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Different salwar kameez for Different Occasions

If you ask an Indian woman about the outfit that she can wear almost everywhere, the first thing that would come in her mind would be the salwar kameez. There are many reasons behind the popularity of salwar kameez and thus it is one of the most convenient choices that a woman can make. Right from wearing it at home, for office or for some big traditional event, the varieties and choices of the salwar kameez are available to match all the occasions. Across many communities in India, the bridal salwar kameez is also a wedding outfit option. Simply like any other kind of outfits, there is a huge range of designs and varieties of salwar kameez that is available these days. In addition,many people are also choosing the indo western style of the salwar kameez to get a look that is different than the traditional one.

Traditionally the salwar is like a loose trouser but there is a varied range of the lower options that the girls get to choose from. Falling to the category of churidar, dhoti, leggings, palazzo, etc are become popular and promising options that the girls team up with the kurta or kameez, which is something like a long flowing shirt, designed and embroidered to look elegant. The salwar kameez is something that because of the popularity it has, has come up with a lot of related options like a-line suits, anarkali suits, long kurtis teamed up with legging, short kurtis to be worn with jeans, etc. since the available options in the category of party wear salwarkameez is quite huge, choosing one of these as per the occasion can be very easy.

salwar kameez 745x1024 Different salwar kameez for Different Occasions

The salwar kameez is availed in various materials like cotton, chiffon, georgette, linen, khaki, crepe, net, rayon, silk etc. if you are looking for something that is comfortable and can be worn for long hours, go for the options of cotton or crepe. Similarly, if you want a look that is more of a feminine style and displays elegance choose the materials like silk, chiffon, georgette, etc. along with a great choice of materials of the wedding salwar kameez, you can also make choices in terms of the colors and designs. Depending upon what you like and what your preferences are, it will be easy for you to make the necessary choices.

The internet these days is the best available medium to do the shopping and when you surf through those websites that specifically sell the ethnic wear collection, you would see great options in terms of designs and patterns to choose from that would otherwise not be available at the traditional shops. In addition to this, the discounts that you get online are completely non-matchable in comparison to that available at the fancy boutiques. Therefore, once you finalize on your preferences, make a choice of the best salwar kameez that suits your looks and budget to glorify your looks to a completely new level.


Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in your life. It is not just about being surrounded with your dearest ones, dancing and having finest food and drinks at your fingertips. It’s much more than that. If you want your wedding to be flawless, you need to plan it carefully, which sounds simpler than it is. Here are some suggestions that will help you undertake such challenging venture.

photo 2 Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Set your budget and make a checklist

Determining a budget is a number one priority when it comes to wedding planning. When planning how much money you can spend on each segment of your wedding, you need to be realistic. If your budget is restricted, don’t plan something you cannot have for you will be disappointed with the final results.

The entire point of setting the budget is in preventing yourself from exceeding it. Therefore, if you spend more money on something than you planned, another plan needs to be cut so that you can stay within a budget.

Once you have set the budget, you need to make a checklist. When you start planning it, try to stay calm. You should make a practical checklist, with a timeline, which will contain all steps you need to make.

photo 1 Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Invitations and perfect venue

The next thing you should do is to determine the size of your wedding. This is one of the hardest steps since a couple needs to agree about who will be invited and who won’t. This also includes deciding how much bridesmaids and groomsmen you want to have. Try to consult your fiancé, your parents and friends about the invitations because you don’t want someone really important to you to be forgotten.

photo 6 Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

When you make an invitation list, you should proceed to finding a perfect venue for the wedding, which depends on your wishes.

Firstly, you need to decide the site of the ceremony. For example, the ceremony could be held in a traditional or more exotic manner. When it comes to the reception, there are several great choices. Apart from booking a nice restaurant, you could also organize reception in your home.

Hiring wedding officiant and vendors

You cannot do everything on your own. That is why you need to hire vendors and since this should be the unforgettable day for you, you should hire the best.

First thing first, choose the wedding officiant. If you are religious, ask your local a pastor, priest, minister or rabbi to perform the ceremony, while if you want a secular weddings, you need to ask a wedding officiant, judge or person with authority to marry people. Once you have done that, start hiring vendors.

