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8 Cool Ways To Make Your Legs Look Slimmer Without Surgery Or Exercise

fashion trend

Summer is here and some of us are fretting about how to get our bodies beach-ready in an impossibly short window of time. While nothing save good old exercise can sculpt and tone that body, there are a few tricks that we can still resort to, to look slimmer fully-clothed and away from the beach. A-line skirts The hem of ... Read More »

From Chav to Chic: 3 Brands That Have Transformed Their Image

Chav to Chic

Several years ago it was not uncommon to see certain fashion brands associated with ‘dodgy’ street corners, with a select group of fashion labels infamously labelled as ‘chavvy’. It therefore seems strange, several years on, that said brands are regarded as some of the most fashionable in the industry having completely transformed their image. The labels in question happen to ... Read More »

Understanding Jewelry Terminology

costume jewerly

Searching for and purchasing jewelry can be a daunting and even intimidating task if you’re not familiar with certain terminology. From carats, to facets, to living jewelry, this industry is filled with specific and often confusing jargon. So if you’re headed out to find the perfect piece of jewelry for you or a loved one, look over this list to ... Read More »

Enrich Your Idea About The Best Quality Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-Aging Cream

The use of anti aging cream can reduce the effects of the increasing age of human skin. However, the users must know about the features of these creams before using them personally. Looking young forever is a very strong desire for both men and women. Though the desire is stronger among the women, men are also showing an enhanced readiness ... Read More »

Become The Fashion Envy Of Your Friends With Pre-Owned Designer Clothing

Designer Clothing

Fashions change every year. In fact, they change two to three times a year as top fashion designers regularly debut new creations for their spring/summer and winter/fall collections. This means that fashionistas all over the world clear their wardrobes of last year’s collection, then go out and buy new clothes again. That is fine for them, but you and I ... Read More »

Keeping Your Hair Rich

rich hair

Keeping your hair rich serves a more important function than leaving a visual impression; the right nutrients and minerals are also quite healthy for your scalp. A glowing head of hair is indicative of overall good health, and inspires confidence. Good hair care should be treated with the same respect as care for the rest of your body, and there ... Read More »

5 Must Have Outfits For a Girls’ Getaway Vacation to New York

comfortable outfits

Getting away with the girls is a great way to kick back, have some fun, and recharge from the monotony and challenges of everyday life. New York offers a little of everything so you can shop or visit museums during the day and hit a Broadway show or famous bar in the evening. But you’ll need the right outfit for ... Read More »

Smart Shoe Shopping Tips You Should Know About

Smart Shoe

Buying shoes can be a wonderfully, soothing experience. The beautiful colors, trendy styles of brands like Weitzman shoes and the wonderful smell of leather footwear store can literally soothe away all of your headaches. Retail therapy aside, most women do need more than five pairs of shoes to match their formal, casual and office outfits. As a result, shoe shopping can ... Read More »

Get Plus Sized Bracelets For Your Business

Plus Sized Bracelets

Getting plus sized bracelets for your business is a great way to be able to cater to everyone. You do not want a customer walking out of your store because they were disappointed that you did not have jewelry that fit them. Plus size bracelets are a great investment to make, and you will sell out of them fast. When ... Read More »

Top 10 Hair Trends For Blondes In 2013

Country Cutie

If you’re blonde, or planning to be a blonde this year, you’re in for a good time! There are so many fabulous hair trends for blonde girls that you’ll be left gasping for choice. We’ve put together the top 10 hair trends for blonde girls here. Try them! 1. Country Cutie Try long layers with brow-grazing bangs of wispy hair. ... Read More »

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