Fashion Bags Know No Bounds

Every woman has a closet full of bags in every color, size, and style. Why are they endlessly exciting as accessory purchases? What could possibly be new? Every day when she rises, a woman has the joy of selecting her outfit and shoes – and best of all, her accompanying handbag. With a glint in her eye, she surveys the shelves laden with the latest in clutches, satchels, doctor bags, cross body bags, totes, and more. If she is lucky (and prosperous), she has a Prada or two, maybe a Gucci, a Chloe, and a coveted Chanel.

new messenger cross body bags Fashion Bags Know No Bounds

Ordinary people shop in department stores or on line and content themselves with nice middle-of-the road or even discount brands. A true fashionista worth her salt doesn’t just buy a bag; however, she “invests” in one. This is the era of $2,000 bags for the average working girl up to a $25,000 or more for a Hermes for the budding socialite. Fashion bags know no bounds. They are pricey to be sure, on a level with buying a new car! What is the mystique causing such excess? Savvy women know the power of the handbag of the right ilk. Having a Valentino or a Balenciaga is instant status and immediate envy. The sale of luxury bags is soaring and no one is immune.

How do you get one? For the rich, a trip to Rodeo Drive or Rue St. Honore is simple. This is the stomping ground of fashion-forward women around the world. For the rest of us, the internet brings the process into your living room with an ample selection of new and used offerings at hand. Now you can compare prices at a glance and watch for the latest collections to arrive. Yes, there are waiting lists for some of these, but that is part of the cachet of luxury designer bags. Scoring a great one ups your stature in a flash. Clever women know that pre-owned bags are a short cut to the top of the fashion heap if they are in excellent condition. Even bags a few years old are desired if in a classic but popular style. Rarity counts in the world of couture and instantly marks the owner as shrewd and discerning. All things considered, only a woman who is in the know and on top of the trends can outsmart her rivals with the best selections.

When is a fad a fiasco? Buying the wrong designer at the wrong price can be a disaster not only for your budget but for your ego. Few women can make a key purchase a year, if that. Irreparable mistakes can be death. Sure, you can sell the ill-fated bag on eBay, but at what loss? Fortunately there are great blogs and websites out there to guide you as to what the celebrities are wearing (this counts for a lot!) and where trends are heading. Expense is no object for the stars and women who want to emulate them will jump in pocket book first to join the “I have to have it” panic. We live in an affluent world for sure if the sale of luxurious designer handbags is any indication!

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Picking The Perfect Jewellery Box 101

You’re a lucky girl; your partner has just splashed out a months’ worth of savings to net you that sparkling jewellery that will make you talk of the street. Unfortunately, as soon as you return home, it’s left on the side to rot.

Perfect Jewellery Box Picking The Perfect Jewellery Box 101

This is the exact situation that occurs with many people, who don’t decide to invest in an adequate jewellery box. An era or two ago, jewellery boxes were big business and women would spend good money in finding a decent place for their rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatever else to be stored. However, nowadays it doesn’t seem to be quite as important although considering the various risks that are associated with jewellery, you have to question why this is the case. For starters, there is the obvious issue of items going missing, while many forget that a lot of jewellery is susceptible to discolouration and other defects if it is not stored correctly.

Bearing this in mind, the remainder of this article is going to walk through the various factors that should be considered whilst purchasing a jewellery box. Of course, there are now plenty of other ways to store jewellery and if we were to take a specific example, a jewellery tree is probably the next most popular one. Nevertheless, we’re going to concentrate on the most traditional and secure method, as we delve into what you need to think of when buying your next jewellery box.

Don’t cheap out

Aside from the security and conditioning, the whole point of getting a jewellery box is so your pieces are not sprawled around the house, cluttering desks up. Therefore, it’s got to look good, and most cheap materials don’t cut it. Wood is by far and away the most popular option and if you are looking for that premium finish, this is the one you should go for. Fabrics can work as well, but there are obvious durability issues – particularly if you have a lot of jewellery that is going to weigh the casing down.

