How to take the edge off during hot summer days

Summer is the most beloved season of the year when many people hit the seaside and revel in the sun to get the perfect tan. Still, the hottest days sometimes get a tad difficult to handle without some cooling agents. A good portion of the population also can’t afford annual leave throughout the whole summer period, so it would be nice if we knew some tricks to make our days and nights more bearable. Turn on a fan, if you have one, and check out our hacks for the enjoyable summer months.

013 681x1024 How to take the edge off during hot summer days

Drinks and beverages

You know it yourself, but we’d still like to remind you of it: drink plenty of water! It’s not a cheap trick or a fake advice, it’s what your body need to withstand the heat. If you’re drinking plain water, try to avoid the freezing one, but mix the tap and the chilled water. The colder the water, the more you sweat and lose the water you need to stay hydrated and feel refreshed. Ok, so here comes a bit of an unorthodox tip for you: drink warm tea. But be advised that this is valid only for the hot and dry regions.

Nonetheless, icy liquid delights still give us that much needed relief, no matter how short-lived. For this purpose, we can recommend this neat selection:

– Mint and lemon are naturally refreshing ingredients that fit easily into many alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails (note that alcohol works as a diuretic and sweating agent, making us loose water at double rate, so be moderate, and compensate with water consumption).

– Cucumber, watermelon and apples are also high in water content and would make perfect elements for some chilled, homemade juice combo.

Summer delight

Most of the kids can’t wait for this season to fully enjoy many flavours of ice cream. Since the store bought can be filled with additives and artificial colouring and aromas, we suggest you make some on your own. For the simplest ones, and the kids often prefer these, all you need is a mixture of fruits, such as raspberries, oranges and kiwi, for example, blend them and pour into the moulds. Freeze them over night, and voila – a cheap and healthy gelato.

Water bodies

If you have the privilege of living at the coast, you already know the pleasure soaking in the sea gives. Others may decide to frequent a nearby swimming pool (or their own) where they can have their children in sight. Apply sunblock after every longer swim, if you want to prevent the skin from burning up.


The ones that are close to the forest or a park can seek the shade of the wide and thick treetops. It’s feels great to be outside in the fresh air, but not in direct sunlight. The ground also has a cooling effect, which is a bonus. What’s better than to bring along some cooling machine for the picnic. If you surf around the internet, you can easily find some promotional cooler bags rates in affordable range.

pool01 How to take the edge off during hot summer days

Those summer nights

It’s not healthy to keep the air conditioning unit working overnight, so how do we stay cool and manage to fall asleep at all? Here’s how:

-Chill the beddings a bit before sleep

-Favour cotton and light natural materials

-Apply ice to the pulse points

-Sleep in separate beds

-Administer cool showers

-Stay far from the appliances

Quick tips

  1. Take smaller meals to minimise the metabolic heat
  2. Exploit your basement
  3. Keep the blinds shut in the sun-hour
  4. Sleep lower to the ground, or in a hammock
  5. Avoid black attire to prevent heat attraction

We hope that by presenting some practical tips on how to survive the summer heat and actually enjoy it we have chased away your potential misgivings this summer might not rock!

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How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One

Turning 18 and finishing high school is a huge milestone in every teenager’s life. Sure, high school was fun and you had no major responsibilities, but now, in the 12th year you can slowly feel how everything changes. In a few months you are going to college, leaving your parents’ house and you are embracing all the responsibilities and getting close to the adulthood. However, before crossing this road, you have to make sure that your last year of being careless should be memorable and worthwhile.

087 How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One

Go out Every Night in One Week

If this isn’t already a part of routine, it should make it on the top of your senior bucket list. Stop burying yourself in homework and responsibilities, loosen up a bit and make memories. Senior year should be all about having fun, going wild before you become an adult. Make a plan for each day, go to as many parties as possible during this wild week and have the time of your life. You will not regret having one week off without any books and papers, and it will make a great memory of your senior year.

