How To Use Honey To Get Glowing Skin

You Will Need

2 tbsp Besan

1 tbsp Raw Honey



Planning Time

2 minutes

Treatment Time

30 minutes


Consolidate the nectar and besan.

Include some water and blend well to get a smooth and reliable glue.

Wash your face with a gentle chemical and pat it dry.

Apply this blend onto your face. Make a point to evade the delicate skin around your eyes.

Leave the blend on for around 30 minutes.

Flush the blend off with tepid water.

Pat dry with a towel.

How Often?

Thrice seven days.

Why This Works

This is a magnificent nectar confront pack for gleaming skin, particularly for individuals with slick skin. It helps drench up the overabundance oils from your skin while unclogging your pores. The besan works with nectar to expel dead skin cells and oil, leaving your skin looking sound and brilliant.

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