Opt for lots of cushioning

This really shouldn’t be an option – it’s a necessity. There’s a reason why jewellery boxes arrive with padded foam, and it’s not to keep your prize possessions comfy. Scientific studies have proven that jewellery deteriorates when it experiences too much contact with the air, with cosmetic pieces generally the ones that fail first. Therefore, the cushioning helps to reduce the air flow around the box and will hopefully preserve your pieces for much longer.

Do you need security?

If you’re not interested in security, some may argue that the jewellery tree or a similar storage option should be considered. However, most modern cases arrive with a key to keep unwanted hands away. Admittedly, they’re not too reliable if your house gets burgled, but if you’re just trying to keep your daughter from constantly borrowing your most valuable possessions it might be advisable to purchase one with a locking mechanism.

How many compartments do you need?

If your jewellery collection is quite low, the answer to this question is quite self-explanatory. It’s certainly not advisable to crunch all of your pieces together in the same drawer and the general rule is to always have a little more space inside than you actually need. Therefore, you should look to have at least several compartments to separate your gold’s, silvers, or even the types of pieces in your collection.

Designer Collection,

New Clothing Lines Offer More Choices for Young Girls

Many parents have become frustrated with the clothing on the market for young girls. They said that girls have very few options available. Most clothing companies make clothes that are pink or are otherwise made to distinguish the differences between the genders.

Many feminists have complained about the lack of options available to children who don’t want to confine themselves to stereotypical gender roles. Many girls are interested in sports and other things that larger companies don’t consider when they make clothing lines. This limits the options of many parents.

Several new companies are starting to offer more options that don’t extenuate the differences as much. You may want to know about these clothing lines and consider using them for your child.

New Clothing Lines New Clothing Lines Offer More Choices for Young Girls

Benefits of New Clothing Lines

Many traditional clothing companies seem to make a lot of assumptions about what different genders want. They don’t seem to see children as individuals who have their own personalities and preferences. These generalizations end up hurting children who don’t want to go along with the status quo.

These new lines will help young girls find clothing that suits their needs. You may want to look into them if your daughter is more of a tomboy or simply isn’t interested in the clothing available in most stores.

Girls Are Happy With New Clothing Options

Many girls are happy that they finally have the opportunity to buy lines of clothing that fit their needs. Grace Gericke and Maya Choksi are two cousins who decided that they weren’t interested in dressing in normal girls’ clothes. They made this decision when they were three years old and their parents tried to accommodate them as much as possible.

Unfortunately, Grace and Maya’s parents had trouble finding clothing that their daughters wanted to wear. The only clothing that they could find was in the boy’s section of clothing stores.

Grace and Maya’s mothers discussed their ordeals at family gatherings. Laura Burns and Sharon Burns Choksi eventually started their own clothing company that sells clothing their daughters and other girls are interested in.

Laura and Sharon did a number of different things to distinguish their clothing from other lines. Here are some of the differences between the two lines of clothing:

  • Their clothes feature baseball, basketball and other sports.
  • Some of the clothing has mottos that help inspire girls’ confidence.
  • They use classic iron on clothing labels to make the clothing unique.

Grace and Maya are both very happy with the clothing their mothers created. Other mothers are interested in this clothing as well.

Other Companies Following Suit

Laura and Sharon aren’t the only disgruntled parents who decided to create their own clothing lines. Several other parents have started making gender neutral clothing for their daughters and other young girls who don’t want to buy traditional girl’s clothing. One firm in New England is operating a similar model and has become very popular.

This may be the beginning of a new trend. Traditional clothing companies may start changing their lines of girls’ clothing and adding more gender neutral options.

About the Author: Kalen is a freelance lifestyle and family writer. He shares tips about parenting and consumerism.


Ideas: Win a Child Talent Show

A lot of parents get excited if they get a chance to take their baby to talent shows where they can see their little ones highlighting their talents. A baby talent show is an awesome platform to build a good career in modeling or in any entertainment industry. Now a day’s talent shows are extremely popular and attract a lot of viewer, not only that they also opened up few career choices for their participants.

