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Slip Resistant Shoes – Safe but Fashionable

You may have thought that slip resistant shoes have an old fashioned look and feel to them, but you couldn’t be more wrong because things have definitely changed over recent years. From trendy little ballerinas to smart gent’s shoes perfect to wear around the office, there are some great designs out there to suit every occasion. Whether it’s casual wear or smart, there’s a pair of slip resistant shoes that are both fashionable and safe to wear, especially when the weather turns wet, icy and nasty during the colder winter months.

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Lovely ballerina shoes with slip resistant soles a perfect choice of girls of all ages

Lovely Designs to Suit All Ages

If you like comfort and style from a shoe that you can wear when the winter months arrive; slip resistant shoes are the perfect solution. Gone are the days when this type of sole was only found on boring, mundane looking footwear. Today, shoe designers have done themselves proud by combining great looking shoes with safe to wear soles no matter what the weather may decide to do during the colder winter months.

Great Casual Designs Including Trainers

If you love wearing trainers, there are some brilliant designs which boast slip resistant soles that are perfect to wear when pavements and roads are icy or muddy, and the best part is you don’t have to forget about being fashionable when you wear them. Wearing these trainers gives the kind of image youngsters of all ages want to achieve when they’re out and about with their friends.

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Smart men’s shoes perfect for the office or casual wear that offer comfort and style

Smart Office Shoes for Both Men & Women

If you spend a lot of time on your feet when you’re at work, it’s really important to wear comfy shoes otherwise you end up with sore feet and that’s enough to make anyone miserable. The great news is there’s a choice of smart office shoes for both men and women and they have safe slip resistant soles. Whether you’re looking for a court shoe or a canvas shoe, there’s a style to suit that boast comfort and style for women and for men there are designs to suit a man’s style perfectly.

A Perfect Choice for a Night out on the Town

If you’re planning a night out on the town, then choosing to take a comfy pair of slip resistant shoes with you is a must. You can wear them to get to where you’re going without compromising your style and keeping your feet nice and toasty without painful blisters. Once you get to the club, bar or restaurant of your choice, you can put on your high heels ready to party, and when you need to make your way home, whether you need to walk a short distance, jump on a bus or a train you can change back into your safe slip resistant shoes – saving your feet from any aches and pains of having to walk in high heels on the way home!


If you want to look good and stay safe this winter, then choosing a pair of shoes that boast slip resistant soles is the perfect solution. You don’t have to sacrifice style to stay safe on wet or icy pavements anymore, because there’s a great selection of men’s and women’s shoes that fit the bill perfectly. Whether you’re going out on the town for the night or to get to work, there’s a wonderful choice of men and women’s slip resistant shoes to choose from which means you don’t have to sacrifice fashion and style to stay safe this winter.


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Five Stylish Stuart Weitzman Pumps for All Occasions

Busy women need to have several pair of shoes in their closet so they are prepared for any type of event. Whether women need a sophisticated pair of shoes for a business luncheon or fun pair of slingbacks to wear on a hot summer’s evening they can find a pair of Stuart Weitzman pumps that are perfect for the occasion. The following five high heel shoes all have something unique and special to offer.

Five Stylish Stuart Weitzman Pumps Five Stylish Stuart Weitzman Pumps for All Occasions

1) Platswoon Platform Pump

The Platswoon Pump is tasteful and practical. The shoes look great with business suits or dress pants making them a terrific choice for the office. Women who wear the classy pumps to an important business meeting are sure to make a good impression. Women can wear the shoes with a classic suit to gain the respect of their business associates. The leather shoes have a 4 1/4 inch heel and come in black, fire quasar and cognac tartaruga colors.

2) Viceroy Pump

The sexy Viceroy Pump is perfect for a fun evening out on the town. The elegant blue suede shoes have a 4 1/2 inch stiletto heel. The high heels are ideal for women who want to make their legs look longer while wearing their favorite short skirt.

3) Uprise Pump

Women who enjoy making a fashion statement will love the Uprise Pump. The gorgeous suede shoes feature a loafer style tongue. The shoes have a 4 1/4 inch heel and are available in two different styles. Women can select the classic black suede pumps or choose the more daring chocolate feline hair style.

4) Glocapsize Mary Jane Pump

The Mary Jane style pumps are available in lovely black satin and blonde satin styles. The shimmery shoes have a 4-inch heel. The shoe strap includes a small and elegant buckle with rhinestones and the tapered toe of the shoe offers some extra sparkle. The versatile shoe can be worn to the theatre or a wedding and is a great formal shoe for a summer evening event.

5) Slinky Pump

The black patent slinky pump is a beautiful summer shoe that can be worn with a dress, skirt or pair of dress shorts. The open toe shoes have a 3 1/2 inch heel and chic wicker wedge. The slingback shoes can be worn in both the day and evening.

