Linger Longer: How to be Sexy AND Comfortable

Wearing sexy clothes are an intimate way to get closer to your partner. But sometimes this act of turning on the romance can backfire because some lingerie is so uncomfortable. If you’re physically or mentally uncomfortable with what you’re wearing, it will be hard for you to stay in that sexy, romantic moment. So, how can you be sexy and comfortable? Here are some ideas.

Pick Clothes You are Comfortable Wearing

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When you go shopping for lingerie, select several pieces you will feel comfortable in. There are so many beautiful silk nightgowns, pajama sets, underwear, and camis that you can choose from. Also pick fabrics that feel good against your skin.

Try it on before you buy it

Make sure that you try on every piece of lingerie before you buy it. Even if you pick pieces similar to ones you wore before, you need to try them on first. Make sure you are comfortable and can move around. Take as much time in the dressing room as you need to. You don’t want to just look good in your lingerie, you want to feel good too.

Pick Costumes that Fit Properly

Sometimes, role-playing can be fun in the bedroom. But if your outfit doesn’t fit properly, then you won’t have fun at all. Before selecting a sexy indian costume or other role-playing outfit, make sure it’s made of material that you’ll be comfortable in. You’ll also want to pick costumes that don’t have any parts you don’t like to wear, such as tight straps, a lot of buckles, or garter belts. You can find something fun, sexy, and comfortable if you shop around properly.

Make Sure Your Mind is Comfortable Too

Sometimes your discomfort may be mental, not physical. If you’re shy about wearing sexy lingerie, start with something that makes you feel beautiful, not sexy, such as a silk gown. There are so many beautiful pieces that will make you feel like a princess. When you’re ready for sexier pieces, try a silk robe to wear over them until you feel more comfortable in them.

Be Aware of Sensitive Areas

Sometimes, lingerie can be uncomfortable because of surgical scars or other physical ailments. If you have scars, skin conditions, or anything else that can make certain materials uncomfortable, make sure you choose lingerie that is comfortable. Wear looser-fitting pieces over your scars, select gentle fabrics, and be sure to wash everything in a gentle cleanser.

Pick Pieces you’ll both Love

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Too often, women pick lingerie pieces based on what their men tell them they like. You do, of course, want to please your guy, but you must also please yourself. Pick pieces that are both flattering to your mate and comfortable to you.

Remember, the most important part about selecting lingerie is to pick pieces that make you look and feel sexy, confident, romantic, and comfortable. Do not select pieces based off of what they look like on the hanger. Try everything on before you buy, and be sure you are 100% comfortable in them.

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