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Apps to Improve Your Life Style

One’s personality is reflected in the life style one leads. We all always try to improve our lifestyle and personality as it turns out to be the key to the lock of one’s happiness. In today’s world lifestyle and happiness is to some extent related to all these new technologies and gadgets that are available in the market. There are applications that help you to improve your lifestyle from cooking to learning exercises, even from shopping to keeping your accounts.

apps lifestyles Apps to Improve Your Life Style

Listed below are the 10 latest apps that would not only be helpful but also would improve your lifestyle to a large extent.

Shop savvy

This app would allow you to scan the bar code of the item you want to buy and would also compare the price from different retailers online and thus storefronts. This is an android app and is available to every android device.


This application is a calendar based application; it has several parts such as appointments where you will be able to store them. It also contains to do list and reminders and you can even create and store your grocery list. It has an alarm which would inform you about any events or appointments you have stored. This app is available for iPad, iPhone and even android.


This application allows its users to establish a link and check their savings, all investments accounts at the same place, credit cards. You can even manage and budget your money. This application is web, android and iPhone based.


By the very name you can understand that this is a stress management app. it helps you to reduce stress through exercises, motivational statements and conformations. This app is only available for iPhone.


This app helps you to locate anything from restaurants to theaters to stores. This app takes help of your phone group to perform its job. This is an iPhone based app.


This app is for iPhone uses only. It would allow to you to use Google talk. From truphone you can Skype other people absolutely free.

Ping chat

This is one of the most popular among apps; through this app you will be able to talk to all your friends at one place such as a chat room. Your friends and even you can text, send messages to your friends and even send videos in one location. This app is free but only for iPhone.


This is the perfect answer to all your fitness related questions. You would find all types of exercises if you are beginners or you want to check out intermediate routine or all advanced level workouts. This app gives you instructions; you can customize your own workout routines.


When we are thinking about fitness we cannot miss out on what kind of diet chart we need to follow. This app is related to diet, it counts calories by tracking you food intake in every meal and even fluid intake. Here you can set your goal weight and this app would calculate and fix a diet chart for you, based on the goal you want to achieve and your current condition.


This is an app which would allow you to create your own station and different categories of music. Pandora also arranges music according to the taste of the user.

Author Bio:

This post is by Sachin. He is a full time writer and a blogger. He loves to write on technology and all related topics. He has also written many guest posts for gadget blog. If you are a tech lover then you will surely find this post interesting and useful.


Socks: The New Tights For Spring

Sandals are the most comfortable footwear you could ever put on your feet for those warmer spring days and evenings. The question is would you wear stylish fashion sandals with a pair of socks?

There was a time when wearing sandals with socks was the sort of look a girl would never even think about. But things have changed because this season it’s one of the hottest trends around. With a fab choice of sandals and socks to choose from mixing and matching your footwear with pairs of trendy socks has suddenly turned into fun!

tight shoes Socks: The New Tights For Spring

Naturally, there’s a great choice of cute socks around too, some with bold statement patterns while others boast delicate, delightful prints. Whichever design you choose to match up with pair of new sandals the one thing you can be sure of is you’ve just added another dimension to an outfit. For those who want to achieve a more discreet look, the option to keep it simple is there too because nude socks are just as hot!

Up or Down: Socks are Cool!

Wear them up or wear them pulled down, the sock appeal is here to stay. Wrinkled socks dumped around ankles are no longer an Ena Sharples’ look because this catwalk trend has made its mark. If the truth be known the socks and sandal experience has been making its mark for a few seasons now, but this spring it has really taken hold with the help of the best designers in the world, that is!

The great part about it all is that socks are a hit to wear with wedges, flat lace-ups, platforms and sandals of every kind, stacked heels or sneakers look great too. Designers came up with some great looks on the runways with Margaret Howell and John Galliano’s sandals and sock combinations really making an impression on fashionistas all over the globe.

Socks scrunched up and pulled down are a great way of disguising thicker ankles – choose a pair of platforms or wedge sandals, it’s a great combination to wear with a printed floral pattern frock – darker colors help with the illusion!

Getting it Right

The trick to wearing sandals and socks with style is to go ‘casual’ – create a relaxed look and don’t try to look too posh! Play with a look that leans towards funky or even a little geeky – it’s a great way to make the combination work. The catwalks and runways of the world gave fashionistas a great insight as to how to pull it off with style and flair.

Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Daks to name but four of the greatest designers on the planet mixed and matched socks and leg-warmers with fabulous footwear of every shape and design. High heel sandals, Modal in Pelle strappy glitzy sandals, wedges and super wedges all worn with socks and outfits of every kind looked fab on the runways!

