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Georgia’s Rich History Could Make It a Top Wedding Spot



Georgia is the birthplace of accomplished civil rights leaders, athletes, entertainers, economists, educators and politicians. Two of the most famous people born in the Peach State are former President Jimmy Carter and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Attorney, Nancy Grace, singer, Gladys Knight and economist, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve are other Georgians who have achieved broad success.

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The Southern state, largest of all states each of the Mississippi River, is also home to historic events like William Sherman’s 285-mile Civil War march from Atlanta to Savannah and the 1996 Olympics. Because it is steeped with rich Southern history, Georgia is understandably the place of choice for many brides and grooms when it comes to selecting a location to exchange vows.

In fact, some all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia are located in houses that were built as early as 1829. Owners of some of these all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia have left these historic homes in their original design, making it easy for brides and grooms to enjoy authentic period weddings. However, even if homes have maintained their original stately design, it’s important for couples to review services, menus and prices offered by the venues.

For example, brides and grooms should ask whether all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia have services or offerings like an on-site chef, an experienced certified wedding planner, experience baking and decorating multi-tiered wedding cakes, relationships with area photographers, videographers, travel agents and florists. As a tip, by getting married at all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia that are decorated with rows of plants and blooming flowers, couples could save hundreds of dollars on floral expenses.

Additionally, some of these venues design floral arrangements for their clients on-site, which might also help lower a couple’s overall floral costs. Another important thing for couples to remember when working with venue staff members is their budget. If brides and grooms don’t regularly review and stick to their budget, they could find themselves spending thousands of dollars they don’t have. Couples who want to have a reception may want to consider that organizing and hosting a reception could cost several thousand dollars, by itself.

After couples are married, they and their wedding guests could partner with venues and area travel agents to tour historic Georgia sites like Needwood Baptist Church, the Carmel Historic District, the Alice Harrell Strickland Home, Rhode’s Hall or the Thomas E. Watson Home. It’s these historic sites and natural landscapes that make Georgia, America’s top peanut, peaches and pecan producer, truly a remarkable place to exchange vows in, embarking on a new, rewarding journey with a loved one.

As a caution, if all inclusive wedding venues in Georgia aren’t built in historic structures, like those making up 18th century mansions, it could be challenging for venue owners to design weddings that transport brides, grooms and their wedding attendees back in time, closer to the birth of the Southern state. This could be a reason why engaged couples from a diverse range of ages, cultures and backgrounds search for older homes, like the ones listed with the Georgia Historical Society, to get married in.

Author: Rhonda Campbell is a professional writer and guest wrote this fashion article about wedding locations.

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