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Natalie Friedman Takes Her Comedic Talent to Broadway



  • Born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Studied Acting at William Esper Studio in NYC

Natalie Friedman is an American Actress, voice actor, and comedian. She ventured into comedy in 2010 when she moved New York City and started out doing Improv and Sketch comedy at UCB Theatre (Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre). After spending some time in the theater scene in New York, she decided to get into the stand-up scene. Friedman is an upcoming stand-up comedian.

Since 2016, many of her celebrity impressions have gone viral on social media and gained recognition from Cardi B, Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Entertainment Tonight, and more. Her most famous impersonation was of Cardi B back in 2018. Many fans were very impressed with the impersonation. Cardi B was happy to take the joke. She shared Friedman’s post with her followers on Twitter, who found it equally hilarious. A year later, Friedman reached out and met her impersonator in person. The two actually made a short video together, which got a lot of traction on social media.

Cardi B isn’t the only celebrity that has connected with Friedman outside of social media. Her Instagram page is full of pictures of her posting with other celebrities, such as Jamie Foxx and Serena Williams.

Friedman went on to make impersonations of plenty of other well-known celebrities, including Melanie Trump. Her Instagram humor should help her get noticed in the world of standup comedy. She has made a name for herself on the Comedy Joy Ride-improv standup tour.

One of Friedman’s biggest performances was at Talia’s Steakhouse on Broadway on September 22, 2019. Friedman shared all kinds of interesting stories and jokes in her one-hour schtick. Some takeaways from her performance at Talia’s include:

  • A breakdown on what her data thinks about her Instagram posts (her fans might be surprised to hear what her old man thinks)
  • The crazy dating experiences that she has shared over time
  • Stories about her transition to American culture being a first-generation immigrant
  • And of course, plenty of celebrity impersonations

Many people that attended thought that the show went great, which is a good kickoff for her career in comedy. Friedman is likely to have a very promising future in comedy ahead of her. She is excited to finally take it beyond her Instagram page.

Other general notes:

  • Natalie has dabbled in the rap scene and had viral rap videos on Instagram
  • Had a role on Netflix series “King of Paper Chasin'”
  • Was scene on MTV’s Epic Fails
  • Has made radio appearances on Sirius XM, Y100 Miami, Z100 New York
  • headlining at Caroline’s on Broadway on Sept 22, in NYC

When I was young, I started doing dance at 5 years old: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, and from being on Dance teams i fell in love with performing. Was on a competitive dance team for years through my early 20s.

This was Featured on Fox on their Page Six Segment: This is the one minute clip I took from it on TV:



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