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Here’s How To Make Sure That Your Diamond Stays Forever



Diamond jewelry is the crown of your jewelry family. And why shouldn’t it be? It is the most expensive jewelry in your entire collections. You might even have a diamond piece that could be worth more than the entire collection. Apart from the financial side. You were given or you bought the diamond for some special occasion. You have special and sweet memories attached to it.

But, now that you have it, the most important thing is to keep it safe and secure. This will greatly help it last longer and save it from wear and tear.

Here we have listed down some steps you can take to ensure that your diamonds stay forever and your memories stay fresh for a long, long, time.

Diamond Stays Forever Here’s How To Make Sure That Your Diamond Stays Forever


We all know that diamonds are extremely hard. But, did you know that diamonds aren’t indestructible?

That is the myth that surrounds diamonds. The truth is that if they are not taken care of, diamonds can scratch or chip. Yup! You read it right.

Yes, we all agree that diamonds are among the toughest elements ever to be found. Some even call them the hardest substance. But, the fact is that when diamonds come into contact with other diamonds, they can get scratched. Similarly, there’s also the chance of chipping. Diamonds get chipped when a lot of force is applied at its cleavage plane.

Here’s how you can prevent any damage to your precious diamond jewelry.


The best thing to do with your diamond is to keep it safe in a compartmentalized box that will keep it dry, away from dangerous chemicals and away from each other. Just think about it. You put your favorite Chocolate Diamond® jewelry with other pieces in a bag or a something else and when you take it out, it is chipped. With a compartmentalized box, you take care of that risk. And, it’s not a very expensive option.


This one is pretty simple yet a lot of people ignore it and later pay the price. Make sure that you remove all your diamond jewelry whenever you have to do manual work. So, whenever you get the urge to do some gardening or lift something heavy, take off your jewelry and put it someplace safe. Make sure it’s a place that you will later remember. Similarly, keep your rings away when doing the dishes and keep the metal away from chemicals.


When you clean your jewelry, make sure that you use the right type of solvent and chemicals. Don’t just trust every ad that pops up in your browser window. The best thing would be to ask your jeweler as they would guide you towards the best solution. These chemicals might not affect your diamond, but they can have an impact on the material where your diamond is mounted. The toughest job is the clean jewelry that is a mix of diamonds and other elements like gemstones or such.

Keep these few things in mind and you can make sure that your diamonds do last forever, and so do your precious memories.

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