As you want to record each moment of your special day, you should hire a photographer and videographer. Since these memories are supposed to last forever, your wedding photos need to be flawless. That is why you should hire experienced and innovative photographers. For example, if you are from Melbourne, you could contact your newlywed friends who can recommend you best wedding photography Melbourne service.

No wedding is good without music. Talk to your partner and decide what band you want to hire. Talk to the musicians about prices and give them a list of songs you would like to hear.

If you want your guests to feel satisfied and comfortable, you need to provide them with food and drinks. That is why you should hire caterers.

Choosing flowers and décor is an extremely complicated job and you need to hire someone to do it for you. This can be done by a wedding planner, or even by your talented friend who can organize an entire decoration.

Wedding gown and rings

When starting life together, you need to do it properly. Look up for a perfect wedding dress that will make you feel like a princess. However, overly expensive gowns are not necessarily the best ones. Thus, choose the one that fits you well and don’t base your opinion on prices.

The selection of wedding rings is one of the most important things, which needs to be done several months before the wedding. You should ones you both like since they represent your devotion to each other.

Choose food and cake

The choice of food depends on your tastes all you have to do is to provide your guests with sufficient amount of food. You could go for some traditional specialties or choose more exotic cuisine, such as Asian food.

The choice of cake is also of great importance since it should fascinate everyone. Choose the design and flavors you want about five months before the wedding. However, contact the baker to make sure that everything is all right. Finally, it is best for you to have the cake delivered directly to the wedding.

These are just some basic tips that will help you organize your perfect fast. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your new ventures.


3 Tips for How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Every girl dreams about how she’ll look on her wedding day. She imagines every last detail in her mind’s eye. She sees the fabric of the dress, the hairstyle she’ll have and the height of the high heels she’ll wear. So, if you’re in the process of planning a wedding, then how can you ensure that your dream becomes a reality? By following our top tips, that’s how!

Wedding Day walk 3 Tips for How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Every bride needs plenty of beauty sleep prior to their big day. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. With your mind racing and butterflies in your stomach, it’s not always easy to get a restful sleep. So, to help ensure you get as much rest and relaxation as possible, plan yourself a bedtime routine. If you’re staying in a hotel the night before then even better, because you can take advantage of all those luxury hotel extras. Start winding down and preparing your mind for bed a couple of hours before you plan to ‘hit the hay’. Run yourself a nice relaxing bubble bath, light some candles and allow your mind to wander gently. Play some tranquil music, or read a few chapters of your favorite book. Then you’re far more likely to have a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in time for the big day.

2. Opt for Muted Natural Make-Up

Deciding what make-up to wear on their special day tends to be an area where many women go overboard. Whilst there’s no doubt that you want to look glamorous for your big day, this doesn’t mean you have to plaster your face in make-up. Your wedding day is going to be long and emotionally exhausting. So, you want fresh and light looking make-up that’s going to last as long as the day does. If you opt for heavy foundation and dark eyeliner, it’s likely to be smeared across your face come the end of the day. Most importantly, if you’re wearing heavy make-up you might find that your white wedding dress doesn’t stay white for long. Heavy make-up has a tendency to run and stain, and who wants to spend their special day in a make-up smeared wedding dress? So, it really is a no-brainer.

3. Shop Around to Find the Right Outfit

What you wear is going to determine how you feel on the day itself, so it’s essential that you get it right. Shop around and take your time to find a dress that meets with the expectation of what you see in your mind’s eye. Choose shoes that are elegant, but remember that you have to wear them all day. So, although those skyscraper heels may look amazing on, unless you can actually walk in them, it’s probably best to opt for something more sensible. Also, try and buy accessories that complement the style of dress you wear. If you buy vintage wedding rings at the luxury Houston jewelry store, ‘Whiteflash’, then choose a vintage-inspired dress to match.

So, just follow our simple tips and you can guarantee that your big day ends up being everything you dreamed of and more…

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Getting Your Dream Bridal Gown

You have finally set the date and everything else is done. It has finally come down to the most important part of the wedding: finding the dream-wedding gown for your special day.

Wedding Gowns Getting Your Dream Bridal Gown

Do the research

Shopping for a wedding gown is a huge activity and it’s really fun. However, before you actually start shopping, you have to do your homework. Wedding gown trends and styles change rapidly. To understand the latest trends, you have to go online and look at top wedding gown designer collections. For example, take a look at the Vera Wang website to understand the latest wedding trends. You can also try hip websites like Cosmopolitan, InStyle, etc to understand the latest styles and designs in wedding gowns.