According to a variety of customer reviews, women are impressed with the quality of Stuart Weitzman pumps and like the wide variety of gorgeous styles available. The shoes are well made and fashionable so it is no wonder the shoe brand is worn by many popular celebrities. Quite a few well-known female stars have been spotted wearing the pumps at special red carpet events.

The best part about the shoes is their affordable price. Everyday women can afford to buy a few pairs of the pumps because they are available at discount prices online. Women can save quite a bit of money by purchasing the pumps online rather than their local department store and have the convenience of the shoes being delivered directly to their home.


Choosing the Right Shoes

Many women find that there is a range of choice out there when it comes to shoes. At the same time, there are going to be certain types of shoe that are often difficult to find. The narrow womens shoe is something that is particularly difficult to locate. You may have gone into countless stores looking for something that matches your foot, but may have simply not found what you are looking for. As a result, you may need to turn to the Internet. There are a lot of ways of finding what you need simply by going online.

beutiful shoes Choosing the Right Shoes

Choices and More:

When you go shoe shopping you want to know that there is a wide range of choice out there. You want to know that the shoes you are getting are going to provide you with a range of different options when it comes to style.

Some women are going to need shoes for work. Comfortable work shoes are very important for numerous reasons. The last thing you want is to be distracted by shoes that are too uncomfortable. Comfortable shoes will ensure that you can get on with your day without having to worry about anything else. As well as this, you need to ensure that your shoes look good and professional. This is often going to mean finding something that is sleek and stylish as well as sensible looking. There are a lot of womens shoes now that are designed to provide you with both the comfort that you need as well as the stylish look.

Casual Shoes:

When you are just relaxing around the house, or even heading off to do a bit of shopping, you are going to need to take a look at the different types of casual shoe. At the same time, you want a casual shoe to be comfortable and to fit you well. There are a lot of different styles that will suit you when it comes to the likes of flat shoes. If you decide to go out for the evening, you may decide to bring a pair of flat shoes with you and keep them in your purse. This is going to ensure that you have something comfortable to wear when the night is out. Wearing high heels can be a pain sometimes and therefore you will be tempted to take them off. Instead of walking around bare foot, a good pair of flats is going to make things so much easier for you.

Most women will have a large selection of different shoes to suit their wardrobe. As a result, you are going to have to take a good look at the different choices and see which ones will suit you. If you look hard enough, you may even be able to find a good deal. When it comes to your feet, you need to take good care of them. Finding a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly is therefore going to be your main concern here.

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What’s Really Embedded In Your Sports Footwear?

It would be fair to say that the footwear industry has changed considerably over the decades and nowadays, shoes are made up of all sorts of components. If we look at the sports footwear industry in particular, the way in which the shoes are composed is frightening with manufacturers using umpteen technologies to bring their product to the market. All are targeted at improving sporting performance and helping you avoid injury, although brands also have to work with keeping within the current fashion trends. Taking this into account, it’s really no surprise that fashionable sporting footwear is one of the biggest businesses around.

sports footwear 35735 Whats Really Embedded In Your Sports Footwear?

Even though companies regularly disclose what technologies are used in their products in all of their marketing material, few people actually know what benefits they all bring. Therefore, we’ll now take a look at six technologies which are included in the Brooks adrenaline shoes from this site and analyse whether or not they are advantageous to you.

Brooks DNA

As the name suggests, this is a technology that every new product in the Brooks range uses. In short, it’s purpose is to provide cushioning to runners. The company have attempted to make the technology that little bit unique by making the cushioning respond to movement – meaning that the foot is always cushioned appropriately no matter how you exercise.


This is another form of cushioning, although Hydroflow is more targeted towards the heel and forefoot. These are the areas of the foot which require the most cushioning due to their regular contact with the ground. As the name may indicate, Hydroflow uses viscous fluids to enhance the cushioning and remove as much shock from the running process as possible.

DRB Accel

This is a slightly different technology to the others that have so far been discussed, with DRB Accel being situated around the mid-foot region. Its primary function is to provide support to the mid-foot, with Brooks claiming that this results in the heel and forefront working separately which should enhance performance.

Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is similar to DRB Accel and is also located around the midsole. This is arguably one of the most important technologies for short-distance runners, as it focusses on improving the effectiveness of the initial foot push at the start of a race. It does this by allowing the foot to be manoeuvred much more easily from its bent, starting position – to its running motion.

Pivot Posting

For anybody that partakes in cross country running, Pivot Posting technology could be the most important on this list. Its main aim is to minimise the amount of the shoe that comes into contract with the ground, which should make the run much more stable for the athlete. To do this, it uses ‘Pivot posts’ – with the shape of these parts resulting in the above.

