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Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes



Buying new clothes is something many people like to do (especially women), but realistically we can’t always afford to spend as much as we want. That is one of the reasons that looking after your clothes is so important. Of course, we all feel a lot better in well looked after clothes, so there are many benefits.

How do you really care for your clothes though? Don’t you just wear them, wash them and put them back in the drawers till next time?

It’s not quite that straightforward if you want to look after your clothes properly. The answer is that there are many tried and tested tips and techniques to looking after your clothes… 

Lint Roller

A lint roller is a piece of adhesive material that is placed on a cylinder with a handle (the roller). It is designed to be rolled on your clothes, upholstery or linen and removes any lint or small fibres that always find their way onto your clothes… particularly black ones!

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Looking after your clothes is important

These work brilliantly on all clothes, but especially suits and coats. Nobody ever knows how, but certain materials always end up with hairs and bits of fluff attached to them. Lint rollers quickly get rid of those unwanted extras, leaving you looking smart and ready for the day.

The roll itself can be replaced easily after it has been expended; the amount of time they last depends on how much use they get. These little tools are very reasonably priced, and a great way to look after your clothes. 

Hanging Them Up

If you can, hanging your clothes up is always better than folding them in drawers. Clothes that are hung up are aired more freely and thus stay crease-free after ironing. Even if you haven’t ironed your garments, allowing them to hang often lets creases fall out naturally. This makes for an overall better appearance when you wear them. If you are looking for some innovative coat hanger designs rather than just the usual coat hangers, click here.

Scented Hanging Sachet

Another fantastic tried and tested way to look after your clothes is by popping a scented hanging sachet into your wardrobe with your clothes. If you have lots of clothes, or items that you don’t wear very often, then this is a great way to keep them smelling fresh and new.

These sachets hang out from a hook similar to that of a coat hanger, and are simply placed in amongst your clothes. You can purchase them in a variety of different scents, but lavender is one of the most popular.

Moth Repellent

Have you ever got your clothes out and discovered small holes that weren’t there when you put them away? Moths are well-known for eating through your clothes, but there is an easy way to protect against this.

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There are different ways of keeping your clothes in top shape

You can purchase moth repellent small blocks that go in the bottom of your wardrobe, or moth repellent hangers similar to the scented ones. These deter moths and ensure that your clothes are protected from unwanted visitors! 

Wear Them More Than Once

Finally, this might seem like an obvious solution, but wearing your clothes more than once can also help look after them better. Washing clothes too often also makes the colours fade and can alter the sizing as well.

If you have only worn a top for half a day, or weren’t particularly sweaty, then don’t throw your clothes to into the washing pile automatically. Trousers can certainly be worn for more than one day. Studies show that many people recycle a pair of jeans for up to 7 days in a row. Don’t let throwing your clothes into the machine be a default response.


In conclusion, there are many ways to look after your clothes. If you follow some of these great tips you’re sure to have well cared for clothes that look great!




Image credits: Diego3336 and Capt’ Gorgeous

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