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How to take the edge off during hot summer days

Summer is the most beloved season of the year when many people hit the seaside and revel in the sun to get the perfect tan. Still, the hottest days sometimes get a tad difficult to handle without some cooling agents. A good portion of the population also can’t afford annual leave throughout the whole summer period, so it would be nice if we knew some tricks to make our days and nights more bearable. Turn on a fan, if you have one, and check out our hacks for the enjoyable summer months.

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Drinks and beverages

You know it yourself, but we’d still like to remind you of it: drink plenty of water! It’s not a cheap trick or a fake advice, it’s what your body need to withstand the heat. If you’re drinking plain water, try to avoid the freezing one, but mix the tap and the chilled water. The colder the water, the more you sweat and lose the water you need to stay hydrated and feel refreshed. Ok, so here comes a bit of an unorthodox tip for you: drink warm tea. But be advised that this is valid only for the hot and dry regions.

Nonetheless, icy liquid delights still give us that much needed relief, no matter how short-lived. For this purpose, we can recommend this neat selection:

– Mint and lemon are naturally refreshing ingredients that fit easily into many alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails (note that alcohol works as a diuretic and sweating agent, making us loose water at double rate, so be moderate, and compensate with water consumption).

– Cucumber, watermelon and apples are also high in water content and would make perfect elements for some chilled, homemade juice combo.

Summer delight

Most of the kids can’t wait for this season to fully enjoy many flavours of ice cream. Since the store bought can be filled with additives and artificial colouring and aromas, we suggest you make some on your own. For the simplest ones, and the kids often prefer these, all you need is a mixture of fruits, such as raspberries, oranges and kiwi, for example, blend them and pour into the moulds. Freeze them over night, and voila – a cheap and healthy gelato.

Water bodies

If you have the privilege of living at the coast, you already know the pleasure soaking in the sea gives. Others may decide to frequent a nearby swimming pool (or their own) where they can have their children in sight. Apply sunblock after every longer swim, if you want to prevent the skin from burning up.


The ones that are close to the forest or a park can seek the shade of the wide and thick treetops. It’s feels great to be outside in the fresh air, but not in direct sunlight. The ground also has a cooling effect, which is a bonus. What’s better than to bring along some cooling machine for the picnic. If you surf around the internet, you can easily find some promotional cooler bags rates in affordable range.

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Those summer nights

It’s not healthy to keep the air conditioning unit working overnight, so how do we stay cool and manage to fall asleep at all? Here’s how:

-Chill the beddings a bit before sleep

-Favour cotton and light natural materials

-Apply ice to the pulse points

-Sleep in separate beds

-Administer cool showers

-Stay far from the appliances

Quick tips

  1. Take smaller meals to minimise the metabolic heat
  2. Exploit your basement
  3. Keep the blinds shut in the sun-hour
  4. Sleep lower to the ground, or in a hammock
  5. Avoid black attire to prevent heat attraction

We hope that by presenting some practical tips on how to survive the summer heat and actually enjoy it we have chased away your potential misgivings this summer might not rock!

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