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Wedges Vs Heels: Which is Best For You?



The wedge and heel have always been so close in style and yet so far in function. Suitable footwear for a night out asks the question: comfort of wedges versus the sexiness of heels. The lines between such contrasts are blurring as the wedge gets higher, bolder and more integrated into heel based styles while the heel now presents itself in a variety of different heights and more comfortable styles. Let’s take a look at the dilemma – heels vs. wedges.

Wedges Vs Heels1 1024x790 Wedges Vs Heels: Which is Best For You?

  1. Comfort

The heel has become more comfortable with lower, wider options now available and the chunky heel has presented the level of comfort every girl seeks on a night out, and still gives that powerful, sexy finish. However, one thing wedges will always win over on is the fact that they are ergonomically designed to hold weight across the greatest surface area, making them a clear winner for comfort.

Winner: The Wedge

  1. Height

Wedges range from the casual 1-2” to the stunning 4” and beyond, but nothing says height like a 7” heel. The higher the shoe, the more blocky effect the wedge can give which isn’t always flattering, yet the height of the heel from 2” to 7” always suits its function, from discretionary short to skyline high and slim.

Winner: The Heel

  1. Style

The wedge has extra room to present two-tone effects, prints and textures. The heel however has acquired an aspect of this advantage with the dawn of extra chunky heels coming onto the scene as of 2014. As per the case of height, the chunk in the wedge can add too much weight to any outfit, giving it an unflattering appearance. Chunky is definitely in this year, but not in the all-over sense of the wedge, which is why the chunky heel has been introduced.

Winner: The Heel

  1. Practicality

It’s winter; you’ve opted to wear a warm bodycon and need shoes to match. It’s a warm summer’s day and you’re hitting the streets in your favourite maxi-dress. You’re off for coffee in casual jeans and a top. While the heel dresses up any outfit, the wedge is the king of practicality for situations throughout the year that aren’t necessarily geared towards a night out.

Winner: The Wedge

  1. Health

As mentioned before, the wedge is designed with a greater surface area hence giving your body more surface area. But there’s much more than just bad posture and altered foot shape with heels. Studies have found that wearing heels can cause more serious issues, from permanent knee dislocation to shortened calf muscles to an injured Achilles tendon and even a bone enlargement in the heel called Haglund’s deformity – ouch!

Winner: The Wedge

While you may find yourself pining for the latest set of heels, it’s important to remember the staple additions to your wardrobe for comfort, practicality, health, style and height and while the heel is a sure winner for the night out, the wedge is a clear winner for all other occasions. So if you want your pennies to last longer, your health to remain intact and your choice be broadened, the wedge has got to be the first port of call!

Carlo Cretaro is a dedicated fashion blogger and social media expert writing on behalf of Fitzpatricks Shoes in Dublin, Ireland.

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