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Keys to Finding Lasting Love

ID 10035013 300x199 Keys to Finding Lasting Love

It is in our nature to pair off, and we place an extremely high premium on romantic relationships. Hence, the devastation we feel when they end, or the depression that can come with being single and unable to find the right partner. They provide us with something that we cannot get from other relationships, and a good one can surely contribute significantly to our well-being. Traveling the road to romantic happiness can be a tough one, and it is easy to feel discouraged and defeated. But, while it may not be a picnic the whole way, you have a lot more power than you think when it comes to finding the right person for you, and having a happy, healthy relationship.

There is Nothing Wrong With Being Single

This first consideration may seem strange given the article is about how to find a relationship. But, if you can grasp the truth of this statement, you will start your search for love from a much better place. There is nothing wrong with being single, and if you truly can believe this, you will not end up in bad relationships because you feel some sort of pressure to couple up; there is nothing wrong with you just because you do not have a partner; being single is not some affliction that needs to be remedied at any cost. This is true in any stage of life, whether it be seniors dating after decades of marriage, or someone in their early 20’s.

Get to Know Yourself

Sure, we know ourselves, but most of us really do not know ourselves as well as we could. If we did, we would live our lives much differently; we would stop dating the same type of person over and over again with the same disastrous results. If you want to find the right person, you need to get to know yourself better. The better you know yourself, the clearer picture you will have of the ideal person for you. You will have a better idea of your bad patterns and your own shortcomings that may be causing you problems on the love front. Really take some time to think about who you are and what you want out of life. Take a look at past relationships and see what went wrong. All of this examination will serve you well in the dating world.

Detach and Try to Have Fun in the Process

This piece of advice is probably one the hardest to follow, but the one that will serve you best. Not every date will be great; someone will stop calling and you may not be able to figure out why. This is all par for the course. To survive the ride, try to have fun with the speed dating, the nights out at the bar, the blind date. Go into each new encounter with enthusiasm, but do not pin all your hopes on this person to be the one. It is okay to be excited, but keep expectations realistic. As long as you keep at it, and do not get too caught up emotionally, you will be moving closer and closer to your ideal mate.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about love and dating.

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Starting Your Own Clothing Line

ID 100139646 300x199 Starting Your Own Clothing Line

You have a passion for fashion, and you envision spending the rest of your days making clothes for your own line. People need clothes and love clothes, and there are so many different types of fashions, so successfully launching this venture is quite feasible. But, like any entrepreneurial venture, passion is only one part of the ingredient and it will take work to build the business. Here are some tips for starting your own clothing line.

Learn About the Whole Business

You love making clothes—that is all you need to worry about right? Wrong. If you want to make it a business, there is so many more things you need to concern yourself with on the business end of things from negotiating with suppliers to making a killer sales pitch. You might consider majoring in fashion design and taking related classes that have to do with business and marketing. If you have already been in business and are savvy on that end of things, it probably still could not hurt to take some classes that would directly contribute to your knowledge of the fashion industry.

Make a Plan

You need to make a plan for your business. What types of clothing do you want to sell exactly? What is your target market? How do you plan to market your business? Will you be selling your clothes offline and online or just one or the other? You need a strong promotion strategy—what will it consist of ?


You need to do some serious number crunching if you want to start your own clothing line. Whether you are looking to purchase custom metal buttons or a particular piece of fabric, you must shop around to find the best distributors for the products you need for your line. If you will be using print screens on t-shirts, get quotes from several printers. While you want to minimize expenses, be wary of simply picking the cheapest option—this could cost you more in the long run. Remember that it takes money to make money, and spending a bit more is sometimes the best way to go.

Differentiate Yourself

There is no shortage of clothing out there available to purchase, and to succeed with your own line, you must find a way to differentiate yourself. What can you do with your line that will compel people to buy your clothes over someone else’s? It is that you use organic fabrics or that you will donate a portion of your sales to a charity that helps women in third world countries get loans to start their own business?