Go to Prom

No matter how you feel about prom, it should be part of your last year in high school. Don’t think of it as a gathering of popular people who only want to show off their dresses, think of it as another great party, where you get to wear something you will never put on again, and have endless fun with your best friends. This is probably the last time you will go to a school dance, and the last time when your entire class will be together, so don’t miss out on prom. Proms can be lame, but when you get older you will probably regret a bit for not going to it.

Tell your High-School Crush How You Feel

Everybody has a crush in high school. If you ever wondered if anything could happen between the two of you, now is your chance to find out. Gather up all the strength and guts you have, approach your crush and just spill it out. Tell them how you felt about them all these years and see what happens. If you get rejected, it is not the end of the world because it is the end of the high school and you may never see each other again. However, if the feelings are mutual your 12th year will become even more fun and you can always remember that victorious moment of kissing your crush.

Change Your Wardrobe a bit

During high school you have probably grown out of most of your clothes, so think about getting rid of them and changing your style a bit. Childish shirts and jackets should be thrown out and you should slowly start to build your own, more serious style. However, some things, such as year 12 jerseys that every senior must have should stay. Getting such jerseys and other promotional clothing of your high school make your senior year more special, since this is the symbol of being the oldest and the most powerful among the students.

088 How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One088 How to Make your 12th Year a Memorable One

Start Being More Responsible

This may not look fun, but trust me, it is useful and practical. Before graduating you should slowly start learning how to take care of yourself and be independent. Teach yourself how to do your own laundry, learn how to cook some basic meals, freshen up your driving skills and even try learning about paying taxes and bills. Most of these skills will prove themselves useful at college, and especially throughout your future life. Also, you can get a part-time job during the summer, gain some experience and start working on your resume.

If you haven’t figured out already, the 12th year should be all about having fun, and as graduation gets closer, you should start being more responsible since you need all the preparing for college and adulthood. Make this senior year a memorable one, because this is your last chance to feel like a child with no responsibilities.



Personalized gifts for your mom

Every mom deserves what is best from their children. Other than loving and respecting her unconditionally, sometimes we need to surprise her with creative gifts that she can cherish forever.  For every occasion there is a special gift, you just have to think a little and be creative. Make your mom happy with these few gift ideas.

019 1024x681 Personalized gifts for your mom

Framed pictures

What mother does not like pictures of her children? One of the best things you can give to your mother on the Mother’s day or her birthday is the picture of you with your siblings, nicely framed and packed for her. You can even design your own frame and decorate it with glitter, seashells or any other ornaments you think your mother likes. Also, you can combine several pictures together, pictures of the best family moments and make beautiful big wallpaper so she can decorate the living room with it.

Creative aprons

If your mother loves spending time in kitchen preparing tasty food for the family, the best she could use is an apron. You can take needed measures and design a special apron personalized just for her. Pick your mother’s favorite color, get the apron and decorate it yourself or print something interesting on it. You can print some nice words for your mother, like “best mom”, “the most beautiful chef”, or even something more private and something only known inside your family. She will be grateful and she could enjoy cooking even more.

Rainy day aid kit

Mothers can be busy, they have many errands to run and they sometimes do it in bad weather. She could always use a nice pair of boots for rain. You can design them yourself or just pick a pair that best describes your mom. Another great gift could be an umbrella. If you know she does not like those ordinary boring ones, you can buy her promotional umbrellas with designs, patterns and shapes your mother likes. While carrying this special umbrella she will feel protected, loved, and the rain would not even bother her.

Mugs and kitchenware

The best gifts for an International Women’s Day or for a birthday are mugs and other kitchenware. Moms usually complain how they are missing a spatula, pot or other dishes in the kitchen. You can make her troubles stop by giving her some creative mugs, designed just for her. You can get the picture of your family printed on it, or some words and phrases your mother likes or are typical for her. Also, find the pot she always wanted to have, or other kitchenware in her favorite color and make your mother’s cooking more fun.


