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Dressing for Your Finance Internship

You’ve worked hard to perfect your resume, created an impeccable cover letter and have rocked the house down at your interview to get your hands on that dream internship. Congratulations! Now that you’ve got it all lined up, I’ve got a question: have you thought about what you’re going to wear to the office to look like the professional you are? Well, if you haven’t, then here are a few tips for you to follow.

Handshake Dressing for Your Finance Internship

Who’s Your Audience?

Before deciding what to wear to work, think about who your audience is. Being an intern, you are not going to dress up for yourself. Instead, you would be doing so for your superiors and clients. After all, they’re going to keep a strict eye on your clothing just to make sure that you appear professional at all times. However, the rules on clothing typically differ from firm to firm, which is why it is best for you to learn about the dress and culture beforehand.

The Basics Are Just Fine

For all you guys out there, stick with the traditional gray and solid navy. Throw in a pinstripe, but just make sure that the overall look is conventional. If you find solids boring, you could even try out a patterned shirt or tie. Plaids are a major no-no for the simple reason that they’re too loud for the workplace. Also, don’t forget to stock up on solid white and blue shirts: these work with just about everything!

As for the ladies, we know that you’re going to look at countless people with suits on during your finance internship, but that doesn’t mean you need to look like Hilary Clinton’s! Remember, suits can get stuffy and probably aren’t necessary for interns. Instead, consider mixing and matching varying separates, while making sure that your accessories are professional and simple. Classic pencil skirts and business dresses are good choices. Avoid are metallic prints and sequins. Use neutral colors, and make sure to stay away from denim and cargo pants!

When it comes to materials, fabrics that wear well and look tailored often cost more (wool, for instance, is a classic professional fabric that can come at a hefty price). For this reason, remember to stick to the basics and stock up slowly. Fewer high-quality pieces is better than many low-quality ones. Buy just a few new pieces each season to gradually improve your wardrobe.

Don’t Buy Cheap Shoes

Believe it or not, your shoes can really make a statement about your personality, and you don’t want to look cheap! Never walk in to work with square-toed shoes; they’re the worst! Also, make sure that you have at least one pair of black and one pair of brown shoes, as well as black belt and a brown one. Pair brown with white and navy; pair black with white and gray (and most other colors).

Pay Attention to Hair, Accessories and Jewelry

When it comes to proper business attire, it isn’t just all about proper clothing. Your hair, accessories and jewelry count, too. Make sure that you never over-do them. Hair should look brushed and cared for but not overly done up, while jewelry should make a quiet statement that pulls your look together and doesn’t detract from it. One rule of thumb for women: after you’re finished dressing in the morning, look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry. This will help ensure you don’t over-accessorize.

This article was written by Richard Craft, an MBA student who hopes to help you succeed in the business world. He recommends taking a look at the financial planning jobs with when looking to jump start your career! Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

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Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes

Buying new clothes is something many people like to do (especially women), but realistically we can’t always afford to spend as much as we want. That is one of the reasons that looking after your clothes is so important. Of course, we all feel a lot better in well looked after clothes, so there are many benefits.

How do you really care for your clothes though? Don’t you just wear them, wash them and put them back in the drawers till next time?

It’s not quite that straightforward if you want to look after your clothes properly. The answer is that there are many tried and tested tips and techniques to looking after your clothes… 

Lint Roller

A lint roller is a piece of adhesive material that is placed on a cylinder with a handle (the roller). It is designed to be rolled on your clothes, upholstery or linen and removes any lint or small fibres that always find their way onto your clothes… particularly black ones!

58987235 97b6877fa9 Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes

Looking after your clothes is important

These work brilliantly on all clothes, but especially suits and coats. Nobody ever knows how, but certain materials always end up with hairs and bits of fluff attached to them. Lint rollers quickly get rid of those unwanted extras, leaving you looking smart and ready for the day.

The roll itself can be replaced easily after it has been expended; the amount of time they last depends on how much use they get. These little tools are very reasonably priced, and a great way to look after your clothes. 