Do Your Homework

Research the industry and learn all you can about it. More importantly, read up on successful clothing lines to see what they did to become what they are today. While you may have your own unique ideas of what it takes to succeed in this business, do not be so quick to dismiss what others have done before you because obviously it worked.

Check out the Competition

Check out your competitors and see what they are up to. How are they pricing their items? How are they marketing? What can you learn from them? What can you do better than they are doing? What are they doing better than you, and how can you improve? You can learn a lot about your business by sizing up your competitors.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper, writing for, enjoys blogging about all things fashion. Learn more about us by visiting the link.

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Best Tuxedo Rentals In Rancho Cucamonga

Everybody loves to look great and feel special, especially for a special occasion and for major life events. This is why more and more people are choosing to purchase quality formal wear for those special occasions. There are many special occasions where individuals get to enjoy some of the opportunities offered by top and leading designers in the market today. This is exciting as many can get to purchase their favorite outfits at Rancho Cucamonga tuxedo rental in California. This store offers some leading designs in the latest formal wear and these can be worn by any individual for any occasion they are attending.

Tuxedo Rentals Best Tuxedo Rentals In Rancho Cucamonga

There is a whole lineup of great outfits and suits, as well as ties, tuxedos, coats jackets and various accessories. All these quality clothing items are ideal for any formal wear and great for all occasions. It is therefore essential to ensure that suitable opportunities for shopping are made available. Searching the different catalogs will help reveal the kinds of suits and tuxedos for different occasions. Different people have varying purchasing capacities. This is the best way to find suitable clothing for all individual and it is important to provide all support the customers may have.

Those interested in shopping on online stores and websites will also be able to find the suits, ties, shirts and coats they need. These can be won for special occasions such as a church baptism, a school or college graduation, a wedding event, bride and groom outfits and lots of others. These clothes are always of impeccable quality, impressive in their designs and also great in quality. Good quality is the hallmark of designer items and this is why more and more people are choosing to purchase designer clothing items. They are impeccable in their presentation, look good and always feel great. This is the best way to find suitable clothing for all individual and it is important to provide all support the customers may have.

A good catalog shows and indicates different items from different designers. Many top designers have great quality products and these they readily make available to their clients and customers. There are many who are excited to benefit from these kinds of clothing items. They are great, lovable and will last a long time. Students attending a pro event, a school ball party and even a graduation party will have suitable clothing to wear. This is the best way to find suitable clothing for all individual and it is important to provide all support the customers may have.

This way, there will be impeccable success and this will be properly celebrated from the local Rancho Cucamonga tuxedo rental stores that are located in Southern California. It is therefore essential to ensure that suitable opportunities for shopping are made available. Searching the different catalogs will help reveal the kinds of suits and tuxedos for different occasions. Different people have varying purchasing capacities. There is a whole lineup of great outfits and suits, as well as ties, tuxedos, coats jackets and various accessories.

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What’s Really Embedded In Your Sports Footwear?

It would be fair to say that the footwear industry has changed considerably over the decades and nowadays, shoes are made up of all sorts of components. If we look at the sports footwear industry in particular, the way in which the shoes are composed is frightening with manufacturers using umpteen technologies to bring their product to the market. All are targeted at improving sporting performance and helping you avoid injury, although brands also have to work with keeping within the current fashion trends. Taking this into account, it’s really no surprise that fashionable sporting footwear is one of the biggest businesses around.

sports footwear 35735 Whats Really Embedded In Your Sports Footwear?

Even though companies regularly disclose what technologies are used in their products in all of their marketing material, few people actually know what benefits they all bring. Therefore, we’ll now take a look at six technologies which are included in the Brooks adrenaline shoes from this site and analyse whether or not they are advantageous to you.

Brooks DNA

As the name suggests, this is a technology that every new product in the Brooks range uses. In short, it’s purpose is to provide cushioning to runners. The company have attempted to make the technology that little bit unique by making the cushioning respond to movement – meaning that the foot is always cushioned appropriately no matter how you exercise.


