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Getting Your Dream Bridal Gown

You have finally set the date and everything else is done. It has finally come down to the most important part of the wedding: finding the dream-wedding gown for your special day.

Wedding Gowns Getting Your Dream Bridal Gown

Do the research

Shopping for a wedding gown is a huge activity and it’s really fun. However, before you actually start shopping, you have to do your homework. Wedding gown trends and styles change rapidly. To understand the latest trends, you have to go online and look at top wedding gown designer collections. For example, take a look at the Vera Wang website to understand the latest wedding trends. You can also try hip websites like Cosmopolitan, InStyle, etc to understand the latest styles and designs in wedding gowns.

Assess your body type

Wedding gowns are made to accentuate your body and make you look beautiful on your special day. However, if you don’t know your body type, you may not be able to select the best wedding gown. If possible, go to a tailor and get accurate measurements of your body. Some websites have a unique feature in which you can upload your image and the website software will allow you to change your hairstyle and dress.

Use this software to assess how different dress styles will appear on your body. You might not find wedding gowns on the software but you will definitely find dress styles like gowns, empire line busts, sweetheart necklines etc. Doing this will allow you to understand how the gowns will appear on your body type and you can focus on this dress type while shopping.

Buying or renting

Once you have completed your research, you have to decide whether you want to buy or rent your wedding gown. If you can afford it, you can think about buying your wedding gown but think about it. Renting is a far better idea as you have to pay a fraction of the amount and you can use the money for other activities like your honeymoon.

Imported gowns

It is trendy now to wear gowns from a trade website as they sell gowns at discounted rates. These manufacturing units are located halfway across the world and they work in a cheaper currency. As a result, they have knock-off copies of almost all designer brands at wonderfully cheap rates. These are not a good idea though as you cannot see the quality of the material, the stitching, etc. and there is no guarantee that the item will be delivered on time. On top of that, in case you need alterations and repairs, you will have to do it yourself as the retailer is too far away to do anything.

Comparing rates

Rates at local stores are definitely higher than online stores. However, its still ok to shop online and browse locally as well. It will give you an idea of how much a new gown will cost for outright purchase and the average rental rates in the locality. You can also try rental chains like Bridal Warehouse, which have local chains and online websites as well. These chains will usually offer the cheapest rates and the largest inventory for interested brides. If you prefer online shopping then The Bridal Warehouse is the best as it has the largest stock of new and used bridal gowns for rent.

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Basic Tips on Buying Bridal Accessories

A bride can look forward to her wedding day for years, with every detail planned in her mind down to the very last ruffle. It is not always easy to realise these dreams and find the items of her imagination in the real world. That is why it is important to shop around, to consider unusual outlets and to look for the perfect finish.

Bridal Accessories Basic Tips on Buying Bridal Accessories When people talk of bridal accessories, the first things that come to mind are usually the veil and the shoes. Not every bride chooses a veil, but those that do can choose from shoulder length to cathedral length, from intricate beading and embroidered lace to classic simple voile. This is usually an early decision, made alongside the all-important dress selection. The bride’s outfit sets the tone for her vision of the day: traditional, casual, vintage or quirky, or any other image that suits the happy couple and their ideal wedding. Shoes contain a much wider amount of variety, with many brides spurning traditional white satin kitten heels and choosing flat pumps, stilettos in any number of colours, even some brides choosing trendy trainers or boots. These make for unique wedding photographs and reflect the character of the party.

One other key accessory for the bride is her bag. Whilst not always to hand, often passed to the maid of honour or mother of the bride for safe keeping during the ceremony, there are certain essentials a bride is recommended to carry on the day and a small stylish clutch is the ideal way to make sure every need is met. Tissues, keys and make-up for running touch-ups are recommended, as are any medications or personal products that are needed throughout the day. It is easier to carry a small clutch of items than to have to keep asking others to borrow theirs! Or if someone else has the bride’s items in their pocket or handbag, the bride can feel she is making a nuisance of herself when she has to ask for them to be fetched.