Hanging Them Up

If you can, hanging your clothes up is always better than folding them in drawers. Clothes that are hung up are aired more freely and thus stay crease-free after ironing. Even if you haven’t ironed your garments, allowing them to hang often lets creases fall out naturally. This makes for an overall better appearance when you wear them. If you are looking for some innovative coat hanger designs rather than just the usual coat hangers, click here.

Scented Hanging Sachet

Another fantastic tried and tested way to look after your clothes is by popping a scented hanging sachet into your wardrobe with your clothes. If you have lots of clothes, or items that you don’t wear very often, then this is a great way to keep them smelling fresh and new.

These sachets hang out from a hook similar to that of a coat hanger, and are simply placed in amongst your clothes. You can purchase them in a variety of different scents, but lavender is one of the most popular.

Moth Repellent

Have you ever got your clothes out and discovered small holes that weren’t there when you put them away? Moths are well-known for eating through your clothes, but there is an easy way to protect against this.

4464694909 8c1b11a398 Tried & Trusted Tips/Techniques to Care For Your Clothes

There are different ways of keeping your clothes in top shape

You can purchase moth repellent small blocks that go in the bottom of your wardrobe, or moth repellent hangers similar to the scented ones. These deter moths and ensure that your clothes are protected from unwanted visitors! 

Wear Them More Than Once

Finally, this might seem like an obvious solution, but wearing your clothes more than once can also help look after them better. Washing clothes too often also makes the colours fade and can alter the sizing as well.

If you have only worn a top for half a day, or weren’t particularly sweaty, then don’t throw your clothes to into the washing pile automatically. Trousers can certainly be worn for more than one day. Studies show that many people recycle a pair of jeans for up to 7 days in a row. Don’t let throwing your clothes into the machine be a default response.


In conclusion, there are many ways to look after your clothes. If you follow some of these great tips you’re sure to have well cared for clothes that look great!




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Budget Wardrobe: How to Look Fabulous on a Shoestring

ID 10046776 300x203 Budget Wardrobe: How to Look Fabulous on a Shoestring

When we look good, we feel good. Nothing wrong with wanting to have a nice wardrobe. Perception is everything, and how we look can affect our lives profoundly, fair or not. If your closet is in sore need of an upgrade, but your wallet is a bit light, have no fear. There are plenty of strategies for updating your look on limited funds. Here are just a few to get you started.

Focus on Classic Looks Over Trends

Fashion is forever changing—one season, something is in, the next it is out. But, amidst the constantly changing fashion scene, there are looks that endure through time. When it comes to building a wardrobe on a budget, avoid pouring all your money into the ‘’it’’ looks of the season because chances are, they will be on the outs by the next. If you want to spice up your look and make it look more trendy, focus on accessories.

Do an Inventory of Current Clothing

Do not just give your closet a sweeping glance and dismiss the entire contents with disgust. Chances are you still have some gems in there that are still fashionable and wearable. When shopping on a budget, it is important to establish a base to work with; this will help you find clothes to help build on what you already have and get the maximum use out of your wardrobe.

Budget Does Not Always Mean the Cheapest Option

If you fill up your closet with less expensive, lower-quality items, you will really not be saving money in the long-run because these things will fall apart and you will be back to square one. You will end up spending more money than if you shelled out an extra few bucks in the first place for some higher quality items. This can be difficult to do sometimes because we tend to look at money matters in the immediate term and what will save us the most money now, but it is important to look at what you may be spending over a longer period as well. For example, it is worth it to invest in two quality pairs of jeans and have them altered so one pair goes perfect with your flats and the other goes perfect with your heels.

Only Buy It if You Love It

There is no room for half-hearted purchases when building a wardrobe on a budget. If you are not 100 percent sure that an item is your style, or if you can wear it with anything else you own, put it down and move onto the next item. The name of the game is finding things that are versatile and that you absolutely love. On a somewhat related note, do not buy something just because it is on sale. Getting something cheaper is not necessarily a bargain if you would not have bought it in the first place.

Get on Email and SMS Lists of Favorite Stores

You do not have to build the perfect wardrobe in one trip to the mall. It is a process where you will buy things here and there. To maximize your savings, make sure you get on the email or SMS lists of your favorite stores. This way you will always be in the loop when they are having a sale. Also, many stores tend to give out special discounts and other offers to people who subscribe to updates through these mediums, which mean extra savings for you.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things fashion and shopping.If you are looking for great deals on clothing, shoes and accessories, she recommends visiting, which offers Tory Burch coupons and a host of others for all your fashion needs.

