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What to Look for When Buying Bridal Lehenga this Wedding Season?

“Tis the season to be jolly!!!” Wedding season is on and in a country like India it is not a last moment preparation. Elaborate arrangements are made beforehand so that the wedding day runs swiftly as planned and expected. One of the most important factor determining the day is the look of the bride.

A girl grows up planning a perfect wedding with her price charming and when the day finally arrives she wants to look nothing less than angelic and resplendent.  The episode comes when she can hardly decide what to wear on her big day so there follows a series of dramatic dress rehearsals. Every bride as an individual wants to look different and extra ordinary, the bride has her own fantasies about her attire too.

lehenga choli What to Look for When Buying Bridal Lehenga this Wedding Season?

Fashion revolution in India has been able to render the required service. Not all brides want to wear sarees even if they want a traditional wedding! But in a multi cultural country like India it is hardly a problem. The traditional Rajasthani attire has therefore qualified to be a popular and loved wedding embellishment namely lehenga choli, ghagra choli or chaniya choli.

Fashion has definitely evolved and lehenga choli has been the inspiration behind the making of a bridal lehenga saree. Bridal lehengas are the recent favorite of every Indian bride. The making is such that it defines a modern woman in a traditional way. The wedding season calls for competition because every woman wants to look her best and graceful. Here are some helping tips on how to buy the bridal lehenga this wedding season without having to spend money the size of Russia:

  • When we talk about the best bridal lehenga we are not necessarily talking about the most expensive one or the tag of the designer but something that will suit you and accentuate your best features, something that will seem was made only for you! Take opinions of your trusted girlfriends, your parents and all your trusted ones whose honesty are the best policy. The digits need not be so unaffordably high, all that matter is what looks great on you.
  • Set your budget before you go overboard with your expense. It is to be remembered that not all designer lehengas are great. Explore before you purchase. Designers with big names overprice their design as they incorporate gold, silver and semi precious stones and do everything queen-like. Blooming designers have the same concept but they charge a fraction than those well established bridal designers. Compare and contrast before purchasing your bridal wear to avoid disappointment and regrets later.
  • Some designer lehengas are so heavy that will give the impression of a fatigued bride than a happy one. Seek your own comfort first. Some designer lehengas look extravagant but it is hardly wearable. Looks are deceiving, make a careful scrutiny.
  • There are four kinds of fitting in bridal lehengas.
  1. A-cut
  2. Straight cut
  3. Umbrella cut
  4. Fish cut or mermaid cut

Brides usually opt for the fish cut because it is the trendiest. The fitting is such that it is tight up to the knee and then it takes a twist. The lower part is frilly and loose and flares perfectly. The choli for this is made in style of a jacket with deep necks and backlines. It perfectly harmonizes the occasion.

  • Before you rush into buying the trendiest bridal lehenga you spotted you ought to know yourself first, and by that I mean you ought to know your body well. All of us have flaws and there are ways we camouflage it. Know your body well to know what shape, cut and color flatters you.

Hourglass women look ravishing in fish cut style, pear shaped and petites look amazing with ‘A’ cuts and straight bodies with no curves should opt for cholis that have neckline below the collarbone.  Understand your body and make the right choice to look extremely beautiful on your once-in –a-lifetime day. Look for the color that suits your complexion and for that decision you may need the help of your friends and relatives. If help is not available think about the time you got compliments wearing a particular color.

  • The season that your wedding takes place is an important factor that determines the bridal attire you wear. Since it is winter now heavy and warm fabrics like brocade, velvet and silk should be selected.
  • Lastly, who said you cannot be your own designer? If you have an innate sense of fashion and style, why not design your own lehenga? It will help test your entrepreneur skill and exclusivity is guaranteed. Ask your loved and trusted ones for their opinion because I bet nothing can be cooler than bride wearing her own design and stealing her own show.

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New Clothing Lines Offer More Choices for Young Girls

Many parents have become frustrated with the clothing on the market for young girls. They said that girls have very few options available. Most clothing companies make clothes that are pink or are otherwise made to distinguish the differences between the genders.

Many feminists have complained about the lack of options available to children who don’t want to confine themselves to stereotypical gender roles. Many girls are interested in sports and other things that larger companies don’t consider when they make clothing lines. This limits the options of many parents.

Several new companies are starting to offer more options that don’t extenuate the differences as much. You may want to know about these clothing lines and consider using them for your child.

New Clothing Lines New Clothing Lines Offer More Choices for Young Girls

Benefits of New Clothing Lines

Many traditional clothing companies seem to make a lot of assumptions about what different genders want. They don’t seem to see children as individuals who have their own personalities and preferences. These generalizations end up hurting children who don’t want to go along with the status quo.

These new lines will help young girls find clothing that suits their needs. You may want to look into them if your daughter is more of a tomboy or simply isn’t interested in the clothing available in most stores.