Assess your body type

Wedding gowns are made to accentuate your body and make you look beautiful on your special day. However, if you don’t know your body type, you may not be able to select the best wedding gown. If possible, go to a tailor and get accurate measurements of your body. Some websites have a unique feature in which you can upload your image and the website software will allow you to change your hairstyle and dress.

Use this software to assess how different dress styles will appear on your body. You might not find wedding gowns on the software but you will definitely find dress styles like gowns, empire line busts, sweetheart necklines etc. Doing this will allow you to understand how the gowns will appear on your body type and you can focus on this dress type while shopping.

Buying or renting

Once you have completed your research, you have to decide whether you want to buy or rent your wedding gown. If you can afford it, you can think about buying your wedding gown but think about it. Renting is a far better idea as you have to pay a fraction of the amount and you can use the money for other activities like your honeymoon.

Imported gowns

It is trendy now to wear gowns from a trade website as they sell gowns at discounted rates. These manufacturing units are located halfway across the world and they work in a cheaper currency. As a result, they have knock-off copies of almost all designer brands at wonderfully cheap rates. These are not a good idea though as you cannot see the quality of the material, the stitching, etc. and there is no guarantee that the item will be delivered on time. On top of that, in case you need alterations and repairs, you will have to do it yourself as the retailer is too far away to do anything.

Comparing rates

Rates at local stores are definitely higher than online stores. However, its still ok to shop online and browse locally as well. It will give you an idea of how much a new gown will cost for outright purchase and the average rental rates in the locality. You can also try rental chains like Bridal Warehouse, which have local chains and online websites as well. These chains will usually offer the cheapest rates and the largest inventory for interested brides. If you prefer online shopping then The Bridal Warehouse is the best as it has the largest stock of new and used bridal gowns for rent.


Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

ID 100100386 300x199 Gift Ideas for Your BridesmaidsYour bridesmaids are your closest friends and family, and you have chosen to have them share your most special day with you. Being in a bridal party can involve a lot of time and money, and it is customary to purchase a gift to show your appreciation for their participation. There is no one best type of gift, and what you decide to give them will ultimately depend on several individual factors, from your budget to the group of women in your party. Here are some tips for choosing a gift that everyone will love.

Gifts to Offset Wedding Costs

Having been in two weddings in the last few months, I can attest to the fact that it is not a cheap affair. You are shelling out money for dresses, shoes, alterations, the bridal shower, hair, makeup and possibly travel costs if you live far away. If you feel the tab for your wedding party is running a bit high, consider doing something like paying for dresses, or hair and make-up. I am sure they will appreciate lightening the load on their wallet.

Unique Gifts for Each Girl

There is no rule that says you must purchase the same gift for each bridesmaid; you might consider giving each girl a unique gift based on her personality, interests and the like. I am sure she will appreciate that you picked a gift that was just for her. But, even if you give different gifts, it is a good idea to make sure they all cost around the same amount of money.

Accessories for the Day of the Wedding

Accessories for the day of the wedding are a classic gift idea, and the girls will have one less thing to worry about. Typically, you want to get items that they can wear on other occasions. My sister gave her bridal party some beautiful earrings that we could wear anytime. If you are interested in personalised gift ideas, consider getting a tote with their names embroidered, that contains jewelry, comfy flip flops to wear at the reception, some treats to snack on and maybe a cute shirt that everyone can wear while getting their hair done. At my sister’s wedding, she got everyone in the bridal party a cute pink tank top that ‘’bridesmaid’’ written across the front.

Destination Wedding Ideas

If you are having a destination wedding, you can tie your gift into the event. If you are tying the knot at the shore, a beach bag with a towel and other beachy stuff is great. A gift certificate for the spa or some other local activity is a great addition. Trinkets and foods related to the destination are also good ideas—for example, if you are getting married in New York, you must include an I Heart NY shirt for sure.


Pampering is a great theme for bridesmaids gifts. You can put together a gift basket full of treats they will love, such as a plush robe or set of pajamas, all sorts of lotions, soaps, beauty masks, makeup, and a gift certificate to a spa.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things weddings.