Personalized pillowcase would make a great gift for a wedding anniversary. There are various designs for pillowcases available online. You can get one only for your mother, with some warm words printed on it, or a heart or other symbols and patterns your mother loves. Another possibility is getting the pillowcases for both of you parents and printing something like “Mr. and Mrs. Right” or “Best mother/father”. Be creative and surprise your parents with such a thoughtful gift.

Creative canvases

Canvases are the best gift for any occasion. There are many different types of canvases, so there is a lot of space for being creative. You can get the photo canvas and put your parents’ wedding photo on it. Another great idea is printing house rules on the canvas, or a poem you wrote for your mother, for example. If your mother has a motto in her life you can also hang that on the wall so she can always be reminded.

You can try some of these ideas and give the best present to your mother. Whatever you choose for her, she will be happy because she will know how much you love and respect her.


Different salwar kameez for Different Occasions

If you ask an Indian woman about the outfit that she can wear almost everywhere, the first thing that would come in her mind would be the salwar kameez. There are many reasons behind the popularity of salwar kameez and thus it is one of the most convenient choices that a woman can make. Right from wearing it at home, for office or for some big traditional event, the varieties and choices of the salwar kameez are available to match all the occasions. Across many communities in India, the bridal salwar kameez is also a wedding outfit option. Simply like any other kind of outfits, there is a huge range of designs and varieties of salwar kameez that is available these days. In addition,many people are also choosing the indo western style of the salwar kameez to get a look that is different than the traditional one.

Traditionally the salwar is like a loose trouser but there is a varied range of the lower options that the girls get to choose from. Falling to the category of churidar, dhoti, leggings, palazzo, etc are become popular and promising options that the girls team up with the kurta or kameez, which is something like a long flowing shirt, designed and embroidered to look elegant. The salwar kameez is something that because of the popularity it has, has come up with a lot of related options like a-line suits, anarkali suits, long kurtis teamed up with legging, short kurtis to be worn with jeans, etc. since the available options in the category of party wear salwarkameez is quite huge, choosing one of these as per the occasion can be very easy.

salwar kameez 745x1024 Different salwar kameez for Different Occasions

The salwar kameez is availed in various materials like cotton, chiffon, georgette, linen, khaki, crepe, net, rayon, silk etc. if you are looking for something that is comfortable and can be worn for long hours, go for the options of cotton or crepe. Similarly, if you want a look that is more of a feminine style and displays elegance choose the materials like silk, chiffon, georgette, etc. along with a great choice of materials of the wedding salwar kameez, you can also make choices in terms of the colors and designs. Depending upon what you like and what your preferences are, it will be easy for you to make the necessary choices.

The internet these days is the best available medium to do the shopping and when you surf through those websites that specifically sell the ethnic wear collection, you would see great options in terms of designs and patterns to choose from that would otherwise not be available at the traditional shops. In addition to this, the discounts that you get online are completely non-matchable in comparison to that available at the fancy boutiques. Therefore, once you finalize on your preferences, make a choice of the best salwar kameez that suits your looks and budget to glorify your looks to a completely new level.


Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest moments in your life. It is not just about being surrounded with your dearest ones, dancing and having finest food and drinks at your fingertips. It’s much more than that. If you want your wedding to be flawless, you need to plan it carefully, which sounds simpler than it is. Here are some suggestions that will help you undertake such challenging venture.

photo 2 Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Set your budget and make a checklist

Determining a budget is a number one priority when it comes to wedding planning. When planning how much money you can spend on each segment of your wedding, you need to be realistic. If your budget is restricted, don’t plan something you cannot have for you will be disappointed with the final results.

The entire point of setting the budget is in preventing yourself from exceeding it. Therefore, if you spend more money on something than you planned, another plan needs to be cut so that you can stay within a budget.

Once you have set the budget, you need to make a checklist. When you start planning it, try to stay calm. You should make a practical checklist, with a timeline, which will contain all steps you need to make.

photo 1 Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

Invitations and perfect venue

The next thing you should do is to determine the size of your wedding. This is one of the hardest steps since a couple needs to agree about who will be invited and who won’t. This also includes deciding how much bridesmaids and groomsmen you want to have. Try to consult your fiancé, your parents and friends about the invitations because you don’t want someone really important to you to be forgotten.

photo 6 Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

When you make an invitation list, you should proceed to finding a perfect venue for the wedding, which depends on your wishes.