This is another form of cushioning, although Hydroflow is more targeted towards the heel and forefoot. These are the areas of the foot which require the most cushioning due to their regular contact with the ground. As the name may indicate, Hydroflow uses viscous fluids to enhance the cushioning and remove as much shock from the running process as possible.

DRB Accel

This is a slightly different technology to the others that have so far been discussed, with DRB Accel being situated around the mid-foot region. Its primary function is to provide support to the mid-foot, with Brooks claiming that this results in the heel and forefront working separately which should enhance performance.

Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is similar to DRB Accel and is also located around the midsole. This is arguably one of the most important technologies for short-distance runners, as it focusses on improving the effectiveness of the initial foot push at the start of a race. It does this by allowing the foot to be manoeuvred much more easily from its bent, starting position – to its running motion.

Pivot Posting

For anybody that partakes in cross country running, Pivot Posting technology could be the most important on this list. Its main aim is to minimise the amount of the shoe that comes into contract with the ground, which should make the run much more stable for the athlete. To do this, it uses ‘Pivot posts’ – with the shape of these parts resulting in the above.

Engineered Stable Pod Configuration

Brooks include this in the vast majority of their products and the ‘stable’ part of the name gives most of it away. The aim of the technology is to once again stabilize the foot, by arranging several parts of the shoe to position it in the most balanced position possible. These parts are situated in the toe of the shoe, which means that an optimum amount of stability is provided.


Tips on Choosing the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

The window treatment that you select for your home will affect the privacy that the rooms offer you. There are many window treatments that you can choose from and these include blinds, shades and curtains. A blind is essentially made with several pieces of the same material. Usually wood, plastic, metal or fabric is used to make window blinds. While there are many different styles to this window treatment, the classic horizontal and vertical blinds seem to be the most popular. Most homeowners prefer to opt for blinds because they give a person the chance to choose how much light they want to allow into the room.

Perfect Blinds for Your Home Tips on Choosing the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

The faux wood blinds are a popular option that most home dwellers like to go for. And, there are several reasons for making such a choice. The window treatment offers an appearance quite like that of wooden blinds, but sans the hassles that come with it. The French word ‘faux’, literally means ‘fake’. If you select this option, you are buying blinds that are made from synthetic polymers. They look quite similar to wood and are also heavy. When you opt to buy faux wooden blinds you reduce your worries about the wood fading and getting warped.

Wood Vs faux wooden blinds

When you opt for wood you will intend up paying quite a bit for the window treatment as the natural material is quite expensive. This is also not an environment friendly option.

Furthermore, you take on hassles such as warping and splitting of the wood.

The faux wood option is far cheaper, and suitable for most budgets. When you go for such a window dressing you also ensure that it will suit most types of interior décor.

It can endure high temperatures and high levels of humidity, making it durable and tough; and a great investment. In contrast, changes in environmental conditions affect natural wood rather adversely.

Advantages of your choice

Blinds offer a room an amount of privacy that curtains and shades don’t. There are times when you would like to allow natural light into the room without compromising on your privacy and this is exactly what blinds offer. You can choose exactly how much you wish to leave the blinds open. Some other advantages of this window treatment are that they are easy to clean and maintain, unlike curtains or drapes. The latter would need to be dry-cleaned or laundered as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

Fake wood blinds are an excellent choice for any home or office. They are available in a range of colors including many shades of brown, white and cream. The blinds come in several sizes. So whether you are buying blinds for a small or a large window, you can choose a size that befits the window. They are easy to install, and open and close. Conducting an online survey will help you to understand the brands and products that are available. You can also select and buy from the privacy of your home.


Diamond Engagement Rings – Choosing Wisely

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you ever make. It’ll signify the start of you and your loved one’s lives together, marking a true change of direction, and the proposal will be a moment neither one of you will ever forget. The ring will be treasured for a lifetime as a symbol of your love for the other person, so don’t you want to choose diamond engagement rings wisely? Getting it right is the only option, and with a bit of forward planning you’ll be able to do just that.

diamond rings 6746 Diamond Engagement Rings – Choosing Wisely

Points to remember

It goes without saying that you want to get a stunning diamond that meets your high standards, but there’s more to choosing than meets the eye. It isn’t all about weight – you need to bear in mind the four Cs (or the cut, colour, clarity and carat) as it’s these aspects that combine to determine the sparkle of the diamond and, ultimately, the value of the ring. You want to make sure you’re getting a diamond that’s as flawless as possible, one that’s been cut to exacting proportions to ensure you get the brilliance you’re after, and if you carefully inspect the merchandise you can be sure it’ll take your loved one’s breath away.