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Planning a Wedding without Driving Yourself Crazy

ID 1003624 300x213 Planning a Wedding without Driving Yourself CrazyTalk to any couple planning a wedding, and more likely than not, the first thing they will tell you is how stressful the experience is. Understandable since many regard it as the most important day of their life; there is a lot to be done and even more money to be spent. If you are about to embark on the odyssey of planning your wedding, here are some tips that will leave you not wanting to pull your hair out.

What Do You Want?

In life, we get wrapped up in a lot of ‘’shoulds’’ and we are particularly vulnerable when it comes to weddings. We have been led to believe that there is a certain way they need to be done, certain things that you ‘’must’’ have or do. We say it is tradition. We act as if these guidelines are some sort of law. Everyone and their uncle is probably telling you all the things you ‘’should’’ be doing. But, if you want to keep your sanity, you need to clarify your personal vision for your wedding. What do you and your fiancé want to do? Where do you want the wedding? When do you want it? Do you envision a big affair or a more intimate gathering of close friends and family? You need to stick to your guns and not give in to pressure. If you want a small affair, you have to stand firm when your mother insists on inviting the members of her book club that you never met, or your second cousins who you have not seen since you were in elementary school.

Crunch Numbers Early On

The cost of weddings is the primary reason people find them so stressful. My sister recently spent almost 40,000 on a wedding in NJ and she informed me that this was considered ‘’budget.’’ It is way too easy for the spending to get out of control if you do not have a clear idea right from the get-go about what type of money you can spend and/or are comfortable spending on a one-day event. So, before you even book a date, know what type of funds you are working with. If your parents have offered to contribute financially, make sure you are aware of any conditions associated with that money, such as having more input in the planning process. Some may feel that since it is their money, they have the final say over how it is spent, while other families will let you do as you please with it. You and your fiancé need to talk about how much money you are willing to spend and commit to sticking to this number—this will prevent you from getting swayed by elements that will put you over your budget.


It is your day so naturally you want to have a great deal of control over the process, and final say on every last detail. But, this does not mean that you need to do every last thing on your own. Your fiancé, family and wedding party are there to help. Think about what tasks you would feel comfortable delegating to other people so that you can take a bit off your plate.

Will This Matter?

If you are feeling stressed about any aspect of the wedding, a good question to ask yourself is ‘’will this really matter?’’ when trying to make decisions. This can help keep things in perspective, prevent you from spending money on things you really do not want to spend money on, like personalized napkins or candies, and allow you to focus your efforts and funds on the things that are truly important to you, like that great photographer or awesome DJ.

About the Author:This post was written by Kristopher Gerner, Ocean Isle photographer who knows just how to capture the moments of your special day.

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Dressing For a Wedding

Weddings can be stressful, even when the only job you have is to attend. The reason often lies in the clothes. With so many types of weddings, choosing what to wear can be confusing. Not every wedding obeys the standards, but most follow unwritten rules that guide their guests to the correct clothes hanger. To make the process easier and less stressful, consider the following tips when you dress for a wedding.

Dressing For Wedding d873 Dressing For a Wedding

The White List

Unless you want the bride glaring at you as she walks down the aisle, it is best to stay away from white. Though this rule has relaxed some (for instance, wearing an outfit that has a little white is probably fine), donning an all-white or mostly white outfit is never a good idea.

White isn’t the only color you will want to avoid. If the wedding is during the day, black is often thought of as overly formal. This is because daytime weddings tend to be more casual than evening weddings.

‘Tis the Season

According to the Washington Post, dresses in tangerine, turquoise and hot-pink prints are the perfect choice for spring and summer weddings. Daytime, warm-weather weddings are also a wonderful time to break out the wide-brimmed hat; if the wedding is at night, consider a lightweight sweater to protect yourself from cold air. If the wedding is in winter or fall, consider wearing colors that are a bit more muted, such as dark reds, browns and grays.

Location, Location, Location

Location is another factor that can influence your dress. If you are attending a beach wedding, for example, wearing heels is probably inappropriate; instead, opt for a nice pair of sandals. Also skip the stilettos if the wedding is on a lawn; wedges will give you height while keeping you from sinking into the earth. If the wedding is outdoors, try to also avoid any outfit that could be caught in the wind, such as a flowing skirt. If you are attending a church wedding (or if the marriage has religious undertones), don’t wear anything too revealing. For these events, it’s better to stray toward a conservative appearance.