A Fifties Style Back With Flair

Wearing sandals and socks is such a fifties look that’s so hot this spring, the difference being the looks today have much more flair! Trends come and they go but this season one fashion ‘faux pas’ has suddenly become one of the hottest trends around – wearing lovely summer fashion sandals with cute trendy toe warming socks and it’s definitely a WOW!

Written by: Natasha Brown – a bubbly fashionista who loves to talk fashion.


Celebrity-Inspired Styling Lessons for Plus Size Ladies

When you are a plus sized lady, it’s hard to really feel like you can look your best when all of the fashion role models out there are a size 0! I have certainly suffered from the lack of fashionable women who resemble me in shape, but the truth is that beauty knows absolutely no size. As with so many things, it’s all about the packaging! Turn to glam actresses like Rebel Wilson, Gabourey Sidibe, and Kirstie Alley when you need a style that is all your own.

First, understand that one reason why clothes always look better on actors is that they are tailored to fit. Even if an actor talks about getting clothing off the rack, you can bet a fair amount of cash on the fact that they take those clothes from the rack straight to their tailor! Choose a piece of clothing that fits you well through your largest dimension, and find an alterations shop that will tailor the rest to suit.

Go bold.

For years, plus sized women have been told that they need to stay in dark clothes and that they must at all costs avoid patterns, as these items make them look larger. As anyone who has been in plus sized clothing will tell you though, these tricks don’t fool anyone, and in many cases, dressing darker only makes you look frumpy. Experiment with color, and remember that you have a favorite color for a reason. In many cases, we are drawn to the colors that look best on us!


There is something to be said for the plain and elegant look, but the right accessory can bring your outfit into sharp relief. For instance, take a moment to consider choosing a tunic and jeans for the day, but don’t be afraid to dress it up with a series of narrow bangles or a signature pendant. Make sure that your accessories match each other even as they complement your outfit.

Finish & polish your look

Remember that the more finished and the more polished you look, the better you are going to feel. This does not mean that you need to wear a three-piece suit unless you really want to, however. Instead the key is to make sure that each outfit that you pick is a deliberate choice. There is definitely a place for items that you just throw on, but taking the time to seriously consider how each piece works with each other piece is a great choice.

Consider a pencil skirt

There is always a lot of talk about who can or cannot wear a pencil skirt, but you will discover that if you choose the right one, you are going to be in great shape. If you want to give yourself a rather sleek silhouette, wear the pencil skirt with a very wide belt that can double as a waist cincher if you are really looking for a classic fifties look.

I’ve also found that a little bit of flutter goes a long way. If you are a plus sized woman, you might be haunted by the muumuu, a rather unflattering maxi dress. On the other hand, consider throwing a shawl, a cape or a scarf around your shoulders to give your silhouette some dynamic action. If you watched the Oscars this year, plenty of plus sized actresses were showing off a bit of flutter in dresses that were more frilly than average.

 image001 1024x688 Celebrity Inspired Styling Lessons for Plus Size Ladies

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When you want to shop, make sure that you consider fashionable plus size clothing at The styles available can add a great deal of color and style to your closet, so remember what your options are like. Don’t think that you have to dress in drab colors just because you are larger!


While Planning Your Wedding Gift Registry

Of all the things, couples love to discuss with each other and plan their wedding so as to celebrate this day. They would reveal each and every wish that they might have ever made in context of their marriage.

Needless to mention, almost every couple desire to make their wedding memorable and most significantly special, in every possible way. That indispensably includes planning your wedding gift registry list too. Isn’t it?

The problem is that there have always been few traditional items that people enlist in their wedding registry. Reason being, they either let it go the way it has always been, because they are already much occupied with other preparations and all. Besides, they might also lack an idea of what to include in it, and what not. However, the fact is, wedding registries can include each and everything as per your choice and preferences.

wedding gift white flower While Planning Your Wedding Gift Registry

Why Pots and Pans?

Yes, accepted, that these would be of great use in your married life. In-fact you might use them every day to prepare omelet’s, sauces and pancakes. However, pots and pans have been quite traditional items on the bridal registry list.

Instead, you may opt for some more creative alternatives, like a collection of recipes from world’s best chefs, international cuisine classes etc. Sooner or later, these pots and pans mightn’t be usable enough. After sufficient usages, of course you will have no other option than to just replace those with a newer one.

On the other hand, if you prefer other alternatives like a collection of the best recipes, or international cuisine classes, then you will learn to make new dishes, which is really great. Just imagine, no matter whatever he demands you to prepare in the food, you would be efficient with that. Doesn’t it sound really great to possess the art of making dishes from each and every corner of the world?