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The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Earrings for Your Facial Shape

It would be fair to say that most women will visit their local jewellers and purchase whatever earrings take their fancy at that particular time. Many do not realise that the choice of earrings can have a huge bearing on their overall appearance, with some items simply not suited to some face shapes.

This means that the trip to the jewellers should actually be quite a careful process. We’ll now take a look at the various face shapes and highlight what type of earrings will work for each one.

Appropriate Earrings The Importance of Selecting Appropriate Earrings for Your Facial Shape

The Round Face

As the name describes, the round face is one that is pretty much circular. Therefore, you need to be doing everything in your power to promote a longer image. Any long earrings that dangle are usually perfect, while round earrings should definitely be avoided as they completely emphasise your round features. Similarly, don’t be tempted to purchase any hooped earrings as these highlight your face for the wrong reasons.

The Oval Face

Those women with a slightly longer, but still somewhat round face, are usually deemed to have an oval shaped face. These individuals happen to have one of the most suitable faces for all types of earrings and it will be difficult to find anything that doesn’t fit. Some sources will suggest that those extra-long, dangling earrings are not a good idea as they will make your face look a little too long, but on the whole the oval face is suited to anything.

The Square Face

Any person with a strong jawline is usually said to have a square face and unfortunately, these women don’t have it as easy as the ones with the oval shape. With the face quite straight and rigid, it’s usually advisable to purchase earrings that have plenty of curves to bring a little roundness into the face. Unsurprisingly, you should avoid square earrings at all costs, or those items that are comprised of a definitive, straight-lined shape. A good example is the Mawi collection on the Benna website, with this range ticking most of the boxes for those with square faces.

The Heart Face

This is one of those shapes that is less documented and while it might be easy to refer to the square or circular shape, questions start to be asked when we progress onto the heart face. In simple terms, it’s where the upper part of the face is wider than the lower regions – thus creating that heart shape. It’s therefore slightly more difficult to acquire suitable earrings, with the aim being to wear those that have a completely opposite shape. This means you will need ones with noticeable features at the bottom of the design, while any earrings based on a triangle shape also help promote the positive features of the heart face.

The Rectangle Face

Unsurprisingly, those with a rectangular face have to follow similar tips to those with the square shape face. You should again be looking for any earrings that include curves and don’t have any sharp edges – although in the case of the rectangle you will have to look for ones that are slightly wider to balance the long element of the face.

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How to Go Designer on a Budget

The experts may claim that the country is on the way to economic recovery, although most families would have a differing opinion with many struggling to make ends meet. Despite this, the fashion industry seems to be progressing at a phenomenal rate and if you take a look down your local street, you are likely to see the biggest labels on all sorts of individuals.

The main reason why fashion has become so accessible is because of the creative means that one can use to purchase the items. While the wealthy will always head out to the most stylish boutiques, this just isn’t affordable for a lot of people and they therefore have to sift through other options to acquire their designer garments. We’ll now take a look at some of these options in more detail to show how you can still don the latest trends without breaking your bank balance.

Designer on a Budget How to Go Designer on a Budget

The discount department stores

This is one of the most popular ways to go designer and while you will have to make some compromises, most people think that they are well worth it. TK Maxx is the obvious one and as their slogan goes, it’s possible to purchase “big labels at small prices”. Of course, the compromise is that a lot of these items are from past seasons, meaning that there is a chance you won’t be fitting in with the current style. Alternatively, some items have minor defects such as pulled stitches that make them much cheaper. However, most people are more than happy to forego these issues in order to wear the big labels.

The high-street discount shop

These are incredibly popular at the moment and with clothing costing just several pounds an item, it’s no surprise why. Admittedly, this isn’t something that is going to net you the big labels. However, most of these discount clothing stores base a lot of their products on designer items and in some cases, it’s impossible to differentiate between their version and the real McCoy. Even though you won’t be donning a big brand, some people are more than happy to have a copycat version for a fraction of the real cost.