Check the Invite for Clues

Many wedding invitations spell out what you need to wear. They may ask that you dress very formally (in this case, the invite will read “black tie”) or informally (in this case, the invite may read “casual dress”).

If the invite doesn’t specifically state either way, you may be able to make an educated guess based on the invitation’s style: something trendy with linen paper may indicate a more casual wedding, while vellum and velvet could imply something dressier. Specifically, the wedding is likely formal if the language is traditional, the paper is thick and the writing is black script. In this case, men should wear tuxedos or nice suits and women should wear long, formal dresses. These formal weddings are also ideal for fancy wraps and sparkling jewelry. The wedding is likely not as formal if the language is playful and if the invitations are fun. In this instance, men can wear a dress shirt and khakis, while women can wear a pant suit, an informal dress or a skirt.

Other Considerations

You should never make assumptions that lead to drastic dressing without asking first. For instance, if the wedding falls on Halloween, never assume you and your spouse will fit in when you show up in costume. Also, unless otherwise instructed by the bride and groom, avoid going “all out” for a themed wedding.

According to USA Today, Brides magazine reports that the average couple spends nearly $27,000 on their wedding. Thus, the wedding is really about them—and you can help keep it this way by honoring their wishes.


Working with a Live Wedding Band Agency – Things to Keep in Mind

One of the easiest ways to book a live wedding band for your big day is do it through an agency. However, before you deal with one, it is a good idea to become an informed customer by taking the tips below to heart.

There is something very special about having live music in a wedding. It makes the event feel more special and memorable, not to mention that it ensures guests will have a great time. No wonder a lot of to-be-wed couples hire live wedding bands to render the music for their big day.

Wedding Band Agency Working with a Live Wedding Band Agency – Things to Keep in Mind

If you happen to be looking at hiring live musicians for your wedding, keep in mind that the best ones get booked for gigs, anniversaries, and corporate events well in advance. As such, it is vital that you look around early on to ensure that you will snag the best act for your wedding day.  However, if you are not sure where to start and you cannot get recommendations from friends, one good option you can try is to book a live band through an agency.

Take note that an entertainment agency functions as the middle man in the hiring process. So depending on the agency you pick, they can either make everything easier or more complicated for you. Of course, between the two, you want to ensure you will find an agency that will make things as trouble-free as possible. So when you are ready to hire, here are some key points worth keeping in mind when dealing with an agency.

Research, research, research

As with anything else in life, not all entertainment agencies offering live band services are created equal. Some are there to provide clients with the best musicians, while others stay to make quick cash. So just as you would meticulously taste every food that will be served in your reception, the same care should go into checking out the reliability of an agency and the quality of their musicians.

Suppose you have zeroed in on two or more agencies. Carefully look at their experience and license and set up an interview to have a clear idea how they deal with clients. Also, be mindful how the agency representative answers all your questions and ensure they have insurance in place. This may require a little legwork on your part, but will ensure that you will be working with a company that has a reputation to uphold and can provide the best group for your big day.

Expect to pay more

While an established agency can be very helpful in making arrangements and dealing with financial matters and contracts with musicians, expect to pay more for these services. An agency will likely have to tack on a fee of about 10 to 20 percent on top of the cost of the musicians. So be sure to take this into account when preparing your budget.

Be clear about the musicians who will be playing on your wedding

While working with an agency, they will likely set up a showcase where you can see their bands perform or they may also give you the demo materials of their musicians. Whichever group you pick from the lot, be sure that you will see the same musicians in your wedding by having the agency specify the names of the musicians in your contract. Doing so will ensure that you will get who you have paid for.

Review the paperwork

Before you sign on the dotted line, thoroughly review the details in the contract. At the most it should specify the agreed cost, time and day of wedding, number and name of musicians, etc. In short, the contract should spell out everything that both you and the agency have agreed upon to avoid surprises down the road.

Lauren Bryant is an experienced writer who is particularly interested in providing wedding tips and advice. She is also a regular contributor for Northern Star Wedding Band Scotland.