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A Simple Guide to Planning a Bohemian-Style Wedding



For brides and grooms, planning and organizing a wedding can be incredibly exciting and intensely stressful in equal measure, and depending entirely on your personalities, likes and dislikes, and of course, your wedding budget, the theme and style will be customized to suit you.

Bohemian weddings are not only exceedingly fashionable right now, but are also the perfect way to celebrate your union, surrounded by your loved ones in a relaxed, earthy, and generally chilled-out way.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover a simple guide to planning a bohemian-style wedding.

The Music

No bohemian-style wedding would be complete without an indie-inspired soundtrack with elements of folk music thrown in, and there is no more beautiful and impressive way to provide this music than with a live band.

You could choose to walk down the aisle to a single harp playing a classical version of a modern indie tune, or save the musical entertainment for the evening and hire a larger band to play.

The Wedding Dress and Wedding Party Outfits

Obviously, the most important outfits are those of the bride and groom, and in keeping with your relaxed bohemian wedding, to minimize any panic and worry surrounding the wedding dress and suits for the groomsmen, you should start searching right away.

Additionally, encourage the mother of the bride to also begin her search on for a perfect, complementary outfit that will easily transition from day to evening. Moreover, turn outfit shopping into a sentimental experience by bringing your mother along for dress fittings and indeed, your bridesmaids too. 

The Decorations

Bohemian vibes are all about floaty, light, and relaxed aesthetics and so when it comes to the decorations in and around the ceremony and reception venues, you should focus on Hygge-style elements such as long pampas grass, cream, embroidered dreamcatchers, and natural flowers for the tables. Consider the following:

  • Autumnal flower arches to frame the wedding photographs
  • Wooden arches to frame the nuptials themselves
  • Macrame artwork
  • Wooden chairs for the bride and groom
  • Ferns and flowers
  • Ethnic carpets
  • Candles, candles, and more candles

The Venue

Non-traditional venues are a mainstay of a truly bohemian wedding, so instead of heading down to your local hotel to book an all-in-one ceremony and reception wedding day, instead look for smaller, local, and more country-based wedding venues.

The ideal backdrop for a boho ceremony would be one ensconced in nature, with a natural backdrop and plenty of grass, flowers, bushes, and ferns, and in the peace and tranquillity of a quieter space.

The Lighting

Finally, as with the planning and organizing of any wedding regardless of the overall theme and style, lighting plays a pivotal role in creating a warm, welcoming, and romantic wedding setting.

Warm white lighting works best for a bohemian theme and if possible, you could also consider the possibility of hanging cream, wooden lanterns from nearby tree branches, as well as decorating the ceremony area itself with as many cream-colored pillar candles that will fit in the space.

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