Online retailers

It goes without saying that the internet has completely changed the fashion industry and there are many online retailers running big sales on designer clothes, mainly because of their lack of overheads. For example, Weekend Offender clothing at is priced extremely competitively when compared to high street stores, while that is just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, in these cases there are no compromises and while the savings might not be quite as significant as some of the other options, they are still much cheaper.

The online marketplace

Our final suggestion can also result in significant savings, with online marketplaces such as eBay having a wealth of opportunities. The general consensus is that these websites only display used items, but if you look hard enough there are many companies selling clothing that is brand new, ready with the tags on. A lot of these deals are marked as ‘buy it now’, but some are in an auction format which increases the chance of netting a real bargain.


How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal is hardly an excruciating experience, there’s no doubt that you should prepare accordingly if you wish to reduce the pain and also increase its potential effectiveness. The nature of the treatment means that highly charged lasers will be fixated on your body for relatively long periods of time and if you don’t take the necessary precautions, it’s debatable whether or not you will receive value for money.

Of course, most reputable clinics will provide you with a standard information sheet which will detail what you can and can’t do prior to each session and if you haven’t received one of these, it might be advisable to click here and utilise another establishment. Alternatively, if you wish to double check any additional precautions which should be taken, take a look at the following tips which should hopefully increase the chances of you experiencing a successful laser hair removal treatment course.

Laser Hair Removal How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Avoid any form of tanning treatment

The main rule for laser hair treatment relates to the skin tone and if you engage in any sort of tanning procedure beforehand, you risk putting the whole process in jeopardy. It’s a well-known fact that light skin reacts better to the lasers and those women with darker skin tend to struggle to experience comparable results. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a spray tan or one that has been sought via a sunbed; avoid it until your clinic informs you that it is safe to do so. Considering the frequency of laser hair treatment sessions, this might mean that you will have to stay out of the sun, whether this is natural or not, for the considerable future. This is also the reason why a lot of people tend to undergo the treatment during the winter months, where there is a smaller chance of a natural tan occurring.

Do not manually remove any hair before the treatment

This is another tip of huge importance and applies for up to a month before your scheduled session. While it’s perfectly fine to shave the area (more on that later), if you remove hair by any other means such as by plucking or waxing you are compromising the results. This is because hair needs to be visible in order for the lasers to target it and the above techniques will not allow that to happen.

Mildly shave the area in accordance with instructions

The vast majority of clinics will recommend that you shave the area a couple of days before the scheduled appointment. This is merely for pain reduction reasons and while some hair does need to exist in the area, if there is too much there the treatment will become a lot more painful.

Keep the skin free of cosmetics

One of the obvious tips focusses around cosmetics in the region and you must ensure that the targeted area is completely natural and free of any lotions or creams as the treatment starts. These chemicals can block the laser and make it utterly ineffective, although this is another issue that you will most probably be advised about during the initial consultation with your clinic.

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How to Combat an Hourglass Body

Once upon a time every person who was looking to buy into the latest trend simply had to have a standard body shape and size – or risk the style falling completely flat. Unsurprisingly, the fashion industry has moved on leaps and bounds over the years and there are an array of designers who are able to facilitate all of the different body types.

One of the more common body shapes is the hourglass figure and unsurprisingly, this is where the body mimics that of an egg timer. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t involve the body being round and usually encompasses a small waist. However, it’s the wider shoulders and hips which create the hourglass image and while this can highlight a person’s curves, there is the risk of overdoing it due to the nature of the shape.

Taking the above into account, it’s important to bear a few suggestions in mind if you are looking to get everything possible out of your hourglass shape. We’re now going to take a look at a handful of tips that will help you do this and make you highlight only the positive features of your body.

hourglass body How to Combat an Hourglass Body

Avoid baggy clothing

Curves are the main selling point of the hourglass image and if you tend to buy baggy clothing, you are hiding all of the positive parts of your body. Baggy clothing will create a much flatter look and arguably waste all of the good things that your body shape can offer.

Only purchase fitted dresses

This is related to the previous tip and with baggy clothes certainly not working, it goes without saying that you need ones that will fit well to your body. Fitted clothes are clearly the answer and if you shop with a reputable designer such as TFNC London, it’s very easy to get your hands on them. By doing this, you’ll be emphasising your curves in every possible regard with the material clinging to you in such a way that’s not over the top, but instead just perfect.