Joining a baby contest can be pricey. Sometimes you may find information on different competition in websites and baby product packages. These are great ways to win some complementary products. But winning a baby competition is not that easy. So it’s better to follow certain tips on how to win a baby contest.

child talent show Ideas: Win a Child Talent Show


Enrolling your baby in any contest is not a tough task. With the facility of internet you can browse through various baby contests online and can join one without any hassle. You can settle down in your home and participate in as many competitions you want. Through this way you can easily judge which one to choose to be successful and which to leave. Try to choose a contest that gives importance to merit.

Give importance

Don’t be sluggish while filling up the entry form because you may have to provide vital information and make sure to present the best pictures of your baby. Once you start participating in these competitions you will understand the nature of these contests and on what areas the judges are giving importance. Be unique, this will help your baby to stand out of others and will also help your baby to establish a distinct identity in the mix. You will be astonished to notice how easily you are wining prizes from these competitions by simply submitting pictures. Don’t get disheartened if you failed to win big prizes because the experienced you gained from these competitions will give you enough insights on how to win a baby contest.

Talent agency or coach

Hiring a talent coach can also be a good option to prepare your child for any contest. They are very professional and can exactly figure out what needs to be done to be successful. They always have certain unique techniques through which they can nurture your baby and make him or her presentable in competitions.

Be an opportunist

There are certain competitions where you need to give more effort. You should be looking for these opportunities as certain parents will be lazy enough to join these contests. If you can give a little bit more effort you will have high chance to celebrate the victory. If you want to participate in a photo contest, you should be choosy while selecting photographs. You might have to sacrifice your choice and give importance to what judges are expecting.


You should have quality pictures of your baby to make an impression in front of the judge. While taking pictures you must select a proper background. Make sure it doesn’t have any kind of distraction.

Prepare early

Start preparation at an early stage. Select your baby’s outfit that he or she is going to wear in the contest.  If you want your baby to carry props then make sure it is working properly. Last but not the least; try to have one “emergency repair kit” to be on the safe side.

You should remember few things while participating in a baby contest. With proper planning and little effort you can easily be a winner.


Photo Booth Business – Things You Must Keep in Mind before Starting

If you want to run a photo booth business then you must be careful about it. Since the competition is very high in this field so you must confirm that your service has some thing unique and special to attract the clients. The demand of photo booth service is very high in today’s society. People like to have this event in their parties and receptions. This is a great fun for the guests. So if you cannot be able to provide your service in an exclusive manner then your competitors will take the market from you.

Before you look for any StrikeaPose photo booths for sale there are some factors that you need to be careful about if you want to get a good position in the market of photo booth hiring business.

Good Quality Camera:

You need to have a good quality camera in your photo booth. This is the main ingredient of your business and you have to be sure about its high quality. Normally a photo booth can have either digital camera or a classic one. Digital cameras provide better quality photos than the classic ones. If your clients find that the camera is not able to give them some great snaps then they may not feel interested to hire your service. So you must make sure that you have the best one. Do not use the “web cam” cameras inside since they provide very poor quality resolution of the pictures. You try to install a DSLR camera inside the booth so that your clients will get their desired photos in the best form.

Photo Booth Business Photo Booth Business – Things You Must Keep in Mind before Starting

Best Quality Printer:

Camera is not the only thing that can determine the quality of a picture. There is the printer that plays a vital role when it comes to the photographs. You must install best quality printers inside your booth so that you can give the best print of the photos to your clients. Use the “sub dye” printers instead of any regular photo printers in order to make it sure that the print will be nice and attractive. This type pf printer uses ribbon type of ink which is able to provide you professional print like any photo studio.

Exclusive Packages:

Apart from having the best technology inside your booth, you need to offer some extra service to your clients in order to attract them. You can offer them some exclusive packages along with your regular pricing. For example, you can offer a discount on your service if it is hired for an overnight party. For parties on weekdays you can offer some customized packages as well. This will definitely attract your clients.