Clutches are a big trend at the moment, with bags available in every style or colour and with a range of decorative features. These can include beading, sequins and diamante. A growing number of brides choose their clutch bag to represent their traditional ‘something blue’ and have a little contrast, though just as many find beautiful small bags in the traditional ivory, cream and white.

This article was written on behalf of Jadeland, the largest supplier for wholesale handbags, wholesale fashion bags and wholesale evening/ clutch bags in the UK.

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Fairytale Weddings Made Possible in Evansville Indiana

Your wedding is probably a time in your life that you have dreamed about even since you were very young. When you first began thinking about the perfect wedding, you probably assumed that everything would fall into place without you have to do very much at all. However, you will soon come to find that this is simply not the case. In order to for you to have the amazing wedding that you want, you will need to do a great deal of planning prior to the event. Additionally, you would need to turn to any help that may be available to you. Shopping for your wedding dresses in Evansville, IN would be a great choice when you are looking for a beautiful wedding dress that does not cost you a fortune. one of the hardest things about finding the right dress is the fact that it can be so expensive. If you do not have this amount of money to spend, you will find yourself accepting a dress that you would not have otherwise decided to purchase. When you are put in the position of having to accept limits on your wedding arrangements, this is a sign that you are in need of a change. A simple alternative would be to head to this company to find the dress that you are going to fall in love with quickly. It would be easy for you to save money on an item that is going to amaze anyone that attends the event.

Fairytale Weddings 321324 Fairytale Weddings Made Possible in Evansville Indiana

A wedding is likely something that you will experience only once in your life. When you are interested in getting everything just right, you may be willing to spend every dollar that you have ever made. However, you should not have to be in a position where your dress is that far out of reach. A great way for you to keep your dreams and desire where you can grab them would be to choose the right dress company in order to help you along the road to marriage. When you step foot in this store, you can rest assured that you would be able to enjoy attention on a personal level that would make this process a lot less stressful than it may seem at the moment. Do not make the mistake of accepting the idea that a wedding dress has to cost you an arm and a leg in order to look great. Instead, you would be able to take advantage of the services that this staff can provide you. It is possible for you to find an amazing dress that offers the perfect fit. Once you see all of the choices that you have to select from, you will be very pleased with the potential that exists when it comes to putting together your wedding. This is a once in a lifetime experience, you want to have these trained professionals assist you with getting the fairytale that you have dreamed about for so many years of your family.

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Disney Themed Wedding Dresses

Fairytales have been an essential part of every little girl’s childhood memories. They watch or even read fairytale stories and hope that one day they will marry their own Prince Charming. If you were one of those little girls and you want to make that fairytale wedding come to life, then the first thing you might want to do is to plan your princess wedding dress. Of course, the wedding itself should still be fancy and glamorous. The wedding ceremony should be solemn and the wedding reception should be extravagant. A princess deserves all the nicest things in the world, starting from the wedding venue down to the finder details of your Disney themed dress.

wedding dresses a391 Disney Themed Wedding Dresses

The Disney princesses have colored the life of many little girls. As a matter of fact, even those who are still young at heart know the famous stories of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and the Little Mermaid. Those women who want to experience the same magical fairytale wedding spend some time looking for wedding dresses that would really make them look and feel like a real princess.

Choosing A Disney Themed Wedding Gown

Choosing the right Disney wedding gown is actually easier than you may have thought. Disney themed dresses bare two silhouettes; the A-line gown and the full skirt ball gown. Both of these styles of wedding dress are perfect to use as it perfectly hides the problematic areas of the body. No matter what your shape and size, you will significantly benefit from wearing a princess wedding gown.

The Main Characteristics

A Disney themed wedding dress is characterized by a fitted bodice. It also has a darling neckline that features the shape of the heart which is purposely cut to cover the chest area. Glamorous Disney wedding dresses tend to have extravagant embellishments. Most have a beaded bodice adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls, while others boast of lace and studs.

The Overall Costs

The use of princess style wedding dresses started a long time ago, but it is even popular in the age of today. As a matter of fact, Disneytype dresses are featured in some of the most famous wedding magazines. The price of one of these wedding gowns varies depending on its design. For the most part, dresses with the most intricate designs and fancy embellishments are more expensive. If money is not a problem to you, then by all means you can add whatever you want.