Girls Are Happy With New Clothing Options

Many girls are happy that they finally have the opportunity to buy lines of clothing that fit their needs. Grace Gericke and Maya Choksi are two cousins who decided that they weren’t interested in dressing in normal girls’ clothes. They made this decision when they were three years old and their parents tried to accommodate them as much as possible.

Unfortunately, Grace and Maya’s parents had trouble finding clothing that their daughters wanted to wear. The only clothing that they could find was in the boy’s section of clothing stores.

Grace and Maya’s mothers discussed their ordeals at family gatherings. Laura Burns and Sharon Burns Choksi eventually started their own clothing company that sells clothing their daughters and other girls are interested in.

Laura and Sharon did a number of different things to distinguish their clothing from other lines. Here are some of the differences between the two lines of clothing:

  • Their clothes feature baseball, basketball and other sports.
  • Some of the clothing has mottos that help inspire girls’ confidence.
  • They use classic iron on clothing labels to make the clothing unique.

Grace and Maya are both very happy with the clothing their mothers created. Other mothers are interested in this clothing as well.

Other Companies Following Suit

Laura and Sharon aren’t the only disgruntled parents who decided to create their own clothing lines. Several other parents have started making gender neutral clothing for their daughters and other young girls who don’t want to buy traditional girl’s clothing. One firm in New England is operating a similar model and has become very popular.

This may be the beginning of a new trend. Traditional clothing companies may start changing their lines of girls’ clothing and adding more gender neutral options.

About the Author: Kalen is a freelance lifestyle and family writer. He shares tips about parenting and consumerism.

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How to Go Designer on a Budget

The experts may claim that the country is on the way to economic recovery, although most families would have a differing opinion with many struggling to make ends meet. Despite this, the fashion industry seems to be progressing at a phenomenal rate and if you take a look down your local street, you are likely to see the biggest labels on all sorts of individuals.

The main reason why fashion has become so accessible is because of the creative means that one can use to purchase the items. While the wealthy will always head out to the most stylish boutiques, this just isn’t affordable for a lot of people and they therefore have to sift through other options to acquire their designer garments. We’ll now take a look at some of these options in more detail to show how you can still don the latest trends without breaking your bank balance.

Designer on a Budget How to Go Designer on a Budget

The discount department stores

This is one of the most popular ways to go designer and while you will have to make some compromises, most people think that they are well worth it. TK Maxx is the obvious one and as their slogan goes, it’s possible to purchase “big labels at small prices”. Of course, the compromise is that a lot of these items are from past seasons, meaning that there is a chance you won’t be fitting in with the current style. Alternatively, some items have minor defects such as pulled stitches that make them much cheaper. However, most people are more than happy to forego these issues in order to wear the big labels.

The high-street discount shop

These are incredibly popular at the moment and with clothing costing just several pounds an item, it’s no surprise why. Admittedly, this isn’t something that is going to net you the big labels. However, most of these discount clothing stores base a lot of their products on designer items and in some cases, it’s impossible to differentiate between their version and the real McCoy. Even though you won’t be donning a big brand, some people are more than happy to have a copycat version for a fraction of the real cost.

Online retailers

It goes without saying that the internet has completely changed the fashion industry and there are many online retailers running big sales on designer clothes, mainly because of their lack of overheads. For example, Weekend Offender clothing at is priced extremely competitively when compared to high street stores, while that is just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, in these cases there are no compromises and while the savings might not be quite as significant as some of the other options, they are still much cheaper.

The online marketplace

Our final suggestion can also result in significant savings, with online marketplaces such as eBay having a wealth of opportunities. The general consensus is that these websites only display used items, but if you look hard enough there are many companies selling clothing that is brand new, ready with the tags on. A lot of these deals are marked as ‘buy it now’, but some are in an auction format which increases the chance of netting a real bargain.

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Become The Fashion Envy Of Your Friends With Pre-Owned Designer Clothing

Fashions change every year. In fact, they change two to three times a year as top fashion designers regularly debut new creations for their spring/summer and winter/fall collections. This means that fashionistas all over the world clear their wardrobes of last year’s collection, then go out and buy new clothes again. That is fine for them, but you and I may not be able to afford the latest Burberry metallic bags even though they are utterly delicious. Does that mean that all you can do is salivate over pictures of lovely bags, wonderful shoes and technically perfect dresses?

Designer clothing Become The Fashion Envy Of Your Friends With Pre Owned Designer Clothing

No. You can buy or rent these latest fashions and you can wear them as well. This is where gently used designer clothing from special stores is a godsend for people like you and me. No need to get confused with the terminology and the concept as we’ve created a short guide just for this reason. Take ten minutes to read through our guide and sit back to become the fashion envy of your friends.

