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A Mom’s Guide to Beauty Hacks



As much as you absolutely adore your children and would not be without them for all the money in the world, even you have to admit that now you are a parent, such luxuries as professional manicures, beauty treatments, and lunchtime massages are unfortunately a thing of the past.

However, there are a number of things you can hopefully fit into your already packed-to-the-rafters schedule, so continue reading to discover a mom’s guide to beauty hacks.

1.   Mascara is Your Best Friend

Even if you never usually wear make-up on a normal working day or moreover would love to, yet simply do not have the time, then from now on, make mascara part of your rushed early morning routine.

Mascara will not only make your eyelashes appear younger and longer but will draw the eye to the face and also serve to hide any signs of lack of sleep or fatigue from the night before.

2.   Book a Professional Skin Analysis

It may well be the case that, like so many other busy women, the extent of your beauty and skincare regime involves soap and water in the morning and then, when if you’re lucky, a quick streak of moisturizer before you go to bed.

Booking an appointment with an industry-recognized skin treatment clinic, such as, will result in gaining a full picture of the type of skin you have and, more importantly, the best lotions and potions to use to improve skin quality.

3.    Stop Washing Your Hair Daily

This next beauty hack will come as a positive piece of information; stop washing your hair every single day as it can cause one or more of the following issues:

  • Your hair is stripped of vital natural oils
  • The associated straightening and curling after washing also damages your hair
  • Washing your hair too often could contribute to your hair becoming thinner
  • Your color will fade a lot quicker
  • You are spending far too much money on hair products

Armed with this new information, you will now save yourself precious minutes in the morning, or indeed in the evening and instead you can enjoy more time in bed and, at the same time, shinier and healthier hair.

4.    Choose a Low Maintenance Hairstyle

Depending entirely on the texture, length, and condition of your hair, you may already save valuable time in the morning by keeping your hair in a simple style, but if you have previously gone for a more elaborate hairstyle, you could consider a change.

Moreover, if you are always spending time straightening your bangs, or even the whole head of hair, every single night, just think of the time you will save when all you need to do is get up and off you go.

From choppy bobs and blunt bangs to face-framing layers and tiered layers, there are plenty of low maintenance haircuts and hairstyles to choose from, so book an appointment with your trusted hairdresser and start discussing options with them.

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