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How to Choose the Perfect Carpet for Your Home



Your home’s flooring takes up a lot of space in your visual field. It contributes greatly to the overall look and feel of a room since it supports everything else in the space. Just as the walls and ceiling frame everything else in the space, so does the floor. An amazing carpet can truly transform a room, making it look fresher and feel more luxurious. Since there are so many different types of carpet, however, it can be difficult choosing the right one for your space. This quick guide is here to help make the decision easier.

Which Rooms Should Be Carpeted?

Carpet can create a more indulgent and elegant look in a room, but not every part of the home is necessarily a practical place for carpet to be installed. Anywhere stains are a frequent risk, such as the kitchen or bathroom, a carpet would make little sense. Waking up and putting your feet onto soft, welcoming carpet every day is one of many reasons that carpet works well in the bedroom. In the living room, carpet can encourage a more relaxed atmosphere.

Test Out Carpet Samples

Many stores will have carpet samples on display for you to look at. Some carpet stores may also offer swatches you can purchase to deliver to your home where you can test them out. It can be helpful to place the samples in your chosen room and see how changing light and time of day affect how they look alongside your existing interiors. It’s also useful to be able to feel the carpet yourself before committing to having it installed. This is why visiting a carpet showroom is recommended. You can touch and compare many varieties of carpet all at once.

How Should You Install Your Carpet?

Installing a carpet so that it sits perfectly and fits your space with exact precision requires a lot of patience and skill as well as the right tools. Although it is possible to do it yourself, leaving it to the experts is the best way to get the results you want. For example, Balham flooring specialists can perform professional carpet installation to an amazing standard. This will save you risking your carpet being damaged due to poor installation technique. Underlayment and nails need to be properly used in order to maintain a smooth surface for walking, and these essential details of carpet installation will not be overlooked by the professionals.

How Do You Take Care of Carpet?

How you look after your carpet to keep it looking fresh will depend on what it is made from. Wool carpet often requires expert cleaning to remove stains due to the natural absorbency of the pile. Some synthetic carpets are easier to spot clean with regular household items such as baking soda and warm water. In general, carpet maintenance should involve regular vacuuming to keep dust and crumbs from settling.

Choosing a carpet that fits with your home should take time. Look into the detailed properties of the material you would like so that you can trust it to hold up against the traffic of your daily life. Consider the type of carpet, the location, the installation, and the maintenance before making your final decision.

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