Firstly, you need to decide the site of the ceremony. For example, the ceremony could be held in a traditional or more exotic manner. When it comes to the reception, there are several great choices. Apart from booking a nice restaurant, you could also organize reception in your home.

Hiring wedding officiant and vendors

You cannot do everything on your own. That is why you need to hire vendors and since this should be the unforgettable day for you, you should hire the best.

First thing first, choose the wedding officiant. If you are religious, ask your local a pastor, priest, minister or rabbi to perform the ceremony, while if you want a secular weddings, you need to ask a wedding officiant, judge or person with authority to marry people. Once you have done that, start hiring vendors.

As you want to record each moment of your special day, you should hire a photographer and videographer. Since these memories are supposed to last forever, your wedding photos need to be flawless. That is why you should hire experienced and innovative photographers. For example, if you are from Melbourne, you could contact your newlywed friends who can recommend you best wedding photography Melbourne service.

No wedding is good without music. Talk to your partner and decide what band you want to hire. Talk to the musicians about prices and give them a list of songs you would like to hear.

If you want your guests to feel satisfied and comfortable, you need to provide them with food and drinks. That is why you should hire caterers.

Choosing flowers and décor is an extremely complicated job and you need to hire someone to do it for you. This can be done by a wedding planner, or even by your talented friend who can organize an entire decoration.

Wedding gown and rings

When starting life together, you need to do it properly. Look up for a perfect wedding dress that will make you feel like a princess. However, overly expensive gowns are not necessarily the best ones. Thus, choose the one that fits you well and don’t base your opinion on prices.

The selection of wedding rings is one of the most important things, which needs to be done several months before the wedding. You should ones you both like since they represent your devotion to each other.

Choose food and cake

The choice of food depends on your tastes all you have to do is to provide your guests with sufficient amount of food. You could go for some traditional specialties or choose more exotic cuisine, such as Asian food.

The choice of cake is also of great importance since it should fascinate everyone. Choose the design and flavors you want about five months before the wedding. However, contact the baker to make sure that everything is all right. Finally, it is best for you to have the cake delivered directly to the wedding.

These are just some basic tips that will help you organize your perfect fast. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your new ventures.

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Should you wear jewellery at the beach?

Some people think it is unwise to wear jewellery at the beach, whereas some other, like fashionistas and us who feel almost naked without a ring or a bracelet, think that jewellery and accessories are a must, even at the seaside. So read on to find some useful tips and tricks for wearing jewellery to the beach.

vacation02 Should you wear jewellery at the beach?

No rings in the water


If rings are your favourite piece of jewellery, think twice before wearing them in the water. As water is generally cold, your hands will shrink due to temperature, so it is very likely the ring may come off your finger without you even feeling it. If you really cannot say no to wearing rings in the water, the advice is to wear them only if they are very tight on the finger; or not to wear precious ones, such as engagement ring or a wedding ring. The loss of these, as they have emotional value as well, cannot be easily made up for, so if you want them to last, keep them away from open water.


Gemstones if they are hard


Many of our favourite rings include gemstones, and that is what makes them so special to us. But, aain, think twice before wearing them to the beach. Sand can damage them, so if your gemstone is not as hard as sand, it is better to keep it in the stash for going out – away from the beach. In case your rings are made with diamonds, sapphires or rubies, they are safe from sand because these rocks are very hard and cannot be easily scratched or damaged, so they are allowed to the beach. The soft gems, such as quartz mineral, amethyst or citrine can easily be scratched, so if you want them to last, do not bring them any close to abrasive sand.

swimwear 2 Should you wear jewellery at the beach?

Ziplocs are a no-no


If you cannot resist taking your precious jewellery to the seaside, many will keep it in a plastic Ziploc bags, but that is not as wise as you may think. Once the materials get in touch with salty air, chemical reactions may lead to its colour change or may cause it to rust, because plastic does not allow the metal to breathe. It is better to keep it in the cool, dry place, where air moves freely.


