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5 Trends in the World of Arts and Crafts for 2023 and Beyond



Are you someone who has always been involved with the arts and crafts movement and ever since you were little, preferred making a card to buying a more generic one from the shop and always loved anything with extra sparkle and glitter?

If this does indeed sound like you, or you are looking for a new hobby, then you have come to the right place.

Here are five trends in the world of arts and crafts for 2023 and beyond.

1.    Macraweave

You will probably already be familiar with macramé, especially if you were around for the first time it was trending in everything from clothing to home décor in the 1970’s; but now, macramé has joined forces with the process of weaving to create macraweave.

Macraweave is ideal for people who are looking to use excess fabric scraps from other projects and for those who want to go ‘off-piste’ from normal patterns to create new, unique, and fabulous-looking products.

Take a look at the beautifully showcased array of fabrics and other crafting accessories at for stunning materials at exceedingly affordable prices.

2.    Resin Crafts

Resin is short for epoxy resin: a substance that consists of two different materials that, when mixed together, create a solid, strong, and durable plastic from the liquid it starts off as.

Just a selection of resin crafts you could create yourself, either to keep, to give as presents to your nearest and dearest, or even to sell on your Etsy page, include:

  • Bookmarks
  • Garden ornaments
  • Keyrings
  • Fridge magnets
  • Chopping boards
  • Coasters

3.    Ugly Jumpers

Another huge trend in the arts and craft movement in 2023 and also set to continue for many seasons to come is handmade, ugly jumpers in a retro and vintage style.

Now, obviously the concepts of prettiness and ugliness are entirely subjective, but the true meaning of an ugly jumper represents contrasting patterns in a button-down cardigan style, (or one that emulates a long-sleeved jumper your father used to wear in the 1980s).

4.    Candle Making

Candles, wax melts, and essential oils are all trending right now, and even in the summer months, there is nothing more fabulous and ultimately relaxing than lighting a couple of candles in the bathroom and spending time destressing in a hot bubble bath.

Making your own scented candles is, in truth, a relatively simple process, with the complexity coming in the creation of new and unique scents and tones.

5.    Needle Felting

The fifth and final biggest trend in crafting this year is that of needle felting. Needle felting involves an incredibly thin, long, and sharp needle that has notches etched into the tip, which tangles the fabric as you sew to create a firmer finished woolen product.

Many people who try needle felting state how therapeutic and relaxing the activity is, which makes it an ideal trending hobby to try if you are currently searching for ways to find time for yourself.

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