Start by finding a good gently owned fashion clothing store, consignment store or thrift store. There is a slight difference in these three types of stores and it’s important that you understand this clearly. Pre-owned designer clothing stores are shops that actively buy last year’s high-end clothing from owners. They may buy from large stores, second’s sales or even from private owners who want to update their wardrobe. Once they have purchased the item, it is mended and then tagged with a purchase price or a rental price. You can choose to purchase or rent the piece from the store. Consignment stores usually accept items from owners and then resell them to customers. The owner usually gets about 30% to about 40% of the sale price and the store keeps the rest. Thrift stores are completely different as owners just give away what they have to charity and the store keeps the money. There is no personal guarantee on the clothing at thrift stores but other stores do guarantee their goods.

Check the online catalog. Almost all of these stores will have an online catalog that you can go through. We recommend you look at the items and then decide whether you want to rent/purchase the pieces. Once you have made a decision, you have to click on the picture and the website will direct you towards the purchase page or the rental agreement. For example, websites like do not offer rental options. However, they do offer purchase options and sale options. That means you can list your couture clothing for sale on the website and buy items from the website as well. Upscale websites also offer concierge services where your sale items are picked up, valued, repaired and listed for sale by the website. The concierge service will also individually pack and then ship your purchased items to your home directly at no extra cost.

It’s that simple. All you have to do is find the best website, trawl the catalog, pick out pieces and you are done.

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Hugo Boss Polos and Other Men’s Designer Clothing

There is so much variety in men’s designer clothing from Hugo Boss polos to Ralph Lauren shoes.  Each man has his own preferences and style, so choosing the right clothing is a personal and subjective decision.  One way to begin making the right selections is to consider what you need and build from there.  Most men may begin with smart hugo boss polos from and bottoms, but there are also other things such as shoes and accessories as well as outer wear that help complete any ensemble.

hugo boss polos a32435 817x1024 Hugo Boss Polos and Other Mens Designer Clothing

When starting with tops, it always helps to begin with the shirt.  You may need a casual button down or you may need a sweater for the colder months.  In either case, look for colors in which you feel comfortable and do not mind wearing over a long period of time.  For instance, many men’s tops come in neutral and earth tones, but more designers are playing with brighter colors including reds, pinks, blues and warm weather tones.

Once you have decided upon a top, you can work your way to the bottom.  You may think of slacks and chinos when you consider designer menswear, but you will also find that many high-end names include various styles of jeans for men.  You can find skinny jeans as well as relaxed fit styles suitable to your preferences.  Of course, you may also need a nice pair of khakis you can wear to the office that will work just as well after work.

Many may think that women have a thing for shoes, but many men also know the value of good footwear.  Men have lots of choices in designer sneakers and trainers, but they also have other options in dress shoes to go with a three-piece suit.  Boots are also popular among many and specialty wear such as slip-ons are also available in designer styles.  You may also like a good pair of loafers or designer hiking boots for a rugged look.

Accessories are also useful to add a unique accent or put an ensemble just over the top.  Cufflinks and ties are like icing on a nice suit.  Even if you are wearing a simple polo shirt and jeans from, you can use accessories including hats and sunglasses to complete the laid back and relaxed look you seek.  Designers even make socks and other accessories such as handkerchiefs for men that provide unique details to the most casual ensembles.

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Designer Clothes for Kids

Getting clothes for your children can be a little difficult at times. When your children are younger, they are going to continue growing. In cases like this, you are going to have to keep buying clothes again and again. It is important to therefore be smart about this. When looking at different things like the Strawberry Children’s Armani Junior collection, you can always choose clothes that are a little bit too big for your child. This means that the clothes will last longer. Your children are going to grow into them eventually.

designer clothes for kids a234 Designer Clothes for Kids

The type of clothes that you choose for your child will also depend on what they do. A lot of the time, children, especially boys, like to run outside and play in the mud. It is probably a good idea to get clothes that are designed for wear and tear. This does not mean that you cannot get them a few nice articles of clothing now and then. These articles of clothing, such as small suits, can be then kept for special occasions. You can also get a number of different accessories depending on where you look. If your children are going with you to a wedding or another kind of special occasion, then it is a good idea to get them clothes that you know will last.

When shopping for children’s clothes, make sure to look online. There may be a couple of different deals depending on the time of the year. There are also a few interesting deals at the start of the year. These sales are normally held in January. This is because there is a lot of stock which has been left over from the Christmas period. Retailers often throw these sales to ensure that their stock is gotten rid of, so you can get some very cheap, quality clothing here.

The Internet is another great place to look. You no longer have to even leave your house if you want to go shopping. You can just take a look online and have the clothes delivered. One of the benefits to shopping in town, however, is that you will be able to try on the clothes before you buy them.

Shopping for kids can be difficult, but by knowing where to look, you can get it out of the way quickly. You always want the best for your children and now you will be able to find it.

It is always a good idea to have a varied wardrobe, and kids are going to be included in this. Make sure to keep an eye out for anything that might last for a little longer if you can find it. This will help to add more variety.