money comes from, nobody can deny his work ethic.

So just how much cash are his songs earning?

Together with six mix tapes, a complete record, and numerous sisters, Kodak Black has become a constant stream of income out of his songs.

In addition, he has a gorgeous home in Florida along with also a love of the cash he is making.

Yet despite his movie stepping on enormous stacks of money, resources estimate that his entire net value is roughly $600,000.