But, a lot of it will come down to personal preference. The shape of the stone is an incredibly important consideration and ideally you’ll have some idea of what your other half likes – take a browse through her jewellery collection and be on the lookout for different shapes of gemstones, with the likes of round brilliant and princess cut being highly popular. Think about the setting as well – do you want a single, statement diamond to do all the talking or are you after a multi-stone arrangement? – and of course, the colour of the band is something you absolutely have to get right. Ideally you’ll already know what colour jewellery she tends to wear, but if not now’s the time to do some more snooping.

Finding the best diamond rings in the UK

Once you know the type of ring you’re looking for the next step is to go out there and find it, and again, research is key. The only way you’re going to have access to the best diamond rings in the UK is if you choose your supplier wisely, and when it comes to leaders in the industry there’s one location that reigns supreme – the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. This renowned area of the UK is home to hundreds of leading jewellers and boasts some of the finest jewellery in the whole of the country, so if you’re looking for the best diamond rings in the UK seeking suppliers that call The Quarter home will be a sure-fire bet.

Of course, you needn’t worry if you’re not exactly in the local area – a lot of these jewellers have a strong online presence, so all it could take is a quick online search for you to identify some of the best jewellers in the business. So what are you waiting for? Once you’ve got an understanding of which ring would be right for you it’s all about locating the right supplier, bringing you one step closer to the moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Linger Longer: How to be Sexy AND Comfortable

Wearing sexy clothes are an intimate way to get closer to your partner. But sometimes this act of turning on the romance can backfire because some lingerie is so uncomfortable. If you’re physically or mentally uncomfortable with what you’re wearing, it will be hard for you to stay in that sexy, romantic moment. So, how can you be sexy and comfortable? Here are some ideas.

Pick Clothes You are Comfortable Wearing

8515788779 d51fcc982a Linger Longer: How to be Sexy AND Comfortable

Image via Flickr by Lies Thru a Lens 

When you go shopping for lingerie, select several pieces you will feel comfortable in. There are so many beautiful silk nightgowns, pajama sets, underwear, and camis that you can choose from. Also pick fabrics that feel good against your skin.

Try it on before you buy it

Make sure that you try on every piece of lingerie before you buy it. Even if you pick pieces similar to ones you wore before, you need to try them on first. Make sure you are comfortable and can move around. Take as much time in the dressing room as you need to. You don’t want to just look good in your lingerie, you want to feel good too.

Pick Costumes that Fit Properly

Sometimes, role-playing can be fun in the bedroom. But if your outfit doesn’t fit properly, then you won’t have fun at all. Before selecting a sexy indian costume or other role-playing outfit, make sure it’s made of material that you’ll be comfortable in. You’ll also want to pick costumes that don’t have any parts you don’t like to wear, such as tight straps, a lot of buckles, or garter belts. You can find something fun, sexy, and comfortable if you shop around properly.

Make Sure Your Mind is Comfortable Too

Sometimes your discomfort may be mental, not physical. If you’re shy about wearing sexy lingerie, start with something that makes you feel beautiful, not sexy, such as a silk gown. There are so many beautiful pieces that will make you feel like a princess. When you’re ready for sexier pieces, try a silk robe to wear over them until you feel more comfortable in them.

Be Aware of Sensitive Areas

Sometimes, lingerie can be uncomfortable because of surgical scars or other physical ailments. If you have scars, skin conditions, or anything else that can make certain materials uncomfortable, make sure you choose lingerie that is comfortable. Wear looser-fitting pieces over your scars, select gentle fabrics, and be sure to wash everything in a gentle cleanser.