Be Gentle and Helpful:

You need to be gentle and helpful to be a successful photo booth hiring business owners. At the initial level you may need to go to the events by yourself (later when the business expand you can hire some trained workers for that). In such cases you must be cooperative with the clients and help them to capture their memorable moments with the help of your photo booth.

Your right attitude with the latest technologies will help you to achieve a good position in the business of photo booth hiring.

Author Bio: Anny Smith is a well known writer in the world of web publication. You can read her articles to get ideas about StrikeaPose photo booths for sale.


What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

Once upon a time, people simply wore anything that took their fancy. Nowadays, the fashion industry has changed phenomenally and if you were to ask someone what to wear for a specific occasion, they would most likely give you a detailed breakdown on what suits your neckline, waistline and a whole host of other issues.

Funnily enough, the above spreads right to the lips and the industry says that your lipstick says a lot more about you than what your favourite colour is. In fact, it can stretch right through to your personality and without even knowing, you may have told someone exactly who you are by merely flashing your lips.

Lipstick What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

While the above certainly might appear a little too abstract for some people, the theory might come more obvious when you take a look at your lipstick in the cupboard. It should be stated that we’re only referring to used lipstick and if you take a look at your current stick, analyse whether it correlates to the personalities that are described below.

Original Shape

If your lipstick still looks like exactly how you purchased it, whether it was from the local cosmetic store or a large online brand such as, the experts say that you’re a reserved and balanced individual. This is because the lipstick is still in its original shape, suggesting that you like to stick to a plan and not perform anything too exuberant.


Alternatively, if it is completely flat at the top, you’ll be seen as a straightforward and trustworthy person. The fact that the lipstick is flat means that you like things to be done perfectly, with your attention to detail second to none.

High on One Side

If your lipstick appears to be higher on one side than the other, it’s generally assumed that you have to deal with a lot of stress in your life. In fact, some who look into it deeper and suggest that you could have multiple personalities – with one side of the lipstick reserved for the work environment while the other for social events. The tip of the lipstick will tend to be formed during those stressful situations – i.e., at work.

The Leaner

While it might seem a bit deformed, the experts say that the leaning lipstick owner is someone who is extremely opinionated, but again has another side to them which is often a lot more light. Again, both sides of the lean are meant to highlight this, with the side that’s leaning said to be the one to indicate the more stressful occasions.


The pointed lipstick shape is arguably one of the most interesting as if it’s too sharp, it can indicate meanness. If on the other hand it’s quite a mild point, the general assumption is that the person is ambitious and fair.


Dressing for Your Finance Internship

You’ve worked hard to perfect your resume, created an impeccable cover letter and have rocked the house down at your interview to get your hands on that dream internship. Congratulations! Now that you’ve got it all lined up, I’ve got a question: have you thought about what you’re going to wear to the office to look like the professional you are? Well, if you haven’t, then here are a few tips for you to follow.

Handshake Dressing for Your Finance Internship

Who’s Your Audience?

Before deciding what to wear to work, think about who your audience is. Being an intern, you are not going to dress up for yourself. Instead, you would be doing so for your superiors and clients. After all, they’re going to keep a strict eye on your clothing just to make sure that you appear professional at all times. However, the rules on clothing typically differ from firm to firm, which is why it is best for you to learn about the dress and culture beforehand.

The Basics Are Just Fine

For all you guys out there, stick with the traditional gray and solid navy. Throw in a pinstripe, but just make sure that the overall look is conventional. If you find solids boring, you could even try out a patterned shirt or tie. Plaids are a major no-no for the simple reason that they’re too loud for the workplace. Also, don’t forget to stock up on solid white and blue shirts: these work with just about everything!

As for the ladies, we know that you’re going to look at countless people with suits on during your finance internship, but that doesn’t mean you need to look like Hilary Clinton’s! Remember, suits can get stuffy and probably aren’t necessary for interns. Instead, consider mixing and matching varying separates, while making sure that your accessories are professional and simple. Classic pencil skirts and business dresses are good choices. Avoid are metallic prints and sequins. Use neutral colors, and make sure to stay away from denim and cargo pants!