On the other hand, if you are on a tighter budget, then you shouldn’t worry for there are affordable alternatives. You can choose simpler designs, but still looks elegant and fabulous. If you want to wear a Disney themed wedding dress, then you should first consider your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend for your wedding dress. If you want your dress to be custom made, then you have to inform the designer beforehand about your allocated budget.


Disney themes have indeed transformed from a magical fairytale to a real life happy ending. Nowadays, you can find a huge selection of Disney themed wedding dresses. These dresses will not make you look like a new age Cinderella or Snow White, but it will certainly make you look and feel like a real princess. You will truly be a princess in your own right on your special day.

About Author:

Samantha King is a fashion designer that specializes in designing high end wedding dresses. Her designs primarily focus on modern wedding dresses as well as Disney themed wedding dresses. She also writes articles related to the wedding sector and her articles are featured in various wedding sites and online magazines.

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The 5 Most Popular Bridal Hairstyles

Being a bride is the biggest and most important day of a woman’s life. A lot of preparations are needed to be done before the big day. With finding the perfect wedding gown being on the very top of the list, and the hair and make up being the next most important. The hairstyle plays a very important role, because it needs to complement the dress. The perfect hairstyle needs to suit you, and make you feel confident. There are a huge variety of wedding hairstyles to choose from nowadays. Amongst it all, most brides still tend to go for the most classic hairstyles.

hairstyles The 5 Most Popular Bridal Hairstyles

Image Via. Hairstyle –

Wear it down: For the brides who decide to wear their long hair down. First of all the hair must be in tip-top condition for the wedding, giving it a deep conditioning treatment could help you do that. It could either be done at home or at the hair salon. Leaving the hair down creates a relaxed yet glamorous look. Achieve the old Hollywood glamour look, with side swept locks and large waves, half-updo’s for a romantic image, soft beachy waves gives a relaxed feeling and sleek and straight for a classy look.

The Classic Bun: It’s great for if you want a classic hairstyle with an elegant appeal. This hairstyle looks great with or without hair accessories, and is always in style, whether it’s high or low. Slick formal bun styles can range from anything, from the classic to the extravagant style. The bun hairstyle comes in the high, low, braided, side, textured and twisted designs. It suits any classic bride.

The French Twist: This is a very sophisticated classic hairstyle. It’s perfect for all brides, as it can accentuate your face. It is created by gathering the hair into a ponytail, then twisting it upwards then in towards the head, and secured with pins. A piece of hair accessory could be added for a finishing touch, it will also make the overall look extra glamorous. Most brides tend to go for the french twist, as it suits most dresses and almost anyone.

Old Hollywood Glamour Updo: This hairstyle comes in all different styles from classic to modern. The old hollywood glamour look, could be achieved with all short, medium and long length hair. Pull all the hair bag either into a bun or chignon, the hair needs to be sleek and finished off with some waves on the side if the hair. The vintage hairstyle creates a playful elegant look.

The Chignon: A sleek, classic and chic hairstyle for the bride. The chignon could be worn clean sleek or messy, giving you a traditional or a more romantic and soft look. The hair is normally curled into a knot and pinned together, placed either in the centre, at the side or as a low chignon. A braid could be added on the side for a romantic look.

These are the 5 most chosen bridal hairstyles. Although they are all very classic, it will always be in style, so when you look back at your wedding photos a few years later, you won’t feel outdated.

A tip for the wedding guest:

The bride is of course the centre of attention, but if you’re not a bride-to-be and reading this just for some inspiration, and going to attend a wedding party soon, this is for you.  As a guest, of course you would want to look attractive too. Have you decided on what you’re going to wear, what hairstyle you’re going to rock? For all formal occasions, it starts off with the dress, the accessories, hair and makeup you choose should revolve around it. Always pick a dress, which flatters your figure and which makes you feel confident.

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Things to Keep in Mind before Shopping for a Wedding Dress

By:  Anthony Mason, the author of this article, is a freelance writer who enjoys discovering new trends in the wedding industry.

The wedding date has been set. The wedding organizer has been chosen. The ball has started rolling. In a few months, you and your significant other would be embarking on a journey of forever and you couldn’t have been more ready. However, before you can proceed, you need to take care of several things – the list of wedding guests, the venue, the entourage, the food, and of course, your wedding dress.

best wedding dress 2013 Things to Keep in Mind before Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Indeed, your wedding dress is one of the most important things you can ever purchase in relation to your wedding. While the focal point of any wedding is the couple tying the knot, a bride’s choice of dress speaks volumes of how much she cherishes that special moment.

Of course, you need to understand that not all wedding gowns are created equal. With that said, you can equate finding the perfect wedding gown to finding a needle in a haystack. As much as possible, you want to everyone to remember every detail of our wedding dress; thus, the need to find the perfect, if not the closest to perfect, dress.

Some women would rather have theirs custom made. Obviously, if you have the luxury of time, this is the best route to take. At least, it would give you a chance to have your say about your dress. Nevertheless, if you are pressed for time or if you simply don’t want to add to your full plate, buying a dress would be the best option. However, if you decide to opt for an off-the-rack wedding dress and even before you go to a wedding dress store, it’s important that you have already set ground rules regarding the dress you will be picking.

It would be a good idea to make a list of the things you want your wedding dress to be. There usually are four elements to a breathtaking dress for weddings – the style, the fabric, the design, and the features. In the list that you would be making, list all the possible styles you want. While you’re at it, try to sketch a few designs that you think would look best on you. Moreover, make a list of the type of neckline, sleeves, and even the hem that you want. These features add to the stunning beauty of wedding gowns.

Making a list would also stop you from settling on the first gown that you see. Having a list would help you narrow your choices to a select few, making the process of shopping for a wedding dress less taxing. With your handy list, you can try on as many different styles as indicated on it. You won’t be veering too far away from your ideal wedding dress, and at the same time, you won’t be overwhelmed much.

Ready-to-wear wedding dresses can be a tad frustrating especially when you zero in on the perfect one and realize it’s too small or too big. If it’s the former, you have no choice but to go for a different style. Nevertheless, if it’s the latter, you should realize that you could actually ask the salesclerk to ado alterations. Also, don’t let pushy sales clerks to pressure you into getting a dress that you don’t want. Many brides have succumbed to the pressure and regretted their decision. Remember, it is your wedding, you would be wearing the dress, and you’re the one who’s going to be the focus of attention. That being said, it’s only proper and fitting to choose a dress that you want.

Keeping these simple tips in mind would make shopping for your wedding dress a truly enjoyable experience for you

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Georgia’s Rich History Could Make It a Top Wedding Spot

Georgia is the birthplace of accomplished civil rights leaders, athletes, entertainers, economists, educators and politicians. Two of the most famous people born in the Peach State are former President Jimmy Carter and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Attorney, Nancy Grace, singer, Gladys Knight and economist, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve are other Georgians who have achieved broad success.

wedding spot Georgias Rich History Could Make It a Top Wedding Spot

The Southern state, largest of all states each of the Mississippi River, is also home to historic events like William Sherman’s 285-mile Civil War march from Atlanta to Savannah and the 1996 Olympics. Because it is steeped with rich Southern history, Georgia is understandably the place of choice for many brides and grooms when it comes to selecting a location to exchange vows.

In fact, some all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia are located in houses that were built as early as 1829. Owners of some of these all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia have left these historic homes in their original design, making it easy for brides and grooms to enjoy authentic period weddings. However, even if homes have maintained their original stately design, it’s important for couples to review services, menus and prices offered by the venues.

For example, brides and grooms should ask whether all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia have services or offerings like an on-site chef, an experienced certified wedding planner, experience baking and decorating multi-tiered wedding cakes, relationships with area photographers, videographers, travel agents and florists. As a tip, by getting married at all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia that are decorated with rows of plants and blooming flowers, couples could save hundreds of dollars on floral expenses.

Additionally, some of these venues design floral arrangements for their clients on-site, which might also help lower a couple’s overall floral costs. Another important thing for couples to remember when working with venue staff members is their budget. If brides and grooms don’t regularly review and stick to their budget, they could find themselves spending thousands of dollars they don’t have. Couples who want to have a reception may want to consider that organizing and hosting a reception could cost several thousand dollars, by itself.

After couples are married, they and their wedding guests could partner with venues and area travel agents to tour historic Georgia sites like Needwood Baptist Church, the Carmel Historic District, the Alice Harrell Strickland Home, Rhode’s Hall or the Thomas E. Watson Home. It’s these historic sites and natural landscapes that make Georgia, America’s top peanut, peaches and pecan producer, truly a remarkable place to exchange vows in, embarking on a new, rewarding journey with a loved one.

As a caution, if all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia aren’t built in historic structures, like those making up 18th century mansions, it could be challenging for venue owners to design weddings that transport brides, grooms and their wedding attendees back in time, closer to the birth of the Southern state. This could be a reason why engaged couples from a diverse range of ages, cultures and backgrounds search for older homes, like the ones listed with the Georgia Historical Society, to get married in.

Author: Rhonda Campbell is a professional writer and guest wrote this fashion article about wedding locations.

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Indian Bridal Wear – A Celebration of Life

The Importance of Marriage According to Indian Philosophy:

As some people say, Indian wedding functions are the best example of reflection of Indian culture and tradition. The Indian wedding function is an elaborate ritual, consisting of pre marriage, the marriage proper and post marriage rituals. The Indian Bridal Wear plays a significant role in the marriage function. Indian Bridal Wear is certainly a celebration of life because marriage, according to Indian tradition is an everlasting relationship between the couple. The bride walks into her new life with all pomp and gaiety amid chanting of religious verses and the blessing of all the elders present in the function and therefore the marriage is a celebration of life according to Indian philosophy.

indian wedding dresses Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

Elaborate Bridal Dress:

indian bridal dress Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

The Indian Bridal wear requires elaborate arrangements naturally it is made by the bride’s parents and relatives. These include saree, appropriate blouse, hairstyle, facial, jewelry and what not. The bride with her flawless appearance gently walks to aisle like an angle; it would be a pleasant event to watch. The Bridal wear starts with Silk sarees. In fact according some of the Indian customs, the bride is expected to wear white silk saree for the marriage proper. However, some of the customs prescribe red color. Except for the marriage proper, normally the color of the saree would not be an issue. Interestingly, according to some of the Indian customs, the bride changes her bridal dress with each ritual. Naturally, the jewelry also would change, with the change in the saree. According to Indian tradition, even the relatives of the bride and the groom would wear silk saree for the marriage. Particularly in South India, in most of the marriage functions even young girls prefer silk sarees as against Salwar Kameez. However according to traditional Indian families, in marriages black saree or even black blouse is not worn by anyone including the relatives of the bride or the groom.

Bridal Dress For The Marriage Reception:

bridal dress for marriage reception Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

In so far reception for the marriage is concerned, the bridal dress takes special significance. Some of the brides prefer designer Salwar Kameez, specially made for the marriage reception. But, by and large most of the brides prefer sarees for the reception as well. Generally, reception saree would be as expensive and in some cases much expensive than the saree for the marriage proper. It is needless to mention that facial and the hairstyle for the reception would be different and it goes along with the saree the bride has chosen.

Role of Henna:

henna designs 2013 Indian Bridal Wear   A Celebration of Life

Since the recent past Henna has become a part of every marriage even in South India. In North India women wear Henna on their palm and it is a part of the marriage ritual but in South India wearing Henna is not a part of the marriage ritual; but it has now become a part of women decorating themselves for the marriage. Women adorning the jewelry are a common sight in Indian marriages.

By and large, the Bridal dress for the Indian marriage is region based. As said earlier, the color of the saree, the jewelry and hairstyle are based on the custom and tradition. Marriage in India is a spectacular event. This is a true reflection of Indian tradition and the rich Indian culture and heritage.