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Tips Til Hårfrisyrer Som Gir Deg Det Lille Ekstra Til Festen

Det er utrolig mye man kan gjøre når det kommer til hårfrisyrer til fest, men det er alltid morsomt å være litt ekstra kreativ og prøve noe nytt. Enten man har langt eller halvlangt hår er det flere ting man kan bruke for å gjøre hårfrisyren festfin.

Tenk helhetlig

Før man skal bestemme seg for hvilken frisyre man vil ha kan det være greit å vite hvilket antrekk man skal ha. På denne måten kan man enklere bestemme seg for om man ønsker at frisyren skal gi et skarpere uttrykk eller om man ønsker en myk og feminin frisyre. Dersom man ikke er sikker på hvilket antrekk man skal ha, kan man besøke JJ’s House som har et stort utvalg av festkjoler for enhver anledning.

Man bør også tenke over hvordan sminken skal stå i stil til frisyren og antrekket for at man skal oppnå det helhetsinntrykket man ønsker. Har man tenkt over dette vil alt se gjennomført ut og man slipper å risikere at man ser oversminket ut eller at hårfrisyren ikke står i stil til antrekket og sminken.

festkjoler Tips Til Hårfrisyrer Som Gir Deg Det Lille Ekstra Til Festen

Frisyrer for kort hår

Det er selvsagt ikke en hemmelighet at man har flere valgmuligheter når man har langt hår, men det er også en del ting man kan gjøre med kort hår for at det skal skille seg litt fra hverdagsfrisyren. Med tilbehør som hårspenner eller en hårbøyle kan man enkelt pynte opp frisyren litt. Man kan også gi frisyren ekstra volum gjennom å bruke styling produkter som skum eller voksprodukter.

Hårfrisyrer for halvlangt hår

Har man noe lengre hår som til under ørene eller skulderlangt, har man fort muligheten til å lage noen flere frisyrer. Man kan for eksempel sette opp håret i en lav updo i nakken dersom håret er kortere enn skulderlangt, eller man kan rette ut håret for en stilig bob. Ønsker man en mykere look kan man bølge eller krølle håret, noe som alltid passer til fest. Også her kan man legge til noen fine spenner som tilbehør om man ønsker det. Har man skulderlangt hår kan man også lage noen små fletter i håret og lage en morsom frisyre med mer tekstur for en ungdommelig og fresh look.

Tips for de med langt hår

Når man har langt hår er det mye man kan gjøre når det kommer til frisyrer, og her er det derfor bare å la fantasien slippe løs. Her bør man også tilpasse frisyren til antrekket, og har man valgt veldig tung sminke og en kjole med mye stoff, kan det for eksempel være fint å få håret noe bort fra ansiktet. For et elegant uttrykk kan man sette opp håret i en stram updo og gjerne bruke en såkalt «donut» for å få ekstra volum og høyde. Fletter er også et godt alternativ til fest og man kan skape et ungdommelig og stilig uttrykk ved å ha en løs sideflette, som også er spesielt fint på sommerfester.

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15 braided hairstyles for long hair

15 braided hairstyles for long hair 15 braided hairstyles for long hair

If you have long hair and love to try out different updos to keep your locks out of your face, you will LOVE this collection of 15 glamorous braided hairstyles for long hair. They make the perfect running late hairstyles for days when you accidentally turn your alarm off and don’t have time to wash your hair, and I especially love the workout hairstyles in tutorial

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5 Scenarios Where a Head Chain is Appropriate

13 221 HAR 00050 OR 350x350 5 Scenarios Where a Head Chain is AppropriateThe head chain is an unusual but an increasingly popular accessory amongst women these days, with its simplistic yet highly dazzling design suggesting elegance and sophistication in the wearer. It probably also makes the inner princess in a fair few squeal with delight too. However as with all new fashion items the question arises as to where a head chain is appropriate to wear, not just as a matter of style but also as a matter of practicality. You would not wear high heel stilettos on a night dancing at a club, for example, however beautiful they may look.

In a similar case, would it be an idea to wear a head chain while at a party with friends, or if you just wanted to head downtown to pick up groceries? To answer this, remember a head chain is not something you can just throw on, they are actually a rather formal thing to wear. So no, picking up the kids from school probably isn’t somewhere a head chain is appropriate, nor would a rather casual gathering like a family reunion, a BBQ, or a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. However, here are some places where they would be appropriate.

A Wedding

A wedding is an excellent place to wear a head chain. Weddings are typically scenarios where the ladies get a chance to show off and wear suitably fashionable clothing, whether it is their most expensive pair of Italian shoes or their newest Parisian hat. As such head chains are a superb way to add to this procession, elegantly accentuating your clothing in a way that draws the eye without being too loud.

Given that no one wants to outshine the bride on her special day, head chains are just the thing if you wish to draw attention without upstaging the girl of the hour.

The Prom

Just like weddings, proms are a chance for girls to show off in style. In the competition to outdo each other, you may be tempted to try and add as much to your outfit as possible. Sometimes, however, a girl has to remember the age-old maxim of “Less is more”. A head chain allows you to round off your attire in a way that is both tasteful and demure. If you’ve spent ages on your makeup or hair, it is also a splendid way to keep everyone’s attention towards this details.

You can secure your head chain in place with a bobby pin if you ever get the urge to dance, which will help keep it from slipping off. Alternatively if you find the jangling chains a bit of a headache, you can always take it off and slide it into your handbag.