Pick Pieces you’ll both Love

5800815941 1d5246da01 Linger Longer: How to be Sexy AND Comfortable

Image via Flickr by SELIVANOFF

Too often, women pick lingerie pieces based on what their men tell them they like. You do, of course, want to please your guy, but you must also please yourself. Pick pieces that are both flattering to your mate and comfortable to you.

Remember, the most important part about selecting lingerie is to pick pieces that make you look and feel sexy, confident, romantic, and comfortable. Do not select pieces based off of what they look like on the hanger. Try everything on before you buy, and be sure you are 100% comfortable in them.


Why We Use Formal Wear Today

Tuxedos have a history in our country and in a number of other countries as well. Some people refer to a tuxedo as a dinner jacket, dinner suit or smoking. Typically, it has a satin or grosgrain lapel of a fabric that matches the stripe on the outer seam of the leg of the pants. It has always been a symbol of respectability.

Formal Wear 3543 Why We Use Formal Wear Today

The Use of Formal Wear in the Past and Present

Centuries ago, people dressed formally for dinner in their own homes. It was standard attire for men to wear an extremely formal tailcoat in the evenings. In the late 1800s, the tuxedo replaced the tailcoat. The velvet smoking jacket was adapted  to be made of similar material and touches as the tailcoat so that it would be acceptable for dinner at home, in a less formal setting.  It later became acceptable to wear a tuxedo as formal attire when going out for the evening. Black was the predominant color but dark blue was also acceptable.

Of course today our lifestyles are more casual so people do not typically wear formal wear for dinner at home or when going out for the evening.  It is reserved for very important places and occasions, not for everyday wear. Some of the events where people expect to wear formal wear are weddings, proms, cruises, or gala fundraisers. Wearing a tuxedo marks an event and shows respect or reverence for the occasion. It honors the occasion and the people involved in the event.

Formal Wear Today

Wealthy people, who may have more opportunity to go to formal events, often own tuxedos. However, for most people, renting a tuxedo is sufficient because the number of occasions requiring one is limited. Fairfax prom tuxedo rentals is a perfect example of a place from which formal wear is rented. Tuxedos come in a range of colors now. There is a variety of cuts, styles and price ranges such as slim fit, western style, classic wool, low budget, mid budget, high end designer styles, and linen or cotton for less formal venues. Today, a suit is not required in many work environments, so it is possible that a person does not own a suit. Many businesses no longer require suits for daily work attire. Fairfax, VA offers rental suits for business occasions, school functions and funerals.

Anyone can customize the look to fit the event or the person’s personality with a cummerbund, bow tie, patterned tie, a long tail, a short tail and with or without a vest. In addition, people often accessorize with different colors and styles of shirts, ties, hats, pocket squares, jewelry and socks. Many people find it is a benefit to rent rather than make a large cash outlay to purchase a suit or formal wear, only to have it hanging in the closet.  There is no need to worry about dry cleaning or a change in weight or body shape, because each time a suit or tuxedo is needed, the correct size is rented and the rental shop takes care of the dry cleaning.


Match Make Up and Jewellery

Wearing the right make-up and jewellery is the most effective way to touch up an outfit or get the perfect look. There are numerous styles and ways you can mix and match jewels and makeup to achieve the look of your desire. However, what you need to desist from when wearing makeup and jewels, is doing it all, just for doing sake. In order to look beautiful and turn heads for the right reasons, here are a few ideas to consider.

Make Up and Jewellery Match Make Up and Jewellery

Consider complementing

All of us are different when it comes to our tastes in fashion. Complementing make up and jewellery is one of the safest ways to look beautiful. When you complement the colors of your make up and jewels, it’s easier to look pleasing to the eye. Besides, complementing your make up and accessories is quite easy to pull off considering that it doesn’t require you to balance on the outrageous as required in other kinds of styles. Some ideas on how you can complement include:

  • Wearing make-up that complements your skin tone at all times. For example, if you’ve got a brighter skin, its best to wear brighter make up and matching, brighter accessories or jewels. This way, it’s so much easier for you to look attractive than choosing darker make up and jewels.
  • Avoid clashing colors in your make up and jewellery. For example, if you have a charm bracelet, consider matching it with your eye shadow.