Belts can make you master the hourglass

If you can purchase a decent belt you should be primed perfectly as well. With the belt being based right in the middle of the body, it emphasises the shape by splitting your upper and lower regions apart. Generally, it’s advisable to get hold of one that’s thick to emphasise the area that little bit more.

Highlight your chest by whatever means

It goes without saying that your chest is one of the key parts of the hourglass shape and you must therefore do everything in your power to emphasise it. The big tip is to purchase a decent bra that will bring more attention to the region, although some dresses are designed in way that will highlight your bust area to any wandering eyes. If you can get this part right, you have already perfected half of your shape and you’ve then simply got to act on the lower body!


Hair Extensions: Get Long Beautiful Hair in Easy and Quick Way

Hair is a vital part of a person’s personality, especially women. Long, healthy and beautiful hair is a dream of every woman and this is why they put in best efforts and spend considerable time at the salon. Having long hair can be a difficult task for those who have poor quality or any other hair problem. With advancements in the field of technology, new techniques have been introduced which help people get desired hair length and quality quickly as never before. This is called hair extension.

Hair Extensions 3543 Hair Extensions: Get Long Beautiful Hair in Easy and Quick Way

What is Hair Extension

Hair extension has become very popular since it renders volume, length, thickness and good quality in a few hours. Many different methods have been introduced till date. The latest techniques use the best equipments and process. The extensions are basically hair pieces that are bonded to the scalp or even natural hair. The hair used for this process can be natural human hair, animal hair or even synthetic fibers. The process is different in each method and is chosen according to hair type and desired result.

Understanding Elements Associated With the Process

Those who desire to go for hair extension must first do an in-depth research. This helps in saving time and money that is spent once the process begins. Firstly, one must understand the basics of hair extension. This means reading about different hair types, extension types and methods in details. Approaching a stylist with a basic idea facilitates better understanding during the discussion. Usually people opt for human extensions since they are natural and easy to take care of.

Proper knowledge about extensions can help in averting mistakes that people usually make when selecting a stylist and the technique. Hair extensions need spending considerable amount; it is an investment and hence taking right decision becomes very important. Every method is different which leads to different results and also has diverse advantages and disadvantages. Understanding methods in detail might take some time and one must have patience and intelligence to do that. One must go for it only when he has no doubts about the process and the result.

Extensions can be developed such that they perfectly match with the natural hair on the scalp. They not only add length but also increase the volume. This is why they have become very popular recently. People who like altering their hair style very often can take benefit of extension.

Details of Hair Extension

Extensions are either natural or man-made. They are available in diverse colors, styles, textures and lengths. Usually stylists recommend natural extensions since they give the most natural appearance. These can be weaved, glued, plaited or sewn as per the requirements of the person. Those who are not very sure about going for extensions can experiment with attachable ones and then take a final decision.

Earlier, hair extensions were uncommon because very few stylists had right knowledge and experience about the techniques. But now these are easily found at a good salon. The salons have experts that specialize in extensions. This has led to better results in short duration.

Those who want to get beautiful and healthy hair can get more information about Human Hair Extensions Online. One can understand the techniques and the right way to find an efficient hair stylist who can help in getting better looks and personality through hair extension. You can find more about it by visiting

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Basic Tips on Buying Bridal Accessories

A bride can look forward to her wedding day for years, with every detail planned in her mind down to the very last ruffle. It is not always easy to realise these dreams and find the items of her imagination in the real world. That is why it is important to shop around, to consider unusual outlets and to look for the perfect finish.

Bridal Accessories Basic Tips on Buying Bridal AccessoriesWhen people talk of bridal accessories, the first things that come to mind are usually the veil and the shoes. Not every bride chooses a veil, but those that do can choose from shoulder length to cathedral length, from intricate beading and embroidered lace to classic simple voile. This is usually an early decision, made alongside the all-important dress selection. The bride’s outfit sets the tone for her vision of the day: traditional, casual, vintage or quirky, or any other image that suits the happy couple and their ideal wedding. Shoes contain a much wider amount of variety, with many brides spurning traditional white satin kitten heels and choosing flat pumps, stilettos in any number of colours, even some brides choosing trendy trainers or boots. These make for unique wedding photographs and reflect the character of the party.

