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What to Do If You Find Out You Are Pregnant



There are many tell-tale signs for anyone who suspects they may be pregnant to look out for. Yet, confirming the news, either way, is often nerve-racking, nevertheless. So, what should you do if you think you may be carrying life? This guide has all the answers.

Check Your Symptoms

Classic pregnancy symptoms include feeling waves of sickness, extreme fatigue, sensitive hormone changes, and a missed period. If you are feeling any of the above, it is time to move on to step two.

Take a Test

To confirm your pregnancy at home, you can buy a test at any high-street pharmacy or supermarket. They are not expensive for a basic product, but you will pay a little more for the more established brands and things like early detection. Once you have taken a test, it will either confirm or deny the pregnancy. Though remember, these are not 100% accurate so if your symptoms carry on after a negative result, you will have to follow this up with your doctor or another brand. If it is positive, there will be a few more things to do next.

Try to Figure Out Your Due Date

This bit can be a lot of fun and will put your mind at rest when trying to figure out what the future holds. You will need to think back to the first day (specific date) of your last known menstrual period. Then you add on 40 weeks to this day, and this is your potential day of arrival. Your first scan will give you a more accurate prediction, but keep in mind your baby will come when it is ready and this is not set in stone.

Book an Appointment

Your first call should be to a doctor so that they can refer you to midwife services who will take over your care throughout your pregnancy journey. This is a popular option, but more and more people are turning to private clinics like this pregnancy clinic London establishment that can provide a more defined and personalised care agenda. Having someone you can trust and feel comfortable around during such an intimate time is essential. There will be an additional set of fees to pay, but plenty of people find this worth the money for this important journey.

Prenatal Vitamins

To give your pregnancy, and your baby, the best chance at being healthy and strong, it is time to start taking prenatal vitamins. These can be found in any pharmacy or health store and will be taken over the whole nine months. Your midwife will probably prescribe folic acid for the first twelve weeks, and you should take this too. This is to combat Spina bifida in infants, a serious condition that harms their development. You can also do things like eat well, stay hydrated with lots of water, and continue a gentle exercise routine too.

Finding out you are pregnant may be a welcome moment or a complete surprise. Either way, you have a long list of new tasks to get on with. Prepare for your baby by engaging with a midwife service private or otherwise as soon as possible and embracing the journey head on.

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