When it comes to materials, fabrics that wear well and look tailored often cost more (wool, for instance, is a classic professional fabric that can come at a hefty price). For this reason, remember to stick to the basics and stock up slowly. Fewer high-quality pieces is better than many low-quality ones. Buy just a few new pieces each season to gradually improve your wardrobe.

Don’t Buy Cheap Shoes

Believe it or not, your shoes can really make a statement about your personality, and you don’t want to look cheap! Never walk in to work with square-toed shoes; they’re the worst! Also, make sure that you have at least one pair of black and one pair of brown shoes, as well as black belt and a brown one. Pair brown with white and navy; pair black with white and gray (and most other colors).

Pay Attention to Hair, Accessories and Jewelry

When it comes to proper business attire, it isn’t just all about proper clothing. Your hair, accessories and jewelry count, too. Make sure that you never over-do them. Hair should look brushed and cared for but not overly done up, while jewelry should make a quiet statement that pulls your look together and doesn’t detract from it. One rule of thumb for women: after you’re finished dressing in the morning, look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry. This will help ensure you don’t over-accessorize.

This article was written by Richard Craft, an MBA student who hopes to help you succeed in the business world. He recommends taking a look at the financial planning jobs with when looking to jump start your career! Check out their website today and see how they can help you!


The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Earrings for Your Facial Shape

It would be fair to say that most women will visit their local jewellers and purchase whatever earrings take their fancy at that particular time. Many do not realise that the choice of earrings can have a huge bearing on their overall appearance, with some items simply not suited to some face shapes.

This means that the trip to the jewellers should actually be quite a careful process. We’ll now take a look at the various face shapes and highlight what type of earrings will work for each one.

Appropriate Earrings The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Earrings for Your Facial Shape

The Round Face

As the name describes, the round face is one that is pretty much circular. Therefore, you need to be doing everything in your power to promote a longer image. Any long earrings that dangle are usually perfect, while round earrings should definitely be avoided as they completely emphasise your round features. Similarly, don’t be tempted to purchase any hooped earrings as these highlight your face for the wrong reasons.

The Oval Face

Those women with a slightly longer, but still somewhat round face, are usually deemed to have an oval shaped face. These individuals happen to have one of the most suitable faces for all types of earrings and it will be difficult to find anything that doesn’t fit. Some sources will suggest that those extra-long, dangling earrings are not a good idea as they will make your face look a little too long, but on the whole the oval face is suited to anything.

The Square Face

Any person with a strong jawline is usually said to have a square face and unfortunately, these women don’t have it as easy as the ones with the oval shape. With the face quite straight and rigid, it’s usually advisable to purchase earrings that have plenty of curves to bring a little roundness into the face. Unsurprisingly, you should avoid square earrings at all costs, or those items that are comprised of a definitive, straight-lined shape. A good example is the Mawi collection on the Benna website, with this range ticking most of the boxes for those with square faces.

The Heart Face

This is one of those shapes that is less documented and while it might be easy to refer to the square or circular shape, questions start to be asked when we progress onto the heart face. In simple terms, it’s where the upper part of the face is wider than the lower regions – thus creating that heart shape. It’s therefore slightly more difficult to acquire suitable earrings, with the aim being to wear those that have a completely opposite shape. This means you will need ones with noticeable features at the bottom of the design, while any earrings based on a triangle shape also help promote the positive features of the heart face.

The Rectangle Face

Unsurprisingly, those with a rectangular face have to follow similar tips to those with the square shape face. You should again be looking for any earrings that include curves and don’t have any sharp edges – although in the case of the rectangle you will have to look for ones that are slightly wider to balance the long element of the face.

Designer Collection,

How to Go Designer on a Budget

The experts may claim that the country is on the way to economic recovery, although most families would have a differing opinion with many struggling to make ends meet. Despite this, the fashion industry seems to be progressing at a phenomenal rate and if you take a look down your local street, you are likely to see the biggest labels on all sorts of individuals.