The secret to pulling off complementing accessories and make up is to avoid direct matching of colors, as this looks monotonous. Always have the main accessories matching with the main make up then, avoiding color clashes in between for the ideal look.


Sometimes, we don’t really care about how uniform we look, and this is perfectly okay. This is because we may be interested in highlighting the diamond ring we have or another accessory we received as a gift, etc. Matching is the most effective way to style if we want the perfect look.

One of the most effective ways to match in a way that makes you look sexy and hot is to match the lipstick color of your make up with the color of the earrings.

Generally, when your accessory is timeless, always try to match it with a matching timeless make-up.

Clash your colors

In the recent past, clashing colors between make up and jewelry has become an ‘it’ thing. Whereas one would like to blame it on pop culture and celeb worship, clashing your colors smartly will give you attention.  A good hack with clashing would be to match your earrings and other accessories with your general makeup, but go opposite on the eyes.

Overall, you can’t match and mix make up and jewels in a black and white manner. Those who report high success rates are people who’re not afraid to experiment until they get a look that works for them.


Working with a Live Wedding Band Agency – Things to Keep in Mind

One of the easiest ways to book a live wedding band for your big day is do it through an agency. However, before you deal with one, it is a good idea to become an informed customer by taking the tips below to heart.

There is something very special about having live music in a wedding. It makes the event feel more special and memorable, not to mention that it ensures guests will have a great time. No wonder a lot of to-be-wed couples hire live wedding bands to render the music for their big day.

Wedding Band Agency Working with a Live Wedding Band Agency – Things to Keep in Mind

If you happen to be looking at hiring live musicians for your wedding, keep in mind that the best ones get booked for gigs, anniversaries, and corporate events well in advance. As such, it is vital that you look around early on to ensure that you will snag the best act for your wedding day.  However, if you are not sure where to start and you cannot get recommendations from friends, one good option you can try is to book a live band through an agency.

Take note that an entertainment agency functions as the middle man in the hiring process. So depending on the agency you pick, they can either make everything easier or more complicated for you. Of course, between the two, you want to ensure you will find an agency that will make things as trouble-free as possible. So when you are ready to hire, here are some key points worth keeping in mind when dealing with an agency.

Research, research, research

As with anything else in life, not all entertainment agencies offering live band services are created equal. Some are there to provide clients with the best musicians, while others stay to make quick cash. So just as you would meticulously taste every food that will be served in your reception, the same care should go into checking out the reliability of an agency and the quality of their musicians.

Suppose you have zeroed in on two or more agencies. Carefully look at their experience and license and set up an interview to have a clear idea how they deal with clients. Also, be mindful how the agency representative answers all your questions and ensure they have insurance in place. This may require a little legwork on your part, but will ensure that you will be working with a company that has a reputation to uphold and can provide the best group for your big day.

Expect to pay more

While an established agency can be very helpful in making arrangements and dealing with financial matters and contracts with musicians, expect to pay more for these services. An agency will likely have to tack on a fee of about 10 to 20 percent on top of the cost of the musicians. So be sure to take this into account when preparing your budget.

Be clear about the musicians who will be playing on your wedding

While working with an agency, they will likely set up a showcase where you can see their bands perform or they may also give you the demo materials of their musicians. Whichever group you pick from the lot, be sure that you will see the same musicians in your wedding by having the agency specify the names of the musicians in your contract. Doing so will ensure that you will get who you have paid for.

Review the paperwork

Before you sign on the dotted line, thoroughly review the details in the contract. At the most it should specify the agreed cost, time and day of wedding, number and name of musicians, etc. In short, the contract should spell out everything that both you and the agency have agreed upon to avoid surprises down the road.

Lauren Bryant is an experienced writer who is particularly interested in providing wedding tips and advice. She is also a regular contributor for Northern Star Wedding Band Scotland.