Just a Bag Packed Luggage or an Actual Trip?

What would be your choice? Well, an upright ready bag is usually on everybody’s bridal gift registry, and yes it’s not a bad choice. Just after your marriage, you have a back packed ready luggage with all the necessary stuff to be taken in a trip. Sounds fantastic, right?

Yet, a trip to one of the most exotic locations would be a far better idea, isn’t it? C’mon, your marriage is special, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, makes it remarkable for your lifetime, a memorable trip would of course be a great idea.

Formal Dinnerware or Dinner at an Exclusive Network

All those couples who enlisted the common formal dinnerware in their wedding registry soon realized that it has been of very little use. They use it rarely, in-fact soon the set finds it place in one of the corners of the room.

Instead, you may prefer a dinner planned at one of the finest restaurants in the city. That would of course be memorable, sweet, and you both will cherish the moments together. Anyways, a quality time together is much more preferable over a materialistic gift, and that too of little use.

Author bio:

Winnie Peterson is a fashion’s guru and gives a lot of advice when it comes to classical weddings. When it comes to gifts, she mentions that wedding registry as one of the best ways of giving a wedding color and memories that will last.

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Things to Keep in Mind before Shopping for a Wedding Dress

By:  Anthony Mason, the author of this article, is a freelance writer who enjoys discovering new trends in the wedding industry.

The wedding date has been set. The wedding organizer has been chosen. The ball has started rolling. In a few months, you and your significant other would be embarking on a journey of forever and you couldn’t have been more ready. However, before you can proceed, you need to take care of several things – the list of wedding guests, the venue, the entourage, the food, and of course, your wedding dress.

best wedding dress 2013 Things to Keep in Mind before Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Indeed, your wedding dress is one of the most important things you can ever purchase in relation to your wedding. While the focal point of any wedding is the couple tying the knot, a bride’s choice of dress speaks volumes of how much she cherishes that special moment.

Of course, you need to understand that not all wedding gowns are created equal. With that said, you can equate finding the perfect wedding gown to finding a needle in a haystack. As much as possible, you want to everyone to remember every detail of our wedding dress; thus, the need to find the perfect, if not the closest to perfect, dress.

Some women would rather have theirs custom made. Obviously, if you have the luxury of time, this is the best route to take. At least, it would give you a chance to have your say about your dress. Nevertheless, if you are pressed for time or if you simply don’t want to add to your full plate, buying a dress would be the best option. However, if you decide to opt for an off-the-rack wedding dress and even before you go to a wedding dress store, it’s important that you have already set ground rules regarding the dress you will be picking.

It would be a good idea to make a list of the things you want your wedding dress to be. There usually are four elements to a breathtaking dress for weddings – the style, the fabric, the design, and the features. In the list that you would be making, list all the possible styles you want. While you’re at it, try to sketch a few designs that you think would look best on you. Moreover, make a list of the type of neckline, sleeves, and even the hem that you want. These features add to the stunning beauty of wedding gowns.

Making a list would also stop you from settling on the first gown that you see. Having a list would help you narrow your choices to a select few, making the process of shopping for a wedding dress less taxing. With your handy list, you can try on as many different styles as indicated on it. You won’t be veering too far away from your ideal wedding dress, and at the same time, you won’t be overwhelmed much.

Ready-to-wear wedding dresses can be a tad frustrating especially when you zero in on the perfect one and realize it’s too small or too big. If it’s the former, you have no choice but to go for a different style. Nevertheless, if it’s the latter, you should realize that you could actually ask the salesclerk to ado alterations. Also, don’t let pushy sales clerks to pressure you into getting a dress that you don’t want. Many brides have succumbed to the pressure and regretted their decision. Remember, it is your wedding, you would be wearing the dress, and you’re the one who’s going to be the focus of attention. That being said, it’s only proper and fitting to choose a dress that you want.

Keeping these simple tips in mind would make shopping for your wedding dress a truly enjoyable experience for you

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Hugo Boss Polos and Other Men’s Designer Clothing

There is so much variety in men’s designer clothing from Hugo Boss polos to Ralph Lauren shoes.  Each man has his own preferences and style, so choosing the right clothing is a personal and subjective decision.  One way to begin making the right selections is to consider what you need and build from there.  Most men may begin with smart hugo boss polos from and bottoms, but there are also other things such as shoes and accessories as well as outer wear that help complete any ensemble.

hugo boss polos a32435 817x1024 Hugo Boss Polos and Other Mens Designer Clothing

When starting with tops, it always helps to begin with the shirt.  You may need a casual button down or you may need a sweater for the colder months.  In either case, look for colors in which you feel comfortable and do not mind wearing over a long period of time.  For instance, many men’s tops come in neutral and earth tones, but more designers are playing with brighter colors including reds, pinks, blues and warm weather tones.