The main reason why fashion has become so accessible is because of the creative means that one can use to purchase the items. While the wealthy will always head out to the most stylish boutiques, this just isn’t affordable for a lot of people and they therefore have to sift through other options to acquire their designer garments. We’ll now take a look at some of these options in more detail to show how you can still don the latest trends without breaking your bank balance.

Designer on a Budget How to Go Designer on a Budget

The discount department stores

This is one of the most popular ways to go designer and while you will have to make some compromises, most people think that they are well worth it. TK Maxx is the obvious one and as their slogan goes, it’s possible to purchase “big labels at small prices”. Of course, the compromise is that a lot of these items are from past seasons, meaning that there is a chance you won’t be fitting in with the current style. Alternatively, some items have minor defects such as pulled stitches that make them much cheaper. However, most people are more than happy to forego these issues in order to wear the big labels.

The high-street discount shop

These are incredibly popular at the moment and with clothing costing just several pounds an item, it’s no surprise why. Admittedly, this isn’t something that is going to net you the big labels. However, most of these discount clothing stores base a lot of their products on designer items and in some cases, it’s impossible to differentiate between their version and the real McCoy. Even though you won’t be donning a big brand, some people are more than happy to have a copycat version for a fraction of the real cost.

Online retailers

It goes without saying that the internet has completely changed the fashion industry and there are many online retailers running big sales on designer clothes, mainly because of their lack of overheads. For example, Weekend Offender clothing at is priced extremely competitively when compared to high street stores, while that is just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, in these cases there are no compromises and while the savings might not be quite as significant as some of the other options, they are still much cheaper.

The online marketplace

Our final suggestion can also result in significant savings, with online marketplaces such as eBay having a wealth of opportunities. The general consensus is that these websites only display used items, but if you look hard enough there are many companies selling clothing that is brand new, ready with the tags on. A lot of these deals are marked as ‘buy it now’, but some are in an auction format which increases the chance of netting a real bargain.


How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal is hardly an excruciating experience, there’s no doubt that you should prepare accordingly if you wish to reduce the pain and also increase its potential effectiveness. The nature of the treatment means that highly charged lasers will be fixated on your body for relatively long periods of time and if you don’t take the necessary precautions, it’s debatable whether or not you will receive value for money.

Of course, most reputable clinics will provide you with a standard information sheet which will detail what you can and can’t do prior to each session and if you haven’t received one of these, it might be advisable to click here and utilise another establishment. Alternatively, if you wish to double check any additional precautions which should be taken, take a look at the following tips which should hopefully increase the chances of you experiencing a successful laser hair removal treatment course.

Laser Hair Removal How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Avoid any form of tanning treatment

The main rule for laser hair treatment relates to the skin tone and if you engage in any sort of tanning procedure beforehand, you risk putting the whole process in jeopardy. It’s a well-known fact that light skin reacts better to the lasers and those women with darker skin tend to struggle to experience comparable results. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a spray tan or one that has been sought via a sunbed; avoid it until your clinic informs you that it is safe to do so. Considering the frequency of laser hair treatment sessions, this might mean that you will have to stay out of the sun, whether this is natural or not, for the considerable future. This is also the reason why a lot of people tend to undergo the treatment during the winter months, where there is a smaller chance of a natural tan occurring.

Do not manually remove any hair before the treatment

This is another tip of huge importance and applies for up to a month before your scheduled session. While it’s perfectly fine to shave the area (more on that later), if you remove hair by any other means such as by plucking or waxing you are compromising the results. This is because hair needs to be visible in order for the lasers to target it and the above techniques will not allow that to happen.

Mildly shave the area in accordance with instructions

The vast majority of clinics will recommend that you shave the area a couple of days before the scheduled appointment. This is merely for pain reduction reasons and while some hair does need to exist in the area, if there is too much there the treatment will become a lot more painful.

Keep the skin free of cosmetics

One of the obvious tips focusses around cosmetics in the region and you must ensure that the targeted area is completely natural and free of any lotions or creams as the treatment starts. These chemicals can block the laser and make it utterly ineffective, although this is another issue that you will most probably be advised about during the initial consultation with your clinic.