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Picking The Perfect Jewellery Box 101



You’re a lucky girl; your partner has just splashed out a months’ worth of savings to net you that sparkling jewellery that will make you talk of the street. Unfortunately, as soon as you return home, it’s left on the side to rot.

Perfect Jewellery Box Picking The Perfect Jewellery Box 101

This is the exact situation that occurs with many people, who don’t decide to invest in an adequate jewellery box. An era or two ago, jewellery boxes were big business and women would spend good money in finding a decent place for their rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatever else to be stored. However, nowadays it doesn’t seem to be quite as important although considering the various risks that are associated with jewellery, you have to question why this is the case. For starters, there is the obvious issue of items going missing, while many forget that a lot of jewellery is susceptible to discolouration and other defects if it is not stored correctly.

Bearing this in mind, the remainder of this article is going to walk through the various factors that should be considered whilst purchasing a jewellery box. Of course, there are now plenty of other ways to store jewellery and if we were to take a specific example, a jewellery tree is probably the next most popular one. Nevertheless, we’re going to concentrate on the most traditional and secure method, as we delve into what you need to think of when buying your next jewellery box.

Don’t cheap out

Aside from the security and conditioning, the whole point of getting a jewellery box is so your pieces are not sprawled around the house, cluttering desks up. Therefore, it’s got to look good, and most cheap materials don’t cut it. Wood is by far and away the most popular option and if you are looking for that premium finish, this is the one you should go for. Fabrics can work as well, but there are obvious durability issues – particularly if you have a lot of jewellery that is going to weigh the casing down.

Opt for lots of cushioning

This really shouldn’t be an option – it’s a necessity. There’s a reason why jewellery boxes arrive with padded foam, and it’s not to keep your prize possessions comfy. Scientific studies have proven that jewellery deteriorates when it experiences too much contact with the air, with cosmetic pieces generally the ones that fail first. Therefore, the cushioning helps to reduce the air flow around the box and will hopefully preserve your pieces for much longer.

Do you need security?

If you’re not interested in security, some may argue that the jewellery tree or a similar storage option should be considered. However, most modern cases arrive with a key to keep unwanted hands away. Admittedly, they’re not too reliable if your house gets burgled, but if you’re just trying to keep your daughter from constantly borrowing your most valuable possessions it might be advisable to purchase one with a locking mechanism.

How many compartments do you need?

If your jewellery collection is quite low, the answer to this question is quite self-explanatory. It’s certainly not advisable to crunch all of your pieces together in the same drawer and the general rule is to always have a little more space inside than you actually need. Therefore, you should look to have at least several compartments to separate your gold’s, silvers, or even the types of pieces in your collection.

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