Once you have decided upon a top, you can work your way to the bottom.  You may think of slacks and chinos when you consider designer menswear, but you will also find that many high-end names include various styles of jeans for men.  You can find skinny jeans as well as relaxed fit styles suitable to your preferences.  Of course, you may also need a nice pair of khakis you can wear to the office that will work just as well after work.

Many may think that women have a thing for shoes, but many men also know the value of good footwear.  Men have lots of choices in designer sneakers and trainers, but they also have other options in dress shoes to go with a three-piece suit.  Boots are also popular among many and specialty wear such as slip-ons are also available in designer styles.  You may also like a good pair of loafers or designer hiking boots for a rugged look.

Accessories are also useful to add a unique accent or put an ensemble just over the top.  Cufflinks and ties are like icing on a nice suit.  Even if you are wearing a simple polo shirt and jeans from, you can use accessories including hats and sunglasses to complete the laid back and relaxed look you seek.  Designers even make socks and other accessories such as handkerchiefs for men that provide unique details to the most casual ensembles.

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Designer Clothes for Kids

Getting clothes for your children can be a little difficult at times. When your children are younger, they are going to continue growing. In cases like this, you are going to have to keep buying clothes again and again. It is important to therefore be smart about this. When looking at different things like the Strawberry Children’s Armani Junior collection, you can always choose clothes that are a little bit too big for your child. This means that the clothes will last longer. Your children are going to grow into them eventually.

designer clothes for kids a234 Designer Clothes for Kids

The type of clothes that you choose for your child will also depend on what they do. A lot of the time, children, especially boys, like to run outside and play in the mud. It is probably a good idea to get clothes that are designed for wear and tear. This does not mean that you cannot get them a few nice articles of clothing now and then. These articles of clothing, such as small suits, can be then kept for special occasions. You can also get a number of different accessories depending on where you look. If your children are going with you to a wedding or another kind of special occasion, then it is a good idea to get them clothes that you know will last.

When shopping for children’s clothes, make sure to look online. There may be a couple of different deals depending on the time of the year. There are also a few interesting deals at the start of the year. These sales are normally held in January. This is because there is a lot of stock which has been left over from the Christmas period. Retailers often throw these sales to ensure that their stock is gotten rid of, so you can get some very cheap, quality clothing here.

The Internet is another great place to look. You no longer have to even leave your house if you want to go shopping. You can just take a look online and have the clothes delivered. One of the benefits to shopping in town, however, is that you will be able to try on the clothes before you buy them.

Shopping for kids can be difficult, but by knowing where to look, you can get it out of the way quickly. You always want the best for your children and now you will be able to find it.

It is always a good idea to have a varied wardrobe, and kids are going to be included in this. Make sure to keep an eye out for anything that might last for a little longer if you can find it. This will help to add more variety.


The Latest in Dog Fashion

Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying a dog is merely a fashion accessory. But if I want to primp the canine a little bit, does that mean I love him any less? I certainly don’t neglect him in any way, I am no Paris Hilton – he is not carried around in my handbag, but is still a proper dog! Just a prettier version of himself that enhances my own stylishness in a convenient way.

dog fashion a34 The Latest in Dog Fashion

I am almost a bit disappointed my dog isn’t a girl because there are so many cute dresses around, especially for small dogs. Some days I am actually tempted to have my dog cross-dress! They come in all shapes and colours, and especially frilly tutus are to die for, if you ask me! I have also seen denim dresses on terriers, now that is something you don’t see every day. Very tasteful though. And I have a soft spot for dog dresses that come with matching hats. Some may even have a matching handbag, though I am not sure this is not going over the top a bit. Still, I suppose it can work on the right dog! My dog is a big, fluffy bobtail, so I obviously had to come up with an alternative. Because handbags and ruffles would not even work on a Bobtail girl. That actually makes me think of East German gymnasts!

However, my canine buddy certainly makes up for the fact that he cannot pull off a feminine attire. It was a bit of a struggle, but now, with my help, he has discovered his style. His style, that entails mostly baggy jumpers in all sorts of patterns. If we don’t have to leave the house, but get ourselves comfortable at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we may opt for a jumper with really long sleeves that drag along the floor. It’s unbearably cute. Of course I may be biased, but I think a Yorkshire Terrier in a frilly dress has got nothing on my shaggy friend. Especially when the jumper he wears has elbow patches!

