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Cotton industry in Italy: – The Best Cotton There Is



Emilcotoni’s home of Piacenza is synonymous with the Cotton industry in Italy. Emilcotoni Was born out of the cotton dyeing industry, realising that cotton could be used for a variety of purposes. This is exhibited by Emilcotoni’s Quintessence Collection, a diverse family of products featuring cottons sourced from Peru, the West Indies, Egypt, and beyond. The use of cotton can be traced back at least 7,000 years, to what’s now Pakistan, where one of the 4 species of cotton originates. Whilst the cotton industry in Italy has seen a downturn in Employment, export turnover has increased, and cotton prices remain high.

cotton industry Cotton industry in Italy:   The Best Cotton There Is

Best cotton available

Cotton is well known as a strong material. This has helped Emilcotoni establish cottons that are lightweight, warm, water resistant, and hard wearing. This ability to produce cottons that can be used in clothes suitable for summer and winter, that are hard wearing in the Country, or smooth as silk in the city, helps keep Emilcotoni at the heart of the Cotton Industry in Italy, and the rest of the world.

Emilcotoni has well established that it has brought together years of research and experience from across the world to bring to its discerning customers the high standard of cotton fabric that exists in its platform today. The yarn that they have made available to the market today is by far the best that there is and this is the result of constant research to bring out the best in the industry today.  The standards are high and Emilcotoni has raised the bar even more with its high quality fabric.

The organisation has ensured that they invest in the right product and for them it has been high end machinery that uses technology to create fabric that is the best in the world. So for high end cotton there is only one name across the world from the USA to UK to Australia and Istanbul and more. So whatever colour you want merely place an order and it will be sent across in minimal time from the over 1000 colours that are available in the list. The yarn could be ordered for either online or even telephonically. It is as simple as that to procure the best cotton that there is in the world.

White gold

The company has the entire range of cotton in their range whether it is the lightest and finest cotton or the cotton from India or Peru or the exquisite cotton that is actually resistant to water. White gold cotton from Egypt and many more amazing types of cotton is made available at Emilcotoni. These and many more like voile and crepe and Giza cotton are part of the amazing range available here. These cotton yarns are extremely high quality and indeed they have established the quality like none else.  With all this research and technology that they introduce into the production of cotton, they are known worldwide for the high end cotton that they are known today for. So for the best cotton it is indeed Emilcotoni.

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