Solid metals


Salt water and sun rays cannot affect jewellery made of solid metals, such as solid gold, platinum, titanium, or, in fact, anything solid. More damage is possible to soft materials, especially to wood, glass, and natural materials. Additionally, if you are in the Mediterranean and you eat a lot of

olives, feta cheese, garlic and other sulphur-producing food, your skin may exude it and cause some changes to your favourite gemstones. So pay attention to what you eat as it may do more harm

than good! Remember that sunscreens and body lotions will generally do no harm to your jewellery, otherwise we would not be putting them on our skin; but everything else, such as salt, sand, Iodium, excessive sunrays, sweat, food, can be abrasive and harm the jewellery.

variations01 Should you wear jewellery at the beach?

Natural materials


We already said solid metals and hard materials are always a good choice as they are not easily damaged. But, there are also a lot of natural materials that are both effective and affordable. They especially match different swimwear, such as tankinis, as they complement them perfectly. In case you wear a tankini, anklets, bracelets or necklaces are a good way to complement your overall outfit, but if you prefer bikinis, body chains and belly chains are there to enhance your divine figure. Just make sure your jewellery complements your swimwear, so if you wear one colour the jewellery is allowed to sparkle and include numerous colours, and vice-versa. The last thing you want is to look like a Christmas tree on the beach (unless you are in Australia, at New Year’s eve!).

vacation01 Should you wear jewellery at the beach?

Beaded jewellery


Beaded bracelets and necklaces are very popular jewellery choice for the beach, as they are in harmony with the natural surrounding. Usually made of natural materials, including embellishments such as shells, rocks or glass, they are the best option for neutral tankini swimwear, but bikinis as well. They will make you stick out from the crowd and be unique and contribute to your overall bohemian outfit.
Patterned bikinis  682x1024 Should you wear jewellery at the beach?

Plethora of choices

After all, summer is what we all simply love. It allows us more options for everything. So many bikinis, tankinis, swimwear to die for; so many colours, so many styles; necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, belly chains; so many materials; it can make your head spin right round! There is something for everyone, a perfect jewellery piece for every bathing suit, it is up to you to say yes to the right one!

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5 Fashion Don’ts You Keep Committing

Audrey Hepburn screentest in Roman Holiday trailer 5 Fashion Don’ts You Keep Committing No matter how stylish you are or how much of a diva you are, there are days when you just don’t get it right fashion wise. All women make fashion mistakes – the celebs included. Some of them are forgivable, others not so much.

Unfortunately, fashion critic Joan Rivers is no longer around to call them out on their fashion faux pas. However, you do not have to wait to be called out, mocked or looked at askance before avoiding the following fashion don’ts:

Obvious Panty Lines

This is the number one fashion no-no.  There are so many underwear choices that you can choose from these days. In the past, women did not have as much choice so they just wore what was available.

Nowadays, there’s no reason to allow your panty lines show through your jeans, pants trousers or skirt.

If you’ll be wearing tight jeans or skirts, wear a thong underneath. If you’ll be wearing low waist pants or jeans, put on low waist underwear, and avoid wearing panties with prominent colors showing through your dress or pant.

Oversized and Undersized Clothing

We know you have put on a few pounds and want to hide some of that flab. We get it: you are not a model or someone who lives in dream world. However, wearing an oversized gown or dress just to hide your hips or slightly bigger tummy is not okay.

It makes you look dowdy, unstylish and older. The same goes for trying to fit into a dress that accentuates your flaws. We are not saying don’t wear a lovely dress. What we are saying is wear something that complements your stature and size.

Wearing a tight fitting dress when you have a big tummy and bottom is not only unsightly, it makes it seem like you are trying too hard.

Instead, settle for what compliments you well. If you have a flat tummy and great ass, by all means wear a dress or gown that flaunts both. If you have a big belly, wear a dress with some room that enhances your curves without making your stomach look big.