Another option for large dogs are neckties and scarves of course. It’s even easier to have your dog’s attire match yours that way, since scarves are not very expensive and you can assemble a large collection over time. My doggy literally has about a million neckties just to himself in all sorts of different shades. They are especially ravishing when they match with his lead and collar, so he actually has quite a few different ones of those, too. And for special occasions that require that extra bit of chic, he has a black bow tie and a waistcoat. Of course, these accessories come out whenever my little black dress does. They say dogs start to resemble their owners – or vice versa!

It can’t be all chic and glamour though. Dogs also need some practical clothing, such as a rain cape. The fact that they generally look adorable in such attire is no hindrance! They can also pull off all the violent colours we humans generally can’t – I am thinking violent yellow or pink. Though if that will go with any outfit of mine I don’t know…

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Trendy Girls School Trousers

Parents and guardians are ensuring that their children, especially the girls, are the best and most appropriately dressed in their classrooms. They can accomplish this with the wide variety of schoolwear that is available including girls school trousers at Uniforms for school come in all sizes and shapes and can serve as motivation for the children to attend school. Which child will not want to go to school to show off his or her fashionable back to school clothes to friends?

school girls trousers 716x1024 Trendy Girls School Trousers

Smart school trousers for girls are found in the regular stretch, pleated and belted designs which are mostly seen in the section of physical and online stores that sell back to school uniform supplies. Also, there are girl’s casual trousers that are of the most recent trend which can be worn anywhere and everywhere. As girls are the softer sex, their clothes should make them feel beautiful while giving them the protection they need.

Because the school trousers face the hardest part of each day they might fade fast. However, with the competitive prices that these trousers are going for, parents will find that it is affordable to update the wardrobes of their children as frequently as required. While girl’s school trousers will remain in fashion, the designs and cuts vary, and the clothing in stores is updated accordingly.

School trousers also come in a wide selection of colours and styles. The trousers for girls are specifically designed to be in line with what is required for appropriate school clothes. They are made with materials such as natural cotton to provide comfort along with elegance.

Making a fashion statement does not have to cost an arm and a leg. School trousers are available in several designs to make the children look as well as feel great.

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What Are The Importance of Consuming Healthy Diet?

People have to maintain their healthy and lean body in order to survive and live long in this world. There are different things that can make you maintain the body that you have now. If you are one of those people who are serious about your goal to be in good shape, you need to consider eating healthy foods. A diet program is one of the greatest factors that affect your weight loss. In this article, you will find the different reasons that will justify the importance of healthy diet food delivery in maintaining your good shape.

Healthy YOU1 1024x679 What Are The Importance of Consuming Healthy Diet?

Reduces the tendency of catching diseases

One of the reasons why a lot of people are getting diseases that are connected to the systems such as the heart is the food that they are eating. If you really want to be free from heart diseases and high blood pressure, you need to choose what you eat. Eating more fruits and vegetables is better than including meat in your everyday meal. Different conditions including diabetes and heart diseases can be triggered by your diet. Too much intake of sugar can worsen your genetically transferred condition. Many people were able to get away from the negative effects of their conditions just by choosing the right food.

Neutralizes your weight

If you are thinking about maintaining your weight, you need to make sure that you are eating the right food. Processed foods contain great amount of calories that can make you fat and overweight. If you can just turn to natural foods such as fruits, seafood and vegetables, it would be easier for you to maintain a healthy weight. If you would compare a person who is just in a strict healthy diet to a person who does not have any control when it comes to what he is eating, you will realize the discrepancy in their weight and structure. You do not really have to starve yourself and exercise everyday just to make sure that you are maintaining a great shape. Most of the time, a healthy diet is more important than thirty minutes of daily exercise.

Strengthens the immune system

Having a healthy body means having an immune system that can fight any types of complications. Healthy diet can help maintain a sound body. The vitamins and minerals that are found in healthy foods can help strengthen your defenses against sicknesses. Instead of spending your money on medicines for nutritional deficiencies, you can just eat healthy foods and be saved from any unwanted conditions. Always remember that the immune system is dependent on what you take and what you do. Aside from regular exercise, you should consider picking what you eat. You should also check the calorie content of what you are including in your meal.

If you are thinking about the best diet that works fast, a healthy one is your best option. If you are eating enough amount of healthy food that will not give negative effects to your body, you will be sure that you are going to stay in great shape. If you would ask your doctor or dietitian, you will surely hear the same thing. Even if you exercise regularly, you will never stay in great shape if you are not eating the right food.

Author Bio:

Dannie Gilbertson is a former collegiate athlete as well as a health & fitness enthusiast who writes on topics such as diets that work fast, exercise, general health, and nutrition for Diet Brand Reviews.