One other key accessory for the bride is her bag. Whilst not always to hand, often passed to the maid of honour or mother of the bride for safe keeping during the ceremony, there are certain essentials a bride is recommended to carry on the day and a small stylish clutch is the ideal way to make sure every need is met. Tissues, keys and make-up for running touch-ups are recommended, as are any medications or personal products that are needed throughout the day. It is easier to carry a small clutch of items than to have to keep asking others to borrow theirs! Or if someone else has the bride’s items in their pocket or handbag, the bride can feel she is making a nuisance of herself when she has to ask for them to be fetched.

Clutches are a big trend at the moment, with bags available in every style or colour and with a range of decorative features. These can include beading, sequins and diamante. A growing number of brides choose their clutch bag to represent their traditional ‘something blue’ and have a little contrast, though just as many find beautiful small bags in the traditional ivory, cream and white.

This article was written on behalf of Jadeland, the largest supplier for wholesale handbags, wholesale fashion bags and wholesale evening/ clutch bags in the UK.


Dressing For a Wedding

Weddings can be stressful, even when the only job you have is to attend. The reason often lies in the clothes. With so many types of weddings, choosing what to wear can be confusing. Not every wedding obeys the standards, but most follow unwritten rules that guide their guests to the correct clothes hanger. To make the process easier and less stressful, consider the following tips when you dress for a wedding.

Dressing For Wedding d873 Dressing For a Wedding

The White List

Unless you want the bride glaring at you as she walks down the aisle, it is best to stay away from white. Though this rule has relaxed some (for instance, wearing an outfit that has a little white is probably fine), donning an all-white or mostly white outfit is never a good idea.

White isn’t the only color you will want to avoid. If the wedding is during the day, black is often thought of as overly formal. This is because daytime weddings tend to be more casual than evening weddings.

‘Tis the Season

According to the Washington Post, dresses in tangerine, turquoise and hot-pink prints are the perfect choice for spring and summer weddings. Daytime, warm-weather weddings are also a wonderful time to break out the wide-brimmed hat; if the wedding is at night, consider a lightweight sweater to protect yourself from cold air. If the wedding is in winter or fall, consider wearing colors that are a bit more muted, such as dark reds, browns and grays.

Location, Location, Location

Location is another factor that can influence your dress. If you are attending a beach wedding, for example, wearing heels is probably inappropriate; instead, opt for a nice pair of sandals. Also skip the stilettos if the wedding is on a lawn; wedges will give you height while keeping you from sinking into the earth. If the wedding is outdoors, try to also avoid any outfit that could be caught in the wind, such as a flowing skirt. If you are attending a church wedding (or if the marriage has religious undertones), don’t wear anything too revealing. For these events, it’s better to stray toward a conservative appearance.

Check the Invite for Clues

Many wedding invitations spell out what you need to wear. They may ask that you dress very formally (in this case, the invite will read “black tie”) or informally (in this case, the invite may read “casual dress”).

If the invite doesn’t specifically state either way, you may be able to make an educated guess based on the invitation’s style: something trendy with linen paper may indicate a more casual wedding, while vellum and velvet could imply something dressier. Specifically, the wedding is likely formal if the language is traditional, the paper is thick and the writing is black script. In this case, men should wear tuxedos or nice suits and women should wear long, formal dresses. These formal weddings are also ideal for fancy wraps and sparkling jewelry. The wedding is likely not as formal if the language is playful and if the invitations are fun. In this instance, men can wear a dress shirt and khakis, while women can wear a pant suit, an informal dress or a skirt.

Other Considerations

You should never make assumptions that lead to drastic dressing without asking first. For instance, if the wedding falls on Halloween, never assume you and your spouse will fit in when you show up in costume. Also, unless otherwise instructed by the bride and groom, avoid going “all out” for a themed wedding.

According to USA Today, Brides magazine reports that the average couple spends nearly $27,000 on their wedding. Thus, the wedding is really about them—and you can help keep it this way by honoring their wishes.