Too Little or Excessive Makeup

We know that sometimes, you are not just in the mood for any makeup. However, remember that you would be meeting people outside. So, do them a favor and at least make yourself look pleasant. A little lip gloss, some eyeliner, and foundation can transform you from ordinary looking to classy.

The same goes for excessive makeup: it will draw some attention to you, but you can be sure that it’ll be the wrong kind of attention. Excessive makeup makes you look cheap and unstylish. Avoid it. If you are in doubt, always go for less.

Excess Cleavage

Unless you are a stripper or a nudist, flashing excess cleavage is not a good idea. We get that you should flash some cleavage; just not too much.

Some cleavage can help you improve your looks and make a fashion statement. However, if you’ve got cellulite or stretch marks on your cleavage, please don’t flash any part. It’ll appear gross to others.

Wearing Baggy Looking Jeans

This is particularly common among women who have put on a little bit of weight. Sure, it may feel comfortable and easy on the body, but it is never easy on the eyes. Baggy jeans do nothing for you. If anything, they make you look old and careless. Instead, go for some stretch denim that’s perfect for you.

Too Many Accessories

Okay, because you are wearing red shoes, you think wearing red bracelets, beads, necklaces, earrings… okay you know where this is going. Accessorizing is a good thing. What isn’t appealing is excessive accessorizing. It does not have to be over the top to match. However, you also don’t want too few, and if you find yourself in need of additional accessories a good resource for that would be Morana.

The writer, Oscar King, always strives to keep himself up to date on the latest in fashion trends to make sure nobody has to suffer with a fashion faux-pas. As a result of this, he is always the one in his circle of friends people turn to for fashion advice. You can learn more about Oscar on Google+.

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5 Scenarios Where a Head Chain is Appropriate

13 221 HAR 00050 OR 350x350 5 Scenarios Where a Head Chain is AppropriateThe head chain is an unusual but an increasingly popular accessory amongst women these days, with its simplistic yet highly dazzling design suggesting elegance and sophistication in the wearer. It probably also makes the inner princess in a fair few squeal with delight too. However as with all new fashion items the question arises as to where a head chain is appropriate to wear, not just as a matter of style but also as a matter of practicality. You would not wear high heel stilettos on a night dancing at a club, for example, however beautiful they may look.

In a similar case, would it be an idea to wear a head chain while at a party with friends, or if you just wanted to head downtown to pick up groceries? To answer this, remember a head chain is not something you can just throw on, they are actually a rather formal thing to wear. So no, picking up the kids from school probably isn’t somewhere a head chain is appropriate, nor would a rather casual gathering like a family reunion, a BBQ, or a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. However, here are some places where they would be appropriate.

A Wedding

A wedding is an excellent place to wear a head chain. Weddings are typically scenarios where the ladies get a chance to show off and wear suitably fashionable clothing, whether it is their most expensive pair of Italian shoes or their newest Parisian hat. As such head chains are a superb way to add to this procession, elegantly accentuating your clothing in a way that draws the eye without being too loud.

Given that no one wants to outshine the bride on her special day, head chains are just the thing if you wish to draw attention without upstaging the girl of the hour.

The Prom

Just like weddings, proms are a chance for girls to show off in style. In the competition to outdo each other, you may be tempted to try and add as much to your outfit as possible. Sometimes, however, a girl has to remember the age-old maxim of “Less is more”. A head chain allows you to round off your attire in a way that is both tasteful and demure. If you’ve spent ages on your makeup or hair, it is also a splendid way to keep everyone’s attention towards this details.

You can secure your head chain in place with a bobby pin if you ever get the urge to dance, which will help keep it from slipping off. Alternatively if you find the jangling chains a bit of a headache, you can always take it off and slide it into your handbag.

Garden Parties

Garden parties by their nature tend to be very laid back and relaxed, usually focusing more on socialising in a formal setting more than anything else. Typically, if you’re attending one of these, you’re wanting to make a good impression on someone very important, such as a future boss, or maybe a potential patron of a cause you wish to support.