Garden Parties

Garden parties by their nature tend to be very laid back and relaxed, usually focusing more on socialising in a formal setting more than anything else. Typically, if you’re attending one of these, you’re wanting to make a good impression on someone very important, such as a future boss, or maybe a potential patron of a cause you wish to support.

The lack of rigorous energy in such a gathering means that head chains really come into their own. At the prom, you’ll more than likely want to get dancing, which a head chain may obstruct depending how loose it is. They may even look a little silly. Here you are probably not doing anything vigorous at all, which emphasises the simple elegance that head chains draw on.

Music Festivals or Summer Festivals

It can be very hard to find accessories that set you apart at a summer festival. By their nature, they tend to be a little wild and encourage personal expression, and, as a result, you’ll often be competing with everyone else for notice. Once more, wearing a head chain can help you out here. There’s very little to them, and they can be mixed and matched to a broad range of styles and clothing types. Their minimalist design means that they can pretty much go with anything, so for those who like to be creative you truly have a friend in them.

Those Special Nights Out

For those who like the highlife, a head chain is an excellent accessory for those special, classy nights out, whatever they are. Whether it is a candle-lit dinner for two with that special someone, or an unexpected trip to the opera for those with a taste in the classical, head chains can get you by just about anywhere. Being so formal and meek, they allow you to be seen without showing off and to turn heads without needing much effort.

The writer, Christian Mills, is a fashion blogger who discusses both men and women’s fashion and accessories in order to make sure none of his audience is left without good advice. For ladies wishing to accessorize, he highly recommends visiting You can learn more about Christian on Google+.

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History of Women’s Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Nowadays, when we think about bikini, we actually think about a two-piece swimsuit that entails panties-style bottoms and a bra-style top. Being made of the finest fabrics and covering usually only women’s crotch and breasts, bikini has certainly become a synonym for the summertime. It lets our body breathe so we can swim not thinking about anything. No wonder why this tiny and feminine product became a must-have item for the summer.

bikini History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Have you ever wondered when swimsuits became that popular? Well, if you are uncertain, check these facts out and you will be amazed.

However, the first documented reports of the invention of swimsuits appeared in the Antic Greece. Believe it or not, women at this time wore lightweight togas and their swimsuits resembled modern designs.

The invention of swimsuits is closely related to the industrial development and the invention of the railroad in the middle of the 19th century, which made it easier for the people to travel. However, during history, our society became more and more conservative and women lost their freedom and rights. Because of such conservative attitude of the society, women had to cover most parts of their body. Wearing elegant gowns made of very heavy fabrics, women could enjoy neither their everyday activities, nor their vacations.  If you saw the picture of the swimsuit from that era, you would never guess what is represented because it was more of a gown that a real swimsuit. They covered every millimeter of a woman’s body for even an exposed ankle was considered extremely inappropriate. Since paleness was a number one trend of that era, apart from wearing these long and bulky dresses, women also wore hats that prevented tanning.

It the beginning of the 20th century, the same problem still existed.  There was the popular opinion that only men are supposed to swim, while women were still supposed to be humble and shy and it wasn’t appropriate for them to emphasize their silhouette.  Anyhow, those women who loved spending time at the beach had to find the solution in order to do it “appropriately”. Many fashion designers tried to create swimwear that would satisfy everyone’s desires. That is how chemises were introduced. They were multifunctional, thanks to their lightweight structure, they provided comfort for every woman, but also they solved the problem of exposure.

The first tight swimsuit that put stress on a female’s figure was accepted in 1910. Several years before the acceptance of this, at that time, futuristic clothing item, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for wearing form-fitting sleeveless one-piece knitted swimming tights. Refusing to wear the then-accepted pantaloons, she caused a complete revolution in a fashion industry and inspired other women to follow her example. Shortly after that incident, inspired by the Olympics, the first functional two-piece swimsuit was designed in 1913.

Modern bikini was designed in 1946 by two French designers – Jacques Heim and Louis Réard. Made of the light and delicate fabrics, and covering only the breasts and the crotch, modern bikinis were definitely ahead their time. When they first appeared in public, they provoked many controversies. Since not even one model was willing to showcase this revealing item, Réard decided to hire 19-year old nude dancer.  Discouraged by the failure of his invention, these designers started creating the traditional models again.

girl with old swimsuit History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

However, the situation completely changed during 1950s. Many popular Hollywood actresses of that period, such as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe started posing while wearing bikinis. Apart from being extremely popular, they were all considered sex symbols, which brought the popularity to bikinis, too.

swimwear3 History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Similarly to the fifties, bikinis are one of the most important elements of the film industry. In almost any film, where an actress considered to be a sex symbol has a leading role, there is at least one scene of her in a swimsuit. Just remember Ursula Andress, who appeared as Honey Rider in the James Bond movie “Dr. No”. She claims that this role made her a star. Another Bond girl- Halle Berry appeared in the famous orange bikini in “Die Another Day”. Finally, don’t forget the famous Princess Leia’s golden bikini, worn by Carrie Fisher. Although it appeared in only two scenes, it became an iconic sex symbol for both, men and women.

very old bikini History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Today, a bikini is one of the most popular pieces of clothes and it represents a must-have for every woman. The models vary from simple to classy, but one thing is sure- they make every woman sexy and confident. Sometimes, a simple combination of a bikini and an accessory would make your entire outfit simply adorable.