Engineered Stable Pod Configuration

Brooks include this in the vast majority of their products and the ‘stable’ part of the name gives most of it away. The aim of the technology is to once again stabilize the foot, by arranging several parts of the shoe to position it in the most balanced position possible. These parts are situated in the toe of the shoe, which means that an optimum amount of stability is provided.


Smart Shoe Shopping Tips You Should Know About

Buying shoes can be a wonderfully, soothing experience. The beautiful colors, trendy styles of brands like Weitzman shoes and the wonderful smell of leather footwear store can literally soothe away all of your headaches. Retail therapy aside, most women do need more than five pairs of shoes to match their formal, casual and office outfits. As a result, shoe shopping can be fun experience but it is necessary as well. If you already have several shoes but still find the need to go shopping, we’ve created a short guide that will help you on your next shoe-shopping jaunt.

Smart Shoe 343 Smart Shoe Shopping Tips You Should Know About

Visit many stores — Take the time to window shop as much as possible before you purchase a new pair. As the fashion season changes, there is a very good chance that you will find several great new designs at different stores according to different designers. Window-shopping will not only show you what is available but it also shows the different price ranges available in different stores.

Measure your feet — Feet tend to change over time and with a full day of walking, your feet tend to swell up and increase in size. As a result, we recommend you measure your feet at every store before you buy a shoe. It’s also a good idea to go shopping in the evening when your feet are the most swollen.

Don’t follow trends — We recommend you look at the latest runway styles but you do not follow them. This is because trendy shoes may not fit everyone and suit every foot style. For example, flat shoes are not good for people who have poor foot support and heels are not good for people with weak knees. Look for flats that have contoured soles and footbeds that provide the right support. If you want heels, make sure you buy them from a good company to ensure proper foot support. Keep the heel within 3- 5 inches. If you do have to go more than that, make sure you limit the time you wear this heel to ensure foot health.

Purchase multiples — If you like a particular shoe from a brand, make sure you buy multiples of the size and color. This ensures that you will have several pairs ready for use in case one breaks. Further, if your shoes are really comfortable, you may wear them every day and you will have a replacement pair ready in case one pair breaks.

Buy good quality — No matter what type of shoe you like always buy branded high quality shoes that will last for a long time. If possible rotate them as you use them to prevent the leather from breaking down. Use the best storage materials to polish and store your shoes and put in a shoe support to shape the leather when you aren’t wearing the shoe.

With our guide, you should find it easy to pick classic yet trendy styles from the new shoes at any store. Remember, shoes have to be trendy but comfortable as well. Don’t follow trends blindly but take the time to evaluate review the style and fit before you buy a new pair.


The Comprehensive Guide On The Fashion Shoes

It is quite essential to wear the shoes, which are in vogue. The footwear plays a high-flying role in person’s life. Along with the clothing, the shoes also contribute to the fashion statement of an individual. Many times it has been noticed that fashion shoes are capable of transforming the personality of an individual.

There are a number of designs, styles and patterns available and some shoes cover your whole foot while others only cover it marginally. Liz Rehnke is the recognized name in the fashion industry and has a deep understanding of what actually fashion is and how to practice it. Below are mentioned all the features of the fashion shoes. Going through these features will give you a detailed account of them.

footware a3123 The Comprehensive Guide On The Fashion Shoes

So what makes the fashion shoes so special?

  • The shoes can be bought in countless styles, stitches and patterns. They come with the accents stitched on both sides of the shoes to give it the style statement or make it voguish. The accents provide comfort; make it stylish as well as durable so that they can run longer. Many times there can heal strike pain and to reduce it there is dual-density mid soles. The outer soles provide the wearer with the stability as well as prevent him from slipping.
  • The two types of soles the outer as well as the mid soles both are made up of the polyurethane, which is a soft, leather having single density. They are flexible and bend easily in the direction of the foot. There is no problem of the stress if you wear it for a long time also.
  • There are various design accents available and the dot pattern is best for having the breezy look to your footwear. There is smooth leather on both the sides and the elastic panel lining in the inner portions of the shoes.

How these Fashion Shoes are manufactured?

Fashion shoes are basically a complex combination of the leather, rubber and etc. It all depends upon the weather, the comfort level and the raw material available. Three main manufacturing components of the shoes are:-

  • The leather is the major component and it is available in different types as well as strengths. The requirement depends upon the type of fashion shoe to be prepared as well the purpose of the shoe. It is not always about the fashion but the personality of the person wearing the fashion shoes.
  • The second most important material used in the manufacturing of the shoes is the synthetic rubber as the outer soles, which need to be durable and hard wearing, are made up of this material. The synthetic rubber has the superb feature of being waterproof.
  • Many times plastics are used also in the upper portion of the shoes.

The above account will make the readers clear about the fashion shoes and what they are made up of and the various features of them. Indeed selecting the right shoes as   per fashion can a high lift to your personality.

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