The lack of rigorous energy in such a gathering means that head chains really come into their own. At the prom, you’ll more than likely want to get dancing, which a head chain may obstruct depending how loose it is. They may even look a little silly. Here you are probably not doing anything vigorous at all, which emphasises the simple elegance that head chains draw on.

Music Festivals or Summer Festivals

It can be very hard to find accessories that set you apart at a summer festival. By their nature, they tend to be a little wild and encourage personal expression, and, as a result, you’ll often be competing with everyone else for notice. Once more, wearing a head chain can help you out here. There’s very little to them, and they can be mixed and matched to a broad range of styles and clothing types. Their minimalist design means that they can pretty much go with anything, so for those who like to be creative you truly have a friend in them.

Those Special Nights Out

For those who like the highlife, a head chain is an excellent accessory for those special, classy nights out, whatever they are. Whether it is a candle-lit dinner for two with that special someone, or an unexpected trip to the opera for those with a taste in the classical, head chains can get you by just about anywhere. Being so formal and meek, they allow you to be seen without showing off and to turn heads without needing much effort.

The writer, Christian Mills, is a fashion blogger who discusses both men and women’s fashion and accessories in order to make sure none of his audience is left without good advice. For ladies wishing to accessorize, he highly recommends visiting You can learn more about Christian on Google+.

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History of Women’s Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Nowadays, when we think about bikini, we actually think about a two-piece swimsuit that entails panties-style bottoms and a bra-style top. Being made of the finest fabrics and covering usually only women’s crotch and breasts, bikini has certainly become a synonym for the summertime. It lets our body breathe so we can swim not thinking about anything. No wonder why this tiny and feminine product became a must-have item for the summer.

bikini History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Have you ever wondered when swimsuits became that popular? Well, if you are uncertain, check these facts out and you will be amazed.

However, the first documented reports of the invention of swimsuits appeared in the Antic Greece. Believe it or not, women at this time wore lightweight togas and their swimsuits resembled modern designs.

The invention of swimsuits is closely related to the industrial development and the invention of the railroad in the middle of the 19th century, which made it easier for the people to travel. However, during history, our society became more and more conservative and women lost their freedom and rights. Because of such conservative attitude of the society, women had to cover most parts of their body. Wearing elegant gowns made of very heavy fabrics, women could enjoy neither their everyday activities, nor their vacations.  If you saw the picture of the swimsuit from that era, you would never guess what is represented because it was more of a gown that a real swimsuit. They covered every millimeter of a woman’s body for even an exposed ankle was considered extremely inappropriate. Since paleness was a number one trend of that era, apart from wearing these long and bulky dresses, women also wore hats that prevented tanning.

It the beginning of the 20th century, the same problem still existed.  There was the popular opinion that only men are supposed to swim, while women were still supposed to be humble and shy and it wasn’t appropriate for them to emphasize their silhouette.  Anyhow, those women who loved spending time at the beach had to find the solution in order to do it “appropriately”. Many fashion designers tried to create swimwear that would satisfy everyone’s desires. That is how chemises were introduced. They were multifunctional, thanks to their lightweight structure, they provided comfort for every woman, but also they solved the problem of exposure.

The first tight swimsuit that put stress on a female’s figure was accepted in 1910. Several years before the acceptance of this, at that time, futuristic clothing item, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for wearing form-fitting sleeveless one-piece knitted swimming tights. Refusing to wear the then-accepted pantaloons, she caused a complete revolution in a fashion industry and inspired other women to follow her example. Shortly after that incident, inspired by the Olympics, the first functional two-piece swimsuit was designed in 1913.

