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Iconic Hollywood Hairstyles – Which Would Suit You Best?



Admiring a Hollywood hairstyle is one thing, carrying it off is something completely different! We’ve all looked at a star’s style and thought “I’d love hair like that!” at some time in our lives but the reality of actually pulling it off is quite often no more than a fantasy.

Many Hollywood hairstyles require a lot of maintenance and this is something which you will need to consider before taking the plunge and getting your hair re-styled.

Consider the shape of your face and of course think about what type of hair you have. It’s no use thinking that you’d love hair like Marilyn’s if you have tight, ringlet curls because the maintenance and styling would be prohibitive.

Look at the style which you admire and work out if the star has a similar hair-type and face shape to you. If you see some similarities then there is every chance the hairstyle will look good on you.

Brigitte Bardot’s heavy fringe accentuates her eyes.

Brigitte Bardot’s heavy fringe accentuates her eyes.

Marilyn Monroe

Although she varied the length and cut of her hair over her career, the main frame was always the same…mid length, wavy and of course, platinum blonde.

Of all the Hollywood hairstyles Marilyn’s is possibly the most iconic and also one of the most difficult to pull off!

Lots of us think “would I suit hair like Marilyn’s?” at some point, perhaps having admired one of her publicity shots or seen her in a movie.

One of the main issues with hair like Marilyn’s is that you need a narrow face in order for it to flatter you.

Curls or waves which frame your face can also make if appear wider so if you’re already concerned about having a wider face, avoid the Monroe look.

It takes confidence to carry off a strong look like Marilyn’s.

It takes confidence to carry off a strong look like Marilyn’s.

Brigitte Bardot

The stunning French sex symbol was well known for her beautiful features and her long blonde hair with its heavy fringe.

Sometimes worn up, often down, Brigitte’s honey blonde hair throughout her 1960s heyday was long and flowing.

She had a heavy fringe which was cut back far from her hairline. This look is fabulous for those with thick hair with a slight natural wave.

If your forehead is short, this is a particularly good look; equally, if you are square jawed it can look fabulous as the heavy fringe will draw attention away from the lower portion of your face and put the focus on your eyes instead.

Mia Farrow 

Mia Farrow sported a wonderfully gamine look in Rosemary’s Baby and it’s been a much imitated hairstyle ever since.

An extremely short pixie crop, this look is not for the faint hearted and is hard to pull off unless your face is a perfect oval or heart shape.

Heart shaped faces are great for this cut as it accentuates a delicate jaw line and throws feminine features into the spotlight.

It’s also good for fine or thick hair alike, the only hair which won’t carry it so well is very curly hair. But even the curly amongst us can have a version of the Mia Farrow simply by using some product to relax the waves slightly.


Before imitating your favourite Hollywood hairstyle, think about your hair type and your facial features. Are they vastly different to those of the person that you seek to imitate, use products like the Evo Hair Care range to aid in your quest?

Look out for stars to whom you bear a resemblance…even if it is only slight, the chances are that they’ve had consultations with very expensive style experts and you can benefit from that from afar!


Image Credits: erjkprunczyk  and sasha065

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