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The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Earrings for Your Facial Shape



It would be fair to say that most women will visit their local jewellers and purchase whatever earrings take their fancy at that particular time. Many do not realise that the choice of earrings can have a huge bearing on their overall appearance, with some items simply not suited to some face shapes.

This means that the trip to the jewellers should actually be quite a careful process. We’ll now take a look at the various face shapes and highlight what type of earrings will work for each one.

Appropriate Earrings The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Earrings for Your Facial Shape

The Round Face

As the name describes, the round face is one that is pretty much circular. Therefore, you need to be doing everything in your power to promote a longer image. Any long earrings that dangle are usually perfect, while round earrings should definitely be avoided as they completely emphasise your round features. Similarly, don’t be tempted to purchase any hooped earrings as these highlight your face for the wrong reasons.

The Oval Face

Those women with a slightly longer, but still somewhat round face, are usually deemed to have an oval shaped face. These individuals happen to have one of the most suitable faces for all types of earrings and it will be difficult to find anything that doesn’t fit. Some sources will suggest that those extra-long, dangling earrings are not a good idea as they will make your face look a little too long, but on the whole the oval face is suited to anything.

The Square Face

Any person with a strong jawline is usually said to have a square face and unfortunately, these women don’t have it as easy as the ones with the oval shape. With the face quite straight and rigid, it’s usually advisable to purchase earrings that have plenty of curves to bring a little roundness into the face. Unsurprisingly, you should avoid square earrings at all costs, or those items that are comprised of a definitive, straight-lined shape. A good example is the Mawi collection on the Benna website, with this range ticking most of the boxes for those with square faces.

The Heart Face

This is one of those shapes that is less documented and while it might be easy to refer to the square or circular shape, questions start to be asked when we progress onto the heart face. In simple terms, it’s where the upper part of the face is wider than the lower regions – thus creating that heart shape. It’s therefore slightly more difficult to acquire suitable earrings, with the aim being to wear those that have a completely opposite shape. This means you will need ones with noticeable features at the bottom of the design, while any earrings based on a triangle shape also help promote the positive features of the heart face.

The Rectangle Face

Unsurprisingly, those with a rectangular face have to follow similar tips to those with the square shape face. You should again be looking for any earrings that include curves and don’t have any sharp edges – although in the case of the rectangle you will have to look for ones that are slightly wider to balance the long element of the face.

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