Modern bikini was designed in 1946 by two French designers – Jacques Heim and Louis Réard. Made of the light and delicate fabrics, and covering only the breasts and the crotch, modern bikinis were definitely ahead their time. When they first appeared in public, they provoked many controversies. Since not even one model was willing to showcase this revealing item, Réard decided to hire 19-year old nude dancer.  Discouraged by the failure of his invention, these designers started creating the traditional models again.

girl with old swimsuit History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

However, the situation completely changed during 1950s. Many popular Hollywood actresses of that period, such as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe started posing while wearing bikinis. Apart from being extremely popular, they were all considered sex symbols, which brought the popularity to bikinis, too.

swimwear3 History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Similarly to the fifties, bikinis are one of the most important elements of the film industry. In almost any film, where an actress considered to be a sex symbol has a leading role, there is at least one scene of her in a swimsuit. Just remember Ursula Andress, who appeared as Honey Rider in the James Bond movie “Dr. No”. She claims that this role made her a star. Another Bond girl- Halle Berry appeared in the famous orange bikini in “Die Another Day”. Finally, don’t forget the famous Princess Leia’s golden bikini, worn by Carrie Fisher. Although it appeared in only two scenes, it became an iconic sex symbol for both, men and women.

very old bikini History of Womens Swimwear and When Bikini Become Popular

Today, a bikini is one of the most popular pieces of clothes and it represents a must-have for every woman. The models vary from simple to classy, but one thing is sure- they make every woman sexy and confident. Sometimes, a simple combination of a bikini and an accessory would make your entire outfit simply adorable.

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10 movie-inspired costumes for women

It can be hard to decide what to wear for Halloween with the huge range of costumes available to us. If you’re a film buff, make your favourite movies your inspiration when thinking about what to wear this Halloween.:

movie inspired costumes for women 10 movie inspired costumes for women


Undeniably the best part of the Batman story, so much so they made her her own film, Catwoman would make a great Halloween costume for women! Her look is iconic: dressed as the feline fatale in all black leather you’ll be stealing hearts. Make your getaway to the Halloween party dressed in a catwoman catsuit and it’ll be all people can talk about.


The 1920s is best recognised for the revolution and rebellion of women from their typical gendered roles. Women began bobbing their hair, wearing short skirts, exhibiting liberal beliefs to do with sex, drinking and smoking and becoming a social re-shaping of what it was to be a woman. Not to mention the fashion was to die for – flouncy fringe and glam glitter. Dance all night in a Great Gatsby themed costume!

Harry Potter

If you think dressing as Hermione is a little tired, take the evil route this Halloween when you dress as a Death Eater. Led by Lord Voldemort and on a mission to purify the wizarding world of “half-bloods”, there’ll be no one messing with you this Halloween.

Breakfast at Tiffanys

A classic, Breakfast at Tiffanys was based on Truman Capote’s novella of the same name and chronicles the life of an eccentric socialite, Holly Golightly. The opening scene of her standing at the window of Tiffany and Co. in her glasses, gloves and pearls eating a croissant has become iconic in film. Emulate that same look with these key components.

Pretty Woman

Yet another classic. It’s almost impossible to compile a list of iconic films and exclude this one. Pretty Woman is the original rags to riches story, where the down on her luck girl meets the rich man and they live happily ever after as he “rescues” her. Who can forget the scene with the necklace? The red dress and long black gloves can be recognised instantly!


She first appeared in Sleeping Beauty, the original film was released in 1959, and in 2014 the “Mistress of All Evil” was portrayed once more by the inimitable Angelina Jolie. One of Walt Disney’s official villains, she is also one of the most popular right now. Just how evil can you get in this gorgeous villainous costume?


Another more modern entry to our list, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen is a character taking not only children and adolescents but adults by storm too. Everyone seems to be wound up in a flurry about this film, and in this stunning white and blue costume, they will be about you too!


Tear up the dancefloor in a Flashdance inspired Halloween costume. Throwback to the 80s in this off the shoulder sweater – don’t forget your headband and legwarmers. What a feeling!

Hunger Games

This book to film series adaptation is becoming more and more popular as the movies are released. The Hunger Games has grossed over $1b and is set to be even more of a success as the next film is out. Channel your inner Katniss this Halloween and unleash your inner badass.

Black Swan

Its the critically acclaimed film that creeped us all out beyond belief! Float gracefully in and out of Halloween parties left, right and centre and scare everyone with that creepy edge we saw in the film.

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