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indian wedding dresses indian wedding dresses

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Indian Bridal Wear – A Celebration of Life



The Importance of Marriage According to Indian Philosophy:

As some people say, Indian wedding functions are the best example of reflection of Indian culture and tradition. The Indian wedding function is an elaborate ritual, consisting of pre marriage, the marriage proper and post marriage rituals. The Indian Bridal Wear plays a significant role in the marriage function. Indian Bridal Wear is certainly a celebration of life because marriage, according to Indian tradition is an everlasting relationship between the couple. The bride walks into her new life with all pomp and gaiety amid chanting of religious verses and the blessing of all the elders present in the function and therefore the marriage is a celebration of life according to Indian philosophy.

indian wedding dresses

Elaborate Bridal Dress:

indian bridal dress

The Indian Bridal wear requires elaborate arrangements naturally it is made by the bride’s parents and relatives. These include saree, appropriate blouse, hairstyle, facial, jewelry and what not. The bride with her flawless appearance gently walks to aisle like an angle; it would be a pleasant event to watch. The Bridal wear starts with Silk sarees. In fact according some of the Indian customs, the bride is expected to wear white silk saree for the marriage proper. However, some of the customs prescribe red color. Except for the marriage proper, normally the color of the saree would not be an issue. Interestingly, according to some of the Indian customs, the bride changes her bridal dress with each ritual. Naturally, the jewelry also would change, with the change in the saree. According to Indian tradition, even the relatives of the bride and the groom would wear silk saree for the marriage. Particularly in South India, in most of the marriage functions even young girls prefer silk sarees as against Salwar Kameez. However according to traditional Indian families, in marriages black saree or even black blouse is not worn by anyone including the relatives of the bride or the groom.

Bridal Dress For The Marriage Reception:

bridal dress for marriage reception

In so far reception for the marriage is concerned, the bridal dress takes special significance. Some of the brides prefer designer Salwar Kameez, specially made for the marriage reception. But, by and large most of the brides prefer sarees for the reception as well. Generally, reception saree would be as expensive and in some cases much expensive than the saree for the marriage proper. It is needless to mention that facial and the hairstyle for the reception would be different and it goes along with the saree the bride has chosen.

Role of Henna:

henna designs 2013

Since the recent past Henna has become a part of every marriage even in South India. In North India women wear Henna on their palm and it is a part of the marriage ritual but in South India wearing Henna is not a part of the marriage ritual; but it has now become a part of women decorating themselves for the marriage. Women adorning the jewelry are a common sight in Indian marriages.

By and large, the Bridal dress for the Indian marriage is region based. As said earlier, the color of the saree, the jewelry and hairstyle are based on the custom and tradition. Marriage in India is a spectacular event. This is a true reflection of Indian tradition and